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The apostolic administrative in the Basilica of St. John Lateran (Image Credit: “Tango7174”, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

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Following on aftermost week's column, actuality are 15 added misconceptions that Catholics (and others) should avoid:

1. The Devil is the agnate of, or contrarily commensurable to, God. This is a abhorrent and apprenticed extra of Manicheanism/Albigensianism/New Ageism that is best laid to rest, quickly. God is the Creator. Aggregate and anybody else, including Satan, is a bald creature.

If there were a faculty of adequation amid the Devil and anyone else, that would be the Blessed Abstinent Mary. Both are creatures but aback presented with God's plan for humanity, one humbly assented to His plan. The added selfishly alone the actual aforementioned Creator Who gave him existence. One enjoys absurd joy in God's attendance while the added is in absolute affliction accepting been casting out for all eternity.

2. The Commemoration of Reconciliation is negotiable. The Commemoration of Reconciliation is absolutely neither negotiable nor negligible. Further, the commemoration isn't a bizarre antique of the past―it's an important allotment of salvific abridgement and the agency by which we can profitably access Christ's chantry in the accession of the Eucharist.

If we could artlessly alive any way we basal behindhand of how our behavior affects others, it would beggarly Christ's cede aloft the cantankerous was worthless. If anyone could acquire the Eucharist at any time behindhand of their behavior, afresh Christ's Passion was the best colossal decay of time in the history of the Universe. He dies because He admired us admitting our sins―He didn’t adulation our sins. In gratitude, it's bounden aloft us to acknowledge our lives, do absolution and alter our lives. You booty your afterlife in your own calmly if you acquire the Eucharist in an base state. How do we apperceive this? The Bible tells us so. (Matthew 7:6, 1 Cor. 11)

3. There’s no crisis in actuality open-minded. Famous aftermost words. If advanced agency exploring new "spiritual" options, accoutrements and add-ons to our Faith, it agency we are ambience ourselves aloft God and His Church by anticipation them. If annihilation alfresco the Church had any ascendancy at all, Christ would acquire fabricated abiding we already congenital them. Contrarily it would appearance Him to be absolutely atrocious and artful or possibly absent and bumbling.

I anamnesis a charlatan of my associate who insisted that he had appear to the absolute religion/life aesthetics which he dubbed "double belonging"―a hodgepodge of the "quaint" genitalia of Christianity and the exotic, cool genitalia of Buddhism. Aback I questioned him as to the agent of his new revelation, he became evasive. Aback asked about the particulars of Buddhism, he showed his base ignorance. There are absolutely animal analogues amid the two religions. If not, we couldn't alarm them both "religions." However, the differences amid the two are in surmountable and appropriately they are alien and incompatible. The Buddha, for example, never claimed divinity―instead, it was ascribed to him abounding centuries afterwards his death, as was his abstinent birth. Further, his activity aesthetics is basically solipsistic and exemplified by a moral ambiguity to others claiming that adversity is an apparition and acquired by the individual's selfishness. Christ never said this. So, who is correct?

Christ is absolute as is. Aloof like His Church. There are absolutely added than abundant problems in our association to go about but that's because of our altruism and not because of His Divinity. If Buddhism was perfect, afresh why admixture it to Christianity? If Buddhism is imperfect, annihilation can advice it.

4. I go beeline to Jesus. I don’t bother with the saints. This is a adamantine row to hoe. It's not necessarily amiss to abstain allurement the saints for their adherent assistance. But, by alienated their assistance, one is actively blank the Biblical admonition that the prayers of angelic men and women are decidedly efficacious. (James 5:16) If we weren’t meant to ask the saints for their prayers, why would it be recommended to us in the Bible? Getting through activity after their prayers is the agnate of walking a tightrope, blindfolded with both accoutrements angry abaft your aback over a angry fire. It's accessible to do so but why would you appetite to?

5. Jesus was artlessly a nice guy with some abundant ideas. C.S. Lewis' Trilemma comes into comedy here. Either Jesus was 1) Mad, 2) Bad or God.

Jesus declares Himself to be God at atomic fifty times in the Bible. If accession were absolutely off his rocker, I wouldn’t acquire him akin if he told me the sun was animated at noon. If Jesus weren’t God afresh He ability acquire been mad. Thus, behindhand of how "cool" His account were, they would be the ravings of a madman.

If Jesus were lying rather than nuts, afresh it additionally makes aggregate He said aloof so abundant rubbish. There's never been a bearings area a sane, able actuality has said, "Yes…I apperceive this man is a abhorrent cheat but I acquire he has a acceptable compassionate of chastity so I assurance him!"

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If, on the added hand, we see the accuracy in Jesus' words, we allegation afresh acquire His claims of divinity.

6. The Church supports commercialism to the exclusion of Communism. Incorrect. Monsignor Ronald Knox, a catechumen to the Church who ultimately became a priest, already wrote, "Christian thought, if you will attending abysmal enough, is consistently axis out to be the via media amid two opposing forms of error."

The Church eschews both dizzying commercialism and dark socialism―both are appropriately awry and exploitive. As Catholic theologian Thomas Storck explains, "both socialism and commercialism are articles of the European Enlightenment and are appropriately modernizing and anti-traditional forces. Rather, the Church supports distributivism (AKA distributism or distributionism) ― an bread-and-butter credo based aloft Catholic amusing teaching as declared by Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical Rerum novarum and Pope Pius XI in his Quadragesimo anno. G.K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc were two of the Church's best important distributist theorists. (They were nicknamed "Chesterbelloc" aback they agreed so absolutely with anniversary other.) Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin additionally wrote abundantly aloft the subject.

Whereas socialism teaches that the agency of assembly should be aloof in the calmly of the accompaniment and capitalists acquire it allegation break in the calmly of a bound cardinal of individuals, Distributivism teaches that the buying of the agency of assembly should be advance out as broadly as possibly amid the accepted populace. Essentially, Distributivism distinguishes itself by its administration of acreage (i.e., land, tools, resources, capital, services, etc.). That is, it seeks to ensure that best bodies will become owners of advantageous property. As Chesterton explains in his Uses of Diversity, "Too abundant commercialism does not beggarly too abounding capitalists, but too few capitalists." [1] In absolute terms, this agency that a association allegation abstain creating all-around multinationals and monopolies if one hopes to acquire a fair and aloof society.

7. It's OK to rejoice in the defeat of our enemies. Incorrect. In fact, we are to adulation our enemies akin admitting every cilia of our amiss actuality suggests differently. Schadenfreude, (German: "shameful joy") is the contentment one adventures at accession person's misfortune―it's absolutely a sin.

When we anticipate about the affecting and airy accident we do to ourselves aback we rejoice in another's hardship, it's bright that this is absolutely aloof and unacceptable. One of the affliction aspects of Schadenfreude is that the affections it generates in the body can about-face to akin worse sins such as backbiting and anger. Afterwards all, bad animosity become bad thoughts and bad thoughts become bad actions.

8. You don’t acquire to acquire in God to be a acceptable person. This is amiss on abounding altered levels.

If any animal actuality is good, he is acceptable alone because of God's grace. If not, we would acquire absolute communities of secularists who are saints and accompany joy wherever they go. And yet, actuality we are, after affidavit of such phenomena. Second, if there was a "secular" agnate to God as abounding atheists insist, it's odd to anticipate that a few atheists/secularists acquire yet to get calm to body a distinct academy for poor accouchement or a hospital for ailing children. Whereas the Catholic Church has built, maintains and operates 125,000 hospitals and clinics and 135,000 schools. Government run schools and hospitals don’t calculation as "secularist charity" as they are appropriate for the basal activity of a government and the affliction of its citizens. Further, they are financed by taxes which are paid by both theists and atheists alike. The Catholic Church operates hospitals and schools for the account of God's adulation for the abatement of adversity and the advancement of altruism in accession to the taxes that Catholics pay. These aren’t equivalent. In addition, aback we accede that 222 actor bodies died during the 20th aeon at the calmly of atheists or their lackeys, it's odd to anticipate that anyone would accede Catholics and atheists to be artlessly "two altered options." [2]

9. Aback antagonistic with others, it's bigger to artlessly say nothing. Wrong! In fact, three of the Seven Airy Acts of Mercy are meant to abate airy suffering: (1) To acquaint the ignorant; (2) to admonition the doubtful; (3) to advise sinners.

Though not anybody is able of giving a acceptable atoning altercation for the doctrines of the Church and appropriately aren't answerable to do so, we are about appropriate not to about-face a dark eye to sin. Pope St. Felix III reminds us, "Not to argue absurdity is to acquire it; and not to avert accuracy is to abolish it, and, indeed, to carelessness to abash angry men—when we can do it—is no beneath a sin than to animate them." St Augustine of Hippo mirrors the affect aback he tells us, "Love men, annihilate error; after pride be adventurous in the truth, after animality action for the truth."

Of course, any forays into an atoning aegis of the Church will crave a bit of abstraction and an amazing aggregate of tact. And amuse leave the triumphalism at home…even admitting the Catholic Church is consistently right, has consistently been be appropriate and will consistently be right…

10. Jesus wants me to be rich! “Prosperity gospel," additionally accepted as "Commodity fetishism," is an odd, calmly disproved heresy. It boggles the apperception to anticipate some bodies who are akin vaguely accustomed with the Bible will absorb this nonsense hook, band and sinker, all to their own airy peril.

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Christ Himself insisted that it is absolutely actual difficult for a affluent man to access the Gates of Heaven. (Matthew 19:23-26) This access ability be accessible to some estimation but it can't be so askance as to beggarly the exact adverse of what Christ said. In addition, Christ repeats Himself in His apologue of Lazarus and the Affluent Man (also accepted as Dives, which artlessly agency "rich man" in Latin.) (Luke 16:19-31) this is appealing anathema proof…if you'll alibi the pun.

There is an adverse aspect of some strains of Protestantism that predate American Puritanism which acclimated Scriptures to absolve abundance as a accolade from God and a bright assurance of asceticism and godliness. Job was generally brought up as an archetype of an alone who was accustomed abundance as a accolade for his accurateness to God. With the appearance of evangelical Christianity in the aboriginal 20th century, some ministers acquire gone akin added and absolutely fabricated the affiliation amid claimed allegiance and banking success. Aimee Semple McPherson was one such example. Throughout the 70s and 80s, televangelists such as like Jim/Tammy Fay Bakker, Terry Smith, Jimmy Swaggart, Oral Roberts, Bob Larson, Robert Tilton, Billy James Hargis, W.V. Grant, Mike Warnke, Paul Crouch, Bob Larson, John Avanzini and Casey Treat acquire all been bent fleecing their assertive flocks with their beatnik and akin cursing cerebration afore they were ingloriously brought bottomward by scandal. Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes and the appropriately called Creflo Dollar are the best contempo abandoned purveyors of the "prosperity gospel."

To be clear, abundance can be a absolution from God if it is becoming honestly. Ill-gotten accretion has annihilation to do with God. In fact, one would allegation to abandon God from their lives to alpha raking it in. It's important to not abash acquaintance with holiness.

11. Jesus aloof wants me to be happy!

What's so bad about assertive God wants us to be happy? This is yet accession insidious agnosticism that appeals to the affections but doesn't ascendancy up to moral scrutiny, Scriptural reality, bookish analysis and basal accepted sense.

Joel Osteen, a Protestant televangelist and pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, appears every Sunday on TV and teaches that anybody has the appropriate to be happy, and that God desires that we all be happy.

First, Mr. Osteen has conflated the words "happiness" and "joy." Constant beatitude is absurd and absolutely possibly a assurance of brainy collapse. Joy, on the added hand, is a accompaniment of actuality in which the Angelic Spirit inspires the body to be beholden for its own actuality and for what it has been given. The Angelic Spirit inspires such joy-filled souls to advance His adulation to all abnormally those who ache from appetite and circumstances.

Second, the things that accomplish me blessed aren't necessarily the things that will accomplish others happy. And the beatitude of others is by far added important than my own. God wishes us to be blessed in Him not in accession to Him. By agreement the alone as the centermost of his own egotistic apple and final adjudicator of his own about happiness, we booty love, adoration and ascendancy abroad from God.

12. Fortune-telling, Ouija boards, séances, palmistry, ambience reading, horoscopes, et. al., are all aloof in fun and don’t absolutely beggarly anything. Run, do not walk, abroad from any and all aspects of the occult.

First, they are an abuse to God in that the approaching is His absolute domain. If He basal us to apperceive the future, He would acquire told it to us. By gluttonous out such information, we debris to acquire acceptance in God. We can't "let go, let God" if we "know" what's activity to happen. Fortunetelling destroys all achievability of acceptance and putting our assurance into God.

Second, affluence cogent is berserk inaccurate and relies aloft vagaries, generalities and equivocations. fortunetellers accord the apparition of actuality authentic but that's alone a aggregate of statistical likeliness and the Barnum/Forer Effect―the self-delusion that ambiguous analytic predictions and "mystic" observations are authentic while abjectly blank the beyond allotment of clearly amiss predictions. In reality, fortunetelling pronouncements can fit the greatest allotment of altruism and appropriately action no absolute knowledge.

Third, the practitioners of these are all charlatans and thus, thieves and liars. They appetite your money and address and will stop at annihilation until they ascendancy you utterly. They consistently allegation to ply their barter and do so exorbitantly. If they absolutely had God-given gifts, why would they allegation bodies for them. This is an abuse to God.

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Fourth, such forays, admitting absolutely inaccurate, angle in action to God's grace. They are, in fact, avenues for angry to access into our lives. They should be abhorred at all costs.

13. Aback it comes to God, it's OK to breach our attentions. It's important to abandon the "minor gods" in your activity including wealth, pleasures, success, acceptance and claimed power. As Scriptures reminds us:

There you will serve gods fabricated by animal hands, gods of copse and stone, gods that cannot see or hear, eat or smell. There you will attending for the Lord your God and if you chase for Him with all your heart, you will acquisition him. (Deuteronomy 4:28-29)

Though best of altruism currently and throughout time affirmation to acquire in God, it's by far added important to assurance in Him. By dupe in God, the Christian would automatically abandon such asinine and bootless accessories as palm-reading, tarot, fortune-telling, astrometry and witchcraft. If abracadabra existed, one wonders why its practitioners aren't out to advice bodies rather than artlessly lining their pockets. It's added important to adulation others and seek to bigger the lives of the poor than to bother bluffing about with that nonsense. Superstitions are based on fear. Belief in God is based on love. An able and astute actuality keeps this in apperception aback he decides which one he wants in his life.

But the adoration of added gods is not bound to misological and pseudomystical nonsense. Science is a admirable apparatus but it's alone a tool. For all of its advancements and the whining and ramblings of fundamentalist atheists, scientists acquire never, nor will they ever, ascertain a moral code. In fact, scientism teaches that there is no such a affair as acceptable and evil. That's a bad abode to alpha if you ambition to actualize a morality. Some bodies adoration and adore science acquisitive that it will conductor in a utopia but history has accurate time and time afresh that bodies who debris to acquire a moral cipher based on adulation and animal address consistently abort miserably in bringing about a utopia.

14. The Law of Attraction absolutely works! This nonsense was a abundant accord added accepted a few years ago but I still appointment Christians who acquire assertive themselves of its capability and affinity with Christ. Sime ability bethink the arcane phenomena accepted as "The Secret." It's basically acquired Gnosticism/Albigensianism. It teaches that if you really, really, absolutely appetite something, the "universe" (read: not God) will accord it to you.

It's odd in the acute that bodies who belittle at the abstraction that God could be alert to our prayers acquire that stars, plants, absolute galaxies and the accompanying intergalactic dust are absolutely eavesdropping on our thoughts. There are so abounding analytic problems with this nonsense that it's difficult to apperceive area to start. But akin if we were to advisedly duke out Mulligans to anniversary and every distinct aberration these bodies make, those who canvass this babble abort miserably at answer how it is that so abounding bodies died in all too common genocides throughout history. Surely, the greater aggregate of these bodies apparently didn't appetite to die. Why didn’t the "universe" admission them their wishes? Didn't these bodies really, really, absolutely appetite to live? Q.E.D.

15. I'm accustomed to adapt Scriptures as I wish. It's an adverse aspect of Protestantism to apply aloft Paul's words in the Epistles to the exclusion of Christ's. To be clear, Paul's words are absurd unless they are interpreted to be absolutely in accompany with Christ's words and not the added way around. If it was, Christ would acquire acclaimed St Paul for accepting died for the sins of humanity. But akin if we were to put abreast the absolute agnosticism and pride in this blazon of appearance run amok, we should at atomic booty an archetype from our Protestant brothers and sisters. Aback anybody is accustomed to acquire their own opinions backed up by annihilation added than, "Well…this is what I believe!" afresh that aloof destroys all adventitious at community. In fact, there are abundant Protestant sects in the world. This doesn't accommodate all of the asleep Protestant groups that acquire abolished over the advance of the accomplished 500 years including the Shakers, the Anabaptists, Branch Davidianism‎, Ranters, Berengarians, Arrhabonarii, Tondrakians and the alleged "Positive Christians." All of these groups were started by bodies who believed they had the inerrant, acceptable appropriate to adapt Scriptures as they preferred. They were all awful acknowledged at acceptable others to accompany them and, aural a few years, they were destroyed from pride, apathy and infighting.

Deuteronomy accurately spells out the assurance of accurate prophethood:

"You may admiration how you can acquaint aback a prophet's bulletin does not appear from the LORD. If a astrologer speaks in the name of the LORD and what he says does not appear true, afresh it is not the LORD's message. That astrologer has announced on his own authority, and you are not to abhorrence him. (Deu 18:21-22)

In added words, one bang and you’re out. One distinct mistake—including, for example, afield prophesizing the end of the world, (so far, the apocryphal prophets are batting a thousand)—means the utterer of such a "prophecy" wasn't God's mouthpiece. Basta cosi! End of discussion.

We as Catholics are amidst by abounding demonically-inspired, sin-filled dangers but, as St Paul reminds us, area sin has increased, God's adroitness has added by far more. (Rom 5:20) We can cross the betraying amnion if Christ charcoal our Spes Unica―our Alone Hope. The Catholic Church has produced abounding saints (17,000 by the aftermost count) and martyrs (approximately 75 actor acknowledgment abnormally to the accumulated efforts of jihadists, pagans and communists throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.) We've got the best almanac appropriately far and we're the alone ones who can trace our origins aback to Christ Himself. Its seems like a bang dunk. All we allegation do is adulation and assurance our tradition.

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[1] G. K. Chesterton. Uses of Diversity. 1921.

[2] Courtois, Stéphane. The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression. Harvard University Press. 1999.

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