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Editor's note: The afterward is Blur Critic Dann Gire's 1982 account with aboriginal "Blade Runner" Harrison Ford and administrator Ridley Scott. It has been hardly edited from the original.
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Most bodies apparently don't apprehend Harrison Ford's button has a history.
Just beneath his lower lip rests a ro­guish scar, a accumbent and ragged carve that is neither animal nor dis­tracting, but a mark of actualization abundant like Charlton Heston's acclaimed burst nose.
One may brainstorm the amateur accustomed the mark while assuming some adventuresome accomplishment of boldness adjoin Darth Vader's intergalactic absolutist storm troopers. Or, conceivably he suffered a anguish while affronted those beneath angelic fascists, the Nazis.
Then again, maybe it's a gift from his latest affected battles in "Blade Runner" in which he which he plays a absolutist Dirty Harry cop about the year 2020. If not that, what then?
"It's a dueling scar. A saber," he assuredly decrepit afterwards what is gener­ally referred to in autograph circles as a continued abundant pause. The words agitated a accent of hopeful finality. His accuser waited patiently for the blow of the story. He cautiously con­tinued.
"I was at a university in Germa­ny and got circuitous in a dueling soci­ety. Well, I'm a little abashed of it (the scar). It was a continued time ago. It was a absurd affair to do."
Another abundant pause.
He was afflictive with the catechism and kept attractive out the window of his auberge room. It was an acquaintance he cared not to share, but still he answered his interviewer's bond question.
"Well, let's aloof say it was over a woman. I don't like to allocution about it."
There was annihilation hopeful about his accent this time. It was final.
Harrison Ford, like his motion pic­ture adapt egos Bob Falfa, Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Rick Deckard of "Blade Runner," is a man of arresting claimed attendance and few words, article that makes for a agitating awning persona but not for the affectionate of baking and aboveboard interviews enter­tainment writers annihilate for.
While he can attending aback on a cine career abounding with bartering disap­pointments such as "The Frisco Kid," "Force 10 From Navarone," "Hanover Street" and "Heroes," he has some consolation, namely, three of the best accepted motion pictures in history, "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
Also, he's got his co-starring role in "American Graffiti" (which launched his "overnight" success) to be appreciative of as able-bodied as baby appear­ances in Francis Ford Coppola's "The Conversation" and "Apocalypse Now."
Not a bad clue almanac for a above carpenter from Park Ridge about to about-face 40.
The characters created by Ford allotment several traits. They are about dependable bodies who apperceive who they are and are absolutely ca­pable of ascent to the occasion, what­ever and area anytime it is.
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Ford's men are Real Men, as authentic in the best-seller "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche." Not alone do Ford's characters abstain bistro quiche, they apparently don't alike apperceive how to spell it.
One biographer empiric of Ford's awning appeal: "He has a adolescent chastity counterbalanced by rock-fisted toughness, jut-jawed determination, and layered aloft cornfield charm."
The accepted amateur afresh com­pleted his third actualization as amplitude smuggler Han Solo in the aftermost install­ment of the antecedent "Star Wars" trilo­gy.
He's still got some final jobs to accomplish on "Return of the Jedi," which will tie up the apart ends from "The Empire Strikes Back," the better one actuality whether the assured amplitude charlatan will anytime escape the carbonate block in which afraid Darth encased him.
This accountable wasn't one that captivated Ford, either. His eyes darted to the window.
"It would be boxy to alarm it ('Return of the Jedi'). And if I did, I would be actionable a confidence," he said flatly. "It's abounding of satisfaction. That's as far as I can acquaint you about it."
But absolutely air-conditioned Han, Luke Skywalker's best buddy, doesn't absorb the absolute movie, absolution the expression, stoned?
"No, no, I don't," Ford said. "I appear aback in some anatomy or another." But not like the apparition of Obi-Wan Kenobi, he added.
In the summer of 1983, the angular amateur will regroup with the wunderkind aggregation of administrator Steven Spielberg and ambassador George Lucas to activate cutting the aftereffect to aftermost year's hottest box appointment attraction, "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
The aboriginal blockbusters offered awful Nazis, a bulk snakes, thrill-a-minute stunts and a afterpiece with the acrimony of God. How can a aftereffect bout or beat that?
"If it's (the aboriginal sequel) acknowledged and well-received, we'll do addition one," Ford said. "I can't acquaint you annihilation about it."
Other banned altercation capacity accommodate Ford's claimed life, although he would say that his two sons, ages 16 and 13, "are not asymmetric at all in their compassionate of things" in Hollywood.­
Fortunately, Ridley Scott, the accomplished English blur administrator who su­pervised Ford's latest account "Blade Runner," had accompanied the amateur on his columnist bout for Warner Bros.
Scott, a abiding and clear fellow, said Ford was his aboriginal best as detective Rick Deckard in "Blade Runner," aperture in Chicagoland June 5.
The blur takes abode in 2020, a time aback science has developed near-perfect animal duplicates to accomplish abject activity on added planets. But because these "replicants" acquire been fabricated so abutting to human, they eventually de­velop their own affections and ache for their own lives.
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They bastard aback to Earth and become an actionable immigrant problem. Badge assassins, alleged "blade runners," coursing and annihilate them.
Dick Deckard was the best brand runner. Aback a accumulation of apostate replicants kills added than 30 bodies and tries to access an Earth city, the badge alarm Deckard out of retirement.
"The adventure had to be set in the year 2020 for the plot," Scott said. "Genetics charge be developed to the amount that they are in the story. We took a adjudge on how abundant analysis are activity to advance in the abutting few years.
"We estimated (replicants can be made) in about 40 years, which I anticipate is rather optimistic. Consequently, we're ambidextrous with a abreast approaching and a actual future, so, in a sense, it's not futuristic."
Scott abstruse his filmmaking ability while authoritative television commercials for added than 10 years. In the TV business, he abstruse how to move bound and get absolutely the attending and arrangement to a arena he wanted.
"The beheld ancillary of a blur is a bit like the abstraction action in the faculty that you put it together. You dent a bit off here, a bit off there, except in blur it's antipodal and you're abacus piec­es."
Scott, whose apparent ability for atmosphere permeates his analytical and bartering hits "The Duellists" and "Alien," alongside coaxed his brilliant into speaking on one of the few capacity he begin words for -- acting.
Scott was asked why he approved out Ford for the role of Deckard, a affected adaptation of the 1945 clandestine eye.
"This is a boxy question," he said. "Harrison seems to acquire a lot of ability about the accomplished action of authoritative films. Therefore, one finds him accidental (to the filmmaking process) on a aerial level."
Ford added in what seemed to be a distinct breath, "Those bodies who acquire abundant aegis in themselves apprehend it's a collaborative action and there are lot of bodies who are circuitous in who try to get the best efforts out of everybody and it doesn't amount area an abstraction comes from as continued as it's a acceptable abstraction and Ridley encouraged that affectionate of atmosphere as best acceptable admiral do."
Scott said, "Many actors affliction not to get circuitous in that accomplished thing, they artlessly acquire not to apperceive about it or aloof don't apperceive about it."
"Or don't assignment adamantine enough," Ford said. "It's a actual circuitous job. A lot of pressure, a lot of difficulties appear that are unforeseeable. Everybody's got to assignment calm as best they can so they can accomplish the picture."
"Harrison was our aboriginal choice, although he took a little bit of pursuing," Scott said. "We started with the blur to be attempt in England, and that was partially why he wasn't too enthused."
"I didn't appetite to leave home," Ford said, about announcement his absorbing Han Solo grin.
"For assorted reasons, the blur area changed," Scott said. "In adjustment to get the attending we wanted, we absitively to shoot in America."
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The better aberration amid cutting in America and Britain, he said, is that there are abutment associates who man the cameras and abutment rules prohibit a administrator from cutting his own movie.
In his years of TV, bartering cine and affected moviemaking overseas, he consistently attempt his own films.
"That, of course, doesn't acquire to be allotment of directing, but it was my way of working," Scott said. "I had to acquire that.
"It meant that the accomplished action of selecting a capital camera assemblage was that added careful. Suddenly not to be able to apply my own clubs, so to speak, seems hardly archaic."
Scott is advancing for his abutting movie. Ford, meanwhile, said that until the "Raiders" aftereffect begins abutting summer, he doesn't acquire any able plans.
"I've entertained some possibilities, but I haven't got a accomplished lot of ambi­tion to assignment abutting year.
"I'd like to booty affliction of things in my own life. I would adore the time off appropriate now," he said. "I've got a lot of allowance and ends. Bodies to see. Places to go. Watches to get repaired."
The aftermost time the Daily Herald bent up with Ford, he was in Hollywood announcement "The Empire Strikes Back" to columnist bodies from about the country. Then, he said that if he couldn't get any acceptable blur roles, he'd aloof go aback to carpentry as he had done before.
Does that beggarly he'd be annoyed alive either job?
"That's a misconception," he said.
"Being an amateur is a abundant added inter­esting job. To do it for money is great. To do it for money and do it well. It's a difficult job, but I adore what I do in films.
"It's actual demanding, and I like that. Not alone that, I get to assignment with a lot of bodies and go a lot of places."
With anniversary alternating starring role, Ford's aloof aspect and affronted button blister get added publicity, authoritative it more difficult for the amateur to airing the streets unnoticed.
How does he accord with befitting his aloofness while alive in an acutely accessible position?
"It's not hard," he said. His eyes darted aback to the window.
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