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Remember La La Land?

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That’s acutely a antic because we haven’t been able to move an inch afterwards remembering La La Land for the aftermost year. But before La La Land was accidentally called Best Picture at the Oscars — absolutely one of the better gaffes in Academy Award history — there was a altered bit of ball afterward the film. Namely, rumors bouncing as to why Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling eventually took over the starring roles from Emma Watson and Miles Teller.

Teller, who’d ahead collaborated with La La Land biographer and administrator Damien Chazelle on Whiplash, was initially attached, but allegedly larboard the activity during arrangement negotiations. It was appear that he larboard the activity afterwards actuality offered $4 million, because he capital $6 million.

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Calling the claims that he was assertive on actuality paid no beneath than $6 actor for the project, “absolutely false.” Teller believes the adventure was buried to try and account him to about-face on his agent.

“The money ancillary of it was fine,” Teller said. “I can 1,000 percent assure you that if there was a allotment I capital to play, I would not about-face bottomward four actor dollars to do it.”

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But Teller was a bit added coy about what exactly went bottomward to account him to leave the project. In 2015, during a contour for Esquire, he revealed that he was afraid back negotiations fell through for La La Land, adage that his abettor abreast him that Lionsgate anticipation he was “no best creatively appropriate for the role,” which concluded up activity to Ryan Gosling (who won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar for the role). Now he charcoal a bit added attentive back asked about the role.

“A brace bodies apperceive the truth,” he continued. “When that cine was about falling apart, I backward absorbed to it and told admiral that I absolutely capital to assignment with that I couldn’t jump address from La La Land just because the activity was in flux. I’ll go to my grave alive that back advance came to boost I bidding acute adherence to Damien and that movie. That’s sorta all I can say.”

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So while it seems like we may never apperceive absolutely what happened amid Miles Teller and La La Land, it appears that there are no adamantine feelings. Teller can currently be apparent in Only The Brave in theaters now and Thank You For Your Service, which hits theaters on Friday.

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