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10/7/2017 – Michigan 10, Michigan State 14 – 4-1, 1-1 Big Ten

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a allegory for somethin' [Bryan Fuller]

Don Brown is in one of those Progressive commercials area aggregate gradually turns white, except in his case aggregate is gradually axis aback into Boston College. Addition walks by with a agglomeration of hockey sticks. Bill Simmons is on the television again. He swears he overhears a chat about pahking the cah. Maroon filters into his borderline vision.

On Wednesday at three fifteen PM there is activity to be a beating on the door. Steve Addazio is activity to airing in and sit down. Brown will arouse all his discipline not to jam the abutting pen through his own eyesocket, to barb the ability of afterimage from his face and clear from the apple of men.

Jay Harbaugh, seated, will admiration if the slight exhausted beneath Brown's eye agency annihilation or if it's aloof article that happens to men of a assertive age. He will not say article about "guys actuality dudes," and will never apperceive how abutting he—how abutting all of us—came to Absolute Mustache Annihilation. He will acquaint Brown about Terrace House, a Japanese adaptation of the Real Apple area anybody is absolute nice and accommodating of anniversary other's feelings.

Thus disabused of the Addazio specter, Brown will resume antibacterial all that opposes him until the assured knife in the back. He tries not to anticipate of Sisyphus, and fails.


Michigan's capital botheration on breach is that they are bad at it. This is not a acceptable problem. "Our appropriate accouterment sucks" is article you ability be able to address. "Almost anybody is not acceptable at football appropriate now" leads to situations like Saturday. I brought up the Law Of Large Percentages Multiplied A Lot, which is article I aloof fabricated up appropriate now, in a abrupt cheep chat with a anchorman who capital bodies to apperceive one awe-inspiring affair about Oklahoma football:

That is a awe-inspiring thing, but it's not as awe-inspiring as it sounds. If OU was a 10 point admired in eight amateur they'd get through safe aloof 12% of the time*. If they were a 14 point admired they get up to 27%. You accept to get up to 17.5—a 93.7% attempt at victory!—before Hypothetical OU alike hits 50%. The Law Of Large Percentages Multiplied A Lot is that alike big ones abatement off faster than you'd think.

Michigan's breach has 6-7-8 guys who accept to assassinate on any accurate comedy for it to be a success, and... let's aloof say abounding of them are not three-score favorites to do so on any accurate play. They are an archetype of The Law Of Large Percentages And Some Quite Small Ones Multiplied A Lot. The after-effects can be apparent in the box score, or the apparitional attending on the face of a man who replaced ten starters and still has the #3 aegis in the country.

And so today the Charge army is out. "Must" is the affliction chat in sportswriting for a lot of reasons. Foremost amid them is that whatever follows "must" is article so blindingly accessible Marcelo Balboa is apparently talking about a epitomize of it as we speak. He charge bolt that ball. He charge YES WE KNOW I HAVE EYES, AT LEAST FOR NOW, I'M CONSIDERING A CHANGE IN THAT DEPARTMENT, THANK YOU.

I spent best of the weekend aggravating and declining to get this cavalcade done because I couldn't attack into any annotation on the bold that wasn't bent and over the top, and anon fabricated me appetite to go do article else. Awe-inspiring bits happens in academy football, abnormally aback you're arena your advancement QB, and there's a abrupt second-half monsoon, and on top of that you about-face the brawl over bristles times. Assorted clay brainless bodies are now flogging a "Harbaugh is 1-4 adjoin rivals" affair as if that encapsulates the accomplished of his tenure, or alike his career. Yeah, Michigan had the impaired affair appear on the punt and absent by a accurate inch in Columbus aftermost year. If you're ascribing that to article added than adventitious I cannot advice you.

Whatever Harbaugh MUST do he's apparently already doing. He has a clue record, and he'll either chase that up with added of the aforementioned or not. We're abnormally bound in: few coaches aggravating to authorize themselves at a new academy appear with the full-blooded that Harbaugh does, so he'll get a ton of time and a agglomeration of braiding and we'll see area it goes. It'll apparently go absolutely able-bodied already they aren't accustomed the accoutrements of addition else's screwups on top of their abject rate.

But I mean, go advanced and bawl about how unacceptable aggregate is, I guess. We are dying to apprehend about your feelings.

*[This is based on this site's about-face of point spreads to winners.]

blanket [Fuller]

Known Friends And Trusted Agents Of The Week

you're the man now, dog

#1 Mo Hurst. Hurst got to comedy a lot of three tech this anniversary and went from authoritative acceptable plays that addition abroad scoops up the celebrity on to accident the autogenous of the action breach himself. The fourth bottomward stop stands out, because Hurst may accept induced the bollix from a afraid center; Hurst whooped him anyhow and the comedy was bedevilled either way.

#2 Lavert Hill. Hill's three PBUs were all accomplished plays, and he was in the hip abridged of whoever his appointment was for the duration. MSU had... one accessible receiver? Maybe two? Lewerke averaged 4.3 YPA. Hill played the better allotment in that.

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#3 Brad Robbins. Averaged 43 yards a punt in often-difficult altitude and mindblasted the MSU returner on the muff; gave up aloof ten absolute acknowledgment yards on seven attempts.

Honorable mention: Best of the blow of the defense. And... Grant Perry, I guess?

KFaTAotW Standings.

8: Devin Bush (#1 Florida, T2 Cincinnati, T2 Air Force, #1 Purdue)5: Chase Winovich(#1 Air Force, #2a Purdue) 3: Mason Cole (#1, Cincinnati), Ty Isaac (#2, Florida, #3 Cincinnati), Mo Hurst (#1 MSU)   2: Quinn Nordin (#3 Florida, #3 Air Force), John O'Korn (#2 Purdue), Lavert Hill (#2 MSU)1: Khaleke Hudson (T2 Cincinnati), Tyree Kinnel (T2 Cincinnati), Mike McCray(T2 Air Force), Sean McKeon(T3 Purdue), Zach Gentry (T3 Purdue), Brad Robbins(#3 MSU).

Who's Got It Better Than Us Of The Week

MSU's punt returner dorfs on a bomb by Robbins, muffing it aback to the two and ambience up a abbreviate acreage that Michigan would use to get their touchdown.

Honorable mention: The aboriginal drive was appealing all appropriate until the back-to-back fades.


Eddie McDoom drops a canyon that would accept taken Michigan bottomward to the 25 with 13 abnormal left.

Honorable mention: Aces a about-face but abnormally the aboriginal two, as they were key in Michigan's arrears by the time the rain arrived. Lewerke scrapes out a backward aboriginal bottomward because he acreage on Michigan players. Michigan gets a touchdown wiped off the lath on a Higdon captivation call. Best abhorrent plays.

[After THE JUMP: what would you say you do here]

Under pressure. I am bottomward with Tim Drevno audacious at this juncture. He got dealt a boxy hand. So far he's absolute it. He comes in backward and takes a flier on Ulizio; Ulizio aloof got yanked for Bushell-Beatty. Added arrant was Michigan's OL recruiting the year after. Admitting an obvious, arrant charge for tackles Michigan took zero—zero aught zero.

They affiliated Erik Swenson and dicked about with him until January admitting the actuality they knew they had no admiration to booty him. Then they got blindsided by Devery Hamilton's Stanford flip. Replacing those guys was... nobody. Michigan added Stephen Spanellis, who's 100% a guard, and has aback played Ben Bredeson alone at bouncer admitting the actuality that he was allegedly abutting and abutting with Newsome for the LT job aftermost year. So instead of two redshirt apprentice accouterment bullets Michigan has annihilation but Ulizio and Brady Hoke's leftovers.

Michigan has one awful accustomed accouterment in Drevno's tenure, apprentice Chuck Filiaga. Michigan had to apperceive about the looming aperture there and they've absolutely bootless to abode it. That goes aback to Drevno. Add in the aimless OL in year three and it ability be FCS arch apprenticeship time.

Settle in. Bizarrely, in the bosom of the bold Chris Fowler told the apple that Wilton Speight had absurd base and was out for the season. Tom Van Haaren followed this up with an article:

Wilton Speight has three burst base in his back, a antecedent accepted to ESPN.

ESPN's Chris Fowler aboriginal appear Speight's abrasion at the top of ABC's Saturday night advertisement of the Michigan State-Michigan bold saying: "Wilton Speight ... he is out, apparently for the season. He has three burst vertebrae, he told us." ...

While it's acceptable that Speight will be out for the butt of the season, he will be reevaluated six to eight weeks afterwards the abrasion occurred.

For accidental confirmation, a clairvoyant forwarded this David Turnley photo forth from instasnapbook:

I got a address that Speight told addition not affiliated with ESPN he could be aback in four weeks. I'd accept that the best bump is added acceptable to be correct. It boggles the apperception that burst freakin' base aren't acutely season-ending. Anyway, don't apprehend Speight aback any time soon.

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O'Korn couldn't see anything. I don't apperceive how abundant of O'Korn's addiction to angle in the abridged for four or bristles abnormal afore attempting to clutter out was on him and how abundant was on the advanced receivers not accepting open. That was the capital affair in the casual offense, though: reasonable aegis that eventually break bottomward on the appropriate side; O'Korn hangs assimilate the brawl way too long. A brace of sacks were four or bristles abnormal in the pocket, and O'Korn has to apperceive that he's not acceptable to get that abundant time.

Break bottle in case of—*BREAKS GLASS*. If Speight's out for the year and O'Korn continues to attempt the calls for Brandon Peters will be incessant, and I'll be amidst them. Afterwards a radically bigger breach this aggregation is topping out as a Citrus Bowl outfit. Time to see what Peters brings to the table.


I accept several problems with you people. Michigan's aboriginal drive was activity swimmingly until two routes in the bend of the endzone yielded zilch. One was a caster avenue to McKeon that was able-bodied covered, and I assumption that's understandable. The added was a achromatize to McDoom. Michigan's action of alone throwing fades at bodies a bottom beneath than Zach Gentry is active me crazy. Fades aren't abundant in general. Fades at a 5'11" guy who isn't Jeremy Gallon accomplish me appetite to achromatize into Bolivia.

At atomic the Hail Mary went at the appropriate guy:


So we've got that activity for us.

Zero QB run game. Added bold calling complaints: Michigan had aught QB run bold for O'Korn. I'm not allurement Michigan to go Denard with him, but at no point did Michigan accomplish MSU alike anticipate about O'Korn as a runner. Absolute arresting aback MSU gets bisected their hasty yards from Lewerke, and alike added so aback the added bisected cried out for assorted agency to accomplish yards afterwards throwing the ball.

These guys are too abutting calm [Upchurch]

Next to aught abysmal shots. I adored the affliction for last, but I'm not abiding absolutely who this is on: Michigan basically did not analysis the Michigan State safeties in canyon coverage. One attempted bend avenue to Gentry was burst up afterwards it looked like DPJ ran the amiss route, cartoon added defenders—or at atomic not dabbling them. Michigan didn't go afterwards them again, basically for the accomplished game. What abysmal shots did abide were on the amusement adjoin the corners; M absolutely bootless to heed the acquaint of the Big 12.

Crawford. He had a comedy on a abysmal brawl and did not accomplish it, abacus to his account of absent opportunities. Accept to admiration if Black could accept fabricated a aberration here. The connected absence of Oliver Marin and Nico Collins agency they're all but assertive to redshirt; I assumption I can't accuse about that because Apprentice Advanced Receivers Suck, but I am a little aghast one of them hasn't burst through a aged awning door.

Yes, Brady Hoke is still partially amenable for this. The alone Hoke players who are arena added than a absolute accessory role are the two fullbacks, Ty Isaac, Mason Cole, and Patrick Kugler. The quarterback abyss blueprint reads...

...because of Hoke.

Michigan's abnormal delay to aces up Harbaugh is addition accidental factor. Harbaugh brought in a agglomeration of bodies from the NFL who were acrimonious up academy recruiting algid and had to clutter to add a cardinal of guys in three weeks. They added added contributors in that time than Hoke did for the absolute cycle. (Wheatley, Gentry, Higdon, and Perry vs Kinnel, Newsome, and I assumption Ulizio.) It was still not abundant to accomplishment a tiny class.

crunch [Upchurch]

So that's how you break in acquaintance with bristles turnovers. The examination projected ten MSU credibility additional whatever the breach handed them, and this angry out to be pessimistic. MSU had 8 three-and-outs, one of them a four-and-out about-face on downs. They gave up a short-field TD drive based mostly on QB scrambles; they gave up an absolute connected TD drive that was about bisected a contested downfield abysmal brawl that was a PBU... and additionally a catch. A alternative of we-saved-this plays got them the blow of the way. One 50 backyard run was about the alone added affair Michigan gave up until the four-minute assignment that got a brace aboriginal downs, the added abundantly fortunate.

The second-half D was helped out by the acclimate and MSU's (very, absolute correct) bourgeois approach, but you absolutely can't ask for more. Michigan should accept arena MSU bottomward in a acreage position bold for the absoluteness of the added bisected and won, but O'Korn's interceptions prevented that.

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More Mone. Bryan Mone got his best all-encompassing arena time of the year. He—or addition DT—was about consistently in there on any manball-ish snap. Mone did well, agronomics assorted bodies back, and that's abating for approaching manball outings and Mone's approaching in general.

Bush almost quiet. Devin Bush fabricated a cardinal of tackles at or abreast the band of flat but didn't accept any affecting backfield plunderings. For the aboriginal time this year he was captivated off the carbon area abreast from tackles. It'll be absorbing to see whether that was appropriate from either team, a manball effect, or aloof one of those things.

FWIW, the PF he got was absolute crap; alike if he adapted it he'd aloof been punched in the face and at affliction it should accept been offsetting. The offsides at the end was painful. I mean, array of. It would accept been added aching if it seemed like the breach could account in the abutting sixty years.

no sir [Fuller]

Lavert Hill headed appear excellent. Hill had three PBUs, anniversary of them excellent. The best accomplished may accept been a area breeze area he was in awning two and fell off the abbreviate route, breaking up a 15-ish backyard bandy that contrarily would accept been a aboriginal bottomward chunk. He had addition on a abysmal bend avenue on which he was in the WR's hip abridged and provided aught window.

There were a few accessible MSU receivers abbreviate in area actuality and one a bit deeper—he alone it. Added than that, annihilation was open. Brandon Watson kinda sorta got exhausted on a brawl he got his duke on; that's the added time in two weeks that's happened to a Michigan CB. Makes you admiration why Michigan isn't aggravating to get agnate chunks aback annihilation abroad is working.

No sacks, barely. Lewerke was abject bottomward fractionally abaft the band of flat a brace times but the official box account had those as aught backyard runs, so Rashan Gary did not get acclaim for a sack aback he flung bottomward Lewerke with one hand.

Got one? Probably. Given the aisle of one MSU punt and Jared Wangler activity basics afterwards I anticipate Michigan got their aboriginal punt block of the year. Unfortunately it was one of those that goes 22 yards instead of –22 yards, but that's life, abnormally in this game.

Hartbarger was acutely afflictive on a brace more, with some uncharacteristically abbreviate punts.

Never acknowledgment kickoffs. That is all.

The admiral of asinine runs. Chris Evans had break to do this in a football game:


Football is weird.

Best And Worst:

But this bold acquainted like 2001, or 1990, or alike 2015, amateur area Michigan State was added advantageous than good. That doesn't beggarly MSU didn't comedy able-bodied abundant to win, alone that these weren't ascendant wins by aloft teams like (sadly) they were adjoin Hoke's and RR's teams. MSU bare 5 turnovers (and none of their own), a advancement QB, a torrential downpour, and a QB actuality chock-full abbreviate afterwards a fumbled breeze yet sliding on his falling center's leg to almost authority on adjoin Michigan, and while that's usually how underdogs win games, it doesn't point adjoin abiding ascendancy in this alternation by the Spartans.

Bill Connelly acicular this out in his Bristles Factors column this weekend: MSU had a about-face allowance of 4.8 aloft their civic average, which works out to about 24 credibility of "bad luck" by Michigan. Michigan absent such a bold by 4 points, and had a adventitious on the aftermost comedy to still cull it out. It consistently sucks to be the aggregation that has the luck go adjoin it, but this accident still feels different. MSU approved to accord this bold away, and they about did with poor alarm administration and alike poorer cocky control. This loss, as bad as it is in the moment, feels like 2015, a blunder but not a fall. I don't put too abundant banal into tides or narratives, but this animosity is starting to feel like it did during best of my youth, area MSU wins were notable because of their aberancy and not their dominance. And I anticipate the added bisected of that equation, the absence of Spartan victories, will chase anon as well.

You can additionally accumulate up with Michigan alums arena in Japan:

Devin Gardner led the Nojima Rise to addition aerial scoring victory, this time besting the Lixil Deers 38-35 at Amino Vital Field.

Mario Ojemudia recorded a sack on the aperture alternation of the bold for Nojuma. Starting from their own 42 afterwards the consecutive punt, Gardner collection the Rise bottomward to the Deer 11 backyard line, and a acreage ambition fabricated it 3-0.

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