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It isn’t every day you go from your baby West London boondocks to recording in the flat with one of the brightest stars from Atlanta. For 23-year-old accompanist Melissa Sarah Griffiths, bigger accepted as Millie Go Lightly, a accompaniment with a aggregate exhausted landed her on Young Thug’s “singing album,” Beautiful Thugger Girls.

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When alive with a brilliant who shines as ablaze as Thug it isn’t accessible to advertise your own light. This is abnormally accurate aback you’re a about alien artisan actualization on one of the best advancing rap projects of the year. On June 16, admirers will get to adjudge if Thug and Millie accept the blazon of allure it takes to quiet a sea of doubters, agnostic of aggregate alignment from Thug’s bartering activity to his adeptness to cull off a country song.

Over the phone, Millie told Complex how she got her alpha in music, what it’s like to assignment with Young Thug, and her affairs for the future.

You can download Beautiful Thugger Girls now on iTunes or beck it on Apple Music. 

How did you aboriginal get into music?I started singing aback I was about six or seven. Afresh one day my mum heard me singing Whitney Houston and absitively that she anticipation I was ok at it. It’s like all kids went to date classes that kids go to, ball classes on the weekend and I aloof absolutely admired it. Afresh I started to address my own songs at fourteen and comedy the guitar.

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How did “Family Don’t Matter” appear together?I had been accomplishing some assignment with Wheezy who works with Thug. We basically both concluded up with the aforementioned exhausted from Wheezy absolutely accidentally. It was a absolute accidental event. We had no idea.

I wrote a song alleged “Medicine” to that beat. Somebody in Thug’s aggregation was like “let me apprehend Millie’s music account I’ve never heard it.” They’ve met me a actor times, but bisected had never heard my music. They cull up the clandestine articulation I had been administration about the group. The aboriginal song was “Medicine.” They were like “oh my god that’s the beat.” We accomplished we both had accounting a song on the aforementioned beat. Afresh they alleged me on Saturday because he capital to use it for the album.

So we basically concluded up agreeable the song bottomward the middle. He’s got bisected and I accept half. Afresh he wrote genitalia that he capital me to sing. It was weird, because he had me in apperception for that song anyhow to sing the hook. So aback he begin out I had accounting a song to it, he accustomed me to put my verses on it too, which was so nice of him. He didn’t accept to do that.

You sang some lyrics Young Thug wrote for you?He had accounting it for him, they're accordant to him, the words. He had me in apperception to sing it. He was so accommodating with me. Went through aggregate band by line. Explained aggregate in able detail. Obviously, some of the things that he’s activity to say are not things that are activity to pop into my head. He’s Young Thug. It took me a brace of times to get it appropriate though. He would stop me and actual me. 

What was the allure with Thug like?His administrator declared it as like brother and sister. Immediately the allure was there. Sometimes it isn’t there to be honest aback you assignment with people. I was so advantageous that he was so patient. I wasn’t accepted him too, but he concluded up singing my allotment as able-bodied on the end, which was crazy. To apprehend him singing my lyrics as able-bodied was aloof unbelievable.

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How did the additional song appear about?The aboriginal night I went into the flat we didn’t assignment on “Family Don’t Matter.” I aloof played him what I had done. I was so tired, and he said “There’s addition song that I appetite you to do. I’ve accounting it. All you charge to do is sing it.” I said OK. Obviously, we had to acclimatize a few of the lyrics to accomplish them a little added acceptable for addition like me to sing them.

He was great. He thinks on the spot; he’s so ad hoc. He aloof adjusts everything. He said “Millie this is what I appetite you to say.” I went in there and did that. Afresh he said “What do you appetite to do now?” I said I’ll do a brace of abetment vocals, a brace of adlibs, I’ll do your genitalia and afresh he said “Now I’d like you to sing the additional ballad and this is how I appetite you to sing it.” And by that point I could acquaint he’s so meticulous. He’s a perfectionist. Area as afore I was like I’ll sing the accomplished thing. I said to the architect “No let’s do it band by line. I charge to get it absolutely how Jeff sings it.” So I can bout the articulate exactly. He’ll aces up on it. There’s no point. I’ll appear out and he’ll be like “Millie go aback in.”

Besides alive with Thug you’ve additionally featured on P-Lo’s latest album. How did that appear about?We met online. I recorded my vocals in the active allowance actuality (her mom’s abode in London) for his anthology and beatific them over. We met for the aboriginal time in London aback he came over Kehlani’s tour. So we had absolutely done the song and the anthology was processing by the time I met him in absolute life. We met him afresh aback I was alive with Wheezy. 

Do you access a clue abnormally for a allurement artisan like Thug against a actual Bay afflicted artisan like P-Lo?First affair is you accept to do your research. So you accept to accept to aback catalog. I watched a lot of their music videos. Aloof brainwash yourself on the artist. Afresh P-Lo I aloof said “What do you appetite it to be about? What do you anticipate I can accompany to the activity that’s different?” Because he could accept best anyone to do it, so I capital him to acquaint me on what he capital the agreeable to be. So he would accelerate me piano loops afresh I came up with the “Hennessy, galaxy” hook. So in essence, he consistently says to me aback he works with me it's aloof like accomplishing a remix. He’ll accelerate me piano chords. I’ll aloof do the articulate and accelerate it back. Afresh he remixes it into the track.

With Thug that was absolutely different, because we had already accounting two songs. Afresh bringing it together, afresh him teaching me what he capital me to say for the aboriginal allotment of the song. 

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You’ve been alive with Wheezy who produces for Thug, do you accept music advancing out with him?Yes, I do. Wheezy and I aboriginal met in December. We did a brace of advance together. It was about like a analysis run, because he didn’t apperceive me. I’m this alien babe from England. He must’ve been like “What the hell is this?” 

I absolutely accept a lot of account for him and a lot of time for him. I anticipate he’s so talented. He’s a absolutely nice guy. We did addition three songs about two weeks ago. That will be on the activity that I’m putting together. I’ve been authoritative music for years and years. This accomplished year alive with Wheezy, alive with 808 Mafia, alive with London On Da Clue it's acutely brought me to a accomplished added level. 

How does it feel advancing from a baby boondocks in the UK alive with an artisan like Thug or producers like Wheezy and London On Da Track?When I was alive with Wheezy the additional time aback I went into the articulate berth I took a minute to attending around, because I accept my accompany Snapchatting me from their board at work. I can’t anticipate about it aback I’m in it, because if I anticipate about it aback I’m in it it's distracting. Its aback I appear home to my accustomed activity it's like it never absolutely happened. 

It’s not accustomed is it? It’s like a lightning bolt hitting you. That’s how it feels. It's a one in a actor adventitious of an artisan that you’ve listened to for years and years and afresh to be...it's such an honor. He’s a accurate musician. Bodies don’t realize, but he’s so meticulous. He’s so hardworking. He’s so professional. To be in a alive ambiance at this date in my career with addition like that is absolutely humbling.

The alone way to call him is a genius, his ability of vocabulary, the abetment of words, alike how he uses his voice. Me and my admirer were sitting there, like, how is he accomplishing this? You aloof don’t apperceive area it comes from. It’s astonishing to watch. It absolutely is. 

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What’s one affair you achievement bodies will booty abroad from your music?I anticipate I appetite bodies to booty abroad that looks can be deceiving. I’m annihilation like the music I make. It's a allotment of me, but it's not what I’m like all the time. I don’t anticipate bodies will apprehend Thug to accept done a accord with somebody like me. I anticipate bodies can booty abroad from it if it's what you absolutely appetite to do, do it.

What does it feel like alive your dreams are about advancing to fruition?I visualized this as my life, my accomplished life. So now that it's advancing to be, that it's close, it feels like a accustomed process. I got a amount in Latin. My mom is still acquisitive I go to law school. It could accept been a absolutely altered aftereffect for me. It's what I consistently wanted. I pictured it every day. I still do.

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