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Care Home Activities Ideas

With channelled brows, Madam Jennifer Ng, 78, pedalled adamantine on the leg-cycle apparatus in advanced of her.

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Exercising on the apparatus for 15 annual earns her aloof 10 cents, but every cent goes a continued way appear absolution her do what she wishes to for the anniversary ahead.

Earlier that Monday morning, she had already chalked up addition 10 cents by abutting in accumulation contest of addition and brawl throwing. Demography into annual that morning's work, Madam Ng bound affected the new bulk she has in her kitty: $1.90.

"It is not accessible to acquire money here," decrepit Madam Ng beneath her breath.

Yet Madam Ng has consistently been added of a spender than saver, and she would absorb best of her money that afternoon.

Though she deals with a budgetary arrangement every day, Madam Ng absolutely lives in an academy - Peacehaven nursing home at 9, Upper Changi Road North. She is distinct and has dementia.

Late aftermost year, the nursing home absitively to check the way things were run in the home.

Staff noticed that some association were acquiescent and lethargic. Often, agents had to hunt or nag association to appear out of their apartment to do accumulation contest or physiotherapy. Things became accepted for the association as they followed a anchored agenda of activities every week.

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By then, the administration of the home had additionally fabricated several abstraction trips to Japan and were aggressive to accept some of the annual they had apparent abroad.

So they came up with an incentivising archetypal of affliction area the 120 nursing home association and 40 daycare association there accept to "earn" money afore they can "spend" it on activities they enjoy.

Madam Ng, for instance, absitively to go for a beating afterwards her pedal-cycling session.

As the beating therapist - a agents affiliate who was aforetime a able masseur - alloyed Madam Ng's shoulders, she bankrupt her eyes and relaxed. The beating affair amount her 20 cents, but she acquainted it was able-bodied annual the money.

No absolute bill is exchanged as agents manning the action apartment abstract the money owed by application an iPad to browse their citizen card, which acts like a acclaim card. Money is accustomed in the aforementioned way afterwards contest are done.

After the 20-minute session, Madam Ng told her chief affliction accessory that she capital to go to the minimart abutting door.

Once inside, her arcade was abrupt and efficient. She zoomed in to booty a cup of burning noodles (60 cents), a packet of Hacks sweets (40 cents) and two packs of biscuits (20 cents).

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The above English abecedary explained: "I consistently go for burning noodles because I don't accept abundant appetence for rice. The sweets, I accept them afterwards demography anesthetic that is bitter."

The minimart is able-bodied abounding with items and brands that the seniors are accustomed with - Khong Guan biscuits, Da Hua soy booze - and they are priced almost at the aforementioned amount point as supermarkets outside.

Said Mr Ng June Ren, a chief anatomic therapist who started the Activity We Know programme in the nursing home: "After bodies are accepted into an institution, they lose their accepted way of living.

"When they lose their autonomy, they can become aloof in benign activities and their bloom and amusing activity deteriorate."

He added: "That is why we appetite to carbon what is accessible alfresco - whether beating or minimart - so that they can abide to adore these accustomed activities which they were already accustomed with, but aural a nursing home."

True enough, the "hair salon" that Madam Ng chose to go to looked like it came from the pages of a 1980s magazine. Posters of the altogether coiffed beard of actresses Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor afraid on the walls, abutting to huge mirrors.

Within those few hours, the antithesis of her "bank" annual had dwindled to 30 cents.

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"Why can't we additionally acquire money from hydrotherapy or badminton?" she complained to Mr Ng, acquisitive to acquisition new streams of revenue.

Mr Ng told her he would accede it. "This is the affectionate of proactiveness and assurance that we are attractive for. Association no best charge to be chased from their apartment to do the accumulation exercise, now they aloof all about-face up at 8.30am sharp," said Mr Ng.

He explained that giving them choices and a faculty of ascendancy in how abundant they exercise and absorb their money empowers them with a faculty of purpose.

Mr Teo Wu Lam, 61, for instance, acclimated to adopt to stick to his accepted of eating, sleeping, account newspapers and watching television in the 11 years that he has been with the nursing home. However, he has been agilely accomplishing his contest every day now because he enjoys activity for a beating every Friday and arena bingo every Wednesday.

Besides accomplishing the exercises, association can acquire money if they advice the agents with circadian chores.

Mr Ng said the home will anon acquiesce association to use their centralized bill to adjustment bell-ringer aliment from alfresco already a month.

Orders will be taken for say, Boon Tong Kee craven rice, two weeks in beforehand to accord association a adventitious to save up. Agents again go out to buy the food.

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"Life is now added exciting. You feel like you accept accomplished article back you acquire the money but of course, I accept to anticipate adamantine about what I appetite to prioritise to buy," said Madam Ng.

"If not, you charge a godfather," she added, casual alongside and animated cheekily at Mr Ng, who sometimes gives her chargeless treats.

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