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Full House Home Improvements

The adolescent brace that bought this New York abode absitively to do a full-gut advance and capital to amend the absolute abode with avant-garde technology. The after-effects are so absorbing the activity was called the Silver Before & After champ of the 2017 Cyberbanking Abode Home of the Year Awards.

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To ensure that technology would be allotment of the massive redo, the brace angry to Global Custom Integrations (GCI), of Hawthorne, N.Y., which went in with the archetypal A/V angle and becoming the assurance of the owners, who concluded up hiring the integrator as their lighting and decorating/design firm.

“The owners capital us to aces out lighting accessories for them and architecture a lighting arrangement by which they could change blush depends on their affection and ball needs,” says GCI admiral Dan Hong.

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GCI formed with architect CCM Construction’s electrician and advised a DMX lighting arrangement in the kitchen, adept suite, and adept ablution (and Control4 panelized lighting elsewhere). They can change the colors of the lights on the fly via a smartphone app, which instantly changes the attending and feel of the house. Lighting isn’t the alone acute home affection that is calmly managed and automated.

The homeowners capital to be able to analysis into their Sub-Zero fridge, about-face on fans, air conditioning, music, TVs, aegis and ascendancy shades all from the Control4 automation arrangement app. Additionally, GCI installed two dozen-plus Hikvision IP cameras throughout the house, into acme moldings to be buried for use as breach assistant cams.

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For A/V, highlights accommodate a 32-inch mirror TV aural the custom 150-inch custom Electric Mirror in the adept bathroom; Dolby Atmos systems in the active allowance and adept bedroom; and committed Atmos amphitheater featuring McIntosh accessory and Sonus Faber speakers. A Leaf HDMI cast routes agreeable from video apparatus to six video zones. Outdoors there are Madison Fielding agriculturalist speakers and Acoustic Landscape speakers on the perimeter, and GCI programmed the exoteric lighting controls to automatically about-face on at dusk and off at sunrise.

Colored lighting, accumulated with circumscribed ascendancy of aggregate cyberbanking in the abode creates and ambiance that’s and admirable as it is functional. Technology and architecture teamed up altogether to about-face an anachronous home into a avant-garde marvel.

Systems Architecture & Installation

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Global Custom Integrations, Hawthorne, N.Y.


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