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This week, Buffalo Wild Wings' (NASDAQ: BWLD) banal skyrocketed afterwards a address alike alleging that Roark Basic had offered to buy the aggregation for $150 a allotment -- a ample exceptional compared to the $117 a allotment amount the banal was trading at afore the adventure broke.

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In this week's adventure of Industry Focus: Customer Goods, analysts Vincent Shen and Asit Sharma go over the deal, why BWLD's advance has been abaft for the accomplished few years, and how Roark adeptness about-face the restaurant chain's achievement around. Also, the hosts attending at the abeyant alliance amid Mattel (NASDAQ: MAT) and Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS); why Canada Goose Holdings has been one of the best-performing IPOs of the year; and more.

A abounding archetype follows the video.

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This video was recorded on Nov. 14, 2017.

Vincent Shen: Welcome to Industry Focus, the podcast that dives into a altered area of the banal bazaar every day. Addition Tuesday, and addition adventure of the Customer and Retail copy of Industry Focus. I'm your host, Vincent Shen, and the date is Nov. 14. Abutting me via Skype from Raleigh, North Carolina, is chief Fool.com contributor Asit Sharma. Acknowledgment for abutting us, Asit!

Asit Sharma: Thank you, Vince! As always, what bigger abode to absorb my Tuesday afternoon than with you and our adolescent investors?

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Shen: Well, you mentioned you were a little bit beneath the weather, so I'm absolutely animated you're braving through that and will be able to accompany us on the appearance today, because we accept some ambrosial absorbing account and a great aggregation to awning that IPOed in the accomplished year. Aboriginal things first, I achievement you don't apperception if we alpha this adventure by abiding to a altercation that Danny Vena and I had two weeks ago. On Halloween, we talked about the toy industry, how Toys R Us is cerebration about its business with the defalcation about in its rearview mirror, and additionally how Mattel and Hasbro are ambidextrous with alteration customer trends and some of the successes and challenges that they're adverse themselves.

We've apparent advanced in abounding industries that are disturbing with lots of change or upheaval, alliance becomes a ambrosial accepted way of actual or adequate a little bit added advance and success. So, as of backward aftermost week, investors are reacting to the account that Hasbro has absolutely approached Mattel with a buyout offer. These are the No. 1 and No. 2 toy companies. Combined, they would accept about one-third of the industry bazaar allotment in the United States, with over $10 billion of revenue, and their portfolio would accommodate actual acclaimed toy names like Barbie, American Girl, Fisher Price, Nerf, Monopoly, Transformers and dozens of added brands. We accept a few account to allocution about this news. Asit, what do you think?

Sharma: I like this idea. If you were to go aback to 2014, you would see the aisle of these two stocks cross. Aback then, Mattel has absent 61% of its value, and Hasbro has acquired 75%. Hasbro is acutely the abundant stronger player. It has operating margins of 15%-plus every year. Mattel's operating margins accept alone beneath 4%. Why is that? I anticipate Hasbro has accepted added of an omnichannel action than Mattel has over the years. It's been quicker to embrace online sales. Mattel still has a abundant basal in the point-of-sale world. So, aback we saw Toys R Us accept this defalcation filing, Mattel was hit a lot harder than Hasbro, because Mattel can't administer its account absolutely as adeptly as Hasbro, and it relies added on the acceptable retail channels. Accepting said that, it has alarming brands, Barbie, Fisher-Price, Hot Wheels. So, there's a lot of synergy amid these two companies. And I anticipate the stronger player, Hasbro, can absolutely optimize operations for Mattel. And together, not to complete cliché, but we're aloof accepting broiled up here, they will be stronger together. What do you think, Vince?

Shen: I think, admitting the actuality that some of the brands we mentioned on Mattel side, like Barbie, for example, accept been apparent declines for several years in acceding of their sales, not seeing the advance that they appetite at all in some of those amount names. At the aforementioned time, Hasbro has apparent the adeptness that you mentioned, in acceding of aberration out a little bit, in acceding of their strategy, and additionally some of these licensing deals that they've been complex with, with Disney and added accepted titles in media, for example, accept authentic actual advantageous for them. Also, for example, the maker of Star Wars toys, Hasbro. So, I anticipate the aggregate absolutely seems like a actual ambrosial idea, abnormally for Mattel investors, to actualize an article that can bigger attempt in an contrarily ambrosial burst industry.

Combined, again, they would accept about 30%, about a third, of bazaar allotment in the U.S. Otherwise, in acceding of this deal, the specific capacity that we accept are ambrosial sparse. We apperceive the accord discussions are in process, but there are still a lot of obstacles to article like this advancing together. For example, the two companies would accept to accede on a appraisal and a buyout premium. And that's not necessarily activity to be easy, aback Mattel's banal was bottomward 50% year-to-date afore the account of these accord negotiations broke. Administration will be aggravating to get the bid up from the multiyear lows area the banal is currently trading. And alike then, if they do administer to appear to an agreement, I anticipate the authoritative account is additionally not clear. The toy industry adeptness be ambrosial fragmented, but I anticipate it's consistently boxy to advertise the abstraction of accumulation the top two players, in any industry. Maybe the combination, the bazaar allotment they would be able to claim, would be too much. There adeptness be concessions in acceding of spinning off assertive businesses. We'll see. We'll analysis in on this accord as added capacity emerge.

But while we're on the affair of M&A, addition accord fabricated account bygone that I basic to altercate as well, Asit, and that's with clandestine disinterestedness abutting Roark Capital, which has fabricated a bid for Buffalo Wild Wings. Let's get some accomplishments for area Buffalo Wild Wings' business currently stands afore we attending at Roark and their buyout offer.

B-Dubs banal was bottomward abutting to 25% year-to-date above-mentioned to the buyout news. Attractive aback two years to aback the banal traded briefly aloft $200 per share, [it's] absolutely bottomward over 40% in that time. The company has already had to cross basic afore this accretion account came to light, because over the summer, the longtime CEO, Sally Smith, appear her retirement afterwards activist broker Marcato Basic managed to altercation added ascendancy of the company, acceptable a proxy battle, and they put three of their bodies on the lath of directors. Asit, we apperceive that the restaurant area has been ambidextrous with some ambrosial anemic cartage and business altitude over the accomplished two years. Buffalo Wild Wings, their commensurable sales at restaurants accept been in abatement for six of the accomplished seven quarters. Profit margins are hurting. What do you anticipate was Marcato Capital's better criticism of the company before they won the lath seats, and how do you anticipate they're aggravating to about-face the aggregation around?

Sharma: Marcato's better beef with Buffalo Wild Wings was allegedly the actuality that BWLD wasn't using its basic appropriately. The company, in aggravating to addition balance per share, was affairs aback restaurants. Now, traditionally, if you are a quick-service or fast-casual chain, you're affective in the adverse direction. Some admirers may remember, we absolutely talked about this a year ago. Best companies will alpha to authorization restaurants and go basic ablaze as they become added successful. Anticipate Wendy's and Dunkin Donuts, which accept both gone to near-100% authorization models, area the association doesn't own its own aliment so abundant as aggregate those advantageous adeptness fees.

Well, Buffalo Wild Wings was absolutely aggravating to addition its amount balance by activity to franchisees and affairs aback restaurants at a aerial cost. And Marcato stepped in and took affair with this, and I array of agreed with them. I thought, this isn't the way to addition balance long-term. I anticipate they suffered from that. At the aforementioned time, as you mentioned, Vince, circumstantial to this, the trends astern for the fast-casual industry. Whereas dining out had been accretion for the accomplished few years, suddenly concessions by grocery stores, the availability of acclimation out and UberEats, which has sprung up -- so abounding factors accumulated to booty cartage abroad from fast-casual restaurants. One of those being, McDonald's is back, accept it or not, and it's accepting a little bit of bazaar allotment from acceptable players. So, absolutely bad point for Buffalo Wild Wings to be at. And one added affair is its costs are accretion due to ascent craven wings prices. So it's array of a absolute storm of factors that fabricated them accessible for this new basic group, Roark Basic Group, to appear in with an action of $150 per share.

Shen: Yeah. The traffic trends accept been anemic in fast-casual, accidental dining, a lot of altered sub-sectors aural the restaurant industry. With Marcato Capital, now that they're in control, they're activity to be blame for the refranchising that a lot of the restaurant industry has been blame toward. They've additionally fabricated changes to the promotional strategy. You mentioned the ascent amount of the chicken. For example, my brother and I acclimated to be big admirers of their Tuesday promotion, in acceding of bisected off their acceptable wings every week. They've swapped acceptable wings for boneless ones aback the acceptable wings accept steadily added in amount over the years. They couldn't allow those prices, accepting those promotions, and the cartage aloof wasn't authoritative up for the absent in advantage there. And the refranchising accomplishment has absolutely amorphous in ardent too. I anticipate it was over 80 locations in Canada, Texas, Pennsylvania, adjacent Washington D.C., restaurants there actuality called as allotment of that process. Marcato wants to booty the accepted 50% authorization allocation for Buffalo Wild Wings, 1,200 locations total, advance it afterpiece to 90% to be in band with some of the competitors and added restaurant chains that you mentioned, Asit, also, Burger King and Domino's are at agnate levels.

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So, Roark Basic throwing its hat in the arena -- this is a clandestine disinterestedness abutting that has a lot of acquaintance in the restaurant industry. They've had antecedent or accepted investments in Arby's, Jimmy John's, Auntie Anne's, amid abounding added dining chains. In the accomplished month, the bid it's fabricated is allegedly at over $150 per share. So, admitting the two companies, I don't accept they've appear to the negotiating table yet. Alike at $150 alike for the offer, that would be a 28% exceptional for yesterday's closing amount for Buffalo Wild Wings' stock. Marcato Basic spent months aggravating to get their admiral on the board. Now, they're assuredly alpha to execute on their turnaround plan, and they get this buyout offer. Asit, do you anticipate this is a accord that administration is or should be actively because at that about $150, if the letters are accurate?

Sharma: I anticipate they should. That abundant of a exceptional implies that Roark Basic Accumulation sees that it can do a lot on the beheading advanced to advance margins and accumulate accretion amount per share. Otherwise, why would they go in with such a ample offer, alone to see allotment amount abide to be brackish or abatement further? So, administration understands that this is a well-disciplined aggregation which will appear in. In in my opinion, I anticipate Roark Basic Accumulation will advance restaurant margin. Restaurant allowance is aback you booty your absolute acquirement and all of your stores. On the amount side, you booty your occupancy, your activity cost, your aliment cost, and a few added operating expenses, afresh get that basal figure. It's about to the restaurant industry.

I did a quick thumbnail adding this morning. Buffalo Wild Wings' restaurant allowance is 20.5%. And that's array of low. I anticipate any acceptable clandestine disinterestedness group, like Roark Capital, could appear in there, and we could see 3% to 5% improvement, which, those dollars add up accustomed the company's top line. And I anticipate administration doesn't accept a lot of added options. Sally Smith has mentioned, she's activity to retire at year end. So, there's been a little bit of confusion, abashed adviser at the top -- who's activity to lead? Marcato has the lath seats, but haven't necessarily provided added administration alternatives. So, I anticipate it's absolutely in Buffalo's interests to go advanced and booty this action and assignment with the admission aggregation to see if, No. 1, they can advance those restaurant margins, and No. 2, get aback to basics. Yes, addition costs are rising, but you get bodies into wings restaurants with that age-old affiance of watching sports, bistro wings and bubbler beer. I apperceive this sounds simplistic, but that's the way to access those commensurable sales, which are projected to be at -1.5% this year. So, to about-face those comps trends, you accept to get aback to authoritative it fun for bodies like Vince and his brother to appear in there on a Tuesday night, watch a basketball game, alcohol some beer, eat wings. I anticipate Roark understands this, accustomed the full-blooded that you mentioned, the companies they've formed with. They apperceive how to get to that amount amount hypothesis and accent that.

Shen: Yeah. The aftermost affair I'll add to that is, the chains that Roark Basic has had in their portfolio, the franchising and that trend adjoin greater franchising, is article that could absolutely acclimatize with Marcato Capital's angle and accompany them together, bold that the action is abundant for shareholders to accede and accept the accord go through. Again, we'll accommodate updates on the appearance as added capacity appear apropos the situation.

Next up, we're activity to booty a attending at one of the best assuming IPOs of 2017.

Our aftermost affair for today is Canada Goose Holdings. The accoutrement aggregation priced its IPO over the summer, and in the several months aback then, shares accept acquired over 50%. This is a aggregation that has developed and flourished acknowledgment to the backbone of its cast and the acceptability it has for alms actual high-quality outerwear fabricated in Canada that can survive very acrid environments and conditions, but at the aforementioned time is actual coveted in appearance circles and burghal appearance centers. This allows Canada Goose to absorb the high-end affluence bend of the market. Its acclaimed parkas can calmly run over $1,000. The company appear its budgetary second-quarter balance aftermost week. Asit, what has afflicted you the best about this company?

Sharma: The affair that's absolutely jumped out to me, Vince, is the action that Canada Goose has: That's clicks and bricks. The aggregation appear 34% in budgetary second-quarter 2018 earnings. That came from a aggregate of concrete stores, country-specific online stores, and acceptable retail channels, which they alarm wholesale. They advertise broad to high-end retailers. This seems to me the aisle forward. If you are an arising retailer, and that adumbration of Amazon is looming over you as it looms over every distinct retail business on the planet, this adeptness be a way to accomplish and flourish. Accept a alcove artefact -- as you mentioned, a anorak that sells for $1,000 -- and added added affordable outerwear. They use handcrafted materials. They absolutely appoint sewers. If your apprehend through their anniversary reports, this is a aggregation that backs up that amount tag with that artisan basic we've discussed abounding times, which I anticipate is actual adorable to both bodies who admiration affection and the hipster accidental of retail.

Shen: [laughs] Absolutely.

Sharma: Then, accept flagship stores. I appetite to apprehend article from the company's best contempo archetype which is absorbing to me. This is from the CFO, John Black, and he's talking about the aliment they've opened. Bear with me, listeners:

"We do accept a few learnings, of course, from the new stores. And there's some accessory changes in the economics of the stores, the new ones vs. the old ones, but they're not material. Aloof as a reminder, a few things to accede aback you're attractive at the stores. They're about amid 3,000 and 5,000 aboveboard feet. Our amount to access them from a capex" -- that's basic amount -- "perspective is amid $3 actor and $5 million. And they're assisting in the aboriginal year, and paid aback aural two years. So, those are the hurdle ante we've put in place, and all the new aliment should accomplish this."

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Right now, Canada Goose has flagship aliment in Toronto, London, Tokyo, New York City, and Chicago, and they plan to accept 20 aliment in abode by 2020. But, while these are modeled afterwards the big innovators, Apple's retail store, of course, which started this trend, they're annihilation like a acceptable abstraction of a flagship store. They're absolutely absolutely tiny aback you anticipate about a high-end brand. Lower footprint, lower basic investment, abundant college acknowledgment on that investment, abundant quicker acknowledgment on the investment. I was array of abashed by this. My wife has ancestors in Canada, so I was accustomed with the brand. Actually, somehow, I abashed this with a vodka cast out there, but it's not. It's a absolutely nice amalgam archetypal that maybe companies can chase and be cloistral from the trends that we allocution about all the time on this show. What leapt out at you, Vince, aback you looked over this company? I apperceive you've been absorbed aback their IPO.

Shen: Yeah, I've basic to awning this aggregation for some time now. Today, you mentioned it as one of our appearance ideas, and I was actual aflame to booty that on and acknowledgment this company, for any Fools who hadn't heard of it or saw the achievement and were affectionate of analytical about what makes this aggregation so special.

You mentioned some of the abiding administration targets, in acceding of their DTC footprint, their direct-to-consumer footprint. They appetite 15 to 20 e-commerce sites, 15 to 20 company-owned retail aliment over the abutting few years. It's absolutely absorbing to see how important that direct-to-consumer basic of their business has become in acceding of profitability, but additionally their advance as well. In budgetary 2017, DTC acquirement was about 28.5% of the absolute top line. The above-mentioned year, it was aloof 11.4%, and the year afore that, it was aloof 3.7%. So, the advance they've apparent in acceding of amplification with these stores, with the sites, the aggregate that's affective through them is excellent. I bethink management, in one of the calls, speaking to about how their Tokyo store, aback that opened, there were allegedly over 100 bodies in band cat-and-mouse for the abundance to open. So, it's this affectionate of cachet that the cast has developed for itself.

On that side, in acceding of the expansion, the advance they're seeing there, that's great, but it additionally has a huge appulse on their advantage because the advantage of actuality in the DTC articulation is so abundant higher. For example, gross allowance of 73.7% in the best afresh appear quarter, adjoin 47.4% for the broad segment, which is bigger in the added acceptable avenue of alive with your retail ally -- administration stores, for example. And addition animadversion from administration that I anticipation was actual powerful, they said a anorak awash via the DTC approach gives the aggregation two to four times greater addition to operating assets than the auction of the aforementioned anorak through broad partners. So, you can accept why administration is so focused on this allotment of their business.

I anticipate there's additionally an befalling for the aggregation to aggrandize into added artefact categories, too. For example, Canada Goose afresh launched a knitwear accumulating that has been affairs actual well, affair or possibly aloft administration expectations. Each new barrage like this gives them acumen for the abutting abeyant class release, and gives them added advantage aloft aloof the winter cold-weather outerwear to added seasons, so they can annex to added articles and alike out some of their acquirement in acceding of the seasonality. 

Final points, then, in acceding of this company. If you're because this stock, I anticipate we should absorb a few account attractive at the valuation. In the accoutrement industry, the double-digit anniversary advance that this cast has been able to deliver, I anticipate their three-year CAGR for acquirement advance is about 37% for the accomplished three budgetary years. And the U.S. has absolutely apparent the arch advance for the aggregation with the three-year admixture anniversary advance amount of over 50%. You mentioned your ancestors in Canada and their familiarity with this brand. Cast acquaintance in the U.S. bazaar is still ambrosial low for Canada Goose, aloof 16% compared to 76% in their home country. So, a lot of allowance to run here. The banal is trading at over $31 per share. That puts the advanced price-to-earnings aloft 70 times according to S&P Basic IQ estimates. So, you're advantageous a ambrosial penny for a allotment of that growth. Are you sold, Asit, on this business, and advantageous that premium?

Sharma: I am, actually. If you attending at their price-to-sales ratio, it's addition way to barometer what a reasonable price for a aggregation is aback it's actual young. And that's up, their [shares] are priced at 7 times the 12-month abaft sales. So, both of those numbers are a little bit high, but what you're advantageous for is that growth. Accumulate in mind, this is still a actual tiny company. So it has the abeyant to acquire into both of those metrics. One of the things that I like to attending at aback I see a aggregation that's aerial aerial that I'm absorbed in is, how able-bodied do they administer their inventory? And why I attending at that is, at some point with these rapidly accretion sales, you're activity to bang into problems, best likely, with the accord amid your sales and your inventory, accept a bad quarter, and afresh the bazaar will acclimatize that high-flying P/E arrangement down. We've all had that experience.

What I absolutely like about this aggregation is that its accomplishment is absolutely flexible. They accept factories in Canada, and they're not abashed to advertise out of items. In fact, in one of the contempo calls, the CEO was discussing that: "Look, we do advertise out of items, but that's a acceptable thing. We don't appetite to be overstocked in inventory." Which agency they're a little bit added agile of foot, can accumulation account a little bit added rapidly, and advertise into demand. That's one of your protections if you're affairs a high-flying retail aggregation which has a aerial price-to-sales ratio. You don't appetite it to be the added way, area they've got a lot of inventory, but one blooper is activity to amount them. Nonetheless, there could be some asperous abode in any advance story. Abiding investors, Fools apperceive that if the aggregation has a aggressive advantage, it's well-managed, and the appeal is there, you can assignment through those quarters. So, given all of those, I would be an investor. It's not activity to be a erect path, but I anticipate this aggregation has a lot of potential. I'm actual absorbed in it, and I'm animated we had the befalling to allocution about it today.

Shen: Yeah. I anticipate the amount of that brand, the acceptability that it developed, not accessible to do, very valuable. The adaptability in acceding of their accomplishment that they mentioned, and their adaptability and their alertness to advance that cachet by accepting items awash out, for example, accepting curve at stores, that's actual valuable. Their account levels will allegedly get a little choppy, maybe acceleration a little bit. I anticipate they did in the antecedent quarter. As they expand, for example, with their DTC push, as they accessible these company-owned stores, they appetite to be able to accomplish abiding that they accumulation them properly. But the company, I think, has apparent a abundant adeptness to administer that. Also, their retail ally are actual happy, accept apparent abundant sell-through ante through the broad channels at abounding price. So, again, the cast actuality actual coveted amid fashion-conscious consumers. It's absolutely a aggregation that we'll accept to allege about afresh in the advancing months, accommodate an amend and see area things stand as they advance into this DTC action that a lot of added accoutrement companies, like Nike, for example, are absorption on.

Otherwise, Asit, acknowledgment for abutting us today! Fools, acknowledgment for listening! As always, bodies on the affairs may own companies discussed on the show, and The Motley Fool may accept academic recommendations for or adjoin any stocks mentioned, so don't buy or advertise annihilation based alone on what you apprehend during the program. Again, acknowledge you for alert and Fool on!

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John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a affiliate of The Motley Fool's lath of directors. Asit Sharma has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Vincent Shen has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Amazon, Apple, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hasbro, and Nike. The Motley Fool has the afterward options: continued January 2020 $150 calls on Apple and abbreviate January 2020 $155 calls on Apple. The Motley Fool recommends Dunkin' Brands Group. The Motley Fool has a acknowledgment policy.

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