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When best bodies anticipate of a recorder, it conjures up an angel of those bargain artificial flutes that abounding bodies were affected to try to comedy in elementary school, as an addition to the apple of music. However, recorders were already article more—cherished instruments that helped ascertain the complete of the Renaissance. Similarly, aback bodies anticipate of Baron Henry VIII, they (quite rightfully) tend to focus on his continued and agitated alternation of marriages. But he was additionally a artisan and composer, and one of his admired instruments was the recorder.

The recorder as an apparatus dates aback to the Middle Ages, aback it acquired from beforehand flute-like instruments, and it was acclaimed mainly by the admittance of a deride hole. Traditional recorders were generally carved from a distinct allotment of copse or ivory, and were abundant added aesthetic agreeable instruments than the added frequently accepted artificial cheapies we accept today. They were broadly accepted in the Western agreeable attitude throughout the Renaissance and Baroque periods, aback a cardinal of adulatory symphonies were produced. Of advance Henry VIII, who advised himself, well, a Renaissance man, composed a cardinal of pieces involving the wind instrument.

Henry VIII advantaged in a cardinal of pursuits, including sports and gambling, as able-bodied as bookish activities such as autograph and acknowledging the theater. But as an artist, conceivably the Tudor monarch’s best alluring achievement was as a musician. He is accepted not alone to accept played the lute, lyre, and harp, amid added instruments, but additionally to sing. While his assuredly admirable articulation (would you appetite to be the one to acquaint him otherwise?) is not recorded for posterity, he could apprehend and address agreeable notation, and a cardinal of his compositions accept survived.

The British Library holds a arrangement dating aback to 1518 accepted as Henry VIII’s Songbook, which contains added than a hundred agreeable compositions from the era, 33 of which are accustomed to the baron himself. Abounding of them are multi-instrumental arrange with lyrics, including what is arguably his best acclaimed song, “Pastime With Good Company.” His agreeable career is so acclaimed that there is a assiduous allegory that he was the aboriginal columnist of the acclaimed English folk song “Greensleeves,” although this is about absolutely not true.

Among the actual agreeable works of Henry VIII are at atomic two songs accounting accurately to be played on the recorder. “If Love Now Reigned” and the other, untitled assignment are archetypal of the active recorder music of the age. They complete as admitting they would fit in altogether at a Renaissance fair, or the abutting fantasy atypical tavern.

To abutment his agreeable obsession, the baron accumulated an absorbing accumulating of instruments, which were captivated at Westminster Abbey and kept by adolescent artisan Philip van Wilder, who had been called Keeper of the Instruments. In the massive 1547 account of Henry VIII’s backing afterwards his death, amid the abundant palaces, ships, and riches, is a continued account of agreeable instruments, including bagpipes, flutes, lutes, organs, and more. Notably, the accumulating lists some 49 recorders fabricated of altered types of ivory and a array of woods, including boxwood, and walnut. Abounding of the recorders are aggregate calm by material, and apparently produced a advanced ranges of sounds and tones. There are additionally atypical instruments listed, such as a abundant bass recorder, which was acceptable beyond than the rest. He may accept had alike added than the ones listed in the inventory. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website claims that the agreeable autocrat endemic 76 recorders by the time he died.

We ability not anticipate abundant of the apprehensive recorder in the avant-garde age, but once, it was absolutely the apparatus of kings. Listening to Henry VIII’s recorder compositions today, the instrument’s sweet, animated tones accommodate a glimpse at the abundantly acrid figure’s generally disregarded softer side.


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