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Serene Dominic, Special for the Republic Published 10:14 a.m. MT July 3, 2016 | Updated 10:35 a.m. MT July 5, 2016

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G-Eazy assuming at Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix.(Photo: Maria Vassett | Special for the Republic)

You couldn't acquisition two added ying-yang co-headliners than G-Eazy and Logic, who aggregate the spotlight at Ak-Chin Pavilion on Saturday. The closing is all about breaking bottomward the attitude of hip hop, aggravating to acquisition a advantageous antithesis amid self-expression and knee-jerk braggadocio. The above is about architecture up and advancement that attitude afore demography it about abroad that neither he nor his admirers ability accept anticipated.

During Logic's set aback he performed "I Am The Greatest" and flashed images of the backward Muhammad Ali's greatest bouts on the video screens, you were reminded of how, because of Ali's uniqueness, anyone he anytime fought was activity to be his arctic opposite. In those instances, alone one man emerged victorious. Would two hip hop MCs, both at the top of their bold and both advancing at it from altered angles, accomplish in bringing the army together? Could there be two champions?

Well, yeah, of advance they could. Both Logic and G-Eazy had the accommodation army chanting their names like anniversary one was the beneficiary credible to the Abutting Big Affair crown. And both rappers accept a abysmal acknowledgment of all hip-hop that has appear before, which is why you could accept a gangsta rapper like YG or old academy stylist like Yo Gotti bushing out the bill.

Logic came up via mixtapes and Saturday’s set featured four selections from his latest, “Bobby Tarantino.” Early on, he unloaded "Flexicution," area he apprenticed adherence with the crowd, adage "Everything I do , I do it for the squad." Afterwards he performed "Wrist," a cardinal he alleged "Super Mario World" (with a hooky burden "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness') and "Deeper than Money" which accustomed him to segue into how hip-hop makes him money, yes, but absolutely feeds his soul. He alike took out a account and ashamed off a account of minimum allowance jobs he had aback he was 19 and how he begin his calling afterwards audition Wu Tang.

"I came from nothing, abundance aliment stamps area 8, and I can acquaint you, accepting money is nice but money is not the basis of happiness.”

Midway through the appearance he took a folio out of Adele's playbook and bifold dared the admirers to put their cellphones abroad and "have this moment with me." And for two songs they did, mostly because, admitting Logic's bulletin of peace, adulation and positivity," we would apperceive that anyone who'd try to argument addition at that moment was "a f--kboy."

Logic was absolutely actual personable with the audience, accepting to apperceive some of the admirers up front, including a 14-year-old babe alleged Samantha who squealed at Logic as if he were Justin Bieber. "Damn, are you crying? Wow," he said in admiration afore admonishing her to "be safe and don't assurance boys. They’re no good." A little afterwards he absolutely carded a babe in the admirers to accomplish abiding she wasn't lying afore arch a arranged amphitheatre in a choir of "Happy Birthday."

Perhaps the best moment during his set was aback he absolutely tore the blind abroad and approved how he programs exhausted and samples tracks. And on his afterpiece "Gang Related," as he did abundant times through his set, Logic let the advance bead abroad so you could apprehend annihilation but his flow. That's

how he larboard the stage, but not afore throwing his baseball cap to addition in the audience.

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For a guy who has lyrics like "Eat crank MCs like Hannibal / 'Cause Joe Pesci's my spirit animal," that seemed appealing non-threatening.

G-Eazy's aperture was all about browbeating - acute closeups of him alarming smoke, shots of him assuming like “the James Dean of rap," as some accept alleged him. Annihilation contradicted that attitude as he blew through his aperture number, "Random,” absolution you apperceive that he didn’t get area he is at this actual moment through luck or looks or annihilation that doesn't absorb putting in the man hours and acquirements the bold central out. If that sounds like a lot of work, able-bodied he let you apperceive he is accepting his fun as able-bodied with his abutting cardinal "You Got Me," area he blames a adherent for accepting him busted up.

On almanac and on video, G-Eazy generally comes off as a guy who's in the club acclimation added albino and putting in time in da club because that is what you do. It about seems like a assignment to him added than an allurement to party. Live, he drops the bluff and absolutely lets himself and the admirers absolutely adore it.

"Arizona, let's accomplish one affair clear. I've consistently been a little different. I'm cut from a altered cloth. I've never been one of them."

With that he launched into "One of Them," which takes the adverse acumen of Logic's money talk. "I'm materialistic" and abroad he bragged "I fabricated it to Forbes," which aloof agency he's not like added rappers who are aiming low. On "Calm Down," he was aiming for the aftermost actual Kardasian or Jenner. I consistently heard that as him authoritative a ball for Caitlyn. Clearly ball is not G-Eazy's forte.

But apprehensive could actual able-bodied be.

"I played the Van Warped bout actuality four years ago," he said, attractive at the area that has apparently gone through added name changes than Puff Daddy has done in his accomplished career. "I was the aperture act for Lil Wayne afterwards that. I was the aboriginal act on every day, acquisitive there'd be 200 bodies here. And again at night, I'd watch Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz and say ‘One day I wanna appear aback actuality and headline.'" With that he brought it aback to the alpha with "Loaded."

His best quoted band -- "I'm the coldest white rapper in the bold back the one with the albino hair" --sums up the Great White Hope crimson bodies appetite to canyon assimilate him because he looks like a Calvin Klein archetypal and isn't as cool as Macklemore. From this angle point, he may accept accomplished some of Eminem's success and acceptance but I'm still cat-and-mouse for article besides blush that separates him from all the rappers he's advised afore him. No agnosticism he will get there, as continued success on this accretion calibration doesn't become an amaranthine antecedent of accountable amount to accuse about.

G-Eazy Setlist

Endless Summer (intro music)

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You Got Me

Lotta That

One of Them

I Might

What If

Order More

Calm Down

Saw It Coming

In The Meantime

["1241.6"]logic flexicution lyrics new song 2016 - YouTubelogic flexicution lyrics new song 2016 - YouTube | logic flexicution lyrics

Far Alone

Tumblr Girls

Let's Get Lost



Some Kind of Drug

You and Me


I Mean It

Me, Myself & I

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