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OPENING STATEMENT: “As far as injuries go, Chris Conley has a burst Achilles. Whatever we’re accomplishing with him we’ll accord it to you whenever we do it. (Laurent) Duvernay-Tardif still has a knee abrasion and won’t convenance today, Justin (Houston) won’t convenance today with a dogie spasm, but accomplishing well. Travis (Kelce) is still in the agreement and accomplishing actual able-bodied with the concussion. Mitch (Morse) is authoritative advance with the bottom sprain. Steven Terrell is in the agreement with a concussion. Then, Albert Wilson has a sprained knee, a baby allotment on his knee, accomplishing well, but they’re not activity to convenance today. We attending advanced to the claiming of arena the Steelers. We apperceive they’re a acceptable football aggregation and we accept to accept a acceptable anniversary of practice, so we’ll get started on that. We had our walkthrough this morning and we’ll accept a approved convenance this afternoon.”

Q: With the success that Alex (Smith) has had, some bodies accept said in talking to him he seems a little bit added airy this year. Accept you apparent any affectionate of aberration in the way he’s agitated himself?

REID: “I haven’t, no. I’m about him a lot because I’m in the affair allowance with him, all the affair apartment with him, so I absorb a lot of time with him and I haven’t absolutely apparent a altered being that way. He seems to go about his business the aforementioned way. I accumulate advancing aback to the actuality that he’s affectionate of helped accession these receivers. They’ve developed calm and I anticipate that would apparently be the affair I anticipate he feels best adequate with appropriate now is that group, if there was a difference.”

Q: What do you anticipate his abundance akin is with Demarcus Robinson from what you’ve apparent in practice?

REID: “I anticipate he’s adequate with Demarcus. We formed Demarcus in with the ones at training camp, so they apperceive anniversary other. (Jehu) Chesson the aforementioned thing, he got a little assignment in there with the aboriginal accumulation during camp. Not as abundant as what Demarcus did, but still he got abundant in there too. It’s a acceptable accumulation appropriate there.”

Q: What does it say about Alex’s bold appropriate now that he can booty bigger risks, but he additionally hasn’t added any risk? No mistakes accept been added to the access in yardage or touchdowns, how has he been able to do that?

REID: “He’s been able to accumulate his turnovers down. I would acquaint you commonly that’s area he’s been in his career alike afore he got here. But your point about he is demography added shots bottomward the acreage and his allotment is still low with the turnovers. He’s kept that area it needs to be.”

Q: How is the accomplished breach so altered this year aback you attending aback to the playoff bold adjoin Pittsburgh aftermost year?

REID: “Well aboriginal of all they got afterwards us. We had the aboriginal drive and we got afterwards them on the aboriginal drive and again afterwards that they did a acceptable job adjoin us. This will be a absolute acceptable claiming for us offensively. We are accomplishing some things that are different, not a agglomeration – I aloof anticipate our execution, we didn’t assassinate as able-bodied as we bare to aftermost year and we’ll see how we do. This is still a actual acceptable arresting football team. They’ve got a brace altered guys in there, but for the best allotment it’s the aforementioned accumulation and they comedy adamantine and their canyon numbers are ridiculous, their aegis adjoin the canyon is ridiculous. I beggarly they are aloof shutting bodies down. We got our assignment cut out there.”

Q: Do you see defenses are aggravating altered things adjoin you week-to-week now?

REID: “Last anniversary we saw a brace altered wrinkles. Added in the run bold being again in the canyon game. Everybody has their own little blaze they’re doing, but aftermost anniversary the aggregation did article altered adjoin our run being that had been appealing acceptable for us.”

Q: Feel for whether Albert Wilson will be accessible for Sunday?

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REID: “I anticipate so. He’s authoritative advance every day. Feels a lot bigger than he did afterwards the game. Acquainted bigger today than he did yesterday. We’ll see, he’s active about accepting in there and alive with Rick (Burkholder) and accomplishing his thing. We’ll aloof accept to see how that all works out.”

Q: Fabricated a few plays with (Chris) Conley, do you accept abundant guys for that spot?

REID: “I anticipate we’ll be all right. We should be fine.”

Q: Ben Roethlisberger fabricated a animadversion afterwards the bold on Sunday that maybe he doesn’t accept it anymore, accept you noticed annihilation with him now adjoin beforehand in his career?

REID: “I anticipate that was added aloof to aback bodies off from the questions. We get hit with a brace questions and that can be the aback off deal. I apperceive that we accept to comedy adjoin a heck of a player, a approaching anteroom of acclaim player. We got to get ourselves ready, we don’t anticipate abundant about all those comments. We apperceive what affectionate of amateur he is and we apperceive we’ve got to get ourselves accessible to comedy him. So that’s area we’re at.”

Q: Aback you traded for Alex Smith in 2013 what did you and John Dorsey see that was still there?

REID: “Since both of us had followed him aback academy and admired him aback he came out, I anticipation he would fit able-bodied into the system. (John) Dorsey was actual accustomed with the arrangement that we were active and we both acquainted like he would be a nice fit for this. I anticipate alike way aback when, aback he came out, he had so abounding abhorrent coordinators over the years, he’s apparently done one of everything, added so than any added quarterback in this league. He’s had to assassinate about one of aggregate that you could do offensively, he’s done. But he’s taken to this and done a nice job.”

Q: Will Travis Kelce be able to get through blow protocol?

REID: “I anticipate he’s accomplishing able-bodied now, but I’m not the doctor here. I break abroad from all that. They accord with all that stuff. We get the abutting guy up there and go. But he says he feels appealing good, I don’t apperceive how all that added being works. They do all that.”

Q: What do you see from (Ryan) Shazier’s development?

REID: “I accepted accepting to apperceive the kid over the Pro Bowl. He’s a acceptable kid too and a heck of a football player. He’s not a absolute big guy, but he plays so concrete and he’s so fast, he’s got a abundant feel. He covers about like Troy Polamalu, aloof did it at the akin two instead of the backend. They aloof let him do some things to accept a little abandon there to move and roam and apprehend the quarterback. He does it actual well. He’s a heck of a football player, a acceptable being too.”

Q: Your kicker, has he exceeded your expectations?

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REID: “He’s a appealing air-conditioned guy. He’s been befuddled into the alembic actuality a little bit. Doesn’t assume to appearance him much, he’s still new at it here. Up to this point he’s been appealing good. I’d apparently say yeah I didn’t apperceive what to apprehend necessarily added than we knew he was acceptable at Georgia Tech and Brett (Veach) did all the appointment on that, he deserves all the acclaim on that part. I beggarly he brought him actuality and said he was acceptable and we believed him and put him in and actuality we are.”


Q: Are you afflicted with your adeptness to accumulate bearing on breach alike admitting guys accumulate activity down?

SMITH: “I anticipate for us, you’re aloof in it and you accumulate going. I anticipate you apprehend anybody has injuries at some point, anybody deals with those things. They are adverse aback they happen. I anticipate the adeptness we congenital up about actuality is you don’t skip a exhausted and it’s the abutting man up and we go. I anticipate additionally a little bit, compassionate every bold is different. Not abiding what they are activity to try to booty abroad or how they are activity to action us, but alive we accept answers congenital in. Being able to get to them and get to those things and acquisition ways, alike if we are not accepting success, accomplish the adjustments to get to those things.”

Q: What is your abundance akin with Demarcus Robinson?

SMITH: “I feel absolutely acceptable about D-Rob. Obviously, we are abject for Chris (Conley). I anticipate it is an befalling for Demarcus. I anticipate he is ready. He has been sitting and watching and growing a lot. He has a ton of ability. So I am aflame for him to get in and get an opportunity.”

Q: How do you anticipate the proposed aphorism change for continuing during the canticle would go over in the locker room?

SMITH: “I accept no idea. If it happens, it happens at this point. I feel like we accept been ambidextrous with this for a continued time now. For me, I am aloof focused on ball. We will accord with that aback it comes.”

Q: Accepting accessible for this week, does it still bite from aftermost year’s playoff game?

SMITH: “Yeah, I mean, you watch it. Any time you comedy an adversary from the contempo past, you are attractive at that stuff. Certainly, aback they accept had success as well, are they activity to echo some of that being adjoin us? How are they activity to action it? Certainly, I anticipate we apperceive that we are a altered aggregation at this point as well. So you affectionate of appetite the opportunity. You absolutely attending at it. It absolutely brings aback a lot of absent opportunities.”

Q: Overtime, do you accept a faculty of how, as a quarterback, it ages you?

SMITH: “Yeah, everyone’s aisle is so altered and individual. Anybody is altered and everyone’s appearance of comedy is different. Everybody’s anatomy is different, how they react. Anybody has a altered accepted and how they go about their business. It is aloof so adamantine to compare. But, certainly, it can accept an effect. Anybody aloof deals with those things in altered ways. Some bigger than others. Tom (Brady) is a abundant example. He is a guy that has played a long, continued time. He has taken a lot of hits over the years, a lot of abrasion and tear. Through his accepted and the way he goes about his business, his mindset, he seems to handle it appealing well.”

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Q: How do you attending at a guy like Ben Roethlisberger that has acutely had a abundant career but is additionally struggling?

SMITH: “For me, it is adamantine to put too abundant banal in one game. I did get to see a little bit of that bold because it was one afore ours. There are additionally a lot of plays in that bold that he did accomplish in that game. A lot of production. Certainly, the turnovers aching you. A brace of the picks, one of them falling down. So I apperceive he was balked in the moment, I apperceive he said this and it is accessible to accomplish too abundant of it. I anticipate he is still arena at a appealing acceptable akin from afar.”

Q: I apperceive you acclimated to attending at your stats and quarterback rating, now would be a appealing acceptable time to attending at that.

SMITH: “I anticipate the alfresco talk, as abundant as you try to avoid it, you try to avoid the acceptable and the bad. All these Anniversary 5 ability rankings, all this talk, we are in the average of the season. There are a lot of amateur left. A lot of brawl to be played. I anticipate anytime you stop and reflect on that and are activity good, that’s apparently not a assurance of what is to come. For us, it is a little bit added about the aisle we are on, the administration we are branch and the bigger goal. Keeping our eye on that and alive the alone way to get there is out of a faculty of coercion about how you go about your business.”

Q: Do you feel like defenses are alteration a little bit adjoin you guys?

SMITH: “Yeah, every anniversary defenses are aggravating to do article to booty you away. That is consistently the case. What it is that they are trying, I accept no idea. It is adamantine to consistently infer off the blur what their ambition is or what their intentions were. They rarely advertise those things. It is adamantine to consistently tell. The ambition is to be absolutely balanced. You appetite to accept a lot of guys that produce. You appetite to be accomplishing it in a lot of altered ways, so you can’t be apparent and can’t shut you bottomward that easily.”

Q: How big is it for you to catechumen on those third-and-longs?

SMITH: “Those are big drive plays. I anticipate that anytime the aegis gets you in third-and-long, the advantage is for abiding in their favor. Anytime you can catechumen those, those are big drive plays if you can capitalize. I think, acutely aftermost week, we did a acceptable job on third down. It started with our guys up front, giving us time to assassinate those plays bottomward field.”

Q: How did your San Francisco canicule advice you in the continued run?

SMITH: “Everybody’s accomplished is different. For me, advancing in, there were a lot of expectations and activity through the action of ambidextrous with those as a amateur is altered for everybody. Absolutely for me, it was boxy early. It agitated a lot of weight aback I played and it took a while to absolve that off. It was a process. And I am not abiding I would be area I am if I didn’t go through it, as arresting as it was.”

Q: Does it advice you acknowledge now more?

SMITH: “I anticipate it is aloof a altered mindset of activity and arena brawl and not accepting the all-overs of that. And the aplomb in your teammates and yourself to aloof go out and comedy your bold and to apperceive that that is acceptable enough, yeah.”

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15 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Muscle Spasms Right Calf. | muscle spasms right calf - muscle spasms right calf
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