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Rachel Schmidt was active the alleged American dream in the suburbs — a single-family home with a backyard and lots of amplitude for her growing ancestors — but it wasn’t her dream.

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“It was 2011,” says Schmidt. “We endemic a abode in Woodbury that my bedmate had purchased afore we met. And so aback we got married, I confused into that house.”

It was a move fabricated with conditions.

“I had said from the beginning, ‘I don’t fit in in the suburbs,’ ” Schmidt says.

“It was the affectionate of abode area you ability cull into the amiss driveway by mistake, cerebration it’s your house,” says Schmidt.

The brace agreed:

“We capital to accession our kids in the city,” Schmidt says.

In 2011, however, the apartment bazaar was still in accretion and it was not an ideal time to sell. Still …

“We adulation activity to accessible houses and we adulation old houses,” Schmidt says. “We like to go through them aloof for fun.”

This is how the brace begin themselves walking through an old abode for auction in St. Paul.

“We weren’t absolutely cerebration about buying,” says Schmidt. “But we absolved into this abode and we absolutely fell in love.”

Schmidt laughs.

“It’s affectionate of funny,” she says, “because it was covered in old carpeting and old wallpaper and smelled like mothballs. But both of us aloof had a abundant activity aback we absolved in the door. We talked about it and anticipation about it and eventually absitively we couldn’t absence out.”

The ambience of the abode in the burghal was ambrosial to Schmidt’s husband, Tim, who is a built-in of South Dakota and appropriately at home in wide-open spaces.

“That was the one affair about Woodbury that fabricated my bedmate afraid about leaving,” Schmidt says. “Our abode backed up to a little brook and it was appealing private. He loves actuality alfresco — mowing the lawn, digging in the dirt, that’s his thing. Burghal houses on burghal lots — they’re usually so small.”

Not this property.

“It’s on added than bisected an acre — it’s added amplitude than we apperceive what to do with — and, while it’s on Cleveland in South Highland, it’s appropriate beyond from the river artery and it faces the river.”

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The abode was ample central as well.

“We admired the amplitude the abode in Woodbury provided,” she says. “Obviously, earlier homes tend to be bankrupt off, with abate apartment that are sometimes arduous to fit modern-day appliance in. But aback we absolved into this house, we noticed that the apartment are big, the bedrooms are all big, there’s appropriate closet amplitude and the kitchen is huge. Afterwards on, we begin out the reason: It was abbey housing.

“The house,” she says, “was congenital in the 1930s for a pastor who preached beyond the river in Minneapolis. His name was Henry Prince and his wife was Loretta Prince. So the abode was congenital big abundant to authority abbey functions there. It was fabricated to authority a few added bodies and that apparel our ancestors absolutely well.”

The two-story colonial, which is believed to accept been congenital in 1939, is added than 2,400 aboveboard feet, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a fireplace. It additionally came with some absorbing accessories.

“There’s a allowance over the top of the tuck-under barn that has library bookshelves and, from what we accept been told, was fabricated to be the pastor’s study,” Schmidt says. “It was a acceptable abode for him to convenance his sermons, with cipher aloft or beneath him. And it backward a abstraction for a continued time. One of the absolutely absorbing and air-conditioned things about the abode is that as anniversary buyer bought the house, books were larboard abaft by the antecedent owners. So aback we bought the house, we wrote the books into the acquirement agreement, allurement to ‘Please leave as abounding books as you want.’ ”

Fortunately, abounding books were larboard behind.

“You can trace people’s interests over time — agronomical and Colonial America; a set of DIY home advance books from the ’40s; a agglomeration of barbershop quartet music; a ton of history …

“The brace we concluded up affairs the abode from — Harlan and Ria — he was a Harvard alum who flew in the Air Force during World War II and met his wife in Germany during the reconstruction, aback he was put in allegation of a town; she was a German war helpmate and he afterwards was alleged an honorary aborigine (of Aschersleben, Germany). So there are a lot of books about Germany. He was additionally a history and biking buff, so we accept their itineraries that they larboard in books — old Sodor biking books, old maps.”

“We appealing abundant confused in appropriate away,” says Schmidt. “The alone affair we did at aboriginal was breach up the carpeting.”

After that, they paused.

“We started planning,” she says. “We had pictures and account boards and Pinterest boards. … We capital to put calm a accomplished eyes of area we capital the abode to go. We didn’t appetite it to attending piecemeal.”

Finally, they absitively “we capital to do the kitchen aboriginal because it was such a hub,” she says.

The best-laid plans, admitting …

“One day, the toilet started aperture through the kitchen ceiling,” says Schmidt. “We said, ‘OK, assumption we’re accomplishing the admiral ablution first.’ So that became our aboriginal adventure. We started that the afterward summer. It was gutted to the studs.”

They didn’t abolish any aboriginal history.

“The ablution the way it was, it was adapted apparently in the ’70s,” she says. “There was annihilation aboriginal for us to save. We don’t apperceive what it looked like originally, so we adapted it based on the age of the abode and the abstracts that would accept been accepted for them to use at the time. So there are alms tiles on the walls and hexagon tiles on the floor. We had a vanity custom fabricated by a woodworker in the Twin Cities, modeled afterwards an ice box.”

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The advance was both different and thrifty.

“The casting iron, clawfoot slipper tub we got off Craigslist,” Schmidt says. “It had been refinished, but the buyer never acclimated it, she had aloof stored boxes in it. So my bedmate and some accompany of ours hauled it out of her abode and agitated it up the stairs of ours. That fabricated for absolutely a sight. All we had to do was dust it off, it was in absolute condition.”

It pairs accurately with the “rescue chandelier.”

“We accept a cardinal of chandeliers in the abode — all accomplishment chandeliers,” she says. “They came out of a big abode in Duluth they were disturbing down. I grew up in Duluth and I was up there visiting my ancestors for the weekend and saw these chandeliers in an aged store.”

That ablution acclimate was a axis point.

“We did a lot of analysis and we had absolutely assassin a contractor,” says Schmidt. “We had absitively it was bigger than what we capital to booty on on our own. We capital to accept addition abroad advice us.”

It didn’t assignment out that way, though.

They gutted the ablution afore activity on vacation, with the acceding that the assignment would be done while they were away.

“We got aback and it had not been touched, annihilation had been done,” Schmidt says. “We absitively that, all right, if this is activity to get done, we’re activity to accept to do it ourselves, we are activity to accept to be our own contractor.”

It wasn’t easy.

“We had a bisected ablution on the capital floor,” she says. “But no ablution with a tub or a battery — not acceptable aback you accept two little kids. It was a nightmare. So I took the kids and I went traveling — I went to South Dakota to appointment my mother-in-law. Tim and I would allocution and accomplish decisions. Eventually, afterwards we got aback home, I’d bath the kids at my sister’s and we’d battery at a neighbor’s house, our admirable neighbor.”

It was a acquirements experience.

“Although we assassin people,” says Schmidt, “we formed alongside them so we could apprentice during the process.”

The kids helped, too.

“The kids chic up a pully arrangement in the aback yard, they put the cut asphalt pieces in a bassinet that they pullied up to the ablution through a window,” Schmidt says.

Since 2011, the home on Cleveland Avenue has boring been adapted as the Schmidt ancestors grew and broadcast — their kids are now 11, 6 and 2.

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The assignment has been both big and small, both central and outside.

“We congenital the accouter by hand, aloof the two of us, aftermost summer,” Schmidt says. The aback yard, area the brace holds a accepted anniversary summer concert for family, accompany and clients, additionally includes a pergola, a firepit patio with basement and a bedrock garden with a bubbles fountain.

It’s not aloof the house, either.

“We advised a three-car barn that looks added like a carrying abode or a barn than a barn — I anticipate the acrylic we acclimated is alike alleged ‘barn red,’” she says.

And inside? “We dressed it up a little bit,” says Schmidt. “It was a abundant house, but as abbey housing, it was anatomic and utilitarian: We added some trim assignment — we added some baseboards and acme molding.”

They gutted the kitchen, abacus appearance like soapstone countertops to accompaniment the aboriginal character.

“We kept the aboriginal cabinetry, which is beautiful, we aloof added assimilate it and corrective it,” says Schmidt.

The aboriginal flooring, too, was a keeper.

“We begin a Douglas fir attic beneath four layers of added flooring,” she says. “After applying gallons of adhering remover and scraping, we got it bankrupt off enough, again sanded it and activated a poly accomplishment to it.”

The assignment continues.

“The abutting activity is axis our above tuck-under barn into a home office,” she says. “And I drew up designs to about-face the conservatory into a mudroom.”

Back in 2011, Schmidt was an elementary academy music teacher. Now she is a real-estate abettor with the Odd Brace Team at Keller Williams Integrity Realty in St. Paul. While Tim continues his assignment active a small-business accommodation administration at a bank, the brace afresh started their own baby business, Homegrown Advance & Design Co., one that specializes in budget-conscious renovations that pay admiration to the history of anniversary home.

She still loves her own old abode best, though.

“Now that I’m in absolute estate, I’ve been to bags of houses,” Schmidt says. “But I’ve never absolved into one and admired it were mine. I ability ambition abundance was as clean, but alike again I apperceive it’s not absolute life, it’s staging.”

She thinks she knows why she’s still bugged with the abode on Cleveland Avenue.

“If you can be in adulation with a house,” Schmidt says, “we are with this one.”

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