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When it comes to television, you usually apperceive who and what is activity on because all the capital characters are appropriate there for you to see. On occasion, a actualization ability be able to awning all their curve and get it done absolutely abaft the scenes.

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These characters tend to be the astute ones—the givers of academician advice—or artlessly airy comedic backdrop that added actors use for their jokes. Actuality are the 10 best absorbing and important characters from television whom we never absolutely see on camera.

If you watched The Sopranos, you may anamnesis anybody referencing a guy alleged the “Old Man” but may not bethink anytime seeing him. That’s because Ercole DiMeo was the architect and longtime bang-up of the DiMeo abomination family. He ran the assemblage from about the 1960s until he was bedevilled to activity imprisonment in 1995. Then Jackie Aprile took over.

Aprile describes his role as “I may be acting bang-up while the old man’s a bedfellow of the government” in acquiescence to his mentor. While DiMeo was mentioned throughout the series, cipher anytime went to see him in prison. But his accent to the ancestors remained in the beginning of The Sopranos.

DiMeo was based on Giovanni Riggi, the real-world bang-up of the North Jersey DeCavalcante abomination family. He suffered the aforementioned fate as his fabulous representation and remained abaft confined on a activity sentence. Still, he managed to arbitrate in the family’s diplomacy via the casual acting boss.[1]

Frasier was one of the best acknowledged aftereffect alternation from NBC. With the new actualization starring Frasier, our admired beer-swilling psychoanalyst (technically psychiatrist) from Cheers, we were alien to Maris Crane. She was the wife of Niles Crane, Frasier’s brother, and while she was mentioned by Niles all the time, she never appeared on screen. Well, her adumbration already did, but that could accept been anyone.

Niles did alarm her at one point, calling her acutely thin, frail, and anemic to the point of actuality “very, absolute Caucasian.” Frasier alike said that she had no blush at all, which led the admirers to concoct their own angel of Maris.

She is additionally referred to as a algid person, alike as actuality “like the Sun, except after the warmth”[2] and is so affected about her actualization that she never showed up for anything. It added to the gag of her not actuality apparent on camera and served as added of a artifice accessory to adviser Niles’s accomplishments throughout the series.

Eventually, the brace divorced, but she remained a connected in his activity due to her absurd jealousy.

Stanley Walker is Karen’s bedmate on Will & Grace and is declared as acutely adipose on the show. Karen generally said that she affiliated Stan for his money. But acknowledgment to her affectionate in Will and a anamnesis on the show, we apperceive that she concluded up falling in adulation with Stan.

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In the show’s fourth season, Stanley gets arrested for tax evasion, which acreage him in prison. While there, he uses his time in the library to appoint in cabal trading, which costs him his bridal visits with his wife.

Later in the series, Stan and Karen get divorced, but Stanley dies of a affection advance while accepting sex with Lorraine. Two years later, it turns out that he is still animate and active in the attestant aegis affairs to accumulate him safe from the mob.[3]

This all happened beyond eight seasons after anytime assuming the character. The alone concrete adumbration of him on-screen is a fractional contour apparent during the adventure “Moveable Feast.” We additionally got advised to seeing his accoutrements in the third season’s premiere aback he touches Karen’s breasts in advanced of Will.

Howard Wolowitz’s mother on The Big Bang Theory served as banana abatement for the adverse Jewish kid who never seemed to abound up and move out of his mother’s house. We after apprentice that the capital acumen he didn’t appetite to leave home was due to his father’s abandoning the ancestors aback Howard was younger, which showed how abundant he cared for his mother. Still, the Howard and his mom never had a chat after babble at one another.

Howard’s mother was declared as morbidly obese, authoritative it difficult for her to get about in public. This offered an alibi for her absence in best situations. While she never appeared anon on camera, you can bolt a few quick glimpses of her.

In the adventure “The Countdown Reflection,” she can somewhat be apparent cutting a blush dress at Howard’s rooftop wedding, and in a after adventure “The Spoiler Alert Segmentation,” she is apparent from the close down. Debbie Wolowitz was removed from the alternation aback the extra who supplied her voice, Carol Ann Susi, died in November 2014.[4]

Ugly Naked Guy was an casual gag for the Friends assemblage to blow fun at—and alike blow in one episode. But you never get to see him on-screen in all his naked glory. In a flashback, it was appear that he was already alleged “Cute Naked Guy” but he allegedly let his looks go.

There is never any adumbration of the character’s accurate name. We alone apperceive of him because the casting stares at his antics from Monica’s active allowance window beyond the street.

He was apparent a little bit in alone three episodes but never fully. Aback the assemblage anticipation he was dead, they ancient a accessory out of chopsticks to blow at him through their corresponding windows. We see a sleeping actuality beat abroad this device.

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In “The One Area Everybody Finds Out,” we see his aback as Ross is adverse him. Ross is aggravating to hire Animal Naked Guy’s accommodation because the nudist is moving. Eventually, Ross ends up accepting the accommodation by assuming his acknowledgment for Animal Naked Guy’s nudity.

Unlike best of the characters on this list, Animal Naked Guy was played by an absolute person—Jon Haugen—who is neither animal nor naked (most of the time, we assume).[5]

You ability anticipate that addition as important as the admiral of the United States ability be afforded a few abnormal of awning time in a political ball but not on the HBO actualization Veep. As the appellation suggests, Veep is all about the carnality president, played by ball alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Four presidents accept appeared on the series, and one of them never got in advanced of the camera. That would be Stuart Hughes, the 44th admiral and active acquaintance to Selina Meyer, who succeeds him in his position for beneath than a year.

Although Hughes isn’t featured on the alternation (it alike takes a while afore we apprentice his name), there were two abrupt appearances area he wasn’t apparent entirely.[6] In the adventure “Hostages,” he can briefly be seen, and he is additionally apparent in a photograph in “The Vic Allen Dinner.” He is declared as accepting never best up a book in his activity and actuality “jowly.”

Of all the characters on this list, Wilson is the one we see the most. He is the giver of academician admonition to his acquaintance on Home Improvement. We see Wilson all the time, but the active antic is we never get to see his face—at atomic not entirely. He would blow his arch over the fence so we could see his eyes and the top of his head. But that was it.

Wilson was played by Earl Hindman throughout the series. The actualization was somewhat aggressive by Tim Allen’s real-life acquaintance growing up.[7] Allen would see his acquaintance attractive over the fence at him aback he was a kid, but because Tim was too short, he alone anytime saw the man’s eyes.

Wilson’s purpose on the actualization was to act as the “God figure” who would apperceive absolutely how to fix Tim’s problems—or sometimes the problems of Tim’s wife or kids. Wilson would apperceive what was amiss in absolute abbreviate adjustment and action up the absolute advice. His face was alone appear at the final blind alarm to the audience.

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Vera Peterson is a apron we never got to absolutely see through the absoluteness of Cheers. As the wife of Norm Peterson, we mainly get to see him speaking to her on the buzz or referencing her in some way.

Norm cracks a lot of jokes at his wife’s expense, but it is appear through the advance of the alternation that he cared for her absolute much. We see her already with a pie accoutrement her face in “Thanksgiving Orphans,” and she can be heard in a few episodes.

Vera’s articulation is provided by Bernadette Birkett. She and Norm amateur George Wendt accept been affiliated back 1978, authoritative Norm’s somewhat on-screen wife and his absolute one the aforementioned person![8]

Bob Sacamano is addition actualization who is mentioned in abundant episodes but is never heard or seen. He is the longtime acquaintance and acquaintance of Cosmo Kramer, but Bob’s admonition is generally accompanied by disaster. Whenever Kramer mentions Bob, the admirers knows that Kramer isn’t accepting the best admonition but instead an abstruse and generally funny anecdote.

In one episode, Kramer reveals that Bob was in a brainy academy but couldn’t accept electroshock analysis due to his synapses actuality too large. In addition episode, Kramer mentions that a adulterated breach operation larboard Bob sitting in a armchair by a window repeating “My name is Bob!” in a acute voice.

When Jerry lives in Kramer’s accommodation for a abbreviate while, Jerry takes on Kramer’s persona and mentions his associate Bob, whom he batten to at breadth the antecedent evening. The aftereffect is some abhorrent admonition that acreage Elaine in agitation with her bang-up due to the acquirement of a rat-hair hat.

Series biographer Larry Charles has said that Bob Sacamano was his real-life friend. After creating the actualization for the show, Charles and the real-life Bob had a falling-out.[9]

Few characters in blur or television are as acclaimed but never apparent as Charles “Charlie” Townsend. You apparently clicked on this account cerebration to yourself, “They bigger accept Charlie on actuality somewhere!”

While he never appeared on-screen, he is associated with a alarm box/speaker grille as this was his primary agency of advice with his angels. To accumulate his advisers safe from his abounding enemies, Charlie alone reveals his face to agent Bosley.

Throughout the television alternation and the consecutive affected films, cipher anytime gets to see Charlie, although his enemies do attack to get at him through his angels. While we never get to see him, we do apprehend him absolutely a lot.

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The actualization was accurate by John Forsythe for all bristles seasons of the aboriginal Charlie’s Angels television alternation and afresh in the 2000 blur and its sequel, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. Forsythe died in 2010, but his articulation lives on acknowledgment to his assuming of Charlie.[10]

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