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Warning: This epitomize for the “The Accomplished Will Eat You Alive” adventure of Survivor: Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers contains spoilers.

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Every Survivor fan remembers Rudy Boesch, the 72-year-old ex-Navy SEAL and abiding bear who won his way into America’s hearts aback in 2000. The aboriginal division of Survivor was actual abundant a animal experiment, strangers from all walks of activity dumped on a arid island and afflicted to assignment together. The cardinal cheat and barbarous abuse the appearance is now accepted for was present then, but it took a backseat to the animal relationships. Rudy was a cogent allotment of the show’s animal aspect — his way of life, decidedly his aggressive experience, provided an actually altered angle than that of the alleged MTV bearing he was abandoned alongside. Rudy had apparent things his adolescent association mates couldn’t alike imagine, and his tough, apathetic attitude provided a altered angle on the bold activity on about him.

Flash advanced seventeen years, and Survivor is still able to bear acutely claimed moments that transcend the game. It’s accessible to lose afterimage of the animal ancillary of Survivor in the #BigMovez era, area the focus is all about blindsides and who can arise up with the abutting able boiler for an alliance. But this adventure took a time out from the gameplay to a flash a spotlight on a able moment which is both culturally accordant and acutely human.


Ben, like Rudy, is a aggressive adept — a above U.S. Marine who served in Iraq. It’s a role that becoming him his atom on the Heroes association this season, not that Ben would call himself in such afflicted terms. “I’m aloof accomplishing my job,” he said aback in the premiere aback Jeff Probst talked up his ballsy feats. Up until this point, the above Marine hadn’t actually opened up about that job. Instead, the cowboy-hat-wearing castaway has called to absorb his time architecture alliances and earning his association mates’ account by allowance about the afflicted and assuming able-bodied in the challenges. But afterwards a abrupt access acquired by bamboo bustling in the bivouac — artful the complete of battery — Ben’s demons acceleration to the surface, he’s bound afflicted with emotion, and he agilely removes himself from afflicted for some abandoned time.

“When you arise aback from combat, there’s no way to acclimatize fully,” Ben says in confessional. Area Rudy was actual aloof and aloof aback it came to discussing the affecting assessment of war, Ben is added accessible about his feelings, absolute that the affecting furnishings of action affliction the apperception continued afterwards the soldier allotment home. “There’s things admiral that are there forever. They don’t go away,” he says, while the blow of his association mates activate to apprehend Ben is disturbing with PTSD. But alike if they apprehend what is happening, they can never actually understand. “Coming aback with that, it’s hard, it’s lonely, and you feel like no one understands. Civilians accept no abstraction what it’s like to be attempt at and accept bodies try to annihilate you. You can’t appreciate it afterwards activity through it.”

Ben is actually right. Nobody can understand. But Ben speaking out about this on prime time arrangement television to an admirers of millions at this moment in time can advice accessible people’s eyes and action abundance to those who are activity through the aforementioned thing.  And admitting the accessible affliction Ben is feeling, he refuses to let the accomplished eat him alive. “My wife and kids accept actually adored me from my demons, my nightmares, and the past,” he tells us. “The abutting will save you,” he adds. “There’s a way to activity alfresco that hell.”

Story Continues

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It’s an abundantly abundant yet able moment which may accept alone taken up bristles account of a 42-minute adventure but which had added of an appulse than annihilation that came afore or afterwards it. It was honest and heartfelt, and best chiefly animal — article Survivor, and the apple at large, can generally balloon to be these days.


The bold does absolutely go on, and for Ryan, the added contempo accomplished is advanced and centermost in his mind. Swapped to a new association with his above Hustler associate Ali, and Chrissy, the woman he able a Super Idol to aback on Day 3, the New Jersey attendant finds himself in a beat position. Ali wants to booty out Chrissy because of her antithesis axle blunder, which amount the association immunity. Chrissy, meanwhile, has her architect set on Roark, the abandoned Healer at Soko beach. It’s a annoying asperity for Ryan, who has an aboriginal band with Ali because of Hustler spirit and a affiliation with Chrissy based on a accomplished acceptable deed. He tells us that Ali will never assignment with Chrissy, so either way, the accommodation he makes is activity to aching one of them.

There are pros and cons for both choices. Aback it comes to Roark, we don’t apperceive abundant about her because the appearance hasn’t agitated to acquaint us, but what we do apperceive is that she’s a Healer. There are still six Healers in the game, and with a absorb approaching, a potentially six-strong voting affiliation poses a cogent threat. For addition like Ali, those numbers are opportunity, and she’s acquisitive to adumbrate abaft the accumulation of Healers during the ambiguous aboriginal stages of the merge. It’s a solid plan, as actual generally in Survivor these ample alliances activate self-cannibalizing, acceptance the under-the-radar accomplishments players to dive in and aces up the scraps.

For Ryan though, befitting Roark would beggarly acid apart a abeyant accessory who promised to acknowledgment his favor. Why get rid of addition who has apparent a alertness to assignment with you for addition with whom you accept no accord at all? Not alone that, but demography out Chrissy would set a antecedent of voting based on claiming strength, and accustomed Ryan’s below than arch achievement in the Reward Challenge, he would be aperture himself up as an accessible ambition should the Soko association acknowledgment to affiliated council. Ryan disarms bodies with humor, and authoritative his association mates beam is how he gets them on his ancillary and able to absolve his claiming flaws. “I await on my amusing game. It’s everything,” Ryan says, and that is what ultimately leads to his decision.

Ryan votes for Roark, as do Chrissy and JP, who Chrissy is able to calmly snowball into voting her way by lying about Roark basic an all-girl alliance. “Oh, afresh she’s gotta go,” JP mutters, as if cerebration about the accommodation for added than three abnormal will annihilate his aftermost actual academician cells. Ali, who had ahead talked about how affiliated board is area you acquisition out who you can trust, learns she can no best await on her accomplished accord with Ryan. If Ryan is cyberbanking on his amusing bold affairs him through, he bigger accept some acceptable jokes up his sleeve abutting anniversary to acclamation up a acutely agitated and abashed Ali.


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Last week, Cole was spilling secrets larboard and appropriate like an Ashley Madison hacker. This anniversary he’s attractive himself by blaze the tribe’s absolute accumulation of amoroso like Augustus Gloop in “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.” “He eats like a pig,” Lauren says, as we’re advised to a montage of Cole beating jars and spoons and fingers. “I achievement it sticks his aperture together,” she adds. Jessica is apparently acquisitive for the aforementioned thing, so he’ll stop blabbing basic information. But again, the accomplished begins to appearance the future. …

Because of Cole’s apart lips, Jessica decides to alter him with Mike, acceptable acquainted the allowances of doctor-patient confidentiality. Admitting her concrete allure to Cole, his abridgement of bold acquaintance is potentially adverse to her, admitting Mike provides a safer, added reliable option. The new band gets to assignment immediately, branch to the able-bodied to chase for the idol, alive that’s area Cole and Joe begin one aback on the Healers’ beach. Jessica keeps bouncer while Mike angrily digs. “Cole would acquaint us if he had it, wouldn’t he?” Jessica asks. Arise on, Jess, Cole would accept told you, the absolute cast, the camera crew, and the ancestors of anchoress crabs active on the bank by now. Eventually, Mike finds the idol, and shares a hug and bonding moment with his newfound ally.

“There’s a crisis addition abroad alive about the idol, but at this point, I’m dupe Jess,” Mike says, blessed but afraid about activity from the basal to the top so suddenly. “Never belittle Dr. Mike.”


Things are clearing bottomward on Levu bank afterwards aftermost week’s collision amid the Heroes and Healers, which saw Joe comedy his idol to accelerate Alan packing. “I knew you were crazy, but I didn’t apperceive you were additionally smart,” Ashley tells Joe, acumen his pretribal antics were aloof an act to allurement the blow of the association into a apocryphal faculty of security. Joe pats himself on the aback for a job able-bodied done. Their affection is accustomed a caffeine bang afterwards a ascendant Reward Claiming win — the abiding wriggly-worm competition, aka the Animal Centipede. A barbecue of pastries and algid coffee lift alcohol alike college as the accumulation comes calm to snatch addition achievement in the Amnesty Challenge.

But the bold is still percolating below the blessed smiles and the facefuls of croissants. Devon’s apperception is actual abundant still on the game, and he makes it his antecedence to get rid of Joe as anon as possible. “He’s got the best action and ability of the bold of anyone I’ve met,” Devon says about Joe, which is conceivably giving him a little added acclaim than he deserves. Aback Joe and Desi booty a airing to the water, Devon confirms his assurance with Ashley and promises to stick by her no amount what, alike if it after-effects in a two-two tie and bedrock draw. Ashley echoes the affect but hopes they can cull Desi over to their ancillary if it comes to that. It’s a solid plan, but alive Desi’s accomplished beef with Joe, she may not be accommodating to put her bold on the band for his sake.


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Heading into abutting week, I can’t advice but arise aback to Ben’s able words at the alpha of the episode: “The abutting will save you.” This was an adventure area the accomplished afflicted every angle of the game, on animal and cardinal levels. For Ryan, a accomplished acceptable accomplishment gave him options, but he had to abort a above-mentioned band to move advanced — will he be able to adjustment that accord in the future? For Jessica, Cole’s accomplished accomplishments led to her gluttonous new alliances, and she’s acquisitive to move into the abutting of this bold with reliable Dr. Mike. For Ashley and Devon, the bite of the accomplished affiliated board fabricated them see Joe in a new ablaze — not as not aloof a crazy being but as a big-time cardinal threat. Will they be able to booty him out in the abutting and abstain the alarming bedrock draw? And for Ben, the bold brought up demons in the anatomy of PTSD, but he was able to attending to the abutting to advice alleviate those wounds, alike if the scars will consistently remain.


Chrissy: Afterwards tanking in the Amnesty Challenge, it should accept been accessible for the association to accumulate numbers adjoin Chrissy — and it ability accept gone that way had Chrissy not acclimated her Jedi apperception tricks on JP. In a amount of seconds, Chrissy had swung JP’s vote by cogent a actual simple lie about Roark and an all-girl alliance.

Mike: He had the anticipation to analysis the able-bodied for an idol and was adored for his efforts. Not alone did he acquisition the idol, but Dr. Mike caked a band with Jessica, and appropriate now the two of them arise to be positioned as the best able duo on the Yawa tribe.

Jessica: Likewise, Jessica knew that there was actual acceptable an idol at the well, and while she wasn’t the one to acquisition it, she helped Mike, anchored a bond, additional has ability of area the idol is. Her acumen that Cole is not the best bet for her constancy in this bold is a big plus.

Survivor affectedness Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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