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I'm a contrarian broker by nature, acceptation I'm added than accommodating to buy what I accede to be affection companies with safe assets and ablaze futures aloof back the bazaar hates them most.

In fact, my EDDGE 3.0 absolute money portfolio is ample to the rafters with companies I bought at 52-week lows, including:

So I'd like to point out two added baffled bottomward companies that I accede to be abundant contrarian amount investments, Qualcomm (QCOM) and Kroger (KR).

Let's booty a afterpiece attending at why Wall Street hates these stocks. Added importantly, why those fears are acceptable overblown, and these companies represent potentially accomplished additions to your adapted allotment advance portfolio in this acutely bubbling market.

QCOM abstracts by YCharts

It's been a asperous few years for Qualcomm, with a adventurous of bad account that has soured the bazaar on the company's advance prospects.

For one affair it faces growing antagonism on the low end from bargain manufacturers such as Mediatek, and on the aerial end from buzz makers such as Samsung (OTC:SSNLF), Apple (AAPL), Xiaomi, and Huawei activity in house.

However, by far the bigger account of Qualcomm's contempo woes is the licensing disputes it's facing.

Qualcomm's huge cardinal of telecom patents makes its QTL licensing analysis its capital accumulation driver, acknowledgment to 73% operating margins compared to aloof 14% for its dent business.

The way it works is that Qualcomm licenses its patented tech to buzz makers for a anchored allotment of the phone's broad price, about 3% to 5%.

In contempo years, abundant companies accept cried foul, claiming that this is abandoned because it allows QCOM to account from all amount added propositions the buzz maker brings to the assemblage that accept annihilation to do with QCOM's tech.

For example, if Apple licenses Qualcomm's modem technology, and afresh releases a new phone, such as the iPhone X for a 20% college price, afresh why should Qualcomm's ability be 20% greater for the aforementioned exact chip?

In April of 2017, Apple abeyant all ability payments to QCOM claiming its licensing archetypal was "illegal" which resulted in a 42% abatement in QTL (licensing) acquirement compared to Q2 2016.

Sources: Balance Releases, Motley Fool

Now analysts are afraid that this acknowledged challenge, in which Apple claims that the licensing fees paid to a allotment of absolute buzz sales are too high, could be triggering added buzz makers to additionally debris to pay until the acknowledged challenges are resolved.

In fact, on August 18th, Evan Chesler, arch acknowledged admonition for QCOM, accepted that a ample buzz maker has chock-full advantageous royalties (possibly Huawei) as well.

This is far from the company's alone acknowledged issue. The Seoul Aerial Cloister afresh disqualified adjoin QCOM's address of an beforehand $913 actor accomplished over its licensing practices.

China additionally fined the aggregation to the tune of $975 actor in 2015, and regulators in Europe, Taiwan, and the US accept launched antitrust probes adjoin the company.

The base of those claims is from the brand of Intel (INTC) which claims that Qualcomm refuses to authorization to absolute competitors, while buzz makers such as Samsung accept claimed that Qualcomm threatens to allegation added for assertive licenses if you try to go to a adversary for assertive chips.

Understandably all these setbacks to the aerial allowance QTL licensing business accept Wall Street active scared, with administration allegorical for QTL acquirement in budgetary Q4 to abatement by 31% to 47%. This has acquired analysts to adumbrate the company's full-year sales and balance to abatement by 2% and 6% respectively.

This is additionally why Qualcomm is attempting to buy NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) for $47 billion to acquiesce it to alter abroad from its afflicted QTL segment.

However, actuality too the aggregation has afresh run into trouble.

Qualcomm's administration expects the NXP accord to abutting by the end of the year; however, there are two snags it's currently facing.

First, EU regulators are now captivation up the accord on antitrust concerns, implying that QCOM ability use NXP's bazaar allotment in auto computer chips (it's the world's bigger supplier) and NXP's affluent apparent portfolio to burrow suppliers and accession prices.

In addition, Elliott Management, an activist broker in NXP, has said that the $110 per allotment breakable action QCOM is accommodating to pay for NXP shares is way too low.

Susquehanna, an analyst firm, has appear that "some investors accept that Qualcomm should pay up to $130 per allotment for NXP." That would beggarly that QCOM ability end up accepting to pay 18% more, or $55.5 billion.

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In added words, there is now cogent agnosticism about whether or not the NXP accord can abutting at all, which adds to the company's abundant added problems to abolish the allotment price.

First, while accurate that big buzz makers accept been alive to centralized SOC dent designs, Qualcomm's QCT (chip business) continues to accomplish solid top band advance (5% in the best contempo quarter), but added chiefly shows connected able operating balance growth.

I'm assured that Qualcomm's connected drive to innovate and annex out into new Snapdragon lines, including drones, cameras, wearables, and cars, should acquiesce this business articulation to drive solid double-digit bottom-line advance for years to come.

Now, as for the able-bodied founded apropos about QTL, there too we accept some acceptable news.

While the Apple action could annoyance on for years, ultimately Qualcomm is acceptable to win artlessly because Apple spent bristles years licensing the company's patented tech beneath a arrangement that it voluntarily signed.

Thus, Apple now chief years afterwards that this arrangement was unfair, or alike illegal, and to abstain acquittal isn't acceptable to fly in court.

Now we may see a adjudicator rule, such as in China in 2015, that the licensing agreement were too high, but the point is that Qualcomm is acceptable to get some ample bolt payments from Apple (and Huawei) in the abutting year or two.

In fact, speaking of China, area a adjudicator disqualified in 2015 that Qualcomm bare to pay a ample accomplished and abate its ability terms, we can't balloon that Qualcomm's QTL articulation is advancing in China, area it still enjoys 3% to 5% royalties on 65% of broad buzz prices.

Source: Qualcomm Broker Presentation

And lest we balloon Qualcomm has a affluent apparent portfolio that applies to appealing abundant all aspects of wireless telecom technology.

That number, which stands at about 47,000 accepted patents, is steadily aggressive over time and should ensure that the QTL articulation is able to abide growing in the continued term, monetizing the advance of smartphones for the abutting 10 to 20 years at least, admitting the ability amount may be abate than it is today.

Next, while it may booty best than expected, and potentially amount added than anticipated, I absolutely apprehend the NXP accord to close, and back it does, Qualcomm is activity to see a nice accession to its disturbing top and basal lines.

Source: Morningstar

In fact, acknowledgment to the NXP accord actuality all banknote and debt (non dilutive), the EPS and FCF/share accession for the accretion is 51% and 52%, respectively.

In added words, bold the accord closes, as I and several added analysts expect, Qualcomm will anon face a able amount recovery.

Of course, that's in the short-term, but my affair is with the abiding advance affairs of the company, and there too the bearings is far beneath austere than the bazaar currently anticipates.

In fact, I anticipate that all of Qualcomm's contempo acknowledged troubles accept acquired the bazaar to lose the big picture, which is that the aggregation is one of the best positioned in the apple to booty advantage of several above megatrends that will boss the abutting century.

Specifically, QCOM isn't aloof a dent maker, but a great, abiding advance into the approaching of computer amplification into all aspects of our lives including the internet of things, chargeless cars, 5G, abstracts centers, and cybersecurity.

That in about-face should acquiesce Qualcomm to abide abundantly advantageous allotment advance investors as it has for the accomplished 14 years.

KR abstracts by YCharts

Kroger has had a abhorrent few years, with shares now bottomward over 50% from their best highs.

This is barefaced accustomed bazaar apropos about accretion antagonism in the grocery space, not aloof from acceptable rivals such as Wal-Mart (WMT), and Target (TGT), but additionally now from Amazon (AMZN), whose $14 billion acquirement of Whole Foods is its bigger distinct accretion in that company's history.

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After all, afresh Kroger bankrupt an absorbing 13-year band of comps growth, and with low amount grocers such as Aldi and Lidl authoritative a bigger comedy for the American market, Kroger has had to carve aliment prices and advance added heavily into technology in adjustment to attempt in a awfully low allowance industry.

Sources: Morningstar, GuruFocus

That agency worse concise balance performance, and management's contempo accommodation to stop arising abiding advanced advice absolutely adds to the market's ambiguity about its approaching advance prospects.

However, here's why I bought Kroger anyway, admitting all the fears, ambiguity and doubt.

Source: Business Insider

The $800 billion US grocery bazaar is awful fragmented, but Kroger currently has aloof over 10% bazaar share, and is the bigger grocery-only civic chain.

Source: 2016 Factbook

Currently Kroger operates:

Thanks to able-bodied accomplished acquisitions over the years, Kroger is today a aliment authority that serves 8.5 actor barter daily, but added importantly, has managed to access its bazaar allotment for 12 afterwards years (through 2016).

This has accustomed the aggregation to become the cardinal one or two sales baton in 98 of 120 markets in the US and cardinal one in 46 of 51 above markets.

The acumen that affairs is because it allows Kroger to advantage its anchored costs (distribution system) bigger and not aloof win and assure bazaar share, but accomplish bigger basal band growth.

This ability isn't aloof done through acquisitions of added brands and grocery chains but through two capital aggressive advantages that few added grocers have.

The aboriginal is that Kroger is actual able at clandestine characterization foods (26% of absolute sales vs. 18% industry average) such as its Simple Truth amoebic foods. And back it articles its 40% of the clandestine characterization brands it sells, Kroger allowances from college margins (about 10% bigger gross margins) on these products.

Second, few grocers accept been as able at abstracts mining its customers, address of the company's centralized 84.51 degrees analytics abutting (fed by over 25 actor agenda accounts), which provides Kroger with abysmal insights into chump preferences and bounded acclimation patterns.

This has helped accomplish Kroger a baton in online acclimation and curbside auto via its Clicklist and ExpressLane locations, which it now offers at 640 locations with affairs to bifold that. In fact, this added focus on omni-channel sales should acquiesce Kroger's e-commerce sales to abound at about 20% a year through 2021.

Source: Quarterly Filings, Motley Fool

In fact, acknowledgment to online ordering, which added than angled year over year, Kroger's comps advance came in at 0.7% in the aftermost quarter, and administration expects 0.5% to 1% advance in the additional of the year.

And while accurate that about 0.75% comps advance in the additional bisected of the year would be a anemic apery of the affectionate of able comps advance enjoyed in contempo years, the actuality is that it's still affective in the appropriate direction.

This indicates that administration is able of adapting to actual arduous industry conditions. In addition, analysts apprehend Kroger's abiding comps to acknowledgment to 2.5%, which I accept is a potentially bourgeois estimate.

Let's additionally not balloon the company's adamant focus on amount acid via accumulation alternation access and closing underperforming aliment that has accustomed sales per aboveboard basal to abound steadily over time and that can accomplish a huge aberration in balance advance in the future.

In fact, at $650 in acquirement per aboveboard foot, Kroger is the additional best banker in this industry, abaft alone to Costco (NASDAQ:COST) at $1,100.

All these affidavit are why I as a contrarian broker like Kroger. Because the aspect of what I do is to attending at a actual winner, one trading at baffled bottomward valuations (and finer at 52-week low), and actuate whether or not "this time is different".

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The simple actuality is that the challenges adverse Kroger appropriate now, while altered in specifics, are not advisedly altered than the affectionate of barbarous antagonism it's faced for decades from the brand of allotment blueblood Wal-Mart and allotment baron Target.

KR Acquirement (Annual) abstracts by YCharts

And as you can see, Kroger has done fine, growing sales, FCF/share, and EPS at 6.7%, 5.3%, and 10.0% CAGR appropriately over the accomplished 27 years.

KR Absolute Acknowledgment Amount abstracts by YCharts

In fact, Kroger has historically been a solid bazaar beater, alike afterwards accounting for the contempo 50% crash.

This tells me that this is a aggregation that I'm added than adequate owning for the continued term, accustomed management's clue almanac and its approaching advance plans.

Sources: GuruFocus, Morningstar, Multpl.com, CSImarketing.com

Ultimately as a allotment advance broker I'm counting on a aggregate of generous, secure, and growing assets to accomplish market-beating absolute returns.

In this case both Qualcomm and Kroger action far bigger yields than the bazaar today, and admitting QCOM's briefly animated payout arrangement (will appear way bottomward already the authorization altercation is bound and or the NXP accord closes), I'm assured in the able aegis of both dividends.

More importantly, I anticipate that they will abide to abound at moderately able ante that will acquiesce for double-digit absolute acknowledgment abeyant that should aftereffect in far above absolute allotment in the advancing decade than what the overheated S&P 500 will generate.

Of course, those abiding allotment advance projections could end up actuality lumpy, acceptation that concise struggles to abound the top and basal band ability beggarly that payout advance ability be slower in the abutting few years, but acceptable bolt up afterwards on.

QCOM Absolute Acknowledgment Amount abstracts by YCharts

Both Qualcomm and Kroger accept had a abhorrent year, which is absolutely what I adulation to see, because it agency the valuations are now at historically accomplished levels.

Source: F.A.S.T. Graphs, Multpl.com, Jeff Miller, GuruFocus, Yieldchart.com

For example, on a advanced PE arrangement basis, both companies are way beneath the market's overheated levels, as able-bodied as decidedly beneath their actual norms.

More chiefly for allotment investors, the crop for QCOM and KR is sky-high. For example, Kroger's crop is abreast its best aerial while Qualcomm's crop has alone been college 1% of the time.

Sources: Morningstar, GuruFocus, F.A.S.T. Graphs

Another affair I like to attending at is the longer-term, 20-year angle application a discounted chargeless banknote breeze model, application a 9.0% abatement amount (the column amount arrangement actual acknowledgment on an S&P 500 basis ETF, i.e. the befalling amount of money), and a bourgeois 4% 10-year terminal advance rate.

This allows us to get a asperous appraisal for the built-in fair amount of a company, and in this case, we can see that Wall Street is actuality anytime bleak about the approaching advance ante of both stocks, consistent in able margins of safety.

Normally I like to buy affection DGI stocks at a 15% or college abatement to fair value, which makes both Qualcomm and Kroger some of the few undervalued names you can buy in today's bubbling market.

Don't get me wrong, contrarian amount advance isn't for everyone. You charge to be adequate demography a VERY long-term, big-picture appearance and ambidextrous with affluence of fear, uncertainty, and agnosticism in the abbreviate to average term. It additionally agency potentially experiencing a lot of volatility, which is commodity best investors would rather avoid.

Then again, it can additionally be an awfully assisting endeavor, and if you accept a continued abundant time border and a aerial abundant risk-tolerance, both Qualcomm and Kroger could prove excellent, contrarian assets advance investments.

That's because, based on the accomplished clue annal of both companies to cross their respective, arduous industry altitude over accomplished decades, as able-bodied as the abiding advance potential, I'm assured that both QCOM and KR will already added acceleration like a Phoenix from the accepted concise ashes (Amazon can't boss every industry).

Which is why I'm added than blessed to lock in their accomplished yields in over a decade (or ever) and patiently delay for their acceptable turnarounds to comedy out and their allotment prices to balance nicely.

Disclosure: I am/we are continued QCOM, KR.

I wrote this commodity myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not accepting advantage for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I accept no business accord with any aggregation whose banal is mentioned in this article.

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