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— Travis Trice Sr. afflicted the contour of Wayne boys’ basketball in 10 seasons as arch coach. 

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He won seven appointment titles and a accompaniment championship at the captain of the Warriors. 

The affairs is one of the best in the state, a accepted name nationally now amid academy basketball recruiters. 

His above players will be suiting up at Iowa, Wisconsin and the University of Dayton, amid added colleges, this winter. 

He won’t be allegorical the Warriors boys, though. They are under new management. 

The acumen for the change ability abruptness you.

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This is not one of those cases area a acknowledged drillmaster was pushed abreast by a eavesdropping administering or abrupt parents, although you could alarm this a ancestors matter. 

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Simply put, the 45-year-old Trice is activity to drillmaster the girls aggregation at Wayne this winter because his daughter, Olivia, asked him to. 

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“To be absolute honest with you it was on a cruise to Pittsburgh for my daughter’s clash in May,” Trice recalled recently. “She said, ‘Dad, you apperceive the brotherhood dad that you accept with your above players?’ 

“I said, ‘Yeah I do. Why do you say that?’” 

The drillmaster had aloof had a birthday, and his well-wishers included Wayne alumni Xeyrius Williams and Trey Landers (both arena at UD), Ahmad Wagner (Iowa), Markus Crider (a four-year contributor at Georgia State) and Rodrick Caldwell (Bowling Green). 

Olivia Trice, afresh a green at Wayne, noticed how they interacted with her dad, who additionally accomplished her brothers Travis Jr., D’Mitrick and Isaiah. 

And back her aggregation was defective a drillmaster after Sonya Miller’s resignation, she had an idea. 

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“She was like, ‘Our girls could absolutely use that.’ And I said, ‘You know, you all could. You deserve that.’”

His eyes widened for a moment as he anecdotal the story. 

“I’m cerebration it’s aloof a acceptable accidental conversation, and she pauses and she stops and says, ‘Well, back you apperceive we can use it and we don’t accept a coach, why wouldn’t you accede apprenticeship us?’ And that was that moment.” 

Fast advanced a few months and he was in the gym adequate a new challenge. 

“I’ve had a abundant run with the adolescent men we’ve had an appulse on in their lives, and I’ve apparent some of the things the girls accept gone through,” Trice said. “And with my babe actuality a junior, aloof the timing was right.” 

His aboriginal aggregation won’t be defective talent. 

Wayne has won at atomic 20 amateur two seasons in a row and is loaded again. 

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Junior Destiny Bohanan recently committed to Dayton while chief Maya Dunson active with Loyola. 

Nyla Hampton’s offers accommodate UD, Miami University and Ball Accompaniment while Dominque Camp is actuality courted by Marquette and assorted MAC programs, amid others. 

Freshman Bree Hall has not played a varsity bold yet, but her account of offers already includes Dayton, Michigan State, Minnesota, Indiana and Ohio State. 

Then there is of advance Olivia Trice. 

Now a inferior guard, she has offers from Iona, IUPUI and Detroit. The Ivy League is additionally a achievability for Travis Trice’s daughter, who is accepting to see a lot added of her dad these days.

“Over the aftermost brace of years, my accord has been watching the amateur and afresh talking to her afterward, so I haven’t absolutely been able to cascade into her like I accept the boys actuality at practice,” Trice Sr. said. 

“So appropriate now the things that accept happened for her over the aftermost brace of months has been a absolute aftereffect of she’s a apprentice of the game, she understands basketball. 

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“Now that I’m at convenance with her and spending added time with her on an every-day basis, I see the advance accident bound for her.”

And to accomplish that happen, all she had to do was ask. 

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