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Team 10 afresh confused into a new mansion, which agency that Jake Paul acutely gave his YouTube followers a video bout of the new digs. Unsurprisingly, Jake's YouTube foe RiceGum absitively to acknowledge to the video on his channel, and Jake Paul and his admirers didn't booty attentive to the video.

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While RiceGum accepted Jake's abode was appealing air-conditioned ("They acquire two pools, we abandoned acquire one," he noted), he absolutely took a ton of abode at Jake and his new house.

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RiceGum consistently compared Jake's new abode to the CloutGang's house, commenting that it's brainless that it has an elevator because it abandoned has two floors (while endemic has eight) and cartoon absorption to the Clout Gang's house's college price-tag (apparently it bulk $13 actor while the new Team 10 costs about $7 million).

RiceGum took things way too far when, while authoritative fun of the baby elevator, he adumbrated Tessa Brooks and Nick Crompton were fat by adage if they both got in the elevator, they'd breach it because it would be over capacity. Then, at the moment aback Jake asked his followers to advance some means to adorn the new mansion, RiceGum appropriate they adhere a asphyxiate in the active allowance (seemingly implying that Jake and Team 10 should accomplish suicide).

Check out the video below:

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Jake and admirers did not acknowledge RiceGum's added abhorrent jokes. In Jake's contempo video alleged "A CONVERSATION WITH MY EX-GIRLFRIEND," he took a block of time battlefront aback at RiceGum, accusing him of blowing and pointing out that suicide is never article to antic about.

"I watched the video and I was absolute away," Jake said bristles account into the video. "Everyone has apparent afresh that Brian is a terrible, abhorrent person. He is a scumbag... Brian's best contempo video has acutely afflicted me and aching me in abounding altered ways."

Jake insists that it's not what RiceGum said about him or his abode that bogus him so angry, but what he said about his friends. "He can say whatever he wants about me. I don't acknowledge to hate," Jake continued. "But aback you alpha to allocution about things and bodies that I affliction about that are my ancestors in a analytical way and you don't stop. He never stops... This isn't about the hate. This isn't about the beef. This is about Brian Lee who has this belvedere area he promotes negativity and things to his admirers that should not be aloud to be bogus fun of our talked about in that blazon of way. For me, it's about endlessly that."

That's aback he accursed RiceGum for implying Team 10 should accomplish suicide. "Whether he's badinage or not, he needs to be alleged out for these actions... Hundreds of bags of families are afflicted by suicide every distinct year," he said. "It's not article to antic about or alike animate anyone to do."

He additionally explains that it was unacceptable to anatomy abashment Tessa and Nick. "This isn't the aboriginal time he's anatomy awkward Nick or Tessa," he explained. "He always talks about this... It needs to stop. This kid needs to stop. He's a accident brawl of negativity and who knows aback he's absolutely activity to affront or acutely aching a kid by blowing them."

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Jake is absolutely right. Suicide and anatomy awkward should be off banned aback it comes to YouTube beefs. Sadly, his bulletin of overextension adulation is falling a little collapsed with some admirers because his own history of bullying.

Alissa Violet took to Twitter to alarm out Jake, about adage he has no appropriate to sit on a aerial horse about blowing aback he's one of the bigger bullies on YouTube in her estimation.

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She's, no doubt, apropos to her bouldered history with the YouTube star. He kicked her out of the Team 10 abode beforehand this year and told his millions of admirers it was because she cheated on him alike admitting she insists they were never clearly calm because he didn't appetite to commit. She's additionally gone on to say that Jake physically and emotionally abused her.

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Then FaZe Banks jumped into the fray, reminding Jake that Team 10 accused him of assaulting their abettor Meg at a club, an accusation he believes was bogus in an attack to ruin his career afterwards there was no affirmation of the advance on the club's aegis cam and Team 10 couldn't aftermath the badge abode they allegedly filed.

Alissa goes on to advance Jake let his own ego get in the way of his bulletin aback — afterwards insisting his acknowledgment wasn't about RiceGum authoritative fun of his abode or their "beef," but rather to accompany absorption to the austere affair of blowing — he spent a block of the video authoritative fun of RiceGum. He accursed him for renting his allowance in the CloutGang's abode and besmirched his AdSense acquirement adage the bulk of money RiceGum makes on his best day is what he makes on his affliction day.

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Uggg. This bearings sucks on all sides.

Jake absolutely has a point. It's NEVER acquire to antic about suicide or anatomy abashment addition and CloutGang needs to acquire and abode that.

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But the CloutGang has a point, too. Jake and Team 10 assume like the pot calling the kettle black. They appear off a little artful aback they use added YouTubers' blowing as fodder for videos afterwards anytime absolutely owning up and answer for their own blowing and bad behavior (unless it's afterwards a ton of backfire or a comedy for YouTube views).

Perhaps anybody in this bearings should do bigger for their fans. Drop this YouTube beef culture, and leave anniversary added abandoned for good!


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