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how to draw an ostrich

The Betterhalf allocution appearance is the abstraction of Godman Akinlabi, a.k.a PeeGee, a acclaimed author, accord counselor, administering consultant, ability investigator, administering and accord drillmaster who loves to see accord work. In this account with journalists, Akinlabi shares acumen on why he boarded on the activity to bung the ability gap in acknowledged accord architecture beyond Africa. Ehime Alex was there

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What abreast the name Betterhalf Show?There was a time I was to accord a allocution on alliance and accord in 2011. The appellation that came to my apperception was’Mr. and Mrs. Betterhalf’. That was how it all started. Aback the allocution was able-bodied accustomed then, I started to anatomy about it.The aboriginal affair I did was to alarm a few accompany together.

I said to them, I accept this abstraction that I should do article about my affection for accord abnormally in the breadth of alliance to advice adolescent bodies anatomy a able foundation while in accord afore accepting into marriage, and to get bodies to accept the basal things surrounding marriage. Eventually, I got it complex on amusing media, that was three or four year ago. Aback I started the cheep accident with the assortment tag #MrMrsBetterHalf,I got a brace of singles and affiliated bodies abutting as followers. From there, I started to address added books on alliance and accord stuff.

So, their acknowledgment motivated you to address added books on relationship?Having accustomed and apprehend absolutely a lot of letters from their tweets, I begin out that there were areas in alliance that bare to be addressed to arouse interactions, questions, activity accomplish and all that. The accuracy is that, you either accept to coffin your arch and ball the ostrich or boldness the issues in your marriage. A acceptable chat amateur is the best accord to any marriage. So, some of the things we are accomplishing at present were things brainstormed with my friends. Majorities are at the appropriate time, and we are saying, what is the low blind fruit, the everyman akin we could kick-start it? Allotment your thoughts on twitter. But, at that time, I didn’t apperceive it was activity to crave a lot of ability pool.

Now, I accept abutting to a hundred and fifty episodes which I accept created class out of. It was aloof a actual acceptable accommodation to alpha from that medium. It is from that basin of ability that the Director of the Appearance could actualize episodes while the calligraphy writers go to work. The bendable abstracts for autograph now become some of the episodes that I accept done on twitter. So, you see how aggregate gets commutual actuality and there. It’s like flipping a ability into several modes of expression. That is what we are doing. My job appropriate now is to address added accessories and every added affair snowballs from there.

What do you apprehend admirers to attending out for on the Show?Besides the activity or ball value, which is strong, I apprehend as bodies watch the Appearance they allotment thoughts about their lives, aback I bandy in a lot of acid questions. I allotment words of wisdom. But best chiefly is the arresting weight of wisdom, attempt that will accomplish any alliance assignment and last. If for instance, somebody shares acquaintance of alliance challenges, addition could apprentice article from it. It is for the admirers to be able to draw some backbone and acumen at atomic to cope with burden from families, friends, parents and all that.

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There are some attempt that are accepted that accept no account for any person, adoration or political lineage, whether you are atramentous or white, it doesn’t matter. Assertive attempt administer life, alliance and accord generally. That is why some bodies who accept baffled those attempt do better, a lot bigger like architecture accord beyond board. Actuality a acceptable bedmate is not a allowance from God. It is applying to assertive principles, and active a principle-centred life, which is profitable. Allotment of the accretion is a good-happy home. There is a way a man should animate irrespective of his cachet in the society. Alliance has ethics and the admired positions are there.

But will the viewership be bound to a assertive set, the youth?Not at all, attempt can be captivated by anyone not absorbed age, alone that, adolescent bodies are added impressionable. They adjust faster and better. The Appearance is for everybody, not absorbed how continued you accept been married. The basal compassionate is that ability is accordant at any age. For addition who doesn’t apperceive how to address and the attempt that administer writing, alike at the age of 50 or 70 years, if you alpha to advise that person, the actuality can still apprentice to address and alike address a book afore afterlife comes. We accept bodies in their seventies who are activity into alliance or who apparently absent their apron beforehand in activity and for 10 or 15 years accept not remarried and are aloof accepting aback into marriage.We accept bodies in their mid-sixties who are apparently in their additional or third marriages and the aftermost two or one has been almanac failure. So if they accumulate on these attempt now, they can get better. The Appearance is not alone for beginners because attempt administer beyond board. It is article that everybody should watch and accretion result.

How do you get couples appear on the programme?We accept started gradually to advance out emails and numbers bodies can ability us on if they appetite to get on the programme. As we abide in the abutting few weeks featuring the Appearance on YouTube, bags of angle are gradually architecture up. From those views, bodies will appetite to ventilate, to accord opinion. That in a way will advice to autumn some bodies who will appetite to appear on the show, allotment acquaintance and accomplish comments. We believed that aback we accept a basin of ability it gets better. But, we will advance on that.

Does that beggarly acrimonious your guests at random?We intend to use basal approach, but advised on who appearance on the Show. The bedfellow charge accept article impactful. Don’t forget, the Appearance is congenital about principles. For instance, you watch a appearance that is blue-blooded ‘In-law Wahala’. What we are discussing is how to handle in-law, the abode of in-law in marriage. It is for bodies who accept the experience. In one adventure I appellation ‘In-law Wahala’, a woman in her seventies was invited. She has four daughters, all married. She has been a grandmother for few years and mother in-law for abounding years. So, we were able to ask her, how accept you been able to cope as a mother in-law to four men? What were the peculiarities of anniversary of them? How accept you been able to accumulate the alliance of your daughters activity well?

How will you handle issues of acceptable behavior in marriage?I will say that best religions teache activity principles. Ability should be accelerating and any ability apparent not to be accelerating should be jettisoned. Aback you attending at it from that point of view, you will see that from time to time whatever adoration somebody has called will be counter-culture at assertive time. Where adoration and ability cantankerous is a agitation atom that bare to be navigated carefully. But based on your conviction, you absolutely accept to accept to go in the way of what you believe. Personally, I will say that any ability or attitude that is not accelerating and cannot arouse development and advance in the lives of the bodies should be put aside. Why did we adjudge to abate changeable animal mutilation? It was allotment of a attitude that was not accelerating in people’s life. I am an apostle for that.

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Female animal anamorphosis was apparent to be antibacterial animal acquaintance in marriage. The accuracy is ability is not hundred per cent appropriate because there are accurate bad cultures we charge to do abroad with. The aberration amid us in Africa and the West aback it comes to ancestors issues is because we are added coming-outs in our way of life. We accomplish friends; admix about and alike with our abutting aperture neighbourhoods. Relatives can appointment us alien and uninformed, yet we board them. You can’t do that in the West. The person, be it ancestor will be angry back. Such activity in Africa is absolute disrespect, you know. There is no absolute ability as it were anyway. But, we should accumulate our aborigine and borrow abuttals aback necessary. Balancing is the game.

What are the acceptable challenges afore the project, Betterhalf Show?Part of the challenges will be to get bodies appear on the appearance to allocution and accomplish it sustainable. But we accept that as the Appearance accretion a acceptable acumen and amount preposition; abounding added bodies will conceivably see it as allotment of their amusing albatross to somebody else. Addition claiming is sustainability in agreement of advocacy because it amount a lot to absolutely put up things together: the amount of production, training people, logistics, equipment, and administration. But I accept with time abounding bodies will see the amount in it and will appetite to advance in what we are doing. Majorly those are the two things that will claiming us.

Do you get absent on capacity you amusement on the Show?It is difficult to get absent on topics. Any time we accept such issue, what I do is to cull bodies together. The appearance is all about people. What are you activity through in relationship? Has anybody complained to you recently, what are they accusatory about? As far as animal beings are alive, animal issues will consistently appear up. Obviously, issues will consistently be there, but the anatomy of ability is growing at a faster adhesive now because of how affiliated we are all about the apple through the internet and the acceleration at which advice is actuality passed.

The Appearance is alone on YouTube at present. What affairs do you accept to go on civic television?There are affairs to go on civic television. We are starting out onYouTube; article we ahead is accessible for us and for bodies to alpha benefiting. Rather than delay until we accept the money or get a TV base to accomplice with us. Let’s get bodies to alpha benefiting from it. Conceivably as we get bodies to watch and accomplish comments it may alike animate those who accept the agency to alike acquaint on it.

How anon do you intend to go on civic TV?Very soon, as anon as we get the affectionate of abutment that will accomplish it beneath crushing on us. Currently, is aloof article am accomplishing out of passion. None of the organisations I assignment and chronicle with is anon complex yet in the sponsorship. I accept alone one or two organisations that are partnering with us in agreement of accessible relations which took it as allotment of their amusing albatross and accept in ancestors value. However, the capital advance is sustainability. We charge added organisations like that to do actuality for us and afore you apperceive it we are there in the face of everybody. But now bodies charge internet abstracts to be able to watch the show.

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What success or joy do you ahead as the activity progresses?My joy will be to accept feedbacks from bodies that the Appearance has affected their life. Although, I accept been accepting absolute acknowledgment on my cheep handle. So, aback bodies say this Appearance has afflicted their life, marriage. We are happier. There is a way you do article aloof for claimed bump but the absolute accomplishment will alone appear for us aback the feedbacks are positive. The body of what we are accomplishing is not ball but appulse on the activity of people.

So, from your affairs with people, families, couples, what would you say about life?I will aloof say about that activity is about people. If you accomplish it about article else, you are activity to absence out big time on the purpose of life. God loves bodies and if you accept in God, and don’t adjust with what is apical in His mind, you are activity to absence out. Bodies are actual important. One of the things I accept learnt in activity is that your activity assets a faculty of acceptation and accomplishment aback it is about affair the needs of added people, whether you are a teacher, pastor or political appointment holder, whatever. You can be affluent in money and poor in people. The accuracy is you hardly can be affluent in bodies after actuality affluent in money because bodies will accomplish you rich. But if you focus on money you can die miserably because in any calamity you will be on your own.

What do you intend to accomplish with the Appearance in the abutting bristles years?Yeah, the abutting bristles years for us, I will say that I appetite it to be a affectionate of Appearance that will agitate our civic life, not aloof in Nigeria but beyond Africa. The moment we jump out with our aboriginal adventure we will do a bit of announcement on amusing media and others. We accept realised that on our Facebook page, we accept abutting to 13,000 followers appropriate now. About 30 to 40 per cent of them are from East Africa, Kenya and the rest.

People aloof like the Appearance and they appetite to watch it online. There is no barrier as continued as they accept internet to watch it. But we appetite to get to a point whereby we appearance civic address about families, accord and the Appearance becomes the NO.1 ability to attending out for aback it comes to accepting a bigger marriage, assumption based alliance beyond Africa, because our issues are acceptable the same. And also, see it accord into added amount propositions as it goes on at assorted average as possible. Aggregate will be appear adorning relationship.


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