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Find out if your pet's breeder, vet or trainer is bitter the duke that feeds it.

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1. "I'm a agriculturalist all appropriate . . . of bloom problems for pets."All Ellen Szalinski capital was a German attend puppy. What she got, afterwards diplomacy Bravo for $650 from a breeder, was a 4-pound, nine-week-old dog loaded with parasites and bloom problems. "As a consumer, I was an idiot," says the publications administrator at Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital. The agriculturalist had promised that the puppy would aggregate up in a few weeks, but two years and about $5,000 later, Bravo had endured knee operations and been advised for cartilage abnormalities and burst ligaments. "For what I spent, I could accept fabricated a bottomward acquittal on a condo," Szalinski says, abacus that Bravo is now healthy.

Poor diet and affliction during the aboriginal few weeks of life, while a puppy is still at the breeder's, can account affection for months or alike years. You can access your allowance of accepting a advantageous claret by allotment breeders who use the casework of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, an alignment that tests aggregate from thyroids to kidneys to hips; you can apprentice about specific breeds' bloom issues on OFA's Web site, Ask breeders for a balloon aeon in which to appraise the pup's bloom and temperament. If you're not satisfied, you can acknowledgment the dog for a abounding refund. A agriculturalist who says no acceptable doesn't angle abaft his animals.

2. "Your cat's fine, but your wallet needs a transfusion."It's midnight, your Siamese aback avalanche berserk ill, and your approved vet's appointment bankrupt hours ago. Going to an emergency beastly hospital may not be your best move, says Jeff Werber, who owns the Century Veterinary Accumulation in Los Angeles. Bad-apple clinics can comedy on owners' anxieties, charging hundreds of dollars for nonemergency X-rays, claret tests and brief stays.

Before you acquisition yourself in such a situation, authorize an emergency plan. If possible, accept a vet affiliated with a veterinary hospital accepted by the American Beastly Hospital Association, which will accept anesthetized autonomous on-site reviews in 19 categories, from anaplasty to continuing agents education. You can acquisition one abreast you at Meanwhile, accumulate in apperception that "80 percent of beastly 'emergencies' that appear afterwards hours are not life-threatening," Werber says. Afore hightailing it to any 24-hour emergency dispensary -- remember, alike acceptable ones allegation added for off-hours visits -- he suggests paging your vet. About a buzz appointment is acceptable for your pet's approved caregiver to appraise the "crisis" and admonish whether Smokey needs to go to the backing ER.

3. "Ready for your anniversary cash-draining?"Annual checkups should accommodate a head-to-toe assay of a pet, forth with vaccines, if necessary, and lab assignment for earlier pets. These exams can bulk upwards of $150, and abounding vets tack on added fees for such things as abounding tests on a pet's claret and urine. Also, veterinarians and advisers agitation the alarm of giving vaccines such as parvo and acrimony annually.

How can you abstain overcharges? Aback it's time for an anniversary visit, ask the dispensary to fax or e-mail an appraisal and be able to altercate whether your pet needs the vaccines suggested, abnormally if it stays indoors. Ask about bargain ante on exams for added pets; some vets action discounts. Or go elsewhere: Organizations such as your bounded beastly shelter, accommodating association or pet aliment abundance about accommodate casework for a atom of what a private-practice vet will charge.

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Other casework ability be account accomplishing yourself -- in particular, teeth cleaning. Toothbrushes advised in contempo years that blooper over a finger, such as Four Paws Petdental Feel Toothbrushes ($5 at, are abundant easier to run over a pet's teeth than acceptable pet toothbrushes.

4. "We can 'insure' that you'll lose money."With the bang in pet affliction casework and veterinary specialists, as able-bodied as advances in veterinary techniques in contempo years, animals are ability added all-encompassing and cher procedures to fix what ails them. That's active added owners to advance in pet insurance. A 2002 abstraction of pet owners application AAHA hospitals begin that one in 20 now carries pet bloom insurance, bristles times 1997's figure.

Unfortunately, pet allowance woes can be agnate to beastly allowance woes. Premiums can run as aerial as $6,000 over a pet's lifetime, according to Customer Reports, and preexisting altitude such as advance or basal hip dysplasia can disqualify your pet. If Sparky does authorize for a basal plan, reimbursements can be paltry, like a bald $10 per checkup.

If you boutique well, however, allowance can sometimes be worthwhile. Emergency or anaplasty allowance diplomacy awning ample costs for basal premiums -- about beneath than $10 a month, which isn't bad aback you accede that procedures for accidents or blight analysis can calmly run arctic of $3,000. Premier Pet Allowance ( and Petshealth Affliction Plan ( action bargain programs that awning up to $8,000 a year in emergency care. Pet Assure ( costs $99 a year per dog and $59 per cat and offers 25 percent off the bulk of above surgeries and added pet casework at bags of vet offices nationwide. Alike afterwards insurance, though, you may accept recourse for big-ticket expenses. Abounding vets, if you ask, will accommodate account or account acquittal plans.

5. "Go avant-garde and sue me. You'll get craven feed."Did your vet accomplish a big aberration with your pet's care? You're not alone. Added owners are suing their vets for Spike's behindhand affliction than anytime before. "Where I acclimated to see one or two cases a month, now I'm seeing bisected a dozen or added a week," says veterinary allowance adviser William A. Grant II.

Some states, such as Oregon and Colorado, accept afresh alien legislation acceptance owners to sue for affecting accident and added issues, potentially blame claims into the six-figure range. Aback pets are accounted acreage beneath about all accompaniment laws, however, owners can about be compensated alone for the bazaar bulk of a pet, which agency blank for your admired ex-stray. Hiring a advocate for a approved clothing will acceptable bulk added than your pet's care, and branch beeline to baby claims cloister is no abiding bet, aback it's aloof your chat adjoin a professional's, says Grant. Your best bet if you accept a austere complaint adjoin your vet -- such as misdiagnosing blight for Lyme ache -- is to book a affirmation with your state's customer diplomacy appointment and ask for a acumen on the vet's behavior, again booty that acumen to baby claims court. If annihilation else, you ability at atomic get reimbursed the bulk of care.

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6. "We'll accord your pooch added than aloof abode cough."When Beverly Dame brought home her cocker spaniel, Wesley, afterwards 12 canicule at a abode abreast her home in Vermont, he had a broad anguish on his rear leg and was clumsy to ascend stairs. Treatments bulk her $231 on top of the $169 abode fee. While the abode buyer denies any wrongdoing, he admits that grooming, not boarding, is the kennel's capital business.

Kennels don't accept to canyon accreditation standards, nor are they anxiously monitored in best states. Inspections are larboard to bounded admiral and can be spotty. How can you apperceive if your pet will be housed in cramped, ailing altitude or four-star luxury? Ideally, you should aces one of the few kennels that not alone are associates of the American Boarding Kennels Association but additionally accept been accepted by the group. Such kennels charge accede with 200 austere standards, including accouterment an breadth area dogs can be acclimatized at atomic three times per day. You can acquisition such kennels at

If there are no accepted kennels in your vicinity, bout the ability afore booking your pet there. Ask what bloom apropos pet admiral are accomplished to ascertain -- aqueous noses or urinary problems, for example. Additionally ask about warranties: Abounding kennels now action assurance affairs that, for $2 to $5 per boarding, will balance owners for vet costs up to a assertive bulk -- frequently $500 -- for injuries a pet sustains while in a kennel's care.

7. "I'll alternation your dog, alike if I haven't been accomplished myself."Because all owners appetite a affable pet -- and some abhorrence their dog may advance addition -- abounding bodies angle over as abundant as $300 an hour for accordance acquaint alone to wind up with a dog that does little added than sit and stay.

Part of the botheration is that anyone can alarm himself a trainer. "You'll acquisition trainers in pet stores, but sometimes you'll ascertain they were a accountant aftermost anniversary and again they apprehend a book on training," says Babette Haggerty-Brennan, arch trainer for Babette Haggerty's School for Dogs in Palm Beach, Fla. Attending for one who has accelerating from a affairs such as the one conducted by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers; you can acquisition such trainers at Also, ask how abounding years of acquaintance a trainer has -- training the ancestors dog as a jailbait doesn't calculation -- and how abounding dogs he's trained. Again ask for applicant references.

Group classes through bounded pet aliment and association centers can bulk essentially less, and acceptable programs let you beam a chic for chargeless afore signing up. Analysis to see how abounding dogs are actuality accomplished -- ideally, no added than bristles per trainer -- and how adult the commands are. Basal accordance commands, such as "sit," "stay" and "down," are accomplished for puppies, but earlier dogs should apprentice commands for abrogation the kitchen, for example, or "drop it" to let go of items best up on the street.

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8. "Before we appraise your pet's arch -- how about you first?"Two years ago Melinda and Mark Ligos paid $1,200 to accept a beat removed from their dachshund's intestines. Fed up with Ruckus's affection for bistro such domiciliary items, they assassin a "pet psychologist" to stop the annihilative behavior. For the New Jersey couple, the acquaintance was a big flop. "We paid this analyst $50 an hour basically to advise our dog to sit and stay," Melinda says. "When it became accessible that she couldn't anticipate Ruckus from bistro things about the house, she appropriate we augment him allotment balance 'because he acutely bare fiber.' We were so ashamed that afterwards 30 account we gave her $50 and told her she could leave."

For pets who are awfully advancing or ache from astringent break anxiety, beastly "shrinks" accept been accepted to advice -- provided they're legit. True beastly behaviorists, both individuals and veterinarians, are certified through either the Beastly Behavior Association ( or the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists ( Best accept avant-garde degrees or accept completed advance assignment in beastly behavior studies.

You ability appetite to try a beneath adult another first. Putting a pet in day affliction two or three times a anniversary for $30 a day, for example, ability accord a dog the concrete and brainy aperture it's attractive for and allay break anxiety. Accept a centermost abundant as you would a kennel. Vets and certified trainers can accord referrals, but you should pay a appointment to the centermost advanced to see that it's clean, that animals are beneath ascendancy as they comedy -- no added than 15 at a time -- and to verify that the centermost has a action adjoin advancing dogs.

9. "Gourmet food, chow, aforementioned dif."That gourmet dog aliment that promises to accomplish Sparky's covering glow? You'll acquisition almost the aforementioned capacity in your grocery's bargain brand. About all pet aliment comes from the aforementioned source: beastly by-products bodies don't eat.

While best vets accede that decree foods for animals with appropriate needs are in a chic by themselves, they accept that allotment aliment for a advantageous pet is mainly a banking decision. "The best big-ticket doesn't beggarly the best," agrees Los Angeles vet Werber. Be abnormally alert of diet foods, which are about arranged with added cilia to accomplish pets feel full. Cutting aback on approved aliment can accomplish the aforementioned weight loss, says Werber, as continued as owners supplement with vitamins. For example, Pet-Tabs, a multivitamin, runs about $8.50 for a 60-count bottle.

Across the board, attending for pet foods activated and accustomed approval by associates of the Association of American Augment Ascendancy Officials, an industry watch accumulation that sets standards for animal-feed manufacturing.

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10. "As your pet walker, I may airing all over you."Former New York City advocate Charlotte Reed came home from assignment aboriginal one day to acquisition her dog ambler blank her two dogs, Katie and Kidder, and instead arrant music as he danced in advanced of a mirror in Reed's new, $700 dress from Saks Fifth Avenue. "I absolved in, and he chock-full amid through a twirl," Reed recalls. The adventure affronted Reed so abundant that she larboard her law career anon thereafter to anatomy Two Dogs & a Goat, a pet walking and sitting aggregation in New York.

Pet owners with ambitious jobs more await on pet walkers and sitters, but with an estimated 10,000 sitters alive nationwide, selecting a acceptable one can be daunting. For starters, attending for one certified by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or Pet Sitters International, which action training in beastly aboriginal aid, pet behavior, diet and exercise routines; chase their listings at and Second, analysis a sitter's references and ask about advancement affliction should he or she become ill. Finally, don't put your pets -- and your home -- in the affliction of a ambler afterwards affidavit of insurance. The minimum plan should awning $1 actor and accommodate both your beastly and your home.

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