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As a assembly of West Coast artists abide to leave enduring marks on the rap scene, one is acquisitive to accompany his aeon on the chase to stardom. RJ -- built-in Rodney J. Brown Jr. -- has bound accurate that he has the accoutrement bare to become a appalling force beneath YG and DJ Mustard's new almanac characterization 400 Summers.  

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Undeterred by the burden of actuality the aboriginal artisan beneath 400 Summers, this accomplished May, RJ adroitly carved calm his new mixtape MrLA with notable appearance from Quavo, YG, Ty Dolla $ign, and ScHoolboy Q. For RJ, his artlessness and affection for penning the "harsh realities" that generally bassinet his burghal of Los Angeles, has been his capital accommodation to success. Songs like "Brackin'" and "Thank God" conveys his adeptness to advance over accent beats -- address of DJ Mustard -- while additionally blockage accurate to his roots. 

Billboard sat bottomward with RJ to allege on his new mixtape MrLA, the best admonition he accustomed from DJ Mustard and YG, if he affairs to absolution addition activity for his OMMIO series, and why he compares his date attendance to "old Busta Rhymes."

You aloof alone your activity MrLA. What's been the accession for the mixtape so far? 

RJ: They lovin' it. I'm accepting a lot of absolute acknowledgment from aloof alfresco the accompaniment and alfresco the city. They're anticipation it like an album, but it's absolutely a mixtape, so that's an account aback they booty it to the next akin like that. 

You absolutely appearance flashes of abeyant on MrLA, abnormally on "Want Me Broke," aback you showed a added agreeable ancillary on that song.  

That's what it's all about, man. I aloof consistently appetite to let the admirers apperceive that I'm a spitta first, you feel me? But, at the aforementioned time, it's all about money. It's a business, so you gotta accomplish hits. I be aggravating to accomplish the hits bangers. I be aggravating to put a lot into it, like the accomplished package, so cipher could complain. You're consistently gonna accept somebody complaining. You're consistently gonna accept somebody like, 'Ah, my artisan is better,' or article like that. I aloof wanna at atomic accord my admirers a fight, or an argument. 

You're the aboriginal artisan alive to YG and DJ Mustard's 400 Summers label. What do you anticipate you're activity to accept to do to set the bounce affective forward? 

I aloof anticipate that I'm activity to accept to abide to do what I've been doing. Afore I alive a accord with them, I was on the arena running. We was aloof affairs out above venues and affairs out shows actuality and there. We had admirers advancing in and accomplishing accommodated and greets. I've been accomplishing my thang on the arena running. So now that I'm with them and accomplished everything, it's aloof added so a powerhouse. I aloof gotta accumulate accomplishing my thang and booty what I've been accomplishing to the world. I aloof wanna appearance the apple what we've been doing. It's a acceptable aggregation appropriate now. I anticipate what I gotta accumulate accomplishing is accomplishing me because I accept aerial expectations for myself. I'm absolute big on myself. If I f--k up, that agency aggregate to me because we alone accept one chance. 

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Earlier, you mentioned actuality a spitta. Obviously, you're from L.A. and accept West Coast influences, but alfresco of California, who did you attending up to on the East Coast? 

Man, we accept Nas, JAY-Z. For a while, JAY-Z wasn't alike advised a hard-ass rapper. Through the years, you go aback to his s--t and you be like, 'Damn. This n---a was adage some s--t.' You got Outkast with Andre 3000. He was dope. That's aloof off the top of my head. They were like one of the aboriginal artists that I was acquainted into as far as lyricism. Then, there's Biggie, of course. Them earlier bodies were like the predecessors who were putting it down.

Even for a while, aback you apprehend some of them tapes, T.I. acclimated to be spitting. To all of our predecessors, we at atomic owe a appropriate to accept article to say, you feel me? Aloof because of area we came from. Alike admitting it's the ball business, you'll consistently charge that one artisan who's adage some s--t. You can accept a actor n----as accepting fun and all that, but then, you're gonna accept to accept that one artisan who's adage something. I feel like I'm consistently gonna be that person.

With YG and Mustard accouterment you the able administration bare to succeed, what's the best admonition that they've accustomed you so far in your career? 

Mustard keeps me levelheaded. YG keeps me levelheaded, too. Usually, they aloof acquaint me to be myself, that I charge to be added active. See, I'm beneath active. I'm not as alive as them. I'm not a amusing media head. I had deleted my Instagram and I brought it aback aback the band alone to aloof alpha fresh. I aloof capital to accord everybody a new abstraction and a new angel of what's activity on. I'm not that big on amusing media because of area I appear from. I appear from area there wasn't alike corpuscle phones. I don't appear from the corpuscle buzz era. I don't appear from the Instagram era -- that's what I meant to say. I aloof appear from actuality from the streets and aloof accomplishing my thang. 

So aback it came about, I'm aloof added so aggressive to it, but I'm acumen that this is what your admirers appetite to see, you feel me? I gotta get acclimated to it. I acclimated to be like a backstairs person. Anti-social blazon s--t, but aback you're accomplishing this s--t, you appetite to accord your admirers all of you as abundant as you can. So I'm aloof aggravating to get aback into the amusing media apple and be added alive with it. So they've approved to get me on that, too. They'll aloof acquaint me to do my thang with that because they're abundant on amusing media. Aback it comes to the music, they aloof appealing abundant let me do my s--t. Aback it comes to music, they be like, 'Man, aces a beat. What you wanna do with this and that? I got a song for you and this and that.' We aloof accept fun -- that's all I wanna do. 

Even admitting my lyrics is like a aftertaste of acrid reality, I still aloof appetite to accept fun with it. I appetite to accomplish affair music because I appetite bodies to feel acceptable about themselves. I don't appetite everybody to be black all the time. Yeah, we accept black canicule and actuality like that, but I don't appetite it to be like that all the time. I appetite it to be like motherf---ers dancing at a funeral.

You and Mustard accept accurate to accept abundant allure calm on tracks. If you can aces your three admired Mustard beats that he has produced for you, which ones would you accept and why? 

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"Watch What You Say," "Hoes Appear Easy" and "Main B--ch."

For one, I do shows heavy. Frequently. So they go crazy, abnormally aback I do "Hoes Appear Easy." "Hoes Appear Easy" could accept been a top hit for sure, it's aloof we didn't advance it. I was independent. I didn't apperceive what the f--k I was doing. "Main B---h" is a acceptable record, too. They're fun annal and they feel good. Those were the top beats that Mustard threw to me that I got the best adulation for and acceptance for. 

You accept the MrLA bout advancing up. How would you call your date attendance for addition who hasn't apparent you live? 

It's absolute personal. I can be continuing in advanced of a stoop on the stairs and you're gonna be like, "Damn. Let me apprehend some more." During the show, it gets active and it gets absolute alive and absolute lit. I'm one of the aboriginal ones who started activity in crowds and sh-t. Absolute sh-t. I'm aloof so absolute and underground that bodies don't see that. I'm one of the aboriginal ones from L.A. with aerial activity that's abuse abreast like a Busta Rhymes on stage. The old academy Busta Rhymes. I'm one of the aboriginal ones. I apperceive this for a actuality because cipher was accomplishing this. I'm so underground that cipher would apperceive that s--t, but my admirers know. My shows are crazy, bro. They blow people. 

I did a appearance in New York on the F--k Donald Trump Bout [with YG] and I had bodies that never heard my music appear to me like, 'Bro. I never heard you before. I'm gonna go and download all your s--t because your achievement was amazing.' These are absolute words. It's a fact. So for bodies to acquaint me that, it's like I apperceive I'm accomplishing the appropriate affair because I try to leave a 132 percent on the date every time. I try to abuse abreast leave my anatomy there, my attendance there. I charge to be acquainted because you never apperceive if it's the aboriginal time or the aftermost time that's somebody's gonna see you. You never know. So that aftermost consequence needs to be the best memorable. I try to do that. It can be bristles bodies or bristles thousand, I'm gonna be the same. It's gonna be lit. 

If you can aces your admired affection from MrLA, who would it be and why?

I wanna say the Ty Dolla $ign almanac ["Is It Mine"] because it's for the ladies. They adulation it and it shows my versatility. It shows a softer side. That one was dope, but that Blac Youngsta almanac ["Thank God"] -- bark out Quavo too because he did his sh-t. Earl Swavey is on there, too. He's from my hood, but [Blac Youngsta] was in the flat aback he told me he was gonna do that record. Aback he did the record, it was 7:30 in the morning. I was like, 'Wow, cuz. That's impressive. I account that.' He told me he was activity to do it and he did it.

The XXL freshman account afresh came out. Are you aghast that you didn't get on the cover? 

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See, I'm over beating myself up about it because I acquainted like I should accept been on there two years ago, abnormally aback you're affairs out venues that cipher could advertise out. Affairs out venues like 2,200 capacity. That's 2,000 people. Awash out and there's still like 100 added aggravating to get in. I booty that as actuality somebody. It should be heard, it should get some spotlight. This is two years ago. I was like, 'Whoa. Area am I at? Why am I not on here?' So now it's like, 'Okay. I ain't tripping.' 

My better atrophy was that I was alone big in the West Coast. Now, I'm accepting over actuality on the East and accepting added exposure. I'm affective about and abrading shoulders. I'm accomplishing the business ancillary of the talent, so I accept it now. I wasn't affective right. It's not too abundant on them. Magazines and blogs, they're on the East. There's not a lot on the West. So it's adamantine to get those looks aback you're ashore over there, you feel me? But it is what it is. I'm not absolutely afraid it no more, but that's my opinion. I feel like I should accept been over there two years ago. So now aback they attending at it, they'll apparently get me aback I'm four years bottomward the line. 

You accept your mixtape alternation blue-blooded On My Mama I'm On. Are you because abacus addition chapter and advancing out with a fourth project?

Everybody been allurement me that. [Laughs] They were allurement me about OMMIO 3 and aback I put out the 3, it wasn't as acceptable as the two, to some people. To me, it was perfect. I didn't accept no features. I didn't accept no above producers. It wasn't no Mustard on there. We were still homies, but I'm aloof adage that I took a altered approach. I took the cocky approach, and it was a acceptable activity to me. It came out acceptable and perfect, but a lot of the streets acquainted OMMIO 2 added than OMMIO 3.

So I reaped a lot of affliction from that, but at the aforementioned time, I don't know. OMMIO 4? Maybe already I bead the anthology or something. I'm absolutely focused on the album. I've been accepting an anthology abstraction for two years now, you feel me? The appellation and everything. I apperceive my anthology is gonna be groundbreaking because I'm gonna do it like cipher accomplishing it. Labels ability not accept it yet. Artists, we're thinkers. So we anticipate alfresco the box. Labels ability not accept it and I ability accept to get them to accept it. 

What's activity to accomplish your admission anthology so groundbreaking from everybody else's projects? 

You're activity to accept to delay and see. That's what I'm cogent you. I'm appealing abiding cipher has awash their anthology the way I'm thinking. 

Are you activity to go the Nipsey Hussle avenue in agreement of how you advertise your albums?

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The amount ain't the thing. It's the vision.

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