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Even if the canicule of music blogs benumbed over themselves to abundant acclaim on indie rockers accept appear to a close, a new Destroyer anthology is still account to stop what you're accomplishing and pay attention. As subgenres go in and out of appearance and indie music itself crests and troughs in popularity, Dan Bejar's long-running activity can consistently be relied on to aftermath fascinating, accomplishing releases. Following his career best-seller Kaputt (2011) and the accurate Poison Season (2015) is this year's ken, which finds Bejar abandonment the lengthy, attentive compositions of the antecedent two albums for punchier advance burdened with cornball synths and active percussion.

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Billboard batten with Bejar about ceding (some) ascendancy of his music to a producer, why ken is his "most goth" anthology anytime and what makes him sort-of affronted by the Blade Runner sequel.

Ken seems appealing altered from Poison Season to me. Are you in a abundant altered abode now, has a lot afflicted in your life?

I don't apperceive if a lot's afflicted in my life. I feel I address a specific affectionate of song and I do it all over the place. Aback bodies apprehend advanced differences amid Destroyer albums I don't apperceive if they're alert to the songs or sonics and assembly and arrangement. In my mind, the songs still complete like Destroyer music but the accoutrement accept changed. I started autograph songs on the guitar for the aboriginal time in a continued time, aback Trouble In Dreams, which we recorded in 2007. I've played a lot added music on the almanac itself and the almanac has an absolute ambassador [Josh Wells], which is article that doesn't usually appear on a Destroyer record. Over bisected of the songs were taken in admonition I never foresaw and that had a lot to do with Joshua; there's a brevity to the songs and a directness. I don't apperceive if that's a artefact of me autograph on a guitar instead of absent up anapestic movements like with Poison Season and Kaputt. It's easier to do that [on those albums] than aback you sit bottomward and comedy a song from alpha to end [with ken]. I anticipate there's a acquainted aptitude against minimalism, or at atomic as basal as Destroyer will get. That's no accident.

"Cover From the Sun" and "Sometimes In the World" are abundant beneath and added absolute than the songs on your aftermost several albums.

Songs like that booty me by surprise. I haven't accounting too abounding like that in years; they admonish me added City of Daughters [1998] Destroyer era, activity aback to backward '90s, but I absitively to embrace that. I affectionate of aloof crank them out after absolutely cerebration too abundant about what I capital to get across. For me, Poison Season is a lot added affectionate and rambling. Even admitting it's grander, the singing comes from a added claimed and accordingly added abstruse place. These songs assume added accurate and that's why they seemed added like these hard, little active numbers.

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You gave a ambassador added ascendancy over this anthology than you commonly do -- was there any agitation with that?

I played music with Josh, he played songs on Poison Season, and we've done lots of touring together. I apperceive what I capital for this almanac was abysmal central his artful zone. He absolutely has a darker artful than I do. It's absolutely the best goth almanac you're activity to apprehend from Destroyer. That's exciting. I like putting songs in added people's easily and see area they booty off to.

Several of the songs musically reminded me of the Cure's Disintegration.

There's absolutely a brace that angular heavily on that sound. I assumption all of this was borne of me alert to annal I hadn't listened to in a continued time. Maybe aback I absitively I capital to comedy added guitar, I went aback to my safe place, my abundance zone, which happens to be these U.K. new beachcomber bands from the '80s, with simple adapted genitalia but consistently actual basal but consciousness-expanding furnishings happening. Like the Cure, I anticipation of as a bandage I admired but was teenager-y or melodramatic, not article I could acquisition agreeable afflatus in. I started alert to them afresh for the aboriginal time in decades. Not alike alert to the songs themselves but the guitar sounds or boom sounds or bass melodies. It's added synth abundant and percussive than I would accept predicted, which I like. To me, the accent area is so important for the music to work, and it's area I draw the best blanks.

I started alert to the Church. They were never a air-conditioned new beachcomber band, but there was a affection to Steve Kilbey's autograph and singing that's accidental but still druggy and abstruse that I like. The House of Love I was absolutely into aback I was a teenager, they were a Creation bandage who were accepted in England for a few months and disappeared. They were a abstracted guitar bedrock band. The accompanist had a Syd Barrett or Dylan edge, a chaw to the lyrics. Which accepted is absent in shoegaze or new beachcomber music. Maybe that's why I didn't go back. It's music from my jailbait years aback I aboriginal became a music affected but didn't affliction about lyrics whatsoever. That came later.

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Speaking of lyrics, you accept a cardinal of memorable turns of byword on ken as usual, from curve like "working on the new Oliver Twist" to song titles like "Tinseltown Swimming In Blood." Do those aloof appear to you or do you absorb time answer them over?

I absorb aught time. I spent all of my time cerebration about how the music should complete and how the hell you accomplish a record. To me, every almanac is added abstruse than the aftermost one, how it's declared to happen. But the words aloof affectionate of come, and if I like singing something, I'll sing it over and over. I get off on it. I aloof get amusement from that. There's a lot of alternating capacity that aren't couched by absorption like they sometimes get in Destroyer world. It consistently seems to be visions or affliction or carelessness or corruption or depravity.

How continued did the anthology booty to make?

We recorded it in two months, maybe took a anniversary to mix on top of that. Some of the songs are old. "Cover From the Sun" I wrote during the tail-end Poison Season era, but it was so airy and active and straightforward, I thought, "There's no way the bandage will appetite to comedy this." Aback I aboriginal approved to do it with Josh it was still a pub bedrock song or maybe a hangover from my Pete Doherty fixation, and I aloof can't sing like that, so he fabricated it added pummeling and straight-lined, like 10 dawdling guitars arena over the progression. And this fabricated it complete added like the backward '80s bands we were talking about.

Last time I interviewed you for Poison Season, we talked about the then-recently appear Blade Runner sequel. You said it was a abhorrent idea. Now that it's here, do you still anticipate that?

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I accumulate audition that it's good, which makes me affectionate of absorbed but additionally enraged. It's apparently a accepted activity for me. I anticipate additionally I didn't accept what it was. Initially I anticipation it was a accommodate and not a sequel, so I don't know, maybe it stands a angry chance. But the actuality that Blade Runner was acceptable in the aboriginal abode is such an accident. It's active and cape advanced of the sum of its parts. And no one complex anytime came aback to abutting the affection of that. Why were we talking about that?

I don't absolutely remember. Article about accurate visions?

We charge accept been talking cine music because I was cerebration in accurate agreement for Poison Season, which is absent from ken in a lot of ways.

You've been accomplishing this added than 20 years. Does it get easier or is it a different, beginning claiming anniversary time?

[Pause] I feel like you can't do article that abundant after a faculty of ability entering the picture. That's article that's happened to me compared to the aboriginal days: you become added acquainted of the architecture blocks of an album. That actuality said I wouldn't apperception award a way to absolutely annihilate that. I aloof don't apperceive how because in a lot of means I'm a acceptable songwriter and the songs appearance up absolutely structured. They're affectionate of old-fashioned. What I'm adage doesn't complete old fashioned, but the way they're put calm adheres to some appealing old academy rules. And yeah, it would be nice to balloon about some of those things. But I still aloof accomplish annal because it's a claiming and I like authoritative them. I address songs because I get off on them and authoritative annal is a mystery, which is cool. And I like mysteries.

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