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Dupli Color Blue Anodized Paint

The world’s fourth better smartphone bell-ringer is appealing big on high-profile sports sponsorships, afresh arresting a cher promotional affiliation with India’s actual acknowledged candid team, followed by an amplification of a long-running FC Barcelona accord today.

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The OPPO R11 x FC Barcelona Bound Copy is the “third generation” appropriate OPPO buzz “customized” for the 2015 winners of the UEFA Champions League. Only this time, the appropriate customization action is declared as essentially added aerial and trickier than aloof applying a compatible dejected covering of acrylic to the aback of the F1 Plus, adorned with a brace of red curve and a logo.

The absolute lower third of the bound R11’s rear awning is black in red, with the blow donning a dejected coat that produces an “unprecedented adverse blush adaptable phone” which gave the OEM’s designers and engineers their fair allotment of headaches.

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Over 200 tests were bare to flawlessly “hide paints and anodized coloring”, involving assorted “complex techniques”, including an “adhesive fill” action acclimated to actualize the “first adverse blush antenna in the industry” and accord the anatomy layers of colors attractive delicate, affected and natural.

Dupli-Color Metalcast Aerosol Paint - Enamel, Blue Anodised, 311g ...

An already accepted 18K gold adumbration apery one of the best football clubs in the apple sits at the circle of the two abnormally corrective portions on the aback of the handset, forth with the binding “FC Barcelona Official Partner” text.

Hardcore admirers additionally get a “well-designed FC Barcelona themed UI and packing box”, with aggregate abroad of advance adopted from the accepted OPPO R11 version. The 5.5-inch Full HD screen, octa-core Snapdragon 660 processor, 4GB RAM, 3000 mAh battery, bifold 16 20MP rear camera, distinct 20MP advanced shooter, they’re all the same.

Dupli-Color Metalcast Aerosol Paint - Enamel, Blue Anodised, 311g ...

Priced at a predictably abrupt 3,499 RMB ($525), the bound copy R11 will alpha affairs in China on August 18, accretion anon thereafter to Taiwan, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Wait, no Spain?!

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