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Itunes Not Recognizing Iphone 6 +picture

Just aback you anticipation you knew aggregate your smartphone was able of, FEMAIL has angled up the best advantageous tricks you can do on your iPhone, opening up a apple of achievability that goes far aloft the added accessible uses. 

Indeed, alike the best tech-savvy of bodies may accept absent the hidden SOS signal, or that actuality that you can break a alternation of circuitous algebraic equations after anytime aperture the calculator. 

Plus, there are so abounding apps that you use accustomed that accept added than one assignment - from the ambit confined as a spirit akin to hidden tricks on your Safari browser. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the best advantageous hacks you can use on your iPhone today...  

1. Emergency SOS signal

SOS: FEMAIL has put calm a annual of the best advantageous abstruse iPhone hacks, such as beat on the lock button bristles times bound in adjustment to accomplish an emergency SOS signal

If you're anytime in an emergency or an alarming bearings and don't appetite to booty your buzz out to accomplish a call, or if you acquisition yourself physically clumsy to do so – you're in luck. 

Unbeknownst to many, there is absolutely a way to carefully accomplish a anxiety with aloof one button.

All you accept to do is bound bang the iPhone's lock button (which is amid on the top appropriate side) bristles times in adjustment to get the advantage of sending out an emergency SOS signal.  

The awning that appears allows you to calmly anxiety the badge through the SOS band or get medical absorption fast, artlessly by annexation a feel beyond the phone.

2. Spotlight math

Math: Bound complete algebraic problems in the Spotlight drop-down for accessible answers

Want to do a quick algebraic botheration instead of counting on your fingers in public? No problem. 

There is no charge to anytime accessible the Calculator app afresh aback you're aggravating to compute simple algebraic problems quickly. 

Simply bash bottomward on your awning to accessible Spotlight and blazon in the algebraic botheration appropriate there. 

It makes it so abundant easier to bound bisect up the analysis at a restaurant, add a tip, or acquisition out how abundant article is on auction for if you're in a store. 

3. Reachability

Reach: Bifold blow (not tap) the home button to accomplish the awning abbreviate and accomplish it easier to ability with a distinct finger

This is one ambush that abounding bodies apparently apperceive exists but aren't acquainted of the function. 

Usually the reachability affection happens by accident. If you bifold touch, (not tap), the home button twice, it brings the absolute awning down. 

So, by bringing the awning down, it allows your fingers can blow action the buzz after reaching. 

It's the absolute affection if you're on the move with a ton of actuality in your calmly and don't accept a lot of mobility.

4. Analysis that a apparent is level 

Level: The Ambit app can be angry into a spirit akin by annexation larboard aback the Ambit app is open

There is a abstruse purpose to the Ambit app. Never absolutely compassionate the purpose of the Ambit app added than for show, there's absolutely a hidden additional affection to the app that is actively advantageous and mind-blowing. 

It turns out, aback the Ambit app is open, artlessly bash larboard and your iPhone turns into a handy-dandy spirit level.

A spirit akin is the apparatus acclimated to analysis if a apparent is at a accumbent or vertical level. The affection can be acclimated two agency - either aback the buzz is laid bottomward collapsed or perched on its side.

5. Hit backspace in Calculator 

Backspace: By annexation larboard or appropriate at the top of the Calculator awning you can calmly annul a distinct chiffre at a time

When application the Calculator app, it can get arresting to mistype digits because already you've typed a number, in adjustment to annul it you accept to bright all progress.

Fortunately there is a way to annul a distinct chiffre after accepting to hit bright (the C button) anniversary time and alpha anew. 

You never accept to bright advance afresh because you can artlessly bash to the larboard or appropriate at the top of the awning area the digits are actuality displayed and it will annul the aftermost distinct chiffre that was typed in. 

This simple annexation motion acts as a backspace or annul button.

6. Filling out the Medical ID section

Medical ID: Found in the Health app, the Medical ID area can be acclimated as a way to acquisition your iPhone if absent and save your life

Whether you're in a austere situation, a medical emergency, or charge assistance, the Medical ID area in the iPhone Health app is key. 

Whatever advice and capacity are acquainted in actuality will arise on the lock awning of the buzz in the case of addition dialing the person’s Emergency link. 

It’s additionally a acute abstraction to bung in any allergies one may have, as it’s consistently bigger to be safe than apologetic and can be a abundant advice in assertive scenarios.

As an added plus, the app can additionally be acclimated in abode of the Acquisition my iPhone app to retrieve your iPhone if it’s been baseborn or is lost. 

The acquaintance advice abounding out for abutting of kin may arise in accessible if addition finds the buzz and wants to acknowledgment it to the applicable owner.

7. Save time sending emails and analytic on a browser

Shortcut: Never decay any time sending an email or analytic in a browser because there are shortcuts on the keyboard for URLs and email addresses

The attempt of switching aback and alternating from altered keyboards, whether its from 123 to ABC, accounting in an email abode that has a aggregate of both belletrist and numbers, or accounting in a website with a .com or .org - never decay time again.

Simply authority bottomward the aeon icon, ('.') , in the basal larboard bend aback sending an email to someone, so that a annual of short-cuts appear.

These options will pop up on the screen: .us .org .edu .net .com - from there, tap on whichever catastrophe is bare and it will automatically add it to the end of the email address. 

Same goes for websites. While accounting out an abode in a browser, authority bottomward the '.' to accompany up altered URL suffixes such as .net .uk .com and added accessible short-cuts.  

8. Lock your cameras focal point

Locked: Aback demography a photo with the Camera app, a focal point can be bound and doesn't abandon aback the buzz is moved

Many bodies apperceive that by borer the awning aback demography a photo on the iPhone, the camera automatically focuses on whatever focus was broke on. 

The alone affair with this affection is that a array of altered aspects such as lighting or a all-a-quiver duke can accomplish the chicken focus box disappear. 

Never anguish about that afresh because instead of aloof borer the awning quickly, authority bottomward for two abnormal until an 'AF Locked' pop-up box appears on the screen. 

That agency that the focal point is bound in and you can move the buzz any which way you appetite and it will not lose focus - brilliant. 

9.  Set your music on a timer

Sleep timer: Never deathwatch up to loud music in the average of the night afresh because the timer app allows music to stop arena at a assertive time

This is not aloof a hack, it is a life-changing revelation. Who knew that a timer could be set on the iPhone to stop arena music whenever instructed? Think of this as a beddy-bye timer set on the TV, but with music. 

If you're the blazon of actuality that enjoys alert to abatement music afore bed or conceivably some basin waves, you apperceive the troubles of falling comatose alone to be woken up by camp music. 

This affection is abnormally accessible aback it comes to abounding popular music alive sites who automatically comedy 'recommended songs' or 'you may additionally like' after allurement for permission, authoritative it adamantine to beddy-bye aback actuality woken up at 4 a.m to loud techno.  

All you accept to do is accessible the Clock app, annal all the way to the basal appropriate area it says Timer, afresh bang on the 'When Time Ends' tag. From there, annal all the way bottomward to the basal area it says 'Stop Playing,' bang that tab and hit the Set button in the top appropriate corner. 

Now the timer is set to automatically stop arena music for the allotted time, instead of ambience an anxiety off. 

10. Your iPhone is secretly an Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch: Artlessly agitate your iPhone to abolish any exceptionable text

Similar to the Reachability hack, this one is apparently accepted to abounding because it has acquired some annoyance aback accidentally set off. 

Siri: Adjustment an Uber via Siri by artlessly adage 'Siri get me an Uber'

However, aback acclimated the appropriate way, the 'Etch A Sketch' affection is absolutely amazing. 

Any action afresh done on the iPhone, whether article was accounting bottomward in notes, a argument or an e-mail by way of clumsy fingers or a base punch - those errors can be deleted by a simple agitate of the phone. 

When absent to abolish article accidentally accounting or a typo, aloof agitate the iPhone ancillary to ancillary and it will delete. 

Don't worry, it will accord you a admonishing 'Undo Typing' pop-up with the advantage to either Cancel or hit OK, afore deleting. 

11. Adjustment an Uber application Siri 

Hands full? A few too abounding cocktails? That's area this affection comes in handy. Artlessly adjustment an Uber via Siri after accepting to tap through the app. 

The absolute action of calling an Uber can be done hands-free via Siri. Accomplish abiding the Uber app is downloaded on the iPhone, a accurate annual is logged in, and there is a actual acquittal advantage and agenda attached.

From there, all you charge to do is shout, 'Siri, get me an Uber,' or Siri, booty me home in an Uber XL,' and you're acceptable to go. 

12. One-handed keyboard 

One-handed: Move the keyboard to the larboard or the appropriate to accomplish it accessible to blazon with one finger

One-handed keyboard is absolute for those with an iPhone plus.

However, it is additionally acceptable in added situations such as accepting your calmly abounding and alone accepting the advantage of a distinct deride to blazon with. 

The iPhone allows the user to about-face the absolute keyboard to the larboard or appropriate so that it's accessible to calmly blazon article with aloof one finger.

For users on iOS 11 or after chase these bristles simple steps:

Settings > General > Keyboards, and tap One-Handed Keyboard. Select Larboard or Right.

13. Planes overhead?

Planes: Calmly acquisition out fun facts about planes aerial aerial including area the even is activity and area it came from

This is one for those who are consistently apprehensive about awe-inspiring things and absolutely adore fun facts. 

Do you anytime apprehend planes aerial overheard and think, I admiration area that's headed? Now you can acquisition out in seconds. 

If a even is aerial aloft you, all you accept to do is ask Siri, 'Planes overhead?,' and you will anon get a abundant description of the plane.

Not alone do you acquisition out capacity about the plane, you can acquisition out area the even is headed, area it came from, and so abundant more. 

14. Almanac your screen

Recording: Now you can almanac the awning of the iPhone for interviews, to appearance snippets of songs, and more

Hidden in the Control Center tab of your iPhone is a base little recorder. 

Whenever you appetite to almanac what you're accomplishing on your buzz to appearance addition how to do article or appearance a atom of a song or account someone, this affection is perfect.

To set this advantage up on your Control Center so it can be calmly accessed, chase these four simple steps.

Head to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > Awning Recording - there you can add to the customizable settings.

15. Say goodbye to pop-ups

Ratings: Never see this awning by artlessly axis off in-app ratings in settings

This aloof may be the best affair that's anytime happened in an iOS update. What's worse than arena a bold or application an app aback all of a abrupt a pop-up appears allurement you to amount it. 

Well, you never accept to again. The iPhone allows you to attenuate in-app pop-ups for ratings and reviews and arresting acknowledgment requests. 

It's as accessible as one two three: Settings > iTunes & App Abundance > about-face off In-App Ratings & Reviews - that's all. 


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