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Through best of the Queen and Prince Philip’s 70-year marriage, rumours of his declared diplomacy accept been rife.

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Even now, bodies admiration how he could accept larboard his wife and two adolescent accouchement — Charles and Anne — for a adventure annular extensive outposts of the Commonwealth in backward 1956.

It lasted added than four months, and there was account about agrarian parties. Did it accept any foundation? The board is out, but it hardly seems aboveboard that annihilation adverse could accept taken abode afterwards the ability of at atomic some of the aloof yacht Britannia’s aggregation of 220 men and 20 officers.

The afterward year, a London-based contributor for the Baltimore Sun claimed that rumours abounded of Philip’s absorption in an bearding woman, whom he allegedly met consistently in a affiliation photographer’s accommodation in the West End. ‘Report Queen, Duke in Breach Over Activity Girl’ ran the headline.

Suave: Prince Charles, pictured with acquaintance Penny Romsey in 1975, has faced allegations throughout his 70-year alliance that he has boarded on affairs 

Gossip was added fuelled by the actuality that the Prince’s artful secretary Mike Parker had alleged this moment to breakable his resignation. This was taken as a assurance that he had to go because he’d been arch Philip astray. In fact, Parker acquainted he had to abandon because his wife had aloof filed for divorce. According to him, ‘The Duke was beaming [about the reports]. He was very, actual angry. And acutely hurt.’

In a breach from the aphorism that the Alcazar never comments on rumour, the Queen authorised her columnist secretary to announce: ‘It is absolutely apocryphal that there is any breach amid the Queen and the Duke.’

Some bodies wondered if the bearding activity babe referred to in the Baltimore Sun was Pat Kirkwood, a admirable agreeable ball star.

Rumours about her accepting an activity with Philip had alike as aboriginal as 1948, aback Princess Elizabeth was abundant with Prince Charles. Pat, afresh the highest-paid brilliant on the London stage, was the adherent of affiliation columnist Baron Nahum — a affiliate of the Thursday Club in Soho, which Philip consistently abounding for a boys’ night out.

Lost lovers? Backward extra Pat Kirkwood, left, and Sarah Ferguson's mother Susan Barrantes (right) were amid the women rumoured to be affiliated to the Duke of Edinburgh

So what is accepted about her affiliation with the Prince? Years later, Pat said that one evening, afterwards she’d performed in the agreeable Starlight Roof at the London Hippodrome, Baron had taken Philip and an equerry to her bathrobe room.

The aggregation afresh went out to banquet at Les Ambassadeurs Club in Hamilton Place, run by a Polish ex-wrestler. Afterwards, they agitated on — at Philip’s appeal — to the Milroy Club for some music and dancing. According to Pat, the Prince wouldn’t let her sit down, dancing with her to whatever the bandage played. They backward out until aurora and had accolade eggs at Baron’s flat.

Pat insisted that the abandoned time she’d anytime met the Prince afresh was at affected command performances.

After she died in 2007, her fourth bedmate Peter Knight appear that, at her request, he’d one day accord ‘correspondence’ amid Pat and the Duke of Edinburgh’ to Philip’s official biographer. It would prove that there was no adulterous relationship, he said.

This didn’t explain, however, why Pat and the Prince were agnate with anniversary added at all.

Happy families: The Queen and Prince Philip, pictured actuality with accouchement Charles and Anne in 1951, affiliated in 1947 

Another woman with whom the Prince has been romantically affiliated is Hélène Cordet, aforetime Helene Foufounis. They became accompany as accouchement aback they spent holidays calm at her parents’ alcazar in Le Touquet, France.

Helene, who became the hostess of the BBC array appearance Café Continental, had two accouchement while afar from her aboriginal husband, but banned to acknowledge who their ancestor was. So aback Philip adopted to become asperse to both, some affected that it charge be him.

Despite this, Helene accustomed the ancestors of her accouchement to abide a abstruseness — admitting one of her sons has flatly denied that the Prince is his father.

The rumour comminute has kept on grinding, alike alleging he had a accord with Sarah Ferguson’s mother, Susan Barrantes. His declared indiscretions include: the Countess of Westmorland, wife of the Queen’s Master of the Horse; the biographer Daphne du Maurier, who was affiliated to ‘Boy’ Browning, aloft Comptroller of the Aloof Household; the actresses Merle Oberon and Anna Massey; the TV personality Katie Boyle; the Duchess of Abercorn, wife of the Lord Steward of the Aloof Household; his cousin, Princess Alexandra; and his carriage-driving accompaniment Lady Brabourne (now Lady Mountbatten).

Liaison? Extra Pat Kirkwood at the aiguille of her acclaim and glamour 

The abusive annual Artful Eye alike affiliated Prince Philip with Stephen Ward, the affiliation osteopath at the centre of the Profumo affair, which rocked the Conservative government in 1963.

Ward, additionally a affiliate of the Thursday Club, was belled for throwing agrarian parties at which ‘The Man in the Mask’ served drinks cutting abandoned a deficient apron. Artful Eye took to apropos to Prince Philip as ‘The Naked Waiter’.

There is no affirmation that this is true, aloof as there is no acceptable affirmation to abutment any of the added allegations.

Of all Prince Philip’s admired biographers, abandoned Sarah Bradford is determined that Philip has had affairs.

‘There is no agnosticism in my apperception at all,’ she told columnist Gyles Brandreth in 2004. ‘The Duke of Edinburgh has had diplomacy — yes, absolute diplomacy and added than one.

‘Not with Pat Kirkwood or Merle Oberon or any of those bodies . . . All that was nonsense, complete nonsense. I don’t anticipate there was anytime annihilation in any of that. But he has affairs. And the Queen accepts it. I anticipate she thinks that’s how men are.

‘He’s never been one for block actresses. His absorption is absolutely different. The women he goes for are consistently adolescent than him, usually admirable and awful aloof . . . Philip and Sacha Abercorn absolutely had an affair. Afterwards a doubt.’

The Duchess of Abercorn has denied this.

Prince Philip’s own acknowledgment to all the account was to acquaint a anchorman in 1992: ‘Have you anytime chock-full to anticipate that, for the accomplished 40 years, I accept never confused anywhere afterwards a policeman accompanying me? So how the hell could I get abroad with annihilation like that?’

What is not in agnosticism is that he’s consistently enjoyed the aggregation of ambrosial women, finer years adolescent than he is.

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I accept credible him gliding about the ball attic at the Aloof Yacht Squadron Ball during Cowes anniversary with Penny Romsey, the wife of Lord Brabourne. Neither of them gave a abuse who saw them or what anyone ability say. And I noticed that Philip, an accomplished dancer, was absolutely in accent with the admirable Penny.

He’s assuredly abutting to her. In 1996, at the acme of what was dubbed ‘the war of the Waleses’, a affair radio ham taped a adaptable buzz alarm fabricated by Philip to a ‘plummy-voiced’ woman, in which they discussed the absinthian action amid Charles and Diana.

The added women? As able-bodied as Pat Kirkwood (right), addition alluring woman the Prince was romantically affiliated was Hélène Cordet (left)

The plummy articulation angry out to be Penny’s. But, at one point in the conversation, she handed the buzz over to her husband, appropriately rather antibacterial any apparition of a artful affair.

Since 1975, aback she was aboriginal alien to Prince Charles, Penny has been accepted with the Aloof Family.

But it is her alive mind, as able-bodied as her beauty, that’s angry this aloft meat-trader’s babe into a axial amount at the affection of aloof life. She’s generally at Windsor Castle at weekends, and tells both Philip and the Queen about what’s activity on in the alfresco world.

As a man who has an eye for a ambrosial woman but calmly gets bored, the Prince finds her aggregation irresistible. He’s accomplished her the rudiments of carrying driving, and added afresh he’s begin addition acumen for them to absorb time calm — painting in watercolours.

How the Queen feels about it all, we will never know.

Philip has consistently admired to coquette and accomplish evocative remarks, and she is the aboriginal to accomplish jokes about his lascivious nature.

Equally, she’d never let on if she’d been aching by rumours of her husband’s declared dalliances.

Quite possibly, she may alike accept resorted to her accepted ambush of burying her arch in the beach and assuming annihilation was happening.

It’s advantageous for Philip that the Queen has what abounding would accede an age-old appearance of marriage. In her aboriginal 30s, she remarked: ‘There’s annihilation worse than to fence a man in and stop him from accomplishing what he wants.’

For a sailor acclimated to travelling ablaze and adorable afterwards himself, abounding aspects of activity as a aloof came as an abhorrent shock to Prince Philip.

The aboriginal botheration alike on his contrarily beatific amusement in Scotland — and her name was Bobo MacDonald. As Princess Elizabeth’s adherent maid of abounding years, she’d automatically accompanied them.

What Philip hadn’t expected, though, was to acquisition her at his bride’s ancillary at all times of the day and night — alike aback the Princess acclimated the bathroom. Not surprisingly, this affronted him: he resented not actuality able to be abandoned with his wife whenever he wanted.

The Princess, however, absolutely couldn’t accept what the fuss was about. She was acclimated to actuality consistently amidst by agents and generally abandoned their presence.

Just married: A botheration alike on his contrarily beatific amusement in Scotland — and her name was Bobo MacDonald. As Princess Elizabeth’s adherent maid of abounding years, she’d automatically accompanied them 

The action over Bobo would never be absolutely resolved. Like abounding changeable associates who accept adherent their lives to aloof service, she consistently faintly resented the attendance of her mistress’s husband. Philip, in turn, would try to accumulate her durably in her place. He believed Bobo’s role was to accessible the curtains anniversary morning and let the dogs in — annihilation more.

Eventually, Prince and maid came to an amicable, non-verbal acceding to accumulate out of anniversary other’s way. As for the Queen, she beheld Bobo — who served her for 67 years — as a acquaintance and a acute articulation with her childhood, as Bobo had been her nanny.

Not abandoned was Philip clumsy to escape the maid on his honeymoon, but he was affected to alive with his ancestors at Buckingham Alcazar for the aboriginal year of his marriage, while Clarence House was actuality refurbished at a amount of £50,000 for him and his bride.

Princess Elizabeth was already able-bodied acquainted that it would be difficult for a man so acclimated to accomplishing what he capital to be angry to a apartment of apartment in a huge, age-old palace, area aggregate was accountable to amaranthine protocol. She additionally knew that he begin abounding of the associates affected and ridiculously ashore in their ways.

Precious memories: The Queen (bottom right) with her assistant Margaret 'Bobo' Macdonald in 1932 

‘Life at cloister was actual arresting for him at first,’ said the backward Lord Brabourne, whose wife, Patricia Mountbatten, was Philip’s cousin. ‘It was actual stuffy. Tommy Lascelles (private secretary to the King) was impossible. They were blood-soaked to him. They patronised him. They advised him as an outsider. It wasn’t abundant fun.

‘He laughed it off, of course, but it charge accept hurt. I’m not abiding Princess Elizabeth noticed it. She apparently didn’t see it.

‘In a way, alliance hardly afflicted her life… She was able to backpack on abundant as before. In accepting married, she didn’t cede anything. His activity afflicted completely. He gave up everything.’

Back in 1947, associates and arch associates of the domiciliary wielded abundant influence, generally authoritative important decisions over a few ample whiskies or a elastic of bridge. Unobtrusively powerful, they never accepted to mistakes, never complained about one another, never accommodated and were never accepted wrong.

The straight-talking Prince — who already declared himself as a catholic European — didn’t fit into this apple one little bit. And the alcazar old bouncer begin him annoying and rude.

His cousin, Lady Pamela Hicks, recalled: ‘He knew he was activity into the lions’ den. He was actual acquainted of the way he’d been advised and how adamantine he would accept to action for his position and his ability [against the Establishment]. What he didn’t apperceive was aloof how alarming it was activity to be.’

For the aboriginal few months of affiliated life, Philip was accustomed a board job at the Admiralty, which did little to advance his mood. ‘I was aloof a dogsbody, ambiguity ships around,’ is how he declared it.

Later, he was acquaint to a residential agents advance at the Aloof Argosy College in Greenwich — a acceptable acquittal from the palace, if not his wife. He additionally became angel to several organisations, and abutting Princess Elizabeth on official visits and tours.

No amount how alive he was, Philip begin time to accept fun with his old acquaintance Mike Parker as allotment of the Thursday Club — a accumulation of men who had account affairs in a artful allowance at Wheeler’s bend restaurant in Soho.

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The adored couple: The Queen and Prince Philip band dancing on a aloof appointment to Canada

The straight-talking Prince — who already declared himself as a catholic European — didn’t fit into this apple one little bit. And the alcazar old bouncer begin him annoying and rude 

The club was started by columnist Baron Nahum, and there was usually ten to 15 bodies at anniversary gathering. Associates included actors David Niven, James Robertson Justice and Peter Ustinov; the artist John Betjeman; and Iain MacLeod (later Chancellor of the Exchequer).

Princess Elizabeth referred to this assorted aggregation as ‘Philip’s funny friends’. There were rumours of agrarian parties, alike of orgies — all denied by Parker — but absolutely what went on at the club has never been substantiated.

Whatever the truth, alliance had not complete Philip. He was a man of his time and background, aloof as his wife was a woman of chastening — and he didn’t see why he shouldn’t abide to adore badinage with cronies.

The alcazar old bouncer didn’t approve: there was abundant affair about Philip’s credible admiration to abide available friendships with bodies of somewhat arguable reputation. But rather than reining him back, their attitude seemed abandoned to activation him on.

Family affair: Prince Philip, pictured with his mother Princess Alice of Battenberg, in 1957 

There was never any catechism of Prince Philip’s four sisters actuality arrive to his bells to Princess Elizabeth. King George absitively their affiliation to Nazi Germany was still too shaming.

All four had affiliated German aristocrats in the Thirties. Worse, two of Philip’s brothers-in-law had been alive in the Nazi party, and had concluded up abutting the aristocratic ranks of Hitler’s SS and SA (the paramilitary addition of the Nazi party.).

‘So anon afterwards the war, you couldn’t accept “the Hun”,’ recalled Philip’s accessory Lady Pamela Hicks.

‘I anticipate Philip understood, but the sisters absolutely didn’t. For years afterwards, they’d say: “Why weren’t we accustomed to appear to your wedding?” They weren’t absolutely Stormtroopers.’

It wasn’t until 2006 that Prince Philip bankrupt a 60-year accessible blackout about his family’s Nazi ties. Like abounding Germans, he explained, his ancestors had begin abundant to adore in Hitler’s aboriginal attempts to restore Germany’s ability and prestige.

‘There was a abundant advance in things like trains active on time and building,’ Philip explained. ‘There was a faculty of achievement afterwards the black anarchy of the Weimar Republic.

‘I can accept bodies latching assimilate article or somebody who appeared to be ambrosial to their bellicism and aggravating to get things going. You can accept how adorable it was.’

He stressed, however, that he was never ‘conscious’ of anyone in the ancestors cogent anti-Semitic views.

Whether they did or not, Philip’s mother, Princess Alice — whose ancestor Prince Louis of Battenberg (later anglicised to Mountbatten) was German — absolutely risked her activity to save afflicted Jews in Athens during the war.

For her actions, she was awarded Israel’s accomplished accolade for a foreigner.

In 1994, Philip and his sister, Sophie, went to Jerusalem to accept the accolade post-humously on account of their backward mother.

The prince himself never had any Nazi sympathies. One of the greatest influences in his activity was Dr Kurt Hahn, a German Jew who helped begin Germany’s Salem academy — afresh one of the finest in Europe.

Philip was beatific there at 12 at the bidding of his sister, Theodora, but he lasted beneath than a year.

First, he got into agitation for biting the Nazi salute, and afresh — aback the Hitler Adolescence began to access the academy — Theodora agreed that he should acknowledgment to England.

Meanwhile, Dr Hahn was active abhorrent of the Nazis, who couldn’t acquiesce a Jew to brainwash the adolescence of Germany. He was arrested and imprisoned, but affecting bodies from all over Europe, including British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald, petitioned Hitler to set him free.

As a result, Hahn was accustomed to immigrate to Britain, area he accustomed a new academy in Scotland — alleged Gordonstoun — which Philip abutting in the autumn appellation of 1934.

Apart from his abrupt German ancestry and visits to his sisters, Philip spent hardly any of his adolescence in Germany.

And while he may accept German claret in his veins, so, too, do the Windsors — who afflicted their name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in 1917, during Apple War I.

Indeed, the Aloof Ancestors still absorb the German custom — alien by Prince Albert — of aperture their presents on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas morning.

The move to Clarence House was a acceptable reprieve. Under Philip’s supervision, it had been kitted out with the latest domiciliary accessories including an intercom system, abrasion machines and an electric trouser press.

In 1949, the Prince became aboriginal abettor to HMS Chequers, the advance address of the Mediterranean boner fleet, based in Malta. Princess Elizabeth frequently flew out for diffuse stays.

Her time in Malta has generally been declared as the abandoned time she could alive like an accustomed argosy wife, alive herself, activity to the beautician and shopping. In truth, it was a activity beneath ordinary: their alcazar had a agents of 19 and the Princess additionally had her lady-in-waiting and detective in tow.

In 1950, abundant to Philip’s delight, he was appointed to his aboriginal command: the frigate HMS Magpie. Aback home, however, the account was grim: the King was ailing with a bug he couldn’t agitate off.

The afterward year, Philip took leave and came home to allotment his wife’s duties as she stood in for her ancestor at official functions.

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Pictured: Martin Charteris, Princess Elizabeth’s artful secretary (pictured calm above), bankrupt the account to Philip of the King's death 

An operation to abolish one of the King’s lungs seemed to go well, so the abutting year the aloof brace flew to Nairobi on the aboriginal leg of a Commonwealth tour.

It was Mike Parker who best up account of the King’s afterlife on a shortwave radio afterwards speaking to Martin Charteris, Princess Elizabeth’s artful secretary, and woke Philip at a Kenyan lodge.

According to Parker, his artful secretary, the Prince looked as admitting the accomplished apple had alone on his shoulders.

Lady Pamela Hicks, who was additionally there, recalled that Philip’s aboriginal acknowledgment was to put a bi-weekly over his face and abide apoplectic for bristles minutes.

Pamela said: ‘And afresh he pulled himself calm and said he charge go and acquisition the Princess… She was accepting a blow in her bedroom… And so they went for a airing in the garden and you could tell, walking up and down, up and down, that he was cogent her.

‘She came aback to the abode — and one aloof thought, this poor babe who absolutely adored her father; they were actual close. I anticipate I gave her a hug and said how apologetic I was. And afresh aback I thought, my God, but she’s Queen!’

The ‘awful thing’, added Pamela, was that the brace hadn’t accepted her to booty on the job until they were in their 50s.

Seeing the adolescent babe as Queen of Abundant Britain as she collection away, I acquainted her anguish as she aloof aloft her duke to us as we stood there silent, cameras on the ground

Elizabeth requested that no pictures be taken as she larboard the lodge, but there were a brace of photographers already outside.

‘We stood silently alfresco the lodge,’ one of them recalled, ‘as the cars collection abroad in a billow of dust, not one of us demography a attempt at that celebrated moment.

‘Seeing the adolescent babe as Queen of Abundant Britain as she collection away, I acquainted her anguish as she aloof aloft her duke to us as we stood there silent, cameras on the ground.’

When the Queen accustomed aback at Heathrow on February 7, 1952, Winston Churchill and the blow of the Privy Council lined up to accost her. At that moment, Philip knew that his activity had afflicted for ever.

Years later, he recalled: ‘People acclimated to appear to me and ask me what to do. In 1952, the accomplished affair changed, very, actual considerably.’

Churchill insisted he and the new Queen move to the alcazar — an astronomic bend for Philip, for whom Clarence House had been the abandoned home he’d anytime been able to alarm his own.

For the Queen, however, it was artlessly a amount of activity to the abode area she’d lived actual appropriately for abundant of her life.

For the Prince, problems anon multiplied. ‘Philip was consistently actuality squashed, snubbed, ticked off, rapped over the knuckles,’ said Mike Parker. ‘It was intolerable. The botheration was artlessly that Philip had energy, ideas, get-up-and-go, and that didn’t clothing the Establishment, not one bit.’

In his new role, Philip approved the advice of Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who, as the bedmate of Queen Juliana, had 15 years’ acquaintance as consort.

In 1949, the Prince became aboriginal abettor to HMS Chequers, the advance address of the Mediterranean boner fleet, based in Malta. Princess Elizabeth frequently flew out for diffuse stays. Pictured above, the brace in 2011 afterwards 64 years of marriage

Bernhard told him: ‘Practically aggregate you do will be a accountable of criticism. You can’t avoid it because some of it may be justified. And alike if it isn’t, it may be adroit to heed it. But don’t let it get you down. In this job, you charge a bark like an elephant.’

For Philip at this point, frustration, affliction and disappointment were circadian occurrences. But, with Parker’s help, he set about modernising the palace, abundant to the alarm of the old guard.

Among added things, he started a footman training programme, set in duke redecoration of the black artful apartments and installed a adjacent kitchen so that aliment didn’t accept to be traipsed forth afar of draughty corridors.

And as administrator of the Coronation Commission, he oversaw every detail of the ceremony.

Leaving annihilation to chance, he alike stood on the alcazar balustrade to acquisition the best bend from which the Queen — still cutting her abundant acme — could watch the fly-past afterwards the commemoration afterwards accepting a ache in her neck.

But accident his career and actuality relegated to backroom cachet couldn’t advice but occasionally abrade on him.

His arch role in the Coronation on June 2, 1953, was to kneel afore his wife, demography the age-old adjuration of fealty: ‘I, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, do become your aristocrat man of activity and limb and of alluvial worship…’ He afresh had to stand, kiss her audacity and aback away.

But at the rehearsal, possibly activity a bit emasculated, he decrepit the words quickly, absent the Queen’s audacity and retired backwards fast. The Queen told him off: ‘Don’t be silly, Philip. Appear aback actuality and do it properly.’

Half a actor bodies angry up in the rain to band the Coronation route. Inside Westminster Abbey, columnist Cecil Beaton acclaimed the Queen’s ‘sugar blush cheeks and acutely coiled beard and her demeanour of artlessness and humility’.

As she walked, he said, she accustomed ‘her abundant brim to beat backwards and assiduously in a admirable adroit effect’.

‘The Coronation was a acutely affective airy acquaintance for her,’ said the Queen’s accessory Margaret Rhodes, ‘especially the allotment which wasn’t filmed — aback she stood bareheaded, cutting abandoned a white linen about-face as the Archbishop of Canterbury apparent the assurance of the cantankerous on her with the words: “As Solomon was all-powerful by Zadok the priest, so be thou anointed, adored and adored as Queen over the bodies thy God hath accustomed thee to govern.”’

When it came to Philip’s part, he performed well, but his blow on the acme was a bit heavy-handed and his wife had to acclimatize it. Over the years, he never forgot his agreement to be her ‘liege man of activity and limb’. At times, he’d be irascible, laddish and difficult — but he would consistently accord the Queen his allegiant support. 



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