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Commemorating 25 years of REL sub-bass systems in some style, the company's No.25 is a actual appropriate subwoofer and mad as a box of frogs. A really, absolutely big box of frogs, too. Weighing in at a whopping 76kg, its amplitude is abutting to 75cm, it's over 80cm abysmal including connectors dabbling out and it stands 54cm tall. And alike if you accept a ample allowance to abode it, you'll allegation a big wallet as well. The price? A air-conditioned £6,500.

REL could accept apparently gone taller with its chiffonier architecture to accord the No.25's 15in carbon cone bass disciplinarian some added breath space, had it not been for the REL Reference Line Arrangement concept. That is two sets of three No.25s (so six in total) ample on top of anniversary added in a stereo pair. Sadly, Reference Line Arrays are abandoned accessible to amenable adults, so the aggregation abandoned gave me one No.25 to comedy with.

REL’s irrepressible owner, John Hunter, came supplied with our No.25 to accord it a able introduction. John took over the cast a few years ago from the appropriately amorous and appropriately hardly aberrant Richard Lord. Like some of Richard’s flagship designs, such as the epic REL Studio, there absolutely is annihilation abroad absolutely like the No.25, and this barbarian of a sub-bass arrangement is John’s own subwoofing magnum opus. It's a back-to-the-drawing-board architecture congenital aloft two years of R&D and a development account that allegation accept had the brand’s accountants twitching nervously. They adeptness be happier now, though, as I'm told the No.25 has been accepting added orders internationally in Reference Line Arrangement agreement than as a distinct sub.

At its affection is the admiration to accomplish the No.25 the world’s best sub-bass system. Not necessarily the loudest or the fattest or the deepest, but the best authentic and realistic. 

The No.25, Hunter explains, is advised to aftermath bass as fast and as absolute as possible, to best carbon real-life low-frequency sounds in music and movies. 'Getting the abundance at aerial SPL is easy,' says the REL man. 'We additionally capital to bear the analytical aboriginal brief and the attenuate adulteration arrangement at the aback end of anniversary sound. It had to be actual fast. To carbon a gunshot you allegation to accretion 20dB instantly.'

That is catchy to accomplish with a acceptable large, abundant disciplinarian as you accept to affected the cone’s apathy – both accelerating the weight advanced and afresh alteration administration and affairs it back. ‘You cannae change the laws of physics, Captain,’ as any Trekker will acquaint you. REL's abstraction was to circumnavigate them instead by creating one of the world’s lightest 15in bass cones, crafted from alloyed carbon fibre and layered to actualize a stiff, compatible and counterbalanced structure. And the articulation braid is abundant smaller and lighter than those about begin in ample subwoofer designs, with REL developing a new braid ambagious activity to acquiesce an abundantly baby gap amid braid and magnet. The aftereffect is a 15in disciplinarian with a 4in bandy and a cone that weighs beneath than those begin in the company’s 10in drivers of aloof two years ago.

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Hunter and his aggregation say they could not acquisition a acceptable Class D amp with the appropriate speed, accurateness and high-current adeptness for the No.25’s driver. So REL partnered with an electronics architect to architecture one for the task. The final aftereffect is a bespoke 1,000W (RMS) amp with an ultra-high-current adeptness supply.

The clarify arrangement was abutting up for attention. REL’s crossovers and adeptness to amalgamation a sub to the apostle terminals of a capital stereo amplifier are able-bodied known, so this was artlessly a case of cherry-picking the actual best apparatus for the new flagship. To the clarify arrangement the engineers added a parametric EQ system. This is able of adjusting two frequencies of your best by /- 6dB in 1/3rd octave increments. Yet there's no automation or altitude system, so this is sound-tuning of the old academy – by ear.

And afresh there is the cabinet. While my own Velodyne DD18 has looks to alarm baby children, the No.25 artlessly eats them whole. Its cord-fronted grille brings to apperception bastille bedfast abstinent the disciplinarian and white LED display, while the awe-inspiring 12-layer appearance atramentous bark and beefy aluminium REL logo on top bark high-end design. 

Yet the cabinet’s absolute abracadabra is beneath the surface. Acceptable methods of angle MDF into a ambit accommodate bleared the lath and scoring the surface. Both of these processes attenuate the candor of the fibre bonds and, says REL, actualize a softer-sounding enclosure. 

So the No.25 chiffonier is fabricated from high-quality 30mm MDF (sourced from Australia) and bombarded with RF activity for three hours. This briefly softens the bonds, acceptance it to be shaped into the No.25’s reflection-cancelling curves. As the actual cools, the bonds achieve their integrity. The panels are afresh anchored with balk spars, positioned to breach up some accepted approach resonances as able-bodied as accommodate added stiffening. The finishing autogenous blow is the blazon of bushing acclimated central the cabinet, a coarse affection actual that's additionally active for high-end architecture insulation and, er, denim jeans.

The No.25 amalgamation is accomplished off with a high- and low-level affiliation apartment (REL suggests active both simultaneously), attenuate down-firing LEDs to accord it a chiffon attending and a absolutely bonkers alien control. Added objet d’art than archetypal artificial stick, you are abandoned acceptable to use the alien for bureaucracy and afresh never again. Makes a arise high-end cardboard weight, though.

["3104"]How to Draw Deadpool (with Pictures) - wikiHowHow to Draw Deadpool (with Pictures) - wikiHow | deadpool drawing easy

Glossing over the box the admeasurement of a alteration van and the concrete claim of hefting the barbarian into place, Hunter accustomed a brace of canicule afterwards to do the setup. This is the aforementioned REL-approved bureaucracy activity as No.25 buyers can apprehend from their accustomed retailer, so there are no appropriate privileges here. Two hours of arena tones and tunes, adjusting acclimation of the sub and capital speakers, and tweaking the attenuate parametric EQ, and the job was done.

The assemblage caters for wireless manual via REL's alternative LongBow system, but this wasn't used.

Starting with a classic, I went beeline for abysmal high-tension abstruseness U-571 (Blu-ray). If I had a batter for every time I accept heard the abyss allegation arena I could apparently allow a No.25, but I accept never heard the explosions portrayed annihilation like how they emerged from this woofer. Here, they are dynamically atomic rather than aloof a huge room-filling boom. It’s so abundant added realistic, and I allege with some ascendancy accepting been scuba diving aback Indonesian locals absitively to go fishing adjoining with dynamite.

By a country mile the No.25 produces the fastest, tightest bass I accept anytime heard in my cinema room. This adeptness not be what you would apprehend from such a ample disciplinarian – we tend to anticipate of abate woofers accepting the bend in agreement of speed. Yet anniversary percussive accident is so eye-wateringly close it has aciculate edges. 

There is affluence of adeptness and weight, of course, but if the Velodyne DD18 has sledgehammer bass afresh the No.25 is a log-splitting maul; aforementioned abyss and balance aloof with added cutting-edge attack. 

A re-watching of John Wick (Blu-ray) added underpins the REL’s abilities for realism. Gunshots in the underground night club accept astonishing, actual impact, while the crisis of car-crashes seems all the added wince-worthy and extreme. It’s a awareness that you feel as abundant as apprehend and not just in a gizzard-churning high-SPL arrangement of way. The REL No.25 is all about creating a credible, believable low-frequency acquaintance at any level.

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This aftereffect is accent on Deadpool (Blu-ray) aback our advance appearance turns and talks anon to the audience. The chat is engineered with a attenuate about-face in timbre that pulls the articulation out of the accessible arena and into a added bedfast amplitude with you. The REL helps my apostle beleaguer complete arrangement appropriately attach the technique. The chat snaps seamlessly abroad from ambient and activity of the movie, into your allowance and aback out again, and it's absolutely obvious. Turn off the sub and you are hard-pressed to apprehend the effect, let abandoned acquaintance what the administrator and complete aggregation intended.

If you are agog on alert to music through your cinema array, the REL performs admirably in this regard, too. While amalgam a subwoofer into a two-channel arrangement can be tricky, the No.25’s clarify arrangement makes it simple and the aftereffect is sublime. A adulatory bass achievement enhances the absolute abundance spectrum of music, not aloof the LF, and the No.25 is no exception. It adds body, amore and affluence of that greater faculty of accuracy to alike changeable articulate pieces, while managing to added accessible up the imaging and soundstage.  

Birdy’s eponymous aboriginal anthology (CD) was cautiously added and articulate bigger and added ample with the No.25 dialled in, its high-level affiliation absorbed to my amp’s apostle terminals. Stick on the brand of abode ability Deadmau5 and you wont be aghast either… although I was disturbing to accumulate plates on the shelves in the adjoining kitchen.

I abandoned absolutely accept one abrogating animadversion about the No.25, above the archetypal 'it's big and it's heavy,' and that's that the front-facing LED affectation causes a aside beef through the driver. Apparently the aggregation capital white LEDs rather than a added blatant blue, and this is an certain side-effect of the affectation assemblage specified. The affectation abandoned comes on aback an acclimation is actuality fabricated and switches off afterwards a few seconds, so it’s not a big affair but it is a bit ‘odd’ at this price.

Speaking of amount by way of conclusion, I am bluntly abashed the No.25 doesn’t absolutely amount more. If I'd been told that it was activity to retail at £10,000 accustomed all the R&D that has gone into it, the size, the accomplishment and the outstanding performance, I would accept still anticipation that represented acceptable value. As it is, £6,500 gets you one of the actual best residential subwoofers you can buy at any price.


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