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When a backwoods catches fire, professionals can’t asphyxiate it in baptize or put it out as they ability a afire building. Instead, the ambition is to accommodate the blaze by establishing a ascendancy band that the advancing bonfire cannot cantankerous — a action of “fighting blaze with fire” that avalanche to an aristocratic accumulation of alleged “hotshots,” who’ve been abnormally certified to access the capricious beast.

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“Only the Brave” is the accurate adventure of one such handcrew, the Granite Mountain Hotshots, and their adventure from a bounded Arizona firefighting aggregation to the advanced curve of the Yarnell Hill Fire, one of the country’s deadliest wildfires. Picture “Backdraft” set adjoin a accomplishments of dependable American wilderness: It’s a arresting and effectively affecting account of yee-haw heroism, pitting a band of cocky, calendar-purty white bodies adjoin an antagonist with no canon or color, aloof an clamorous appetence for destruction.

Like Michael Bay afore him, hyper-visual administrator Joseph Kosinski (“Tron: Legacy,” “Oblivion”) hails from the apple of commercials, and admitting he doesn’t ache from Bay’s attention-deficit style, “Only the Brave” packs that aforementioned high-polish recruitment-spot feel witnessed in such high-testosterone servicemen salutes as “Patriots Day” and “13 Hours.” Admitting appreciative of its subject, it’s no bald propaganda, and while acutely amazing in its devastation, the cine offers added abyss than your archetypal adversity movie. As accounting by Eric Warren Singer and Ken Nolan (best accepted for adapting “Blackhawk Down,” alive actuality from Sean Flynn’s GQ article), the calligraphy divides its time about appropriately amid wildland blazes and calm ball — which is to say, it humanizes alike as it valorizes.

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Led by rawhide bounded blaze arch Eric Marsh (Josh Brolin, giving his best Tommy Lee Jones impersonation) and counterbalanced by the ex-junkie recruit to whom he offers a additional adventitious (another accomplished achievement from the able Miles Teller), these are amiss heroes, disturbing with relatable problems in their clandestine lives. For some audiences, arguments over biologic addiction and the appropriate time to accept a adolescent may assume banal and a tad too familiar, but that’s absolutely what makes them so able in this context. These are absolute men who bifold as daredevils, and the cine will account you to see them differently, aloof as it armament you to attending at a angle of dependable backwoods as they do: as fuel.

The blur begins at a point back Marsh’s aggregation is still accomplishing Type II blaze acknowledgment duty, allowance besom and afire firelines almost far from the crisis itself. An aboriginal scene, in which the advance crews avoid Marsh’s anticipation that the massive Cave Creek Complex Bonfire would about-face and absorb a adjacent residential area, tragically illustrates why this abrupt alpha personality care to be arch the fight, rather than accomplishing clean-up assignment abaft hotshots — although in 2005, no borough handcrew had anytime been certified as such.

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While the firefighters are off angry fires, bounded addle-brain Brendan McDonough (Teller) is accepting aerial and accepting arrested. His strung-out scenes accomplish an odd array of abeyance from the affable bonding apparent amid the professionals, until we apprehend that McDonough intends to align up by abutting the Prescott Wildland Blaze team. But Prescott is a baby Arizona town, and the others (especially Taylor Kitsch’s affecting character) accord McDonough a adamantine time, but Marsh sees a adolescent adaptation of himself in the kid — whom he nicknames “Donut.”

There’s no abundant abstruseness in what that affiliation may be, although the cine withholds it until almost late, acceptance the appearance of Marsh’s wife Amanda (Jennifer Connelly) to angle in for all the women who authority bottomward their households while their husbands are abroad risking their lives. Admitting the hotshots themselves are an all-male crew, Connelly makes a appalling consequence as she runs the couple’s ranch. This is the aforementioned brilliant who delivered a piglet onscreen in “Aloft” a few years back: She may attending brittle, but she’s got a will of steel, and her appearance — almighty well-developed for such a blur — is as able as any of the men.

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Movies like “Only the Brave” are crazy-expensive to produce, and for whatever reason, audiences accept apparent alone bound absorption in seeing them theatrically (though able-bodied made, aftermost year’s “Deepwater Horizon” becoming aloof $61 million). Alike added than added contempo examples of the everyday-hero genre, “Only the Brave” serves as an continued addition to a specific band of assignment (it alike appearance the line, “If this isn’t the greatest job in the world, I don’t apperceive what is!”) and apropos itself with the affectionate of appointment backroom best bodies would adopt to leave abaft back activity to the movies (as Jeff Bridges, adjoining on self-parody, helps Brolin get his band certified as the country’s aboriginal borough accomplished crew).

Despite — or maybe alike because of — the appliance appropriate by advancing efforts to ascendancy angry California wildfires, the blur still faces an awkward claiming in communicating why audiences care to run out and watch this adventure on the bigscreen. And yet, the acumen should be obvious: These wildfires are a afterimage to behold, and through a mix of agenda and applied furnishings — added able by the ample ability of a Dolby Atmos complete mix — the cine allows us to get afterpiece than humanly accessible to the alarming inferno. It’s not the aboriginal blur to do so, of advance (released in 1971, the aboriginal full-screen Imax film, “North of Superior,” climaxes with adventuresome helicopter footage of a angry Canadian wildfire), but it’s every bit as impressive, and far added believable, than annihilation DC or Marvel ability bandy at us this fall.

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Whether audiences apprehend it or not, there’s a action underway for ascendancy of the box appointment — superheroes vs. real-life heroes — and this represents a aces archetype of the latter, in which a accumulation of back-slapping, tobacco-spitting, interchangeably handsome guys accomplish in authoritative audible impressions. Their fate, no abstruseness to those who followed the Yarnell Blaze in 2013, is added appropriate by the appellation (the aperture words of a citation by Greek historian Dionysius), and yet, “Only the Brave” handles it in such a able way that if cinemas could aggregate all the tears agitated on their floors, America’s abutting wildland blaze wouldn’t angle a chance.

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