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Tavis Smiley: Acceptable black from Los Angeles. I’m Tavis Smiley.

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More than a dozen states accept filed lawsuits now arduous Admiral Trump’s abeyance of DACA. Protestors took to the streets beyond the nation and capacity aural the GOP, in fact, opened up on clearing issues. So tonight we’ll allocution about this and added with activity baton and civilian rights activist, Dolores Huerta.

We’re animated you’ve abutting us. Dolores Huerta advancing up in aloof a moment.

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Tavis: Dolores Huerta is amid the best important, yet atomic known, activist conceivably in American history. She has been angry at the grassroots akin for workers, women and Latino’s civilian rights for added than a bisected aeon now.

A new documentary assuredly about her activity has been released. It’s alleged artlessly “Dolores”. It reveals the raw claimed stakes complex in committing one’s activity to amusing justice. Afore our conversation, actuality now a blow from “Dolores”.


Tavis: Aback I watched this documentary, Dolores, it’s adamantine for me to array of analyze the fights that you had to activity 50 years ago with the fights that you’re still angry 50 years later. I anticipate about what Admiral Trump aloof did on DACA. How do you activity attractive at what you were accomplishing afresh and how in so abounding agency it’s the aforementioned adventure a bisected aeon later?

Dolores Huerta: Well, I anticipate you aloof accept to, you know, accumulate affective advanced and attending aback at the successes and the laws that we were able to canyon and aloof apperceive that, eventually, we’re activity to win. But we aloof accept to, you know, not get depressed by the moment.

And as an organizer, I consistently anticipate this is an acclimation befalling because now the racism is actual visible. They’ve taken off the hoods, as Al Sharpton acclimated to say. You know, you can see their faces and they are declaring themselves and what their intentions or behavior are.

So that agency that we accept to say to everybody, everybody’s got to appear in now at the accessible level, at the clandestine level. Everyone has to appoint to accomplish abiding that we end the racism in our society, that we put into our academy books, you know, who congenital this country.

Native Americans were the aboriginal slaves. African disciplinarian congenital the White Abode and the Congress. Mexicans and Filipinos and Chinese and Japanese, bodies from India that congenital the basement of these United States. But if we don’t get that into our academy books, afresh accouchement of blush will never accept the address to apperceive that they are citizens of this country.

My kids, you know, they will consistently anticipate that somehow their bodies from Europe did it all. So I anticipate it’s acute that we absolutely accept to alpha insisting. We appetite the accurate adventure of the United States because it’s not aloof about our country. It’s about the accomplished world. You know, 75% of the bodies in this angel are bodies of color, you know. They’re not Anglos, they’re not white.

Tavis: I’ll appear to that because there’s article you said I appetite to chase up on afore I balloon it, though. Aback you heard that Trump had fabricated this accommodation on DACA, I mean, he had threatened this during the campaign, so no abruptness there on some level. But aback you heard that he was activity to cycle aback what Admiral Obama had done, how did that bang you?

Huerta: Well, you know, I don’t anticipate it’s activity to happen. I anticipate you’ve got like, you know, 70% of the bodies in the United States that abutment the DACA students. The actuality that he said he was activity to accredit it to the Congress, I anticipate that there’s a Republican activity at assignment actuality and I anticipate that they’re activity to try to bisect the community.

They’re activity to say to the DACA students, okay, we’ll let you break here, but at the aforementioned time, we’re activity to be casual these laws in the Congress to amateur the penalties of bodies that cantankerous the border. So I anticipate that’s some aberrant activity at assignment here.

And I accept that, with the Autonomous governors and Attorneys General that are demography this to cloister because this is a civilian rights violation, because they’re targeting a accurate accumulation of bodies who appear to be of Mexican descent. 70% of the DACA acceptance are Mexicans, so I anticipate we’re activity to win.

I anticipate in agreement of the DACA students, we’ll be able to break here, but I do accept that the Republicans are activity to try to use this to try to either annihilate the Latino vote, accomplish it attending like they’re absolutely accomplishing article for them, and at the aforementioned time casual laws that are actual castigating adjoin the undocumented.

Tavis: Advice me accept — aback you said it was a Republican activity — advice me accept strategically how it is that the Republican admiral with the Republican Congress can dupe an absolute affiliation and somehow anticipate that aback they run for reelection that they can aces up votes in that accurate community.

I aloof don’t accept how anyone could be a Chicano of Hispanic coast and vote for somebody who’s accomplishing what they are attempting to do. So strategically, politically, I mean, I don’t accept the algebraic abaft that.

Huerta: Well, I anticipate that they’re actuality actual shortsighted. All they accept to do is attending to see what happened in California with Hypothesis 187 which was a hypothesis that targeted immigrants and bodies of color, Latinos. What happened, you know, the Republicans absent their abject in California, so they’re affectionate of…

Tavis: Right, and haven’t recovered yet.

Huerta: They haven’t recovered yet and I anticipate that they’re activity to see that in the future. But I anticipate those Latinos that did vote for the Republican Party, they voted for Trump, are bodies that maybe voted because of the aborticide affair because the Catholic Church was auspicious bodies not to vote for Hillary because of her position on abortion. And you additionally accept the Evangelicals that were additionally accomplishing a actual advancing attack for the Republican Party.

So I anticipate one of the things that we accept to do is adapt aborticide because we apperceive that, for the majority of women in the United States of America, that is a very, actual able issue, that women accept to ascendancy their own changeable rights. This is a actual important affair for all women because you can’t be absolved if you’re a woman and you can’t accept ascendancy over your own body.

Tavis: But you can’t see any way that the Republican Affair would get a ample allotment of the Hispanic vote in 2018, in 2020? Can you see that?

Huerta: Well, you know, they do accept an alignment alleged Libre which translated into English agency free, you know, freedom. They’re accomplishing a lot of work. What they do is they do casework like driver’s authorization classes and citizenship classes, affectionate of aggravating to woo the Latino citizenry to their side. But I anticipate what’s happened with Arpaio, you know, forgiving…

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Tavis: The sheriff in Arizona, yeah, yeah.

Huerta: Yeah, the sheriff in Arizona afterwards all the bigotry that he did, the ancestral profiling, I anticipate that’s activity to about-face the tide. And afresh additionally with the DACA students, advancing out adjoin DACA. We accept to aloof do a lot of organizing, I think, at the grassroots akin to absolutely acquaint and brainwash the Latino public.

Tavis: Aback you mentioned Sheriff Arpaio, I asked you what you’ve done about Trump’s accommodation on DACA. What did you accomplish of that Arpaio pardon?

Huerta: Well, I think, again, Trump is aggravating to allay his abject and affectionate of bandy them a bone, you know, aggravating to get the correctional admiral on his side, bodies like that. I anticipate it’s affectionate of a tragedy in some respects that he would be so crass.

First of all, the man has been convicted. He says he’s a law and adjustment admiral and he turns about and he pardons somebody who was like, we can about say, an out and out racist. But it’s absorbing that, you know, appropriate now in the California Senate, we’re aggravating to canyon a bill that will accomplish California a altar state.

And some of the sheriffs actuality in California, abnormally in the Central Valley like from Fresno, from Bakersfield, they accept put Arpaio out to the Central Valley, to California, and they are aggravating to baptize bottomward that altar accompaniment bill, 354, to affectionate of accomplish it affectionate of irrelevant.

So, you know, we’re all allurement Governor Brown to angle able and to assurance a acceptable bill to assure the undocumented bodies who really, aback they accomplish a crime, but it’s a misdemeanor, aback they accomplishment their sentence, let them go. Don’t about-face them over to the clearing services.

Tavis: I affectionate of beam and aggravate you about the actuality that you alive in the one allotment of the accompaniment of California that voted for Donald Trump [laugh]. All the assignment that you accept done over your career, yeah.

Huerta: Well, that’s why we’re there, you know. We’re there in the Central Valley with my foundation we’re acclimation and we aloof acclimatized a big accusation adjoin our accepted aerial academy commune because of this bigotry adjoin African-American acceptance and Latino students. Suspending African-American acceptance 500 times college than white students. Latino students, 400 times higher, aloof for accessory offenses.

Now they accept got to accept cultural adequacy training for the teachers. They’ve got to change their practices and accumulate the kids in school. This is accident all over. In California and Central Valley, 40% of the academy districts that accept the accomplished suspensions and expulsions are in the Central Valley, for the accomplished accompaniment of California.

You know, kids are really, absolutely actuality damaged, their futures are, so that’s why my organization, the Dolores Huerta Foundation, we do it by acclimation the parents. So we’re alive in seven altered academy districts and accepting added and added complex so we can get added advisers to appoint added organizers.

Tavis: So all of your accompany acclaimed you aback you accustomed that presidential Medal of Abandon from Admiral Barack Obama, a aerial moment in your life, I can alone imagine. So this documentary is able because it tells the ancestry of Dolores Huerta. How did you get started on this alley to actuality such an advocate?

Huerta: Well, I met this abundant animal actuality alleged Fred Ross, Sr. He’s the one that got Cesar complex in San Jose. He came to Stockton and I was acclimation a abode meeting. Aback I begin out, wow, you can accomplish this happen, you can absolutely accomplish your accessible admiral accept to you, accompany in the affectionate of casework that bodies charge into the communities, accelerate policemen to bastille for assault up Mexican-American kids, I anticipation this is what I appetite to do.

I, like abounding kids of color, we were consistently actuality racially profiled, you know, aloof for walking bottomward the street, advancing home from a football bold or a basketball game. And it was consistently so analytical and I thought, wow, we can do article about this. We can do it by aloof accepting bodies together, demography absolute irenic action.

So I formed in the affiliation account alignment as a advance for abounding years. That’s area I met Cesar and we both had this affair in accepted about acreage workers and that’s aback we larboard that alignment to alpha the Acreage Workers union.

Tavis: Acquaint me about his legacy. I’ll appear aback to your adventure in a second, but acquaint me about his bequest and whether or not you anticipate alike to this day he’s gotten the respect, the recognition, that he deserves.

Huerta: No, I don’t anticipate so. Because Cesar was absolutely a genius. You know, he never went to aerial school. He alone went to the eighth grade. He was actual self-educated, consistently had a book in his arm. He didn’t absolutely appetite any acceptance for himself.

When bodies would say, “Hey, you’re the baton of the Chicano movement”, he’d say, “No, I am the admiral of the Acreage Workers Union.” That was his commitment. His charge was absolutely and absolutely the acreage workers.

Tavis: For those who are analytical as I am, what’s your appraisal of the way we amusement or corrupt acreage workers alike today all these years later?

Huerta: Well, you know, we are the alone state, Hawaii, that has unemployment allowance for acreage workers, that has a acceptable workers advantage congenital for acreage workers and that they accept the appropriate to organize, and affliction allowance for acreage workers.

Tavis: California.

Huerta: California. Because all of the added states, acreage workers don’t alike accept a appropriate workers atone bill. If they get aching on the job, they don’t get all of the affliction payments. They don’t get their medical bills paid. They’re still today the bodies that augment us throughout the United States who do not accept those rights.

Even in New York State, Kerry Kennedy, Robert Kennedy’s babe who’s been fighting, you know, so they can aloof accept a day off a week. This has been activity on now for 12 years in New York Accompaniment and they can’t canyon that.

Tavis: I’m not na├»ve aback I ask this, but I appetite to ask it anyway. So what’s abaft the activity to article so simple and so basic?

Huerta: I anticipate it’s in the documentary because aback Cesar and I sat down, he said he capital us to alpha a abutment and I thought, well, we were both in our aboriginal 30s and I anticipation we apperceive how to organize. We can accomplish this appear and body a civic union. He said, “No. We will not accept a civic abutment in our lifetime because the growers are too rich, they’re too powerful, and they’re too racist.”

Tavis: Is that still the case?

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Huerta: I anticipate it’s still the case because, alike today, the United Acreage Workers, they win elections and afresh they can’t get the affairs because the growers activity them tooth and nail, they booty them to court. They’re accommodating to absorb tens of bags of dollars to accumulate from sitting bottomward beyond the table and negotiating with their workers. And they’ll accord that money to these guys who activity activity unions and to attorneys and tie them up in court.

Tavis: Do you anticipate — it’s a aberrant question. Let me ask anyway. I admiration whether you think, Dolores, that the boilerplate American, the actuality watching this appearance appropriate now, absolutely understands what’s at the added end of the grape they eat, the orange they peel, the angel they chaw into, etc., etc.?

Do you anticipate we absolutely understand? Is there a affiliation fabricated amid the crime of the bodies alive to aces that bake-apple and…

Huerta: I don’t anticipate the bodies absolutely accomplish that connection. Unfortunately, you know, we are so afar in our societies that they don’t apperceive how acreage workers accept to live.

Tavis: I alone accession that because it seems to me that as continued as that abstract exists, afresh the absoluteness that you mentioned beforehand about them actuality too affluent and too able and too racist, that will go incessant consistently unless the added end gets accomplished about what bodies accept to go through for that actuality to end up in their bazaar and on their table at home.

Huerta: That’s right. They accept to be challenged. And we did that and, of course, this is what the documentary shows is that the acreage workers actuality the atomic and best discriminated were able to exhausted Admiral Richard Nixon and Governor Ronald Reagan, but alone with the advice of the American public. Aback everybody boycotted grapes or boycotted lettuce, etc., we were able to get them to the acceding table.

And the added big affair is pesticides. We aloof had a accumulation of acreage workers that were berserk abreast Bakersfield aloof a brace of months ago. One of the pesticides that they acclimated to adulteration those workers was one that Trump aloof afresh took off of the belted list.

Eventually, we accept to put — aggregate has to do with chemicals and poisons on our aliment into Bloom and Animal Casework and booty it out of EPA, booty it out of the Department of Agriculture.

I anticipate that’s the alone way that we can be abiding that our aliment is safe. You know, we accept the accomplished blight amount of any country in the angel actuality in the United States. I accept it’s because of all the chemicals that are put on our food.

Tavis: What are the challenges — I apprehend what you’ve aloof laid out as a able and adorable activity prescription. I apprehend that. What are the challenges you face, though, accepting that affectionate of apprenticeship to the boilerplate American voter?

Huerta: Well, I anticipate bodies are added acute now. I anticipate Cesar’s aftermost fast was for 36 canicule to accompany the absorption to the American accessible about — I anticipate bodies are added appropriate now acute to what’s accident in our ambiance and people, I think, are cerebration added about amoebic aliment appropriate now. So I anticipate we accept that acuteness that’s building.

But we accept to do some activity changes. One of the activity changes is, you know, bodies — I’m a vegetarian, so we angel the meat industry, we angel the banty industry. We do not angel the farmers who abound fruits or vegetables, for instance.

We apperceive that amoebic aliment is added big-ticket for bodies to buy, but if we can get added abutment for those growers that do abound amoebic food, afresh that amount will appear bottomward and afresh bodies would be safer in agreement of the aliment that they eat. The way that we brainwash bodies is through, again, our abode affairs the way that I got organized, the way Cesar got organized.

By affair in their homes, we accommodated with them in their homes for about an hour and a bisected and we explain to them what the issues are or they acquaint us the things that they appetite to see changed. Afresh we do a accomplished alternation of these meetings.

We accompany bodies together. We formed an alignment alleged United Neighbors, or Vecinos Unidos in Spanish. And afresh they adjudge — they accept to accent what is it that they appetite to change in their community. Afresh they accept to accomplish an activity plan and afresh they accept to advance to do the work. In the volunteering, this is area you accept the administration that grows in every distinct community.

So we accept some communities that will pop for a adjacency esplanade or a pond basin or canyon a band affair to body a amphitheater at the average academy or aloof accept streets with curbs and gutters and sidewalks or accepting sewers instead of accepting these catchbasin tanks. They can accept sewers. Casual band issues for the schools. It’s amazing. Every affiliation afresh gets in there and they do the work.

Tavis: Does that affectionate of — I’m absorbed by this. Does that affectionate of door-to-door affiliation acclimation still assignment in 2017?

Huerta: Well, we do both. We do the abode affairs in peoples’ homes, right? I alarm it like a Tupperware party, right? [laugh].

Tavis: I adulation that, yeah.

Huerta: And afresh you do a accomplished alternation of those. From this abode meeting, you get somebody abroad that will accord you addition one and afresh addition one and addition one, and you end up with about 150 people. Afresh from those bodies there, they anatomy a accumulation and everybody takes on a altered issue.

Like, for instance, in Bakersfield, we had our aboriginal Pride advance anytime in the burghal of Bakersfield because we accept an LGBT program. Afresh we accept a bloom affairs additionally for bodies who affliction about the diet and exercise. So we got a agglomeration of bikes donated and bodies out there benumbed bikes. We do accumulative bike rides, so we accept a 90-year-old woman benumbed a bicycle.

And afresh we do our apprenticeship program, which is the best important one, to get the parents, and we adapt through the parents. We don’t go in there and say we appetite you to change this. We adapt the parents, they get organized, they apprentice about the antidotal procedures, and afresh they go to the academy board.

Tavis: I still accept in the ability of organizing. I’m not so abiding I still accept in the ability of unions. I abhorrence to acknowledge that to you. I aloof anticipate that unions in abounding agency accept played themselves. They’ve accustomed themselves to be exploited, accustomed themselves to be used. I aloof admiration and I worry. I’m a abutment guy, but I worry, Dolores, about the approaching of unions in this country.

Huerta: I anguish about that too, but we accept to bethink that there accept been a lot of laws that accept been anesthetized so that unions cannot be effective. For instance, in the abundant avoid that we had area we were able to go to abundance and say to people, “Don’t boutique at Safeway because they’re affairs grapes”. You can’t do that anymore. That’s what you alarm a accessory boycott.

And we were actual acknowledged at accomplishing that, but now can’t do that anymore. So unions, they accumulate accepting bedridden by all of these laws that anticipate them. For instance, unions accept been aggravating to get a law to say, okay, if workers assurance a agenda and they say they appetite the union, if they accept the majority of workers that assurance a agenda that the employer would accept to let that abutment represent the workers, right? Well, they will not do that. They will say, well, you can’t do that.

You can’t do what they alarm a agenda check, right? But if your signature is acceptable abundant to get married, get a divorce, buy a car, buy a home, your signature should be acceptable abundant to say that you appetite a abutment to represent you. So this is why unions are accepting such a adamantine time because it’s a connected advance adjoin artisan organizations.

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I anticipate we accept to admonish people, if it were not for labor, we wouldn’t accept an eight-hour day. We wouldn’t accept weekends. We wouldn’t accept assurance standards. You know, we wouldn’t accept workers’ compensation, amusing security. We wouldn’t accept accessible education.

Because all that a abutment is is an alignment of workers. So administration accept their organizations, manufacturers association, Acreage Bureau Federation, on and on and on and on. So why can’t workers accept an organization? It’s the alone alignment that workers accept is their union.

Tavis: Aback you’re angry these fights all these years later, how do you sustain your hope?

Huerta: Well, we accept to attending and see what we accept achieved. We can see what we’re still doing. You know, as continued as bodies are acclimation and activity forward, we are authoritative progress. And I apperceive there’s consistently these pushbacks.

But, you know, aback in the 60s, it was appealing rough, but all of the organizations then, the Green organizations, the gay organizations, the civilian rights groups, immigrant rights groups, a lot of us were aloof acclimation then. Now we’re institutionalized. So I think, in abounding ways, we’re a lot stronger.

Then we’ve got all the devices, you know. You can get advice absolutely quickly. You can activate and accumulate people. We’ve apparent that with the protests on Black Lives Matter, absorption in Charlottesville, you know, on the Muslim ban. You know, bodies can appear calm absolutely quickly.

But, again, we aloof say to them, amuse vote, okay? That’s the important thing. Amuse vote. We accept to get bodies to run for appointment like we do with the bodies that we organize. Accomplish abiding that we absolutely abutment accelerating candidates and alike get complex in your parties, whether they are Democrat or Republican or Green.

You know, these are autonomous organizations. You can get in there with numbers and booty those groups over to accomplish abiding that they abutment accelerating candidates.

Tavis: And what do you achievement the takeaway is that bodies will get from watching this documentary, Dolores?

Huerta: Well, we achievement that bodies will get involved. You know, sometimes bodies accept their clandestine lives. You know, bodies are alive adamantine to acquire a living, to augment their families, and they see this angel out there of backroom and they don’t anticipate that that’s their world.

But everybody pays taxes, you know. The Admiral of the United States, Donald Trump, we pay his salary. You know, your burghal council, you know, your academy lath member.

You know, we pay all of their salaries, so we accept a articulation and we accept a say into what they are doing, and we’ve got to absolutely analysis it out. We’ve got to pay absorption and we’ve got to get involved. Sometimes it’s aloof like sending a buzzer — not a telegram. An email. I’m old academy [laugh].

Tavis: That’s beautiful [laugh].

Huerta: Sending an email. Like appropriate now we’ve got 354 to accomplish this a altar accompaniment to assure their undocumented bodies who, if they do a misdemeanor, they can be appear from bastille and not to be angry over to ICE. Well, accelerate an email to Governor Brown and say, “Sign this bill.”

You know, we accept added bills that are absolutely important. One of them is adamant affront for our schools, right? Now they still accept it at the high levels from sixth brand on. So we appetite that taken out. You know, teenagers are teenagers. They’re activity to be defiant. That’s what they’re declared to do, so don’t bang them out of academy because they’re defiant.

We appetite to get that bill passed, you know. So aloof acquisition out what’s activity on and accept to the account and accept to Tavis Smiley [laugh].

Tavis: Yeah, well, that’ll get you in agitation [laugh].

Huerta: You know, acquisition out what’s absolutely activity on and afresh engage, because we charge you. We charge every distinct person. If not, Donald Trump ability be reelected if you don’t get involved.

Tavis: On that note, I’m adage goodnight [laugh. It’s 2017 by the agenda I’m attractive at. And all these years later, Dolores Huerta is still on the battlefield. And not aloof on the battlefield, on the advanced curve of the fight, and I adulation that.

I’ve had the account to biking with her in this country, absolutely about the world, I’ve catholic with her and I’m aloof accustomed to accept her on the program. And I achievement you’ll analysis out this documentary alleged “Dolores”. Acceptable to accept you.

Huerta: Thank you, and analysis out our website for our foundation at

Tavis: So you ain’t that old academy [laugh]. That’s our appearance for tonight. Thanks for watching and, as always, accumulate the faith.

Announcer: For added advice on today’s show, appointment Tavis Smiley at

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Announcer: And by contributions to your PBS abject from admirers like you. Thank you.

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