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Flavius Josephus was a Jewish historian built-in in 37 CE. His Antiquities of the Jews, accounting in about 93 CE, has two references to Jesus. He was not a Christian, and this non-biblical antecedent is generally cited by apologists as able acceptance of key elements from the actuality story.

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At least, that’s what they’d like to imagine.

This aboriginal access is the acclaimed Testimonium Flavianum:

Now there was about this time Jesus, a astute man, if it be allowable to alarm him a man; for he was a abettor of admirable works, a abecedary of such men as accept the accuracy with pleasure. He drew over to him both abounding of the Jews and abounding of the Gentiles. He was [the] Christ. And aback Pilate, at the advancement of the arch men amidst us, had accursed him to the cross, those that admired him at the aboriginal did not abdicate him; for he appeared to them animate afresh the third day; as the all-powerful prophets had foretold these and ten thousand added admirable things apropos him. And the association of Christians, so alleged from him, are not abolished at this day.

That’s able abutment for the Christian position, but you apperceive what they say about things that complete too acceptable to be true.

Josephus was built-in afterwards Jesus died, so in the best accommodating interpretation, he is artlessly casual forth buzz information. More damning, advisers about universally accede that this was not aboriginal to Josephus. He was a Jew, not a Christian, and this isn’t what he would’ve written. Also, the access interrupts the breeze of the book at this point (that is, the book would apprehend bigger if this access were removed), and it is briefer than agnate summaries in the blow of the work. This is what you’d apprehend from a after addition.

Dupli-Color CA300 Red Car Art Temporary Paint - 5 Oz. | eBay

From the Jewish standpoint, Josephus was a traitor. Formerly a Jewish commander, he defected to the Roman ancillary during the Aboriginal Jewish-Roman War in about 67, and his history was accounting in Rome. Jews had little absorption in artful his works to accumulate them in circulation, and it was mostly Christians who affected them. They ability accept been motivated to “improve” Josephus.

The age-old archetype of the Testimonium Flavianum is from Eusebius (324 CE or earlier). That it is traceable aback to Eusebius raises concerns. He is not advised an abnormally reliable historian, and it’s accessible that he added this paragraph.

The additional access is a bit long, so let me summarize. Ananus was alleged the new aerial priest. He was acquisitive to authorize his authority, and he bedevilled a accumulation of men to death, one of whom was James the brother of Jesus. There was an clamor adjoin this beheading (perhaps it was hasty or was congenital on bereft evidence—the altercation isn’t specific), and anxious citizens petitioned the Roman advocate to rein in Ananus. The advocate agreed and removed Ananus from the aerial priesthood, “and fabricated Jesus, the son of Damneus, aerial priest.”

… [Ananus] accumulated the Sanhedrin of judges, and brought afore them the brother of Jesus, who was alleged Christ, whose name was James, and some others …

While this doesn’t bless the miracles of Jesus, it does at atomic authorize the actuality of Jesus Christ in the aboriginal century, aback the book was accounting in about 93 CE. However, David Fitzgerald (Nailed, p. 58–61) summarizes a Richard Carrier altercation that makes an arresting case that this isn’t what it seems to be.

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The aboriginal botheration is that this isn’t how added accounts alarm the afterlife of James the Just, the brother of Jesus Christ and aboriginal abbey of Jerusalem.

Next, apprehension the clumsy book structure:

“the brother of Jesus,who was alleged the Christ,whose name was James … ”

rather than artlessly “the brother of Jesus, whose name was James.” Brainstorm if “who was alleged the Christ” was originally a bordering agenda in a archetype that was alloyed into the arrangement by a after scribe. Advisers can point to abounding examples of these accounting insertions. In the anatomy that we accept it, it’s like a communicative email that drops “and again I saw Jesus” into a rather arid arbitrary of a cruise to the mall. Surely the clairvoyant of Josephus would say, “What?? Who cares about James? Go aback and busy on that Christ bit!” This is what journalists alarm “burying the lead.”

The altercation for that byword actuality an accession goes from arresting to acceptable aback we accede how the access ends. Who replaced the brash Ananus? It was “Jesus, the son of Damneus.” (Don’t balloon that Jesus or Yeshua was a accepted name at this time.)

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Before, you had some accidental guy alleged James, accent for no acumen from the account of those who were killed. But annul the “Christ” byword as a after addition, and the adventure makes sense. Ananus the aerial priest irresponsibly kills some people, and he’s removed from office. The appellation is transferred to Jesus the son of Damneus, the brother of one of the men killed, as fractional advantage for the blameworthy death.

The best accommodating estimation of Josephus gives aside abutment for the Christian position—Josephus artlessly is casual forth buzz of abnormal events. We would accord this the aforementioned believability adapted by any age-old book with abnormal claims.

A analytical analysis shows why both of these could be after additions, suggesting an aboriginal Josephus with no references to Jesus Christ. This is aloof accomplished guesswork, and advisers don’t altercate this position with certainty, but absolution it is a poor foundation on which to body any accuracy claims of Christianity.

When others asked the accuracy of me,I was assertive it was not the accuracy they wanted,but an apparition they could buck to alive with.— Anais Nin

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