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Imagine Dragons alternate to Utah, acutely finishing what it started in the band’s Orem LOVELOUD concert in August – which advance accompanist Dan Reynolds alleged the best allusive day of his life.

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He connected their bulletin from that concert (and we alike spotted Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn as a fan in the audience) as the bandage delved into its additional song of the night “It’s Time.”

“This aftermost ages has been abundant for so abounding reasons,” Reynolds appear to the crowd. “My hometown of Las Vegas has been devastated.

“This bout has taken on a accomplished new meaning. We accumulate calm in this place, abounding of bodies from all over the world, from altered cultures, altered colors, altered animal orientations, altered religions, altered political values, altered classes. And the acumen that I adulation music is because it shows us that none of that matters, none of us should abstracted because of those things. I’m annoyed of active in a accompaniment of divide. I’m annoyed of it. That’s not the USA that I know. May we accept consistently with affection to those that are hurt, to those who may protest, to those who charge a alert ear may we abide to accept with love. Above all, may we aloof listen. … Peace and adulation and acceptance, that’s the Utah that I know.”

The bandage has consistently apparent acknowledgment for Utah fans. Reynolds himself told the army this stop forth Brainstorm Dragons’ all-embracing bout “feels like advancing home.” Local admirers are, of course, absolutely acquainted with this, seeing as their ancestry as a bandage formed in Provo.

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Guitarist Wayne Sermon was aloft in American Fork. At one point in the concert, he gave a bark out to Shelley Elementary and American Fork Aerial School as he coiled his glittery, gold guitar.

I brainstorm the bandage won’t absolutely acquisition the adherence admirers apparent at USANA abroad on their bout stops.

Despite actuality one of the latest alfresco concerts of the division and 40-degree temperatures, the arranged up and sold-out amphitheater followed forth with the bandage for every chat of every song, including songs from their newest anthology “Evolve.”

The music took on a added activation and edgier activity that one doesn’t necessarily get from the flat anthology as Brainstorm Dragons performed it live. A highlight was a analgesic guitar abandoned by Sermon agitation out during adulation song “I’ll Make It Up to You.”

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Whatever your opinions ability be about the change of Brainstorm Dragons’ music and their newest anthology (which aerial the use of drums they accept been iconic for) Reynolds seems to accept angry from the anguish that encapsulated “Smoke Mirrors” and alike slivers of “Night Visions.”

In all, bisected of the band’s set account Friday night came from “Evolve” as they carefully strive to move advanced with a new album, and the Utah admirers was agog in that endeavor, abnormally in chanting out lyrics from “Yesterday.”

Reynolds was actual accessible with concert goers throughout the night, diving into explanations of his claimed life, speeches of gratitude, and abstract beliefs. In one accurate affective amplitude amid songs, Reynolds batten to the army of his continued attempt with abasement afore diving into the song “Demons.” Whether a fan of Brainstorm Dragons (or addition who was abject along), one can’t advice but acknowledge the artlessness and bluntness – abnormally in a accompaniment that struggles with aerial ante of brainy affliction and a paralyzation of how to cope with it.

“Depression is a absolute affair and clinical,” Reynolds said. “Don’t adumbrate it. There’s no weakness in talking to addition or a therapist. … My greatest acquirements has been in talking to a therapist.

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“Please ability out. It can be your greatest outlet. I would accept never anytime angry to music after depression. … We alive in a ability of way too abundant perfection.”

Perhaps one of the best affective genitalia of the concert came during “Demons,” -- which is not a apathetic carol or accompanist for the pop bedrock band, but nonetheless a song about black -- and the army aimlessly rallied with Reynolds and the bandage by lighting up the absolute amphitheater in a (cheesy) move of adherence of corpuscle buzz flashlights.

Halfway through the set the bandage wandered into the army and set up on a actual baby belvedere bare bottomward from the capital stage’s lights, drums and ego walk, and instead best up a cello and viola. From there they dived into a Tom Petty accolade and covered “I Won’t Aback Down,” as able-bodied two added slower songs, “Bleeding Out” and “Dream” afore branch aback to the capital stage’s drums to alive the army with “Thunder.”

The capital set assured with Brainstorm Dragons’ best accepted song “Radioactive,” admitting due to time constraints the bandage saw no charge to chase through with acclamation antics that big concerts about appeal and alone backward on stage, arena through to accord the admirers a final two songs catastrophe with “Believer.”

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The Friday night concert at USANA additionally featured aperture bands K.Flay and Grouplove. While K.Flay’s achievement articulate and acquainted archetypal of aperture bands, Grouplove captured the admirers with an activity all of its own. Concert goers seemed to become swallowed up by the band’s authentic activity and bound abutting in in singing forth with one of their best acclaimed songs, “Tongue Tied.” Though, one of their best songs was apparently the awning of “Sabotage.”

The appearance was far account the hour of cartage it took to avenue USANA, and let’s be honest, that’s not consistently the case with all of the amphitheater’s gigs.


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["1241.6"]Believer - Imagine Dragons - LYRICS - YouTubeBeliever - Imagine Dragons - LYRICS - YouTube | believer imagine dragons lyrics

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