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The McKamey Manor is allegorical for how acute it is. Helmed by Russ McKamey, 56, in his Rancho Peñasquito home, the McKamey Manor is a full-contact abhorrence experience, area alarm actors touch, abuse and contrarily affliction you. While Los Angeles has a few haunts area actors blow you—we did the abstracted ALONE and the added advancing Heretic House, the closing of which larboard us aching and sticky—McKamey is unique. Guests will abide apish drowning, and be apprenticed and gagged. Actors abet guests' vomiting, abode roaches on their faces and in their mouths, and sometimes cut their hair. And clashing the added haunts, McKamey has no safe babble and the archetypal acquaintance can go on for as abounding as eight hours. Filmmaker Jon Schnitzer, who filmed genitalia of the bout for his documentary Haunters, told us that the Manor smells impossibly bad. What's alike added astonishing is that there's a delay account of bodies aloof champing at the bit to go through it.

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Participants are filmed during the experience, and are frequently apparent allurement to be let go and admonishing others not to appear here—the closing may be a bit of showmanship on McKamey's part. Participants are additionally filmed afore and afterwards the experience.

Amy Milligan is apparent on video giving a almost absolute analysis of her acquaintance in the haunt. However, she told the San Diego Union-Tribune that she alone gave the absolute analysis because she capital McKamey to accomplish a video of her time in the abode for evidence.

McKamey did accomplish a video of Milligan's tour. The video, however, is missing several pieces. You absolutely see some advancing behavior—Milligan is shoved, abject by her hair, blindfolded, slapped and blood-soaked with water. She and her adolescent "victim" are affected to accomplish beastly noises and are spun about until they become dizzy. They're both covered in affected blood, clay and added substances that attending gross. She's apparent in the basal of a freezer, covered in bedraggled water, actuality again slapped as her "tormentors" appeal she sing songs. In the abutting scene, Milligan is apparent lying bottomward as a woman places alive roaches all over her face and hair.

Milligan said one of the affliction genitalia of her acquaintance was aback they angry her easily and affected her to lie in a basin of baptize with a cage over the top. She said her arch was abysmal several times and she anticipation she was activity to drown.

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She ahead said that she accepted an abhorrent and alarming tour, but not the extremities of the absolute tour. "I cry over every little thing. If I apprehend about McKamey Manor, I aberration out. I’m so stressed. It gets so stressful. You accord so abundant assurance to them and they aloof breach it by waterboarding you and slapping you," Milligan said.

"I'm cogent them I can't breathe and they're aloof bedlam and accomplishing it more," she continued.

McKamey accepted that there are moments area guests may feel as admitting they are drowning, but he said that it's annihilation like waterboarding.

"It's cerebral what we're doing. [The guests] are safe all the time."

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It's adamantine to acquaint absolutely what is activity on in the video, as the shots are from so abutting up that you can almost see what ability be a cage.

At the end, Milligan is accusatory that she can't breathe while McKamey is heard cogent her that she alone fabricated it through allotment one of four zones, that they didn't absolutely do annihilation to her, and that she should be embarrassed.

"'Don't appear here, you're not boxy enough,'" Milligan said.

McKamey threatens to put her aback in the abode unless she cries. Once she begins to sob, he says, "Get her out of here."

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The video ends with an account amid Milligan and McKamey done via video chat. In it, Milligan not alone says she'd go back, but that she'd additionally act in the haunt. She additionally acclaimed that she was sending McKamey a allowance from Edible Arrangements.

Reactions to Milligan's account of abhorrence is mixed. While absolutely extreme, some altercate that Milligan had added than abundant admonishing as to how acute McKamey Manor would be, as abundant videos abide online assuming the assorted tortures active throughout, and participants are warned that the abode is extreme. However, others appetite the McKamey Manor shut down, alike devoting absolute Facebook pages and groups to its demise.

Milligan's video is below. Warning: Some admirers may acquisition the capacity of this video disturbing.

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