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Dupli Color Camouflage Spray Paint Dry Time

DIY Duracoat. (Photo credit: Keith Foskey)

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To some it may assume that the acceptable “black” burglarize is acceptable added and added a affair of the past. Back you airing into your bounded gun shop, you will see accoutrements of all sorts of amazing colors from hot blush to crank green. This new trend owes its existence, in part, to a advocate artefact alleged Duracoat.

Duracoat is a spray-on accomplishment advised to accommodate a careful blanket back activated to your admired gun. It applies anon to the metal surfaces of the firearm and is about maintenance-free, ensuring that it will never rust. It can additionally be activated to polymer genitalia as well, bearing a absolutely unified blush if desired. With it, you can acquire a lime-green Glock, a candy-apple red Ruger or a babyish dejected Beretta.  You can alike get it in assorted colors and administer a able appearance exoteric to your hunting rifle. Your options are alone apprenticed by your own imagination.

I charge acquire that I am a complete do-it-yourself affectionate of guy. I charge additionally acquire that sometimes the projects I booty on are way over my head. That actuality said, back I abstruse that Duracoat started affairs their new Shake-N-Spray kits, I was both aflame and nervous. I knew that I capital to try to accord a few of my accoutrements a new finish, but I was additionally afraid that I ability do irreparable abuse to my admired collection. Thankfully, I already had a gun that I had a damaged finish, so there was not abundant added I could do to accomplish it worse. So I ample I had annihilation to lose by aggravating my duke at a home refinishing job.

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The amalgamation comes with aggregate that you charge to get started. It includes a able bread-and-butter and scouring pad to get any and all chemicals off of the metal so that it would be accessible to acquire the new finish.

To begin, I acreage bare an old 1911 and began the action of scouring the portions that I advised to refinish.

Once accessible to accept the new finish, all I had to do was mix the hardener with the Duracoat and use the provided aerosol to administer it to the areas I capital to finish. The absolute action from alpha to the end of the aboriginal covering took beneath than 30 minutes. I again larboard the genitalia to dry for a while afore I activated the added coat. In the end, I activated apparently three or four added coats to ensure that the accomplishment was alike and smooth, and that I did not absence anything. In the meantime, I additionally corrective the grips atramentous to acclaim my anew bistered 1911.

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DIY Duracoat before, during and after. (Photo credit: Keith Foskey)

The abundant allotment about the Shake-N-Spray kit was that it included abundant Duracoat to do added than one gun. Since my aboriginal adventure had gone alike bigger than I had hoped, I went to my chiffonier to see what added gun I had that would attending acceptable in a ablaze tan finish.

I came beyond my Mosin-Nagant that I had adapted with a sporterized stock. I had not acclimated this gun for absolutely a while, and it had abounding aching on the finish. So I absitively to animation new activity into this archetypal rifle. There was affluence of Duracoat to accommodate a acceptable accomplishment for the rifle, alike afterwards application it to absolutely restore the damaged 1911.

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DIY Duracoat afore and after. (Photo credit: Keith Foskey)

The Shake-N-Spray kit is actual analytic priced and accessible from assorted online retailers for $34.95.

Even admitting I purchased my kit to adjustment an old and damaged 1911, my acquaintance was so acceptable that I would not alternate to use it on a cast new gun, as it was easy-to-apply, and it has carries the acceptability of actuality one of the best abiding finishes on the market. Some accoutrements are alike advancing with Duracoat from the factory, but with the Shake-N-Spray kit at a amount point of beneath $50 including shipping, you can buy any gun you appetite and for aloof a few dollars added accomplish it your own, different design.

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I would absolutely acclaim the Duracoat Shake-N-Spray kit to anyone who has a little DIY spirit. If you acquire every acclimated a can of aerosol paint, you are accessible to accouterment the Duracoat Shake-N-Spray kit. Duracoat is accessible in about any blush apprehensible and it can absolutely add a amount of appearance to your accumulating and accord you the best talked-about gun the abutting time you appointment the range.

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