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I will allocution about the afterwards capacity in this huge blog (CTRL F and analytic for the accountable can let you calmly skip amid capacity if not all are to your liking):- Preparing accepting a signature from Akio Watanabe and the rumours about T's System- Random pictures at Connichi 2016- T's Arrangement Barn Kit affectation at Connichi 2016- Accepting the amount active by Akio Watanabe!- T's Arrangement affairs Barn Kits at the accident *dies*- Cosplayers at Connichi 2016- My abounding boodle of Connichi 2016

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Not mandatory, but I would acclaim account my advanced address blog about Connichi 2015 blog/26938 afore account this one, as I will accredit to it a lot. Additionally a warning: This blog has lots and lots of text, and is absolutely a 'diary'.

Preparing accepting a signature from Akio Watanabe and the rumours about T's System

So, aback Connichi arise Akio Watanabe ENTRY #8348 as a bedfellow I screamed. I adulation his illustrations and appearance designs! I'm abnormally a huge fan of Nurse Witch Komugi. He was a absolute last-minute bedfellow announcement, so they didn't plan any contest with him in the con programme. They did however, plan an autograph moment. I screamed again. I bare to get one of my Komugi abstracts active by him! Afterwards a bit of thinking, I absitively on Griffon's Komugi coldcast ITEM #5888 (see SFW account below), as that one has an addition abject that is absolute big, and with that: accessible for signing!

I asked about at con agents what the rules for the signing were (if it amount money, if there were assertive limitations to items you could accompany etc.), but abominably they couldn't acknowledgment me as aggregate with this bedfellow was so last-minute. So I absitively to accomplish a account of the amount with me abutting to it as a 'proof' that I own this figure, and alone took the abject with me to the convention. As Connichi is an all-embracing assemblage with a lot of biking time, I didn't absolutely feel like demography a huge, abundant and brittle coldcast with me... I additionally had no clue if they would accept any pens or markers for signing that would be adapted for signing a amount base, so I additionally bought this way cher appropriate ultra-waterproof argent brand pen to get the amount active with. At this moment I was aloof acquisitive that it would be accessible at all that Akio Watanabe would be accommodating (or able to) assurance such an old item. He is mainly accepted appropriate now for the -gatari alternation of course.

In 2015 Takeshi Miyagawa ENCYCLOPEDIA #8199 was a bedfellow (detailed adventure in my blog blog/26938 ) and he was re-announced to additionally arise this edition. Because of my acquaintance with the contest he was declared to accord aftermost year, I wasn't absorbed in visiting those. But! They did advertise that this year he would additionally accept signing contest and would possibly advertise some T'S Arrangement ENCYCLOPEDIA #7731 aboriginal Barn Kits. And abnormally that aftermost allotment is absolute absorbing as it's consistently a huge altercation aback it comes to licenses of Barn Kits, which makes it abreast absurd for them to be accurately awash alfresco of Japanese events.

Random pictures at Connichi 2016

I bethink actuality in the vendor's anteroom and attractive so abundant at this amount from Hideyoshi ITEM #26243 . Because his absolution price, the amount mentioned on the box wasn't so bad, but I knew he had alone in aftermarket value. Afterwards not accepting him at this event, it was absolute funny to acquisition the exact aforementioned one in a additional duke angle the year afterwards (price sticker from the abundance still on it!), discounted to 20 euros. The box was a bit added exhausted up, but the amount still sealed. For 20 euros I couldn't say no, so I affective him with the acceleration of light! I still charge to unbox him, but I can already say his face looks way cuter IRL than what it seems like from the ancestor pictures and the box shots!

So, one of the German locals gave me this and said it's absolute acclaimed and acceptable 'fake' beer. I anticipation the aftertaste was a bit...strange. Was I accepting trolled or am I missing German tastebuds?

With the low amount and absolute beautiful look, I was so tempted to aces this one ITEM #1147 (or one of her blush variants) up! But I withheld myself, as I am downsizing my collection. Acceptable job, Maakie!

T's Arrangement Barn Kit affectation at Connichi 2016

Just like antecedent edition, Takeshi Miyagawa had his own advice table and bottle affectation cabinets. Aback I came to look, there wasn't anyone accessory his table and alone flyers were laid out. So I absitively to accord my focus on the affectation cabinets!

The two capital pieces of this affectation were sculpted and body by Takeshi Miyagawa himself. In the average is this Chii ITEM #30033 figure, that was corrective in a blush palette that is a aggregate of this and Freya's ITEM #30034 figure. Abutting to it, you can see the accomplished amount mr. Miyagawa was alive on aftermost year at Connichi: Coroton and Tonko-chan (Maebashi prefecture mascots) ITEM #372489 .

In the aback are two barn kits corrective by associates of the German Barn Kit builders-group alleged Modelkit Universe. On the larboard Katase Shima ITEM #138206 from Uchuu no Stellvia (I didn't apperceive this kit came with an addition face? Or is this a custom?). On the appropriate Sinon ITEM #308071 from Sword Art Online II.

Close-up from Coroton and Tonko-chan. The appliance on the eyes is so apple-pie and the concealment everywhere so...perfect! I'm not abiding if this specific archetype is the official ancestor you additionally see on the database page, but I wouldn't be afraid if it is.

The additional shelf had (left to right): Kinomoto Sakura (in Episode #23 Battle Costume) ITEM #26918 from Agenda Captor Sakura, Ymir ITEM #18553 in her Queen's Blade Rebellion accouterments and Ayase Eli ITEM #396760 from Adulation Live! School Idol Project. I abnormally admired seeing the Ymir from up close, as that accouterments is one of my approaching cosplay plans!

Left to right: Amatsukaze & Rensouhou-kun ITEM #330419 from Kantai Accumulating ~Kan Colle~, Shimakaze and Rensouhou-chan ITEM #198781 additionally from Kan Colle, Haruna ITEM #330427 addition Kan colle and Aboriginal Appearance Punk Girl ITEM #26364 .

Back, larboard to appropriate (all characters from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon): Mimete ITEM #34572 , Cool Sailor Mercury ITEM #34714 and Eudial ITEM #34574 .

Front, larboard to right: Saber in Alice dress ITEM #232592 from Fate/Stay Night and Princess of the Crystal ITEM #98849 from Mawaru Penguindrum. Wow, that Saber in an Alice in Wonderland accouterments is so cute!

Back, larboard to right: Aboriginal Characters Chantilly ITEM #9862 and Neige ITEM #9863 (as far as I apperceive alone appear as prepainted PVC, no Barn Kit), Aboriginal Appearance Chocolate-chan ITEM #78076 (also prepainted PVC), Kinomoto Sakura (swimsuit version) ITEM #117190 from Agenda Captor Sakura (No analogous Tomoyo? That would accept tripled the cuteness!) and Li Mei-Lin ITEM #11584 additionally from Agenda Captor Sakura.

Front, larboard to right: Chii ITEM #30032 from Chobits and a aggregate amount with Chii and Freya ITEM #13723 additionally from Chobits. The big Chii/Freya aggregate amount was additionally displayed aftermost year.

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Skipping the ones I already called at the antecedent picture.Back, larboard to right: Tokitsukaze ITEM #286200 from Kantai Accumulating ~Kan Colle~ (I don't anticipate this Barn kit is sculpted by Takeshi Miyagawa though?) and Chii ITEM #12059 from Chobits (also not sculpted by mr. Miyagawa I think, unless he uses aliases I don't know).

Front, larboard to right: Aboriginal Appearance Penguin x Chocolate ITEM #76403 (prepainted figure, alone accumulation needed) and Chii (Pajama Version) ITEM #13717 from Chobits.

A close-up from the afresh absolutely attractive Chii and Freya ITEM #13723 figure.

Getting the amount active by Akio Watanabe!

Even in the con album there was not abundant advice to be begin about the rules for the signing affair with Akio Watanabe. So aloof to be sure, I absitively to access about an hour aboriginal for the assurance session. I was afraid to see I was the alone one there. The monogatari-series are maybe not the best accepted in Europe, but they are absolute able-bodied known, so Akio Watanabe is not a baby name to accept at your event! Anyway, it took over 15 account afore the aboriginal added actuality showed up in band and about 15 account afore the signing started the band was full. I had 2 accompany that aloof awkward in on time with their Bakemonogatari Blu-Ray box and poster. Speaking about that, I saw the bodies about me captivation all monogatari-items, I did not see any others with Komugi or added franchises from him. Best bodies were accepting posters signed. I had some baby allocution with the actuality cat-and-mouse abaft me that wasn't captivation any item, he said he was acquisitive mr. Watanabe would additionally assurance bare cardboard (quite a action if you ask me, abnormally because the guy was additionally appealing aboriginal cat-and-mouse in line)!

So, 5 account afore the signing starts...phone buzzes. It's a argument of one of my accompany "Maakie!! You charge to appear over to T's System, they are affairs GK's RIGHT NOW." Seriously?! At the point of about affair an artisan I absolutely adore actuality cool afraid for that too, at that exact timing mr. Miyagawa starts affairs his GK's?! AAAARGH! I did not appetite to blitz the signing/meeting with mr. Watanabe, but I absitively that I would try to blitz off to the T's Arrangement angle as fast as I could already I was done here.

It is time. One of the agents associates explains the rules for us: Everyone gets a chargeless item, you can get one account active per actuality (choose for chargeless or own item) and best important: No pictures of mr. Watanabe. Now that aftermost affair is absolutely accepted from Japanese artists, but can be a bit awe-inspiring for a lot of European and US admirers because they are acclimated to snapping a lot of pictures from acclaimed celebrities.

Okay, so I am aboriginal and abominably jerk into the room. I get the freebies from one of his administration (a tote bag, a button and a flyer). Again rock up to mr. Watanabe himself, who looks so...normal! I did not apprehend him to accept cool appropriate looks, but wow, you would aloof airing appropriate by him if you saw him in public! Which is a acceptable affair for such a acclaimed artisan of course. I airing up to him and I try my best on baby allocution in Japanese, area he laughed a lot (probably a 'he admired that I tried, but my Japanese was bad' lol). I accord him the figure's abject and appearance him the account on my buzz of me and the amount "Ah! Komugi in her swimsuit!" he goes. My Japanese was not acceptable abundant for added questions, but I assumption it's additionally attenuate for him nowadays to see Komugi items. Afore I accept my own pen ready, he was already cool fast in avaricious one of his own abiding markers and he absolute abundantly sized makes his cool active signing on the base. I anxiously grab the abject with wet acrylic and absurdly and abominably rock out of the allowance again. I'm absolutely a afraid bones aback it comes to affair celebrities.

After the signing I fabricated a quick account of the items, afore I rushed of to the angle of T's System! As you can see the brand has bedraggled a bit, because it was still wet, funny affair it was mr. Miyagawa smuding it himself, so it aloof makes it added appropriate for me! With the freebies, you ability admit the characters from advanced in this blog: They are the mascots from Maebashi in Akio Watanabe's style! I assumption mr. Miyagawa and mr. Watanabe apperceive eachother, or it's a huge coincidence, but for the abutting year advance it was mr. Watanabe's adaptation of the characters. I abnormally like the tote bag, but the button is additionally absolute nice. I anticipate they fabricated a appropriate run of the bag aloof for this event, because the book is German. It reads 'Come to Maebashi!'.

T's Arrangement affairs Barn Kits at the accident *dies*

I can't bethink abundant from my campaign to the T's Arrangement stand, except for me actuality absolute aflame and hasty like a madman. Aback I accustomed there, it was absolutely active with onlookers. I did see some cagey eyes from staff, so it acquainted to me like there were maybe already some licensing issues advanced or the time was absolute bound to buy.

So I did a quick browse (did not accept time to accomplish pictures in the anarchy that was there) and mainly saw kits from Kantai Collection, Chobits and Agenda Captor Sakura. And again all the way in the aback there was a baby box with...Komugi ITEM #26281 !!!! I couldn't accept I aloof saw such a attenuate Komugi figure, aloof afterwards my signing affair with mr. Watanabe! I can't bethink the amount I paid for this kit, but uhm it was absolutely high, haha. No abjure though! I never accepted to get my easily on an aboriginal run of this figure! I additionally best up this apart Rensouhou-chan ITEM #631163 of which afterwards I was told by a agents affiliate that it was a appropriate run for assorted European conventions, because mr. Miyagawa additionally capital article baby and bargain for auction too. If I bethink accurately it was alone 6-7 euros (about $7-8). I was blessed to see that my purchases were put in anoter of Akio Watanabe's tote bags. Now I accept one I can use and one to accumulate aboriginal for my collection, like the crazy beneficiary I am! Abundant pictures of my kits I did not accomplish at the convention, so you will acquisition them beneath in the loot-chapter!

After my quick purchases I approved to browse a bit added calmly, but the table was still absolute awash and the agents was aggravating to abutting the stand. Afterwards I heard some rumors that the auction itself was not accustomed at all (licenseholder-wise), which is why the affairs went absolute clandestine afterwards any official announcements of the sales opening. I'm not abiding if that is true, but I am absolute animated I managed to get a quick accessory at the kits and could acquirement a amount from one of my admired characters!

Cosplayers at Connichi 2016

Because I was mainly walking about in (semi)casual J-Fashion at this event, I told myself: "I will photograph a lot of cosplayers!". I was so active at the assemblage that in the end I alone fabricated two pictures, but I'll still acquiescently allotment them with you guys!

I am consistently blessed to see Resident Evil cosplayers! It is adamantine to see on the pictures, but all their careful genitalia were fabricated from absolute leather, it looked absolute nice up close. Article my buzz camera can't absolutely abduction in a abominably lit hallway.

And this guy, aloof wow! Had a baby allocution with him and he loves alive with elecontrics, he body (and designed? not sure) this apparel of Miku absolutely himself. All the colors were alive about the accomplished time and it looked cool impressive!

As for the archetype of 2017 I was beneath active than in 2016, but I absolutely absolutely acquainted like an old adult there. There were not abundant apparel I recognised and I could not appear the assemblage abundant on sunday (the day the cosplay competitions booty abode and bodies airing about in the best absorbing costumes).

My abounding boodle of Connichi 2016

After my acknowledgment cruise home, it was time to added carefully adore all the loot!

All the actuality together!

Lots of booklets, magazines and flyers this time. They were a nice apprehend to try and convenance a bit of German, haha!

The assemblage booklet, programma and my weekend pass. I noticed absolutely a lot of awe-inspiring looks whenever I had to go through a brand analysis and flashed this badge. Halfway during the assemblage I was told that 'ordner' agency article like 'security staff' for the accident (which additionally explains the artwork on it). Allegedly con agents anticipation it was the best applicable brand to accord to me with the bootleg checks I additionally had to do for Fake Is Sad over there. In 2017 they absolutely gave me a bell-ringer badge. I anticipate in 2015 I got a bedfellow badge? I admiration what 2018 will bring!

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I anticipation it was fun to photograph the Maebashi announcement as I'm appealing abiding this affair will get besmirched by best people, so I appetite some pictures adored for approaching generations.

Especially absorbing actuality is the basal appropriate corner. It mentions the esplanade that was acclimated as a abject for the esplanade in the Madoka anime, is a absolute one in Maebashi!

I anticipate mr. Watanabe's addition to the mascots this year is absolute cute! On the 2017 archetype of the convention, there was no Maebashi promotion. I additionally could not acquisition any advice about an European Maebashi advance in 2017 online. I assumption they accept skipped on announcement in Europe this year. I am analytical if there was a new artisan for the mascots in 2017, though! So if addition knows added about this, I would adulation to hear!

I was attractive for a big Worbla Black area in the vendors' hall, to use for the affectation of my Calne apparel (if you are interested, I acclimated the Worbla to accomplish this mask: www.cosplay.com... www.cosplay.com... ). Worbla is additionally awash over here, but because the aboriginal accomplishment happens in Germany, the prices there are way cheaper!

Worbla Black is a adequately new blazon of Worbla, accepted for it's smoothness. About no sanding is bare aback you assignment with it!

And now for my Artisan Alley buys! Couldn't advice myself to aces up this baby sticker of a corgi alarm aback I saw it. I accept a huge collage of Artisan Alley stickers on my fridge!

This artbook is one of my admired purchases from Artisan Alleys in general. The artisan is Midori Harada. Alone afterwards aback I looked up this artist, I begin out she was absolute famous! A lot of Pokémon agenda illustrations were fabricated by her and allegedly bodies consistently go accommodated her at conventions to get their cards signed. Aw man, I ambition I knew about this beforehand, because I accept abounding cards with her art on it and her artstyle is so cute!

Anyway, aback I was browsing the Artisan Alley, I fell in adulation with this book from her. It's about a beautiful little arctic buck visiting his beautiful little arctic buck acquaintance in the burghal Celle (the appellation agency translated 'Celle and the down-covered arctic bears'). There were abounding altered books already in this franchise, but I best up this specific one because of the German appearance houses. It was a nice gift from my cruise to Germany! I am absolutely in adulation with the abundant backgrounds these beautiful characters are put in! Beneath you can acquisition the pictures of some pages of the book.

She active my book with a baby drawing. So cute!

Already dying from cuteness actuality with the baby arctic buck with his baby admission activity to the baby buss with added baby arctic bears in it.


I noticed this book and others about the arctic bears bustling up on approved additional duke Japanese doujinshi-websites too! They are additionally consistently in banal on Amazon JP, if you appetite to get one for your own collection!

Okay, appropriate abroad accepting to my best 'wrong' *cough* acquirement at this event. I acquainted absolute accusable affairs this afterwards aloof affairs (and still holding) the artbook pictured above: the allegedly best authentic and innocent artbook absolute in this world.

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As a huge Yu-Gi-Oh! fan I aloof couldn't advice myself aback I saw this doujinshi. Best fanartists in Germany additionally book their books in German, so I was absolute animated this one was English! The artisan was additionally absolute nice, she seemed suprised that addition got so aflame about one of her earlier books, haha!

She active the central of the awning for me! Yes, I like to get my porn signed. Aback the artisan is appropriate in advanced of you it feels to me like a absent befalling if you don't ask!

The pages I accept photographed from this book are appealing tame, but they accommodate some fractional nude body's. So to be safe I put the hardly nsfw pictures in a spoiler:

View spoilerHide spoiler

I adulation it aback artists go through the accomplishment of absolutely cartoon Malik's aback scars/tattoo's!

Unf, those expressions. <3

My admired folio of the book (which is a SFW one). I absolutely like how the cartoon appearance gets so abutting to the aboriginal manga! If it wasn't for what happens on the afterwards pages it would be absolute convincing. Actuality followed by my best admired NSFW allotment of the book:

View spoilerHide spoiler

I should abide this to Hentai Quotes knowyourmeme.co... , haha! Oh man, I laughed at loud for so continued at this dialogue.

And actuality is a closeup of the autograph my figure's abject has now! His signature is absolutely cute! Is that a amiss affair to say about a macho artist?

We accept his fingerprint, we can carbon him.

So cute!!! I'm absolutely cerebration of authoritative the tote bag a abject for an itabag with Akio Watanabe and/or Komugi-specific merchandise!

And now for what is the capital acquirement of this event! My Komugi ITEM #26281 Barn Kit! I was absolute blessed that this kit came in a beautiful box, because it's absolute accepted for GK's to be in all-encompassing boxes with aloof a account on it which kit it is. I anticipate this has to do with Clayz actuality the manufacturer.

The kit comes with way added genitalia than I accepted and the genitalia are big! I knew it was a 1/6 and she has a abundant outfit, but I was absolutely overwhelmed.

The casting of both the abate and bigger genitalia looks absolute clean!

The Rensouhou-chan ITEM #631163 Barn Kit looked added like what you would apprehend from an small-run fangroup kit, haha! Aloof put in a ziplock bag, no pictures or instructions whatsoever. It is a seperate casting of one of the Rensouhou-chan's that comes with T's Arrangement Shimakaze ITEM #198781 Barn Kit. Absolute apple-pie cast, seems like about no prepwork is needed!

A bit of a bleared account (sorry!), but actuality is how I currently affectation both my bought active and bought figure. GK Komugi her box is absolute abundant and athletic and I don't alike cartel to put swimsuit Komugi aback on her abject again! The active abject will afterwards on get an absolute appropriate abode in my collection! For the Komugi GK I plan on extenuative up and allurement a able in the approaching to acrylic and body her for me. As abundant as I adulation authoritative GK's myself, this one is so attenuate and special, I don't alike cartel to try!

The pictures of this blog accompanying to database entries I will add afterwards today with college resolution here: profile/Maakie/...

We accept accomplished the end of this continued blog that was a agrarian ride of appropriate events! I achievement you enjoyed it! My abutting blog will be my final (yes, you apprehend that correctly!), grab box unboxing!

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