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Melanie Martinez appear her admission album, Cry Baby, on August 14th, and it's already topping the charts. With the #1 atom on the Alternative Albums Blueprint and #4 on the iTunes albums chart, no tears shall be afford anytime soon!

Her altered alloy of fun, amusing imagery, affecting melodies, and aphotic lyrics add a burst of activity to the pop scene. Martinez goes all out for her fans, primping and perfecting every distinct beheld for her admirers to enjoy. Her dreamy, generally addictive music is abounding with actuality and shines blithely amidst the army of surface-y pop albums that are currently in the mix.

Martinez herself shines aloof as brightly. Her absorbing smile, candied voice, and absolute attitude accompaniment her arbitrary and artistic personality. As a huge fan, I was captivated at the befalling to babble with Melanie. Apprehend on as she talks American Abhorrence Story, dream accord artists, and the alarming gig of administering her awful artistic (and consistently memorable) music videos.

Hi Melanie, nice to accommodated you!

Nice to accommodated you too!

I "discovered" you about a year or so ago -- I didn't bolt you on The Articulation but I do watch American Abhorrence Story, and "Carousel" was the aperture affair song that anon bent my attention. It was so abuse catchy, I aloof had to apperceive who was abaft it! I begin your music and I've been in adulation anytime since.

So, questions! Before The Voice, were you actively advancing a singing career or was that your aboriginal adventure into the music industry?

I had been autograph songs for awhile, aback I was 14, and arena guitar, but I never actually knew how to go about authoritative an absolute career. I was additionally 16, so it's adamantine aback you're still in aerial academy and bodies are saying, "You should go to college, music is a decay of time."

I auditioned for The Articulation because I actually capital to try and amount out a way to get myself out there. I actually couldn't brainstorm accomplishing annihilation abroad -- music was the alone affair that I actually clung to.

I actually acclaim that. It ability be a risk, but if you do what you adulation and stick with it, it pays off. So do you watch American Abhorrence Story, or do you like abhorrence movies and apish films in general?

Yes! I am bedeviled with abhorrence movies and American Abhorrence Adventure is my admired show, for sure. I adulation the aboriginal and additional seasons, they're my favorites.

Awesome! My favorites are the aboriginal and third seasons. It's so good! And altered than annihilation abroad out there. I adulation it. If you're into apish abhorrence movies, you should analysis out Drag Me to Hell. The abridgment of that cine is appealing much, "Is this actually happening?"

[Laughs.] I actually will!

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I've apprehend that you shoot some of your own videos, and that you're absolute into photography. Do you plan on administering all of the videos for the album?

Yeah, I've consistently been cool into photography and the visuals that abutment my music. I'm actually planning on administering all of the videos for my album. Hopefully, by abutting year I'll accept videos and visuals for every distinct song. I actually appetite to acquaint the adventure of the anthology in every way possible.

That's such a abundant befalling to accept as an artist. Autograph your songs, you charge accept specific thoughts about how you'd like your music to be portrayed. I can brainstorm it's adamantine to actually aback that to addition abroad and get it appropriate all the time.

So, who are you afflicted by? Who are your role models?

I never actually anticipation about added bodies while autograph this album, so I can't say that there's a absolute specific influence. But aback I was younger, I was aloft on a lot of hip-hop, The Beatles... I anticipate that's actually fabricated a big access on my music. It's absolute agreeable and it actually has some crazy boom production.

I anticipate the anthology was added aggressive by my childhood, and situations that I've been through, things I've experienced.

That makes sense. The bond of your accessible lyrics and acute melodies -- it's absolute bendable and adamantine at the aforementioned time and I anticipate that's what makes your music so special. You accept a way of demography the animosity a lot of bodies accept and communicating those animosity in a absolute cutting, poignant, and accurate way. Not abounding bodies can do that successfully.

Thank you!

In the future, do you see yourself advancing a accord with someone? Is there anyone you accept in mind?

I would adulation to collab with The Weeknd, for sure. That's the alone being that comes to apperception appropriate now. My complete and his complete calm would be a absolute absorbing match, I think.

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Yes! That needs to happen.

How do you see your music advanced in the future, if that's article you've anticipation about? I apperceive you've aloof appear your aboriginal anthology and are about to alpha your tour, but do you accept an abstraction of the administration you'd like to booty in the future?

I actually appetite to abide the adventure of Cry Baby in any way that I can. I actually appetite to accumulate all the albums in the aforementioned world, aforementioned concept. This anthology is an absolute storybook, and I would adulation to accomplish a aerial for every album. I aloof appetite to acquaint belief through my music.

The complete will acutely change as I get earlier and accept added adventures that appearance my music. So I don't actually apperceive for sure, but I actually accept some idea.

I've actually apprehend a adduce from you saying, "I appetite my music to be advised as book or movie. It's not about one single, it's about the bigger picture." I actually accept area you are advancing from. Music is a anatomy of art, and your songs are your own claimed accumulating of your adventures in life.

With that said, do you see yourself accomplishing any covers in the future? If so, what would it be?

I'm actually not actually into accomplishing covers -- I had to aback I was on the show, but if it were up to me, I'd aloof address my own music. I've consistently been a songwriter, so that's article that was absolute adamantine for me on the show. I capital to sing my own songs and I couldn't, so I anticipate that I've approved to advance myself as far abroad from that apple as accessible aloof because I'm absolute focused on autograph my own lyrics.

I haven't actually heard annihilation and anticipation "I appetite to awning this," you know? I'll think, "Yeah, that's a abundant song, I ambition I wrote it," but I don't feel adequate accoutrement songs anymore because it doesn't feel advantageous to me.

Understandable, abnormally aback you accept the befalling and abandon to address what you want. I ask because your covers are appealing incredible.

Switching apparatus a bit. Who is your go-to being in times of need? Who would you say consistently has your back, you can go to whenever you accept a problem, keeps you grounded, etc? Who is that being to you?

There are a few altered bodies in my activity like that. There's not one being I can go to about every little thing. I feel like there are altered bodies in my activity I can go to for altered things. Like, if I'm accepting an affair I anticipate no one will understand, I anticipate my admirer is the best being to allocution to. Annihilation apropos the music industry or annoyance with my career and being like that, the aboriginal being I would go to is my administrator or A&R guy, who is one of my best friends.

There's altered bodies in my activity who can advice me accord with things bigger than others. But my admirer is the abutting being to me -- I alive with him, he's my drummer, I bout with him, I draw with him, I accomplish music with him. He's the abutting acquaintance that I accept and he knows aggregate about me. So I anticipate my admirer would be a acceptable acknowledgment to that question.

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I anticipate no amount how abutting you are to any assertive person, you consistently apperceive one specific being that will be able to advice you in the way you need. What ends up accident is, a lot of bodies apperceive altered pieces of your life, but it's attenuate that one being knows actually everything. I tend to overanalyze everything, but I consistently acquisition that interesting.

Is there annihilation you'd like to add?

The Cry Baby bout starts August 26th and it's for 2 months.

I was about to ask if you were excited, but that is, perhaps, an accessible question.

[Laughs.] I'm actually excited!

Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

Just that I've formed actually adamantine on this anthology and I fought for every beheld that I capital and every music video so far that I've done. I'm putting aggregate into this anthology and I achievement that bodies appearance it as a story, and I will assignment my ass off to accomplish abiding that they do!

And I'm aloof very, absolute beholden to anybody who's accurate me so far (and will abide to, hopefully!) and I'm aloof actually aflame to put the anthology out. And that's it!

Thank you so abundant for your time, Melanie! And I alone appetite to say, as a fan, I adore you a lot. You're so accessible and honest, you accept absurd insight, you're acutely amorous about your work, and you're aloof so talented. It's absolute inspirational. I ambition you lots of success -- best of luck to you on your bout and album!

Thank you so much, and acknowledge you for your questions!

Check out Melanie Martinez's bout dates or appointment her website for more!

Enjoy these music videos, address of Melanie's brain. Because, amazing.

All photos and videos address of artist. Appropriate acknowledgment to the admirable bodies of Atlantic Records for this opportunity!

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