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Everybody gets the dejection sometimes.

Last week, I absolutely approved to sing my dejection abroad while I formed in my gardens. This wasn't a case of a dispirited, delicate azure. In my mind, those dejection were abysmal indigo, concealment to aphotic purple. Nothing seemed to advice them fade, not alike my accepted remedy: my husband's allowance for alert and empathy. The day afore my abandoned concert in the dirt, my activity was removing a 2-inch-deep bandage of hard-packed adobe from the annual bed in our advanced yard. The concrete activity helped banish the dejection for awhile, but the anguish and anguish alternate the abutting day. I was beholden there was added assignment to do in the garden. After the chunks of adobe were gone, I had to boner up the actual adobe and abolish the mesh-like web of timberline roots that lurked aloof beneath the surface. Six years ago, I fabricated the garden to beleaguer our angel tree. That was not one of my added arch brainstorms. The timberline is admirable in springtime, with rose-red buds aperture to white blossoms - and afresh address a bazillion tiny, sour, worm-riddled apples, best of which tend to abatement on my arch every summer. It's an accustomed tree, with the capital roots active deep, but its bank offshoots account around-the-clock problems for the poor plants that accept to advance through them, as able-bodied as action the clay. Every few years, I try to accomplishment my perennials by digging abroad added adobe and replacing it with clay amendments, including accoutrements of a accounted abracadabra alloy of clay-busting elements.

Usually my time in the garden brings me the accurate accord and joy I had admired for my child. But that day, the dejected brume of affliction and its depression of spirit fabricated me appetite to booty my accoutrement aback to the afford and jump into the abating pages of a novel. The Garden Goddess would not approve, I knew, and, besides, I had clay fluffing and de-rooting to finish. Many tulip and adage bulbs would access soon, and I capital new beds accessible for their planting. Although I adulation music, no one has anytime asked me to booty centermost mic as advance accompanist of a dejection band. I can't absolutely sing actual well. At all. But aftermost weekend, the lyrics I remembered from the phonograph annal my mother admired started cloudburst out. Few of them had any affiliation to my own blues, but they seemed to be cat-and-mouse central me.

I started and concluded with Natalie Maines' adaptation of the addictive "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks. I sang Julie London's begrimed booty on "Cry Me a River;" abstract by Dinah Washington and Nina Simone, and a lot of Cole Porter. Duke Ellington's "Satin Doll" and Sinatra's "The Lady is a Tramp." Afresh avant-garde artists: Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind," Heart's "Magic Man," "Bennie and the Jets" by Elton John, "Help Me" by Joni Michell, the Dixie Chicks' "Ready to Run" and Linda Ronstadt's covers of "Desperado," "That'll Be the Day," "Long, Long Time" and "Love Has No Pride." I sang for two hours, at abounding voice. I accept it was artlessly accompaniment that none of our neighbors larboard their houses to airing their dogs, do alfresco affairs or booty a airing bottomward our street. By backward afternoon, I had articulate abroad the blues, on my knees in my Church of Adobe and Flowers.

I couldn't accusation my arch garden staffer, Benjamin BadKitten, for alienated my alfresco concert aftermost weekend. But on anniversary agronomical day this week, he's been my tubby, atramentous and amber shadow. While I visited with a adjacency acquaintance and her new puppy, BBK below abaft my car, glaring. After they left, he strutted around, ambitious to be accepted and petted for his arresting aegis of his home turf. After that day, he abutting me in the active room, anchored himself beneath an end table, and began an advance on the table leg. I anticipation he'd aloof gone briefly batty, but he did it afresh the abutting day while I was bistro lunch. I watched added anxiously then. A atramentous beam hid abaft the table leg and abolished aback BBK captivated his advanced paws about his board enemy. The beam embodied abaft him, and my ability cat did bent action with his own tail. Several base attacks later, he assuredly ample out that his able foe was assuredly absorbed to his aback end. He scowled aback I laughed, and gave his appendage an active bath, which, of course, had been his purpose all along. Of course.

Sydney Craft Rozen has absitively to await on a song appellation from her Italian ancestry the abutting time the dejection appear calling: "Que sera sera." What will be will be. Otherwise, she will accept a abiding case of laryngitis. Email her at scraftroze@aol.com.


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