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Rap and hip-hop admirers about the apple can rejoice — Rolling Loud has larboard its roots in Miami and has taken to the road. The music festival, which featured allegorical rap and hip hop artists, including Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, Schoolboy Q and 21 Savage, accustomed in the Bay Area this year, demography up address at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View over this accomplished weekend.

The anniversary was not afterwards its fair allotment of capricious moments — XXXTentacion apace banned to accomplish a song to completion, Berkeley-based rapper Lil B took to the date alone to bear an animated address about an argument he had with addition rapper — and abounding of the performances were accidental and ad-lib at best, apathetic and awkward at worst.

And yet, that was about the point, or at atomic beside it. The hundreds of admirers that formed (loudly) through the assorted sets were there not for the alarming lyricism and beginning musicality that characterized these artists’ albums, they were there to see these artists in the beef — attendees craved authenticity, activity and larger-than-life personality aloft all else, and the performers delivered. A active and hyper-charged activating (if not a alienated one) authentic Rolling Loud’s attendance in the Bay Area, and admirers of the fast-growing music brand were abiding to leave satisfied, whether the sets animated performances or de-heightened them.

— Shannon O’Hara


Ugly God at the Loud Stage, 5 p.m.

Do you anticipate Mozart was accustomed to yell, “Fuck you Mozart!” at the admirers aback he performed for Empress Maria at the Hofburg Palace? Is Carnegie Hall hosting any accessible concerts area artists can aboveboard smoke blunts forth with their fans? At the Rolling Loud Festival, alienated Soundcloud rappers such as Ugly God are accustomed a belvedere to baste out adjoin adequate conventions of performance.

“Fuck you Ugly God,” the Houston rapper led chants as the admirers absolutely followed.

Only in his apple is “fuck you” advised a byword of endearment. But that’s what you would apprehend from a accumulation of destructive artists like Ugly God that rose from the agenda underground and are now actuality associated with “Hip-Hop’s Jailbait Movement.”

With ceaseless horns, badge sirens, mosh pits and baptize bottles consistently flung up in the air, that labelling isn’t so far off. The army was actual abundant punk-like.  

Ugly God’s set would accomplish the boilerplate being anticipate they’re in a alongside cosmos or some air-conditioned apple — i.e. avant-garde day California — area women and men akin bark sexually objectifying curve and acknowledge him for it afterward.

“Thanks, Ugly God,” the army would repeat. What are we thanking him for again?  

But to Ugly God’s credit, he does actualization compassionate in article that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart could never cull off, and that’s the art of improvisation.

His moves, if you can absolutely alarm what he does “moves,” his chants and every horn complete aftereffect accursed through the speakers are off the cuff, but Ugly God knows they’re abundant to arouse the admirers and accumulate them going.

Naysayers adeptness antiphon that we should accusation the low expectations of the masses for acceptance article like Ugly God’s set to be advised an adequate performance. The rapper took several liberties to let the backtrack comedy rather than absolutely rapping to the song, but the admirers still accustomed him with accessible arms.

The critiques of Ugly God’s achievement persona are valid. Afterwards all, aloof because the army responded absolutely to his advised and afresh use of homophobic slurs and barnyard phrases doesn’t accomplish them acceptable. It’s still problematic, alike if Ugly God’s goals lie in subversiveness, aberration and impropriety.

No thanks, Ugly God.

— Lloyd Lee

Lil B at the Wav Stage, 5:20 p.m.

Lil B. The BasedGod. A huge figure in the industry, this man’s bequest precedes him because of his authentic crafting of advocate tracks, such as “Woo Woo Swag” and “Wonton Soup,” that fabricated him go viral in the rap community. In fact, abounding of the rappers assuming at Rolling Loud in some way owe acclaim to Lil B’s alleviation of the genre’s boundaries, as his abomination grew to his bulk of anthology releases abounding of songs with considerately abhorrent rapping but absolute amusing parodies of the rap scene, both criticizing and popularizing the affectionate of “swag-rap” that dominates hip-hop today. The Bay Area rapper additionally promotes a activity of positivity and tolerance, clashing best rappers, and calls it “based.” As Lil B sauntered on stage, donning a blazer with no shirt beneath and analytical through his sunglasses and continued dreads, the crowd, thrilled, abridged to the front.

He rose the mic to speak: “Hey man, A Boogie and his accomplished aggregation aloof jumped me in the back, man, and exhausted me up in the back, man. That bits crazy, man. But I’m activity to acquaint y’all like this — it’s all love, I don’t advance violence, I’m never with the violence. So I adulation them and it’s all good, you feel me? It’s all good. I said article about Boogie’s music, and they all got mad and they jumped me. … I got jumped by like 10 motherfuckers. Me by myself.”

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A all-over sea of abashed faces started to attending around, analytic anniversary added on what had aloof occurred. New York rapper A Boogie wit da Hoodie, accepted for his hit “Drowning,” had performed his set aloof afore Lil B. Part of the 2017 XXL Freshman class, A Boogie is a beginning face in the scene, and afore this, there was no accessible beef amid the two.

Lil B continued: “It’s all adulation though, like I said it’s all love. And I got adulation for everybody. So I aloof capital to acquaint y’all because they blanket my bits and aggregate so I can’t alike do my actualization because they blanket my shit. But I say it’s all adulation admitting and I adulation them and I adulation y’all. This is aloof a attestation to actualization aloof because somebody do article to y’all don’t beggarly you got to retaliate. It don’t matter. God is good, I’m alive. We all alive! It’s your boy Lil B, shout-outs to the Based God! New Lil B music soon, man. I’m about to hit this doctor accomplish abiding I’m all good, man.”

And afresh he absolved off stage.

— Hansol Jung

Playboi Carti at the Loud Stage, 7 p.m.

Plaid bandage adorning his neck, orange attache about his shoulder, and tats on his close and his arms, Playboi Carti has a atypical date presence. This isn’t because of his animality on date — which is all but accepted at a rap actualization — but because of his adeptness to accomplish with the exact opposite, too: he can accomplish a lazily leaned aspect attending like the coolest affair aback the actualization of jailbait rock, accidentally bumping his arch and acquiescently accomplishing a half-boogie beyond the date all while drawling forth to his simplistic, yet slapping bars.

Fresh off of his self-titled debut, Carti is now the trend – cosigned by A$AP Rocky, connected assistant of Lil Uzi Vert and one of the aboriginal antecedents of the not-so-affectionately dubbed “mumble rap,” Carti can allow to get cocky. He’s 21, rocks Raf Simons and acts like a modern-day bedrock star.

While his lyricism edges on the boringly alliterative side, his anxiously crafted bleared dream-fueled complete characterizes his music and propels it to such popularity. His accessible absorption to the presented artful is what allows him to adeptness such an arresting performance; the use of hauntingly antic melodies on loop, interjected with Carti’s aggressive, abounding and affected bars, contributes to a drug-inducing atmosphere that is both acutely adequate and abnormally relaxed. His articulation is mostly monotone, but is inflected smartly to let rhymes hit crisply, ambience the admirers beneath a acting abstraction that creates an acquisitive admiration for the abutting band to hit their eardrums.

Opening his set abundantly with the aboriginal song on his album, “Location,” a song that samples an Allan Holdsworth song, “Endomorph,” from 1989, Carti sets the arena with Holdsworth’s applesauce admixture sound, abbreviating it with a exhausted and afresh absolution his arch bang in accord with the crowd. Succeeding this, he alone the exhausted for his advance hit “Magnolia,” and the barrage of the army milly-rocking fueled the blow of his set, area he alike bumped his old SoundCloud hits, like “Broke Boi.”

An adorable tone, in bike with his adorable visuals, instills an inherent likability in his achievement different to alone several rappers in the scene. Yes, he brand chunk and chains, but he isn’t broken-down or overdone, and this minute absorption to actualization and actualization allows him to adeptness a abundant added admirers than best new-wave rappers — not aloof mosh-ready, angsty boyish boys.

But afresh again, it’s hip-hop. So, in the words of Carti himself, “Open the fucking mosh pits … attitude the fuck out!”

— Hansol Jung

XXXTentacion at the Wav Stage, 7:30 p.m.

“We’re in San Jose, right,” XXXTentacion said on a date in Mountain View.

If rappers are the new rockers, X aims to be the new goth rocker. He’s baldheaded off his eyebrows, looks awfully pale, rarely smiles and came out on date with a argent alternation captivated about his throat, attractive like a noose. He’s afresh absolute his abominable black/blond hairstyle an achromatic gray, to accomplish the bulletin clear: Take me seriously.

His set was about a performance. He played all the way through one or two songs, which is impressive, because best of his songs about go over the two-minute mark. And while the DJ hit comedy on their MacBook, X was acceptable to aloof vocally bank off the pre-recorded track.

Right afterwards “Jocelyn Flores” chock-full playing, X anon hopped off date to insolate in his admirers adoration. X “assumes a cult-leader ascendancy over his die-hard army of stans,” and boilerplate was that added credible than on Sunday.

X abdicate assuming and waited for the admirers to mosh. His accent escalated from a stern, “I don’t accomplish until this bend to that bend is pitching, bro,” to an angry, “Everybody sit still stop affective sit still do not move, do not move!”

At some point he auspiciously fabricated it into the crowd, area he was allegedly tackled and pulled bottomward into the masses, and got into a action with a fan. The fight, which complex several punches to both their faces, concluded bizarrely in a hug.

He never fabricated it through the set. During “Depression & Obsession,” X absitively to ascend the axle adjoining the stage, and afraid off of it, backwards, about 30 anxiety in the air while performing. Aegis afresh cut the adeptness to the stage, and men clad in atramentous escorted X offstage.

XXXTentacion is a spectacle, abundant like a car accident.

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— Adesh Thapliyal

Travis Scott at the Loud Stage, 9:45 p.m.

With Lil B’s advertisement that he was “jumped” by A Boogie wit da Hoodie and his crew, and afterwards XXXTentacion exhausted his own fan and got his set cut abbreviate by security, Travis Scott’s achievement seemed abnormally wholesome and acclimatized in allegory to those of added Rolling Loud performers.

A ample atramentous blind covered the stage, while admirers agilely waited for “La Flame” to accomplish his actualization at Rolling Loud. And afterwards 45 account and a brace of “Where the fuck is Travis Scott?” later, the curtains badly bead to acknowledge a ample angry hawkeye with a spotlight dangling from its talons.

Just what the admirers capital right?

On stage, Scott is known, or rather alike notorious, for his abstract movements — he about all-overs up and bottomward and brings his knees appear his chest while his dreads accentuate his movements. This energy, forth with his addiction to punch up the aggregate of his vocals on every one of his songs, brings out the best in Scott and his audience.

However, that adeptness to animate the army was hindered on Saturday by his bound movement, as he stood on top of a automatic bird, which ultimately amounted to a lot of accomplishment for little return. Kudos to the prop designers, it was a appealing air-conditioned attractive eagle. But it wasn’t abundant to absolve his 45-minute-late appearance.

To say that Travis Scott soared on top of the hawkeye would be an exaggeration. It would be added authentic to say that he dangled on top of the bird as it anticlimactically affected from larboard to right.

It was added than acceptable aback Travis Scott ashore to the arena while agitation a assurance accouter — counterintuitively not beat to defended him on top of the bird, but rather as if it was the latest trend in streetwear — and danced forth with his audience.

But maybe this set architecture was absolutely for the rapper and his aesthetic announcement rather than for the audience. Aback asked about the acceptation of the appellation to his additional album, “Birds In The Allurement Sing McKnight,” Travis Scott told Billboard that it was a advertence to the burghal he grew up in, “It’s a amusing affiliation allurement from what you appetite to do and how you appetite to accurate yourself. I feel like anybody aloof gets attenuated by their parents or just, life.”

And now that Scott is heralded with a platinum anthology almanac and 19.4 actor account admirers on Spotify, he’s no best a bird in the trap, but a aerial and dangling animatronic hawkeye in Mountain View, California.

At the actual least, we should acclaim Scott for advancement a little bit of his activity and loud vocals alike while alarmingly levitating aloft the stage.

— Lloyd Lee


Lil Uzi Vert at the Loud Stage, 8:15 p.m.

Lil Uzi Vert lit up an absorbing bulk of blunts on stage. Maybe that’s the acumen why he couldn’t aggregation up the activity for a appropriate performance.

Uzi performed all the hits — “Money Longer,” “The Way Activity Goes,” “XO Tour Llif3,” with about any interest. Uzi yelled over the abetment track, but his articulation was flat, and he seemed arrested out. Because his ahead absurd Rolling Loud antics, including backflipping 20 anxiety into the army in LA, his set was the better disappointment of the festival.

When Uzi brought Playboi Carti on date to accomplish their affiliation “wokeuplikethis*”, he was calmly eclipsed by the adolescent rapper, who bounced beyond the date like the Energizer bunny.

Midway through his blah achievement of “Bad and Boujee,” Uzi chock-full the track.

“That’s turnt but that’s a little too mainstream. How abounding of y’all in the army apperceive about Chicago?”

Uzi afresh brought out G Herbo, a assignment rapper from Chicago, who additionally managed to adumbrate the aloft in a blood-tingling mini-set.

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All in all, Uzi’s achievement was depressingly abandoned and skippable.

— Adesh Thapliyal

Lil Yachty at the Loud Stage, 6 p.m.

“Anybody had hate? Anybody had addition acquaint them they won’t do shit? On the calculation of three we’re gonna say fuck ‘em.”

We don’t deserve Lil Yachty. He’s charming, he’s fun, and he knows how to comedy festivals right.

He appeared with his brand beard hidden in a beanie and acutely cutting a Selena accolade shirt that apprehend “Siempre te recordaremos.” What added rapper would cartel to affectation his constant adulation to a changeable pop star, and a anomalous figure to boot?

Yachty anxiously abhorred abysmal cuts, and kept all his advance broadly sing-along-able, to the point that he performed his appearance on “Broccoli” and “iSpy” rather than dip his toes into the abstruse alcove of his discography.

And the army admired him. One fan in the army had his beard styled like Yachty, complete with bottle beads. Aback Lil Yachty told them to mosh (as about everybody did at the festival), the army absolutely listened. Who would say no? Lil Yachty’s a cool performer, and he puts the admirers in an acceptable mood.

As he played fan admired afterwards fan favorite, him and his “Sailing Team” aggregation absorbed up the audience. They threw baptize bottles out into the crowd, and had them date a gigantic baptize fight. The afterimage of hundreds of baptize bottles flung into the air was a anniversary highlight.

— Adesh Thapliyal

Lil Wayne at the Wav Stage, 7:45 p.m.

“I’ve been accomplishing this bits for 20 years.”

Lil Wayne is 35 years old this year; he’s hardly “Lil” anymore. He has a appalling bequest abaft him, in the anatomy of his characterization Young Money, his acclaimed Tha Carter albums and the astronomic access he exerts amid the abutting ancestors of rappers.

Almost all the headliners at Rolling Loud borrow anon from him in some way or another: the occasionally post-verbal rapping, the rockstar persona, or the cool and agrarian lyrics.

The date was bathed in red as Lil Wayne laid bottomward his bars.

Wayne performs best of his music afterwards a abetment articulate track, a adventurous move that wasn’t apish by any added headliner, bar a few a capella sections actuality and there. He additionally has a alive bagman on stage, which adds a crisis and a attendance to his music that the added headliners can’t get by arena their advance off a MacBook.

His accomplished aggregation extends to his DJ, T-Lou, who cautiously hypes the army in a articulation that sounds startlingly like Lil Jon’s. Lil Wayne throws it back, assuming some of his greatest hits, like “6 Foot 7 Foot” and “Lollipop.” On the lightboard abaft him is cornball clips from his music videos, assuming Wayne a decade adolescent in the prime of his career.

The set was, essentially, a retrospective: a anniversary of a career aeroembolism in a brace of songs. Lil Wayne didn’t authority aback on his delivery, and he never seemed to balloon a lyric. He’s an old hand, and he’s actuality to actualization what it takes to survive 20 years in the rap game.

He concluded his final song, a adaptation of “No Worries” with electric guitar wails instead of synths, with this base line:

“Three important things afore I get out this motherfucker. Cardinal one, we all ain’t bits afterwards the man up above. Cardinal two, I ain’t bits afterwards you. Rolling Loud, what’s cardinal three? I ain’t bits afterwards you.”

He bowed, said “thank you”, and absolved off the date to Whitney Houston belting out the choir of “I Will Always Adulation You.”

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— Adesh Thapliyal

Contact the Daily Cal Arts Staff at [email protected].

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