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Last week, I wrote about Kevin F. Lawrence, controlling administrator of the Texas Municipal Badge Association, the state’s bigger law administration association. I took him to assignment for blaming the NFL knee-taking beef on backbiting advertisement about badge atrocity by the civic media. Maybe we charge to get aback into that one and analysis the account one aftermost time.

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I had accounting to Lawrence with this challenge: “Are you able,” I asked, “to appear up with a distinct media story, for example, area the media said that Michael Brown had his easily up aback he was shot?”

Then I wrote a agglomeration of being arresting reporters — surprise, surprise. My altercation was that aback a anchorman letters that assemblage said Michael Brown had his easily up aback he was dead by a badge administrator in Ferguson, Missouri, three years ago, that anchorman is not adage he knows himself it’s true. He is adage assemblage said it was true.

In that case, a yearlong analysis by the Obama Justice Department begin that it apparently wasn’t true. Brown did not accept his easily up. The adventure that he was allurement not to be attempt couldn’t be accepted and didn’t accomplish sense; Brown apparently was in the action of ablution a additional concrete advance on the badge administrator who attempt him.

That agency the assemblage were either mistaken or lying, but they still said what they said. Reporters on the arena still had an obligation to address what they said, forth with whatever acknowledging or contradicting amplified affirmation they could muster.

When I wrote about it aftermost week, I had not yet heard aback from Lawrence. Afterwards my allotment appeared, I heard from him, and he answered my challenge. I appetite to appearance you what he beatific me in response, and it’s up to you to adjudge if he met my challenge. I doubtable a acceptable abounding readers will be on his side, and I achievement a few will stick with me.

First, he beatific me a articulation to a YouTube video of a blow from CNN in which CNN hosts Margaret Hoover, Sally Kohn, Sunny Hostin and Mel Robbins are all captivation their easily up. They don’t absolutely explain why they are captivation their easily up, but the ambience conveys acutely that the action is a appearance of adherence with the “Hands-Up-Don’t-Shoot” action accepted at contest area bodies are agitation what they they say are bottomless badge shootings of caught civilians.

Kohn says in the clip: “Do not assurance this ‘Oh they’re bad, so they charge accept done article wrong, and they deserve what they had coming’ rationale, which is the aforementioned one we apprehend from the CIA as we apprehend from badge in a case like Michael Brown.”

If I were to be absolutely fair and honest about this — which I apparently couldn’t be if I approved — again I would accept to say Lawrence has got me with that one. The arbitrary ancillary of me wants to say that CNN host personalities are not journalists.

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They are not alike what the Brits alarm “presenters.” They are actors adopted from God knows what affectionate of auditions, and they don’t alike try to address the account best of the time. Instead, they accomplish ad-lib skits based on what they anticipate the account may be.

But I know. These bodies are what Lawrence says they are. They are the civic media. This business about captivation up their easily but not adage absolutely why is a base ambush — a way for them to get their point beyond afterwards demography albatross for the accuracy of it.

Reporting what bodies said at protests about the afterlife of Eric Garner is not the aforementioned affair as announcement an calendar about Eric Garner.

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They are adage Michael Brown had his easily up aback he was shot. At the end of the clip, one of them holds up a felt-pen fable accounting on a allotment of white affiche lath saying, “I can’t breathe,” a advertence to the afterlife of Eric Garner during his arrest on Staten Island in 2014.

The CNN hands-up affectation was aired 15 months afore the DOJ appear its all-embracing address agitation the hands-up narrative. It would accept been a lot worse, I think, had the CNN casting of characters done the hands-up act afterwards the DOJ address came out, but the actuality that it wasn’t out yet was hardly an excuse.

When they did their hands-up act, they were amenable for alive that the accuracy or canard of the Michael Brown hands-up anecdotal had not yet been established. They should accept accepted they were reinforcing an beginning accusation — a actual important and atomic beginning allegation.

Did they know? Did they care? Who knows? As I say, the bodies on CNN at any accustomed moment are added acceptable to appear from Central Casting than from any affectionate of absolute account background, but that’s a acumen that may be important alone to me and added crumbling assembly in the account business, and I agnosticism it gets me off the angle with my claiming to Lawrence.

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In an op-ed cavalcade in The Dallas Morning Account aftermost week, Lawrence wrote: “We accept the chat about chase and policing has been adulterated by the civic media and anti-cop activists attractive to account bargain political points.”

I told him he couldn’t appear up with a distinct instance in which the media, by which I meant the press, said Brown had his easily up. I said the best he could acquisition would be instances in which reporters said assemblage had said Brown had his easily up.

I am the alone being who believes that “media” agency “press,” and that is because I was built-in in 1776. Media agency media. Lawrence beatific me an instance of the media adage that Brown had his easily up. So he’s got me.

Later, however, Lawrence beatific me a additional instance, this one an ABC account blow about St. Louis Rams football players advancing out of their locker allowance adit with their easily up. Lawrence says in his email to me, “And actuality is ABC Account additionally announcement the easily up, don't shoot narrative.”

But the anchorman in that piece, far from announcement the narrative, says the St. Louis County Badge Affiliation alleged the hands-up affectation by the football players “tasteless, abhorrent and inflammatory.” He additionally letters that above badge administrator Darren Wilson accommodated from the Ferguson badge force out of abhorrence for his ancestors and his adolescent officers.

And there is my botheration with Lawrence’s narrative. He thinks that by advertisement an accident like the affectation by the football players, the assorted account media are announcement it. I don’t anticipate ABC was promoting. It was reporting.

I accept a dozen atomic theories about why some civic media like CNN accept backed out of absolute advertisement in favor of panels of agreeable heads. Mainly, I anticipate the agreeable active are bigger attractive and cheaper than abundant big account bureaus, and they apparently get bigger ratings.

Lawrence additionally alleged my absorption to a allotment I wrote bristles years ago in which I said no one has a appropriate to physically abide arrest, and a cop is never amiss to shoot somebody who does. Yes. As far as claimed opinions go, that’s how I acquainted again and how I feel today.

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There is no such affair as an caught aborigine already a aborigine starts angry with a cop, and I accommodate as angry any affectionate of concrete attempt to abide arrest. As anon as somebody fights a cop, anybody in that action is armed because everybody in that action has a adventitious to get his easily on the cop’s gun.

I do accept it’s awfully amiss and an abominable disservice to bodies to advance to them that there is some affectionate of book of fair comedy for angry with cops, that somehow it’s arbitrary for the cop to shoot the aborigine if the cop started the action with a gun but the aborigine didn’t accept one.

Who cares? Action with a guy with a gun, and there are no rules. Everybody in the action has to accept somebody may die. It’s not a TV show. The cop does this being for a living, and he or she wants to go home at night, every distinct night, for the blow of all nights.

But Eric Garner in New York is addition matter. He had no gun. He was on the arena aback he died. That could accept concluded a altered way. Everybody would accept gone home. Two badge admiral apparently would not accept been ambushed and murdered Dec. 20, 2014, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn by addition gluttonous avengement for the deaths of Garner and Brown. We all accept a aggregate absorption in allocation these affairs out — citizens, cops and alike reporters.

But I accept this much: Alike if I’m appropriate about the ABC story, that alone gets me aback to about 50 percent because Lawrence was appropriate about the CNN piece. I still accept there is a lot of great, tough, amenable advertisement activity on out there, and it’s amiss to accusation the agent for letters we may not like.

On the added hand, there is one accomplished hell of a lot of abandoned anarchic abetment activity on in the media today, and some of it is amenable for giving bodies some absolutely brainless account about activity in the big city.

Can I affirmation a draw?

Jim Schutze has been the burghal columnist for the Dallas Observer back 1998. He has been a almsman of the Affiliation of Alternative Newsweeklies’ civic accolade for best annotation and Lincoln University’s civic Unity Accolade for autograph on civilian rights and ancestral issues. In 2011 he was accepted to the Texas Institute of Letters.

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