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There may not accept been any alive politicians at Mexican rockers Maná's concert at a arranged AmericanAirlines Amphitheatre on Saturday night. But with their get out the vote bulletin and calls of "Latinos, for your rights!" the abrupt group, which has been agitation amphitheatre audiences beyond the Americas for two decades and beyond the Affiliated States on their accepted Latino Ability Tour, fabricated their absorbed clear. The appearance opened with loud boos for pictures of Republican presidential applicant Donald Trump, acclaim for images of Democratic battling Hilary Clinton, and behemothic signs in Spanish proclaiming "You can choose" and "You are allotment of the change."

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"Right now we're in a actual important affiliate in the adventure of this abundant country," Fher Olvera, the group's absorbing advance singer, told the auspicious audience, a few blocks arctic of area Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Gente de la Zona were ambulatory a army for Clinton. "Latinos accept congenital and been allotment of this abundant country acknowledgment to their assignment and their strength. So Latinos and Mexicans accept to be respected. You apperceive what I'm talking about." The admirers booed loudly, and Olvera continued. "But that doesn't amount here. What affairs is that you accurate your ability by voting! Go out to vote for the affair that isn't racist, that isn't violent."

Maná affiliated that political bulletin with their almighty mix of adapted ability bedrock and affecting ballads, and a affiliation congenital through a division aeon of hits, for an affecting appearance that lasted about three hours. The concert generally seemed like a behemothic sing-a-long, with the adherent admirers erupting afterwards the aboriginal few addendum of aggregate from old favorites like the ecology canticle "Donde Jugaron Los Ninos?" (Where Will the Children Play) and "Mariposa Traicionera" (Treacherous Butterfly); a baking adaptation of "Corazón Espinado," their hit with Carlos Santana; to newer hits such as "Mi Verdad" (My Truth), a affiliation with Shakira, who appeared via video, and the animated new reggaeton-ized adaptation of their 1992 song "De Pies a Cabeza" (From Foot to Head), with percussionist Hector Quintana accomplishing a active barter for Latin burghal brilliant and rapper Nicky Jam.

Hilary Clinton Joins Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in Miami

The group, still centered on the aboriginal quartet of Olvera, guitarist Sergio Vallin, bassist Juan Calleros, and bagman Álex González (with Fernando Vallin abacus added guitar power), has kept its old academy sound, with barbaric bedrock guitar solos, leavened by acceptable reggae and acquiescently beefing melodies. There were no dancers, no gigantic affective sets. They brought on armless artist Mark Goffeney, who, astoundingly, plays guitar with his feet, to accompany them on the admired carol "Vivir Sin Aire" (Living Without Air). González (who is Cuban-American and from Miami), had the admirers agreeable for "Me Vale" (I'm Worth It), a bawl canticle of individuality, again played a amazing boom abandoned on a ambagious belvedere that rose aerial aloft the stage. An acoustic segment, on a baby date on the amphitheatre floor, featured a accolade to afresh asleep Mexican idol Juan Gabriel, with the army acquiescently singing forth for his "Se Me Olvido Otra Vez.

The afterpiece had Maná angrily adapting Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up" for their Latino ability message. In the encore, for the abscess canticle "Rayando el Sol" (Dawn is Breaking), their actual aboriginal hit, Olvera stood, accoutrements lifted, amidst blinding sprays of light, the admirers singing agilely along, as if he was summoning their ability and embodying their longing, all at once.

Maná set account "Latino Ability Tour" - Miami's AmericanAirlines Arena, October 29, 2016

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Manda Una Señal

Oye Mi Amor

Como Te Deseo

La Prisión

Labios Compartidos

Donde Jugaron Los Niños?

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Mi Verdad

Vivir Sin Aire

Mariposa Traicionera

De Pies a Cabeza

Corazón Espinado

Me Vale

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Drum solo

Acoustic Medley: El Reloj Cucu/Eres Mi Religion/No ha parado de llover/Se Me Olvido Otra Vez/ Bendita Tu Luz/En el Muelle de San Blas


Get Up, Stand Up


Rayando El Sol

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Clavado En Un Bar


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