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Brian Reed, architect of S-Town, will arise in Seattle on Sunday. (Sandy Honig Photo)

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Podcasts are accepting a heyday, and conceivably no alternation showcases the artistic ambit and appulse of the average as able-bodied as S-Town, from Serial and This American Life. The alternation was advised like a novel, cogent a acutely claimed and circuitous adventure in the actualization of accessible radio, with all seven episodes arise at already in the actualization of Netflix. S-Town bankrupt annal with 40 actor downloads in its aboriginal month.

The host, ambassador and architect of S-Town, Brian Reed, will arise at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall this Sunday, Oct. 29. We get a examination on this adventure of the GeekWire Podcast, talking with Reed about the origins of the podcast, his artistic process, and what S-Town’s success says about avant-garde media and storytelling.

Listen beneath or download the MP3, and accumulate account for an edited transcript.

Todd Bishop, GeekWire: For the attenuate bodies out there who accept not heard of S-Town or listened to it, how do you alarm it for the uninitiated?

Brian Reed, S-Town: It’s actual difficult, actually. It’s article that we struggled with afore S-Town came out and that I abide to attempt with. It’s a adventure about a man who contacted us several years ago at This American Life, allurement us to arise investigate what a “shit town” the abode he lived was, in Alabama, and the awe-inspiring turns that happen. … It’s actual adamantine to explain, as you can see. You aloof accept to listen. It’s article we struggled with, aggravating to explain the adventure to bodies who haven’t heard it.

You accept to arise up with a log band or something, the way they do in the blur industry, to explain why addition should accept to something. It was actual difficult. It’s the adventure of a man called John B. McLemore, who hates his boondocks and eventually decides to do something. It’s the quickest way of putting it, I would say.

Bishop:  You were originally arrive to Woodstock, Alabama, by John B. McLemore, and it was to investigate an declared annihilation that absolutely never happened, as you apparent through your reporting. Why did you stick with the adventure afterwards that?

Reed: John was consistently an important allotment of the adventure and why I was absorbed in the story. The annihilation itself, alone, was never the capital affair that was absorbing to me. It was as allotment of this cosmology of how John saw his hometown. And it was amid abounding things that John had complained to me about and told me about, examples of atrocity that he said were activity on in Bibb County. I chose it as a way to focus the reporting, allotment one allegation, an incident.

It took added than a year to amount out what absolutely had happened or not happened with the murder. At that point, I’d abstruse so abundant abroad about John and his activity in Alabama and his accord with Tyler Goodson, who’s a big allotment of S-Town. I’d aloof been fatigued into his activity and his world. And so the declared annihilation was allotment of it, but alike aback I begin out that it wasn’t absolutely a murder, I was still aloof so absorbed in John and the apple that he was active in that I wasn’t accessible to accord it up.

Clare McGrane, GeekWire: Alert to the show, he absolutely is such a altered character, and I’m analytical if annihilation about him doesn’t arise beyond as able-bodied in the audio version — about actuality in his attendance and adorable him in the eye. Any reflections on that?

Reed: I say this in the show, but I’m not abiding it consistently comes across. I’ve heard some admirers say this. John could be actual backbreaking to be with, and I anticipate maybe that comes through to some people, but he could be actual aphotic and actual backbreaking to be with, and overwhelming. I anticipate that can be a adamantine affair to get beyond in a podcast because I’m aggravating to additional admirers that experience, somewhat, while additionally acknowledging that it was a allotment of actuality with John.

A acquaintance of his — afterwards he died — declared spending time with John as agnate to the way a moth is admiring to a flame. You’re admiring by the ablaze but repelled by the heat. I feel that was my acquaintance with John. There was so abundant that would draw me to him — aloof his accuracy and his amusement and his unabashedness in actuality himself, and his acute booty on the apple and his openness, but again there was this black to him that was the heat. You’d accept to agitate him off afterwards a continued chat with him.

Bishop: One of the best absorbing things about S-Town and Serial afore it is the way they afflicted the architecture and afflicted the way so abounding bodies accept to content. What accept Serial and S-Town accomplished you about the way bodies absorb audio agreeable now and appetite to absorb it, and how has that afflicted how you aftermath agreeable that meets the needs of admirers in 2017 here?

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Reed: I wasn’t anon complex in the authoritative of Serial, admitting acutely I assignment with those guys and was around.  Julie Snyder fabricated S-Town with me and was the co-creator of Serial. [When we talked about S-Town, we said] “It’s activity to be article different. We’re activity to absolution all the episodes at once. We’re activity to alarm them chapters. It’s activity to be modeled afterwards a novel.”

Those were all things we absolutely talked about that we acquainted were new things that we were aggravating in podcasting, but we didn’t allocution about them in agreement of “and the admirers is activity to like this. We anticipate this is what an admirers wants to hear.” It was what she and I capital to hear. Aback we listened to podcasts, we admired there was a podcast like S-Town out there to accept to, personally, aloof for our own betterment and enjoyment. I anticipate that’s what we were following, our aftertaste and our admiration to apprehend article like S-Town, and we created the affair that we capital to hear.

If anything, it’s aloof accomplished me to chase our gut. Aback we accept article in our minds that we’re picturing, that would be nice to hear, that we feel like we aren’t audition in the apple yet, to chase that. That’s what I’ve abstruse from it. It was abating or reinforcing that so abounding bodies additionally capital to apprehend the affair that we were apperception we capital to hear. That didn’t necessarily charge to be the case, but it seems to accept been, and so that’s what I’ve abstruse about it.

Bishop: Was there any debate, internally, about absolution the episodes all at already for bodies to affair vs. trickling them out over assorted weeks?

Reed: There was a bit of debate. We knew that we capital to absolution at atomic the aboriginal few together, because we aloft questions about a annihilation that didn’t absolutely happen. So we didn’t appetite weeks to go by area questions that we knew the answers to were changing for a anniversary at a time, or whatever. Aloof as reporters and journalists, we didn’t appetite that to happen. But again we wondered if maybe center through we would alpha activity week-to-week. We didn’t apperceive what that would do to listenership. In the end, I was consistently absolutely arguing for it arise out all at once. That’s consistently how I pictured it, for a few reasons.

First of all, the advertisement reasons, but additionally Sarah Koenig, who does Serial, absolutely writes those episodes every week. I aloof couldn’t do that. That’s all-powerful to me. I don’t apperceive how she does that, so I didn’t appetite that accent on myself. I didn’t anticipate I could absolutely do it, physically. Again I admired the abstraction that it hadn’t been done before, or at atomic in a podcast that I had listened to. That although capacity had been arise at once, I admired the abstraction that it would accord us the ability to — as we were alteration and putting the accomplished alternation together — to move things amid capacity and to accomplish assertive capacity allege to others in means that you can do aback it’s anniversary by week, but that maybe we’d accept a little added ability to do that.

I admired the abstraction that you didn’t charge to necessarily accept cliffhangers at the end of every week, or we would feel beneath abounding to do a cliffhanger-type catastrophe and that we could accept added attentive or anxious or quiet endings. There was a lot of being that acquainted adorable to me about it — and also, in retrospect, I’m so animated we did it. It was so nice to aloof accept it done and not accept to be putting it out week-by-week for seven weeks. I anticipate that would accept been absolutely demanding for me.

McGrane: Let’s allocution about the technology you use a little bit, which will be absorbing to a lot of our listeners, I think. Can you acquaint us about what accessories you backpack with you, like aback you were bottomward in S-Town in Alabama, and what affectionate of software you’re using? How is that altered aback you’re alive on article out of a radio studio, like for archetype your assignment on This American Activity in Chicago?

Reed: I should accord a admonishing that I’m not absolutely a beatnik head. I’m not absolutely a tech head, I guess. I don’t apperceive what the chat is for that. I aloof use what’s accustomed to me at the office. I use the aforementioned being for S-Town that we use for This American Life, because S-Town started as a This American Activity story, years ago. One of the abundant things about radio and podcasting is that, aback you brainstorm the altered types of documentary there are, it’s so lean. It’s absolutely aloof me bottomward there. I don’t accept a aggregation or anything.

I aloof accept a little kit that hangs about my neck. It’s a Marantz 660, I believe, is what I was using. I anticipate they maybe they don’t accomplish it anymore, and we’re starting to move to an alike abate kit. Again I bung a shotgun mic into that, and that’s it. And headphones. I anticipate we use an Audio-Technica shotgun mic. I don’t bethink the numbers. I accompany a advancement kit aloof in case. That’s absolutely all I use. Again for buzz calls, like I’m accomplishing buzz calls from the studio, and we run in Pro Tools. And that’s what we do all our alteration in, is Pro Tools as well.

McGrane: It sounds like the focus isn’t as abundant on authoritative abiding you accept all the adorned accessories and accepting accumulated perfect, but it’s added about the adventure and absolutely accumulated into John’s activity and in afterward him around. Is that correct?

Reed: Yeah, I don’t anticipate a ton about equipment, but those decisions accept been a little bit fabricated for me. We accept bodies actuality who accept done the analysis and called accessories that they feel works for us. I wouldn’t say that, about here, my colleagues and I are adorable at the latest in tech or annihilation like that. I’d say if anything, we’re a little bit of Luddites and a little bit abaft the time, in agreement of the newest tech. But obviously, you appetite acceptable sound. That’s important.

Often I acquisition that the means to get acceptable complete don’t chronicle so abundant to the tech but aloof authoritative abiding like, “I charge to sit abutting to you, interviewee, and absolutely get my mic in your mouth” in adjustment to accept acceptable sound. Or, “Can we unplug this refrigerator in your kitchen?” Or, “You accept me on speakerphone. Please booty me off speakerphone and authority the angle afterpiece to your mouth.” I acquisition it’s a lot added awkward and physical, accepting acceptable sound, than necessarily accepting the best tech. Because you could accept the best tech in the world, and you still charge to mic addition closely. You still charge to get ambient babble out of the kitchen and booty the alarm off the wall, or whatever.

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Bishop:  In alert to S-Town, it strikes me that in some means it was a apple of the apple that we alive in. Altered versions of the truth, depending on whom you talked to and listened to. Did you booty any bigger insights abroad from the acquaintance about the approaching of journalism and advertisement and the truth?

Reed: Yeah. I took a lot of insights, and maybe a lot of small- to medium-sized insights that in accumulated feel big to me. I’m aggravating to anticipate of aloof one. This was three years of my life, and I aloof acquainted like — at every point, I acquainted like I was acquirements something, which is why I acquainted it was an important adventure to tell. I don’t know. One thing: we absolutely don’t accord anniversary added the account of the agnosticism in today’s political altitude and debate, and I aloof anticipate there’s so abundant to accretion from accomplishing that and so abundant to lose by shutting bodies bottomward at the get-go and authoritative assumptions about people. That’s article I’ve consistently believed, but that, I anticipate already I started applying it in S-Town, bore out. I anticipate that hopefully is resonating with people. I don’t know. You’re allurement in agreement of truth?

Bishop: You talked to John B.’s breezy family, and again you talked to his continued family, who he was somewhat conflicting from. Acutely you were alive on a huge activity here, and so you went the added mile to accord all abandon of the story. It addled me that anniversary of those bodies that you batten with was, in their minds, speaking the accuracy to you, although it was at times contradictory. That’s area I was adorable at it as a apple of the blow of the world.

Reed: Yeah, I anticipate that’s absolutely true. Again, I aloof anticipate the media ambiance appropriate now so generally relies on autograph for people, application complete bites from bodies and pegging bodies based on one aspect of themselves, their political actualization or their activity about an issue, their activity about gun rights or aborticide or who they voted for or what they attending like. I anticipate the media is generally actual reductive. I anticipate that both makes for a absolutely arid storytelling and a complete inaccurate actualization of absoluteness in the country we alive in. That’s not article that I anticipate I absitively to action adjoin abandoned with S-Town.

That’s absolutely our actualization actuality at This American Life, is we aloof accept that every being and abode is as complicated as the abutting one. That’s aloof taken as a given. Our assignment is aggravating to accept every abode and being in their complication and accord them a full, three-dimensional airing in a story. We feel that’s important to do, in general, as journalists because journalists should reflect reality, journalism should reflect absoluteness as it is, as best you can. That’s what we should be appetite for, but also, in a media ambiance area I feel that bodies are generally bargain to a angle or two, I aloof anticipate it’s added important than anytime to accept belief that go the adverse direction.

McGrane: Yeah, absolutely, and I would say as a journalist, we feel that as well. We do appetite to allocution briefly about your actualization in Seattle. You’re activity to be at Benaroya Hall on October 29th. What can we apprehend from your appearance, and what do you like about advancing out on the alley and talking about your process?

Reed: I’ve alone aloof started accomplishing this, so this is activity to be one of my aboriginal ones. I don’t know. I’ve heard a brace cine admiral say things like, “I’d never apperceive what my movie’s about until it’s out, and I apprehend what the admirers has to say.” That’s how I feel about these talks and activity out on the alley that I’ve been doing. Aloof audition the acknowledgment of audiences and aloof the little means that I achievement the adventure has resonated in people’s lives accept been so delightful, and generally in means that I couldn’t accept predicted or approved to accomplish arise or expected. That’s what I’ve enjoyed a lot is aloof activity out and seeing what bodies anticipate of it and the means that it affected them or didn’t.

I’m activity to be on date at Benaroya Hall, and I’m activity to airing through the behind-the-scenes acquaintance of authoritative S-Town, both a little bit about my accord with John, I’ll be arena some outtakes, and again additionally how we set about to try and accomplish a podcast that acquainted like a novel, how we approved to accomplish this podcast that Julie and I capital to apprehend but acquainted didn’t absolutely abide it. I’m activity to airing through with abundant examples of moves we were aggravating and storytelling techniques we were application to accomplish that arise and allocution a bit about the furnishings that the podcast has had on the apple and the bodies in the podcast as well, and I’ll booty questions from the audience, too. I won’t do all the talking.

Bishop: That’s great. Last catechism here. I’m absolutely absorbed in how this has impacted you personally. You were on Jimmy Fallon, man. How has S-Town afflicted your activity personally?

Reed: It’s accustomed me to analysis off a agglomeration of things off of my brazier account that I never would accept deigned to put on the brazier account in the aboriginal abode is what I would say. Like Jimmy Fallon, that’s not article I would alike anticipate to put on a account of things I would appetite to do in my life, and yet I got to analysis it off. I don’t know. You don’t get into accessible radio assured that, and I still don’t apprehend it in my life. I feel like it was a bleep on the radar, an aberration in the continued amplitude of my life, and I’m beholden for it, but I feel aloof as absorbed in anytime in aloof accomplishing acceptable work.

I’m aback in my day job. I’m the chief ambassador of This American Life, so we accept a account actualization we’re putting out. That is a actual active job area I’m beholden I get to assignment with the best bodies in radio, advancing up with their belief and allowance them hone their belief and alteration and cerebration about how we appetite to awning the apple and what we’re absorbed in and what delights us and amuses us and informs us. I don’t know. I feel like the best way to arise off of S-Town is aloof to accumulate alive on things that absorption me. Anyway, I’m beholden for the Jimmy Fallon stuff, and that’s been amazing, but it’s not like a comestible affair necessarily. It’s award added absorbing assignment is the affair that I anticipate is sustaining.

Bishop: I’ve got to ask actually. Do you accept a agglomeration of aged clocks in your abode now?

Reed: I don’t accept a bunch, but I was given, anon afterwards S-Town came out, some of my accompany from my hometown in Connecticut gave me an old alarm that doesn’t assignment from New Haven, Connecticut. That’s in my house. Again one of them additionally gave me a absolutely nice sundial, which I’ve been acceptation to acquisition a nice amplitude in my office. I afresh reorganized my office, and alike admitting I accept no sun in my office, which is sad, it’s a absolutely aphotic cave, I anticipate I’m activity to put the alarm on the attic about aloof because it’s a nice affair to attending at. That’s what I’ve been given.

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I don’t anticipate I accept any added aged clocks, admitting I’m curious. I do apprehension aged clocks everywhere I go. I met addition the added day at a bar, and there was a admirable alarm there. I was admiring it. I don’t know. I apprehension timepieces a lot more, aloof day-to-day.

Bishop: For bodies who are apprehensive why I’m allurement that, you got to accept to the alternation because I don’t appetite to accord any spoilers away.

McGrane: I anticipate it’s a little too backward for that, Todd.

Bishop: Now you aloof got to acquisition a big acreage for a maze.

Reed: Yeah, exactly. Accept you guys covered horology at all in your tech coverage?

Bishop: No. Not at all although it would be alluring as a beat.

Reed: It absolutely is. It’s one of the best interesting, I don’t know, histories of technology I’ve anytime gotten into. If you absolutely anticipate about the assignment that had to go into addition out how to accomplish faculty of time, area at this point, we accept clocks that are added authentic at befitting time than the Earth is. The Earth has added about-face in its rotations than our clocks do. Time is meant to be the Earth’s rotations about the sun, and yet our technology has gotten so absolute that we accept to add bound abnormal to it in adjustment to absolutely reflect what the Earth is doing. I’m sorry. See, this is area I get nerdy. Anyway, the technology’s fascinating.

McGrane: Aloof one added quick aside.  Did you anytime accept problems with all of John’s clocks, he has a lot of clocks in his home I understand, authoritative a lot of accomplishments babble aback you were aggravating to tape? How did you accord with that?

Reed: He absolutely didn’t accept that abounding clocks himself. He was not a huge alarm collector. He aloof had clocks advancing through that he was acclimation added often, so he had a few, but no, if you’re picturing a abode abounding with clocks, that wasn’t John’s house. He had a couple, maybe. I can’t alike remember. I apperceive he had at atomic one grandfathering alarm in his abode and maybe some others, and again he had altered genitalia in his shop, but those were not running. At that point, he’d additionally chock-full his business. He absolutely slowed bottomward his business, so there weren’t alike that abounding clocks in his boutique aback I met him.

It absolutely wasn’t that big of a problem. There was one alarm boutique I did an account in area it was a problem. I was like, “This is a lot of clocks to accord with appropriate here. I’m activity accept to aloof embrace this in the tape.” Alike a brace of the alarm collectors I visited, best of those clocks, they weren’t ambagious every day because aged clocks, they booty ambagious account or appealing consistently to accumulate running. I anticipate a lot of the collectors don’t absolutely wind them because it gives abrasion to the clocks. If you accept 100 clocks, I anticipate that’s a accomplished job to wind the clocks every week.

Bishop: Well, Brian Reed, acknowledge you actual abundant for abutting us.

Reed: Acknowledge you, guys, I acknowledge it. Thanks for accepting me.

Brian Reed, architect of S-Town, will arise at Seattle’s Benaroya Hall at 7:30 p.m. this Sunday, Oct. 29. Tickets are accessible at seattlesymphony.org.

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