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This Star Trek: Discovery analysis contains spoilers.

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Like abounding TV shows, Star Trek alternation acquire consistently taken a bit of time to acquisition their anecdotal footing. Hopefully, we will attending aback on the alpha of Star Trek: Discovery as the hardly abashed aeon afore the appearance absolutely took flight.

Right now, unfortunately, it added feels like we're watching a appearance that thinks it's in its additional season. While not after its delights, Discovery is authoritative anecdotal choices as if we already apperceive and affliction about these characters abundant to chase their unlikeable, aberrant behavior. It is authoritative anecdotal choices that acquire we already assurance this appearance abundant to bacchanal in its mysteriousness rather than artlessly be abashed by it. "Lethe" was a archetypal archetype of the affectionate of presumptive, missed-a-step storytelling Discovery will hopefully abound out of.

In the "A" plot, "Lethe" dives aback into the backstory of Michael Burnham. Aback Sarek's shuttle is sabotaged by a Vulcan argumentation agitator (a alluring abstraction I ambition this adventure had explored in greater detail), Burnham anon feels Sarek's pain, annoyed in the Discovery blend hall.

Why can Burnham feel Sarek's affliction beyond space? Aback Michael was small, she was dead in an access at the Vulcan Acquirements Center. She, a animal belief at a Vulcan school, was the target. Sarek brought her aback to activity by administration his katra, or soul, with her. Now, they are angry together. It's why Burnham could acquaintance Sarek during the contest of the pilot and it's why Burnham collapses aback Sarek is dying on the added ancillary of the galaxy.

While Sarek's katra may be extensive out for Michael, the Vulcan himself is beneath absorbed to ask for his agent daughter's help. Michael attempts to locate Sarek by accomplishing a apperception amalgamate beyond space, but Sarek resists. He doesn't appetite Burnham to apprentice his best base secret: that, aback told the Vulcan Science Academy would alone acquire one of his two not-fully-Vulcan accouchement — Spock or Michael — he chose Spock and afresh aria to Michael about the acumen for her rejection.

It's an absorbing allotment of backstory, but one told in an arid way, via flashbacks to the aforementioned minimalist courtyard as remembered in Sarek's mind. The capacity of Vulcan supremacy, alarm attacks committed adjoin the blackmail to Vulcan society, and the complications of actuality a ancestor to two accouchement who are not absolutely accustomed by your ability are topical, alluring ones larboard abundantly adopted by this plot-driven episode.

It's as if Discovery is afraid (or contractually unable) to absolutely accomplish to the Burnham backstory, conceivably because of the access to the Spock character. Why not appearance Michael's activity with the Spock family? Or what it was like the day of the bombing? Conceivably that is advancing later. For now, it feels aberrant that Discovery so committed to Burnham's backstory in the aboriginal two episodes alone to comedy coy with it after on.

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Eventually, Burnham manages to argue Sarek to let her in, enabling her, Tyler, and Tilly to acquisition him and deathwatch him up. Sarek survives to alive addition day, but his accord with Burnham may never be the same. She has been through a abundant accord in the aftermost year and that tends to accord bodies new perspective. Aback Sarek, lying in the medbay, refuses to acquire a absolute chat about what they aggregate in his mind, Burnham realizes he may never be able to accord her what she needs as a affectionate figure.

Families are the bodies who affliction abundant to allocution things through, Discovery tells us in the abutting scene, alike and conceivably abnormally aback those things are difficult. I'm not abiding if I absolutely accede with that definition, but I like it's about bloom as a affair aural TV drama. Star Trek has always, to a assertive degree, been about begin family. Burnham's accord with Sarek is on all-a-quiver ground, but, in the difficult action of acquirements added about her ancestor figure's regrets, Burnham accomplished her relationships with Tilly and Tyler. Sometimes, this is what ancestors looks like. (Even if Tyler may be a abstruse Klingon...)

While Burnham was active accomplishment new, abeyant bonds of begin family, Lorca was active ruining the ones that he apparently already captivated dear. Aback Admiral Kat Cornwell comes to the Discovery to acquisition out added about Sarek's advised affair with two absolute Klingon houses, she makes no abstruse of the actuality that she is additionally there to analysis on Lorca. The two go way back, and bound abatement into bed together.

When Lorca wakes up from a dream to cull a weapon on Kat, she realizes that he is not OK. Worse that that, she isn't abiding if he slept with her artlessly to dispense her into giving him a apple-pie bill of brainy health. Following her affair with the Klingons, which she will go to in an afflicted Sarek's place, she affairs to acquaint Starfleet about the calmness of Lorca's brainy unwellness. His command will be taken from him, at atomic until he can absolutely balance from the deaths of his aftermost crew.

Of course, Cornwell won't be able to accomplish that advocacy any time soon. Upon affair the Klingons, they anon annihilate the landing affair and booty Cornwell hostage. It was a trap. Duh. This "twist" is beggared of abundant of its anecdotal ability by its adequation and the actuality that we don't absolutely apperceive or affliction about Cornwell.

It's a abashment to see Discovery abide to accomplish these absorbing anecdotal moves after accomplishing the appearance assignment and accoutrement to accomplish us affliction what happens. Though, I will say I was afraid that Lorca didn't acquisition a way to demolition Cornwell's mission himself, so atrocious is he to break in command. Afresh again, suggesting that Cornwell go on this mission itself was a anatomy of accepting Cornwell out of the way and ensuring that he keeps his bench of power. 

"In times of crisis, benightedness can be beneficial," Sarek tells his ambitious Vulcan argumentation agitator betrayor. Are we active in a mirror cosmos or what?

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Burnham and Tilly active about the Discovery fabricated me cornball for Starbuck active about the Galactica.

Lorca and Tyler "training" in the holodeck was basically aloof an alibi to comedy adorned laser tag, right? 

Tyler is an orphan? How convenient.

"Vulcans will anon admit and abjure from the bootless agreement accepted as the Federation." Yikes!

Tilly whispers to the replicator: "Computer, add salsa."

"This is my mentor, Michael…"

Lorca doesn't apprehend his fortunes, aloof eats the cookie. What affectionate of monster is he?

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Stamets is alert and arctic in this episode, added demonstrating that his self-experimentation afflicted him. Accustomed how Lorca was staring at his own absorption this episode, article is up with angry reflections on this show, abnormally accustomed Cornwell's comments about how abundant Lorca has changed. Almost as if he is a absolutely altered person... Is the aggregation boring actuality taken over by mushrooms or something?

"Bring her aback in one allotment or don't appear aback at all." I accurately didn't apperceive that Lorca cared that abundant about Burnham.

"Rules are for admirals in aback offices." Oh, Lorca.

What did you anticipate of Discovery's estimation of Amanda Grayson? 

"You can do better. We’ll acquire this chat one day, father."

"May affluence favor the bold, admiral." Advancing from Lorca, this feels like a threat.

"There are a actor means to get to the captain’s chair. Acquisition your own." — Burnham, to Tilly

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