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The Pixelbook is Google’s latest attack to accomplish the Chromebook cool. Despite two above-mentioned ancestors of flagship Chromebook Pixels and a scattering of high-end copycats from added manufacturers, the Chromebook class charcoal in a rut. Typecast as cheap, disposable browsing machines or calmly locked-down classroom computers, Google hasn’t ample out how to accomplish the Chromebook capital in the aforementioned way the smartphone is for best people. 

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Google’s acknowledgment is to accomplish the Pixelbook added like a smartphone. It joins the growing annual of Chromebook models that support Android apps. It’s additionally the aboriginal Chromebook to abutment Google Assistant, aforetime accessible abandoned on Android accessories (and via an iOS app).

As you adeptness assumption from the Pixelbook’s name, some of its appearance assignment accurately with Google’s flagship Android phones. In the absence of Wi-Fi, for instance, it’ll be able to binding automatically to your Pixel phone, a acceptable accessibility that should be ready, Google says, by the time the laptops alpha aircraft October 31. We’ll add our adventures with tethering already it comes online. 

For this review, I’ve looked at both the accouterments and the software experiences. The accouterments is aboriginal and the software we approved was still in beta, so not aggregate formed as planned. I can affirm the Pixelbook is a fast, able device—just like its ancestors—but that’s no best enough. Joining armament with Android is allegedly the best attempt Chromebooks accept at acceptable adorable accouterments to boilerplate users. Whether this action will absolutely assignment for the Pixelbook (and be broadly adopted by added Chromebook manufacturers) is still unknown.  

The 360-degree articulation lets the Pixelbook cast calmly over to book approach for the abutting affair to a abounding Android experience. 

Even if the Pixelbook didn’t accept a agglomeration of Android tie-ins, it would still be the nicest Chromebook you can buy: thin, light, and abounding of advanced features. You can see the specs and prices for all the SKUs in our aboriginal Pixelbook annual story, but beneath I accept capacity on our accurate analysis unit. 

Price: $1,199

Dimensions: 11.4 x 8.7 x 0.4 inches. This is a actual attenuate laptop that block calmly into your bag or beneath your arm. 

Weight: 2.4 pounds. This is lighter than accepted compared to accepted Windows 360-degree laptops, such as the latest HP Spectre x360 (2.8 pounds).

CPU: Intel Core i5-7Y57 1.2GHz. This is a 7th-generation (Kaby Lake) adaptable CPU with two cores and four threads. It has a abject alarm of 1.2GHz and a best of 3.3GHz. As you’ll see in our achievement tests below, this CPU performed handily.

Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 615 (a lower-end chip).

Memory: 8GB RAM. This looks baby compared to what you’d get with a Windows or Mac laptop, but for a Chromebook, it’s an able amount.

Storage: 256GB eMMC storage. This is an affordable, if banal accumulator blazon that’s accepted to Chromebooks. The highest-end Pixelbook SKU has a 512GB SSD. 

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Display: 12.3-inch, 2400x1600, 235ppi LCD touchscreen on a 360-degree hinge. The absence resolution is 1200x800, which is allegedly easier on your eyes as able-bodied as on the laptop’s adeptness draw. The affectation has a actual aerial best accuracy of 400 nits, admitting we abstinent it alike brighter. Note, however, that the brighter the display, the added adeptness it needs. 

Chassis: Aluminum unibody with 360-degree hinge, in one color, Silver

The Pixelbook is aloof 10mm attenuate and sports a attractive high-resolution display.

Keyboard: The full-size keyboard has a 19mm angle and a abbreviate 0.9mm travel—an accepted accommodation in a architecture this slender. The keyboard is still comfortable, but I adopt the longer-throw keyboards on accomplished Chromebook Pixels.

Trackpad: Etched glass, with bendable white elastic panels on either side. Clicking, scrolling, and mousing on the pad all acquainted responsive. 

Connectivity: Two USB-C for charging and 4K affectation support. That’s it, people. No bequest USB-A, not alike an SD agenda slot. But there is a headphone jack!

Wi-Fi: It’s annual acquainted the ample affinity of the antenna: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. Also, the acumen the Pixelbook has a bottle aerial lid breadth is to enhance the Wi-Fi antenna’s strength. 

Battery life: The 41Whr array lasts up to 10 hours, Google says. Your breadth will vary, abnormally if you crank up the affectation brightness. See our achievement area for added on the array life. 

Google’s Pixelbook Pen (middle) is about the aforementioned breadth and aloof a little added than the Porsche Architecture Book One’s Stylus (top) and Microsoft’s Surface Pen (bottom).

Pixelbook Pen: A $99 option, it measures 5.79 inches continued and 0.42 inches in diameter, and weighs 0.75 ounces. It takes a AAAA battery. It has 10ms latency, which is fast, and recognizes 2,000 levels of pressure, which is about midrange—some aggressive pens accept up to 4,096 levels of pressure. 

Most of the shaft is aluminum, but Google says it put a white-plastic area abreast the nib to accomplish the pen eaiser to grasp.  

Google’s Pixelbook Pen (middle) lacks the collapsed bend that keeps added agnate pens from rolling away. (At left: Porsche Architecture Book One’s Stylus; at right, Microsoft’s Surface Pen)

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There’s aloof one notable downside to this pen. Added models we’ve used, such as the Porsche Architecture Book One’s Stylus and Microsoft’s Surface Pen, accept one collapsed bend to accumulate them from rolling. The Pixelbook Pen is altogether round, and it formed all over the abode on my desk. It would be nice if a $99 pen were a bit harder to lose. 

Normally I'd dive into achievement next, but the Pixelbook is different. Its Android app support, forth with its new capabilities apropos to Google Assistant and pen support, amount abundant added than its speeds and feeds. And, overall, my adventures were positive.

I’ve approved Android apps on Chromebooks, and it's still a assignment in progress. Google alike warned us that the Pixelbook's app behavior would be buggy due to the beta body loaded on eval units, admitting the problems we ran into were few and mostly minor. 

The new Launcher on the Pixelbook somewhat resembles the app drawer on an Android device.

Android app abutment matters because it aback gives the Chromebook a lot added to do. For diehard Android users, actuality able to use a admired app on a bigger affectation with a keyboard can advance annual significantly. 

At the time of this review, however, my admired app (Instagram), and abounding added Android apps, abide stubbornly puny: You can enlarge Instagram from smartphone to book format, but you can’t accomplish it full-screen. Google says it’s alive with developers to advice apps embrace the abounding amplitude of a Chromebook’s awning compared to a adaptable screen, but they've been adage that for a while now, so allegedly it's activity to booty some time.

The Google Play and Painter apps on either ancillary can aggrandize to full-screen on the Pixelbook, but the Instagram app in the average cannot. 

Meanwhile, abacus Google Assistant to the Pixelbook inches Chromebooks afterpiece to adequation with Windows and Mac PCs, which accept Cortana and Siri, respectively, to allocution through schedules, tasks, and accidental chase queries. Back I added my user annual to the Pixelbook, I said “OK Google” three times to alternation the accessory to admit my voice. Then all I had to do was say “OK Google” aural ambit of the Pixelbook’s four microphones, and Google Assistant would barrage on the display, accessible for my request.

If I didn’t feel like talking, I could blazon a concern into Google Assistant’s argument box. Alike better, I could aces up the Pixelbook Pen, and watch Google’s A.I. agent absolutely go to work. You alpha by captivation the button on the pen’s shaft while cartoon about any angel or atom of argument in a Chrome webpage. Now footfall aback and see what Google Assistant finds.

Selecting a photo application the Pixelbook Pen brought up chase after-effects via Google Assistant. The after-effects got added absolute with added queries. 

Once you’ve called commodity and appear the button, Google Assistant will try to analyze the angel and accommodate information, or transcribe the argument for you. In my tests it additionally seemed to apprentice from its mistakes: A chase on an angel from Rome yielded after-effects that were hardly off, but echo tries led to added absolute responses. 

For me, the absolute fun began back I approved cartoon apps like Painter. In the advance of authoritative the account apparent below, the pen’s 10ms cessation rarely absent me, but I already begin myself adulatory for added levels of burden back I capital to actualize bigger areas of shading. Still, the adeptness to get off the keyboard and trackpad and get creative—digital erasing, in particular, is a huge convenience—is commodity I adulation about all the pen support. 

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Using the Painter app on Google’s Pixelbook with the Pixelbook Pen, it was accessible and fun to accomplish this drawing. I noticed a little pen lag, and the pen was clumsy to aces up some of my lighter strokes.  

When we allocution about Chromebook performance, bethink that Google updates Chromes OS every six weeks. Newer models will consistently account from any contempo improvements.

That said, the Pixelbook’s greatest advantage its 7th-generation Kaby Lake CPU, which is a little added able and a lot added able than its Skylake predecessor. An bigger video agent helps, too. Compared to its 2013- and 2015-era Chromebook Pixel predecessors, the Pixelbook makes abundant leaps forward. 

The Cr-XPRT analysis measures Chromebook achievement in basal abundance tasks, as able-bodied as in added ambitious activities, such as watching movies and arena games. Comparing the Pixelbook to Chromebooks after Kaby Lake, it’s basically no contest.

The Google Pixelbook far outpaces added high-end Chromebooks we’ve tested, let abandoned its two ancestors. 

Basemark is a broad-based criterion that incorporates WebGL and JavaScript tests. The Pixelbook maintains its able advance adjoin models with 6th-gen and 5th-gen CPUs.

Google’s Pixelbook pulls advanced of the antagonism in this mix of WebGL and Javascript tests. 

Kraken is a JavaScript achievement criterion created by Mozilla that uses real-world applications and libraries. Shorter confined are bigger in this case. We see a abruptness assemblage by HP’s Chromebook 13, with its 6th-gen Skylake CPU, but Google’s Pixelbook is abutting for advance position. 

asdjf sjf sfd

We additionally ran Cr-XPRT’s predicted array runtime test. For the test, we set the Pixelbook’s accuracy as abutting to 200 nits as possible, and attach headphones for audio output. The Pixelbook’s projected runtime of 11.67 hours exceeds Google’s blueprint of 10 hours and is added than abundant to get you through a continued day. 

Google says 10 hours of concoction activity on the Pixelbook. The CR-XPRT-2015 projected runtime says about 12 hours. Either way, you’re allegedly set for the day. 

Truth be told, the Pixelbook allegedly has added adeptness than best Chromebook users will anytime need. It gets a aerial appraisement not because I anticipate anybody should buy it. Frankly it’s unaffordable for best people, and adamantine for abounding to absolve compared to a full-fledged Windows or Mac PC. Instead, the Pixelbook earns its appraisement because it succeeds in assuming the best a Chromebook can be.

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Interestingly, “best” has acquired from artlessly “premium laptop” to “premium Chromebook-slash-Android experience.” With its 360-degree hinge, and its abutment for Android, Google Assistant, and pen input, the Pixelbook is able to become an Android phone’s best acquaintance and accessible up new frontiers for the apprehensive Chromebook. What we don’t apperceive is whether added Chromebook (and Android phone) manufacturers will accompany Google’s push. 


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