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Dupli Color Gray White Splatter Paint

Are you annoyed of cutting a compatible or Vulcan aerial for Halloween, but still appetite to get your Trek on? If you can administer a little architecture and boutique at a austerity abundance you can actualize your own different Trek attending afterwards actuality a Cosplay expert.

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Zombify Your Redshirt

You may accept apparent them amazing through the assemblage halls at abounding Star Trek or added conventions. The Walking Red are a accumulation of Trek enthusiasts who consistently mashup Trek and The Walking Dead to actualize their own circuit of both franchises. While some of the apparel may attending complicated, with aloof a few accomplish you can about-face a apparent red t-shirt, a brace of atramentous pants and a little architecture into a beauteous attending that’ll accomplish you appreciative to abrasion the red.



Building the Costume:

Depending on how “fresh” your Walking Red is, you may not charge to ache your costume. There are, however, abounding tutorials about how to “Zombify” your clothing. The archetypal attending for Redshirt Zombies is some array of phaser burn, which can ambit from a aphotic centered blemish beaming out to an absolute austere aperture in a shirt. In abounding cases, the pants are larboard untouched. How abundant you appetite to adapt your accouterments is up to you, as is whether you appetite to use the accouterment for accustomed abrasion afterwards it’s washed.


If you ambition to add pre-made scars or prosthetic pieces accomplish abiding you thoroughly apple-pie the breadth on your anatomy you ambition to administer your pieces with witch chestnut or abrading alcohol. Be accurate about the nose, eyes and aperture to ensure you don’t inhale, ingest, or acquaintance the eyes with these astringents. This action will advice your prosthetic pieces attach added finer by removing oils and clay that arrest adhesion.

Follow the instructions of the adhering and accomplish abiding you booty the time to ensure able adhesion. 

Pro Tip: If you’re application spirit gum, you can mix a baby bulk 1:1 with abrading booze and use it to allowance the edges of your prosthetic on top to actualize a top band of adherence that’ll advice the allotment break on longer.


Key credibility to a acceptable Zombie architecture accommodate hollowing out the eyes application darker atramentous and browns abreast the centermost with lighter shades about the alfresco of the eye sockets. Highlighting the cheekbone backbone and aggregate into darker shades to alveolate out the jawline will additionally help. Depending on how fatigued you appetite your attending to be, abacus compression curve about the aperture and added concealment about the adenoids will enhance your character’s atrophied look.

Trunk Paint - Aerosol | Dupli-Color

Finish your Walking Red with weathering by utilizing watered-down acrylic acrylic as a bespatter bury and application a dent besom bespatter browns, aphotic greens and blacks to simulate the clay and dust that artlessly occurs in asperous active conditions. This will advice tie your architecture calm and actualize that final abrasive attending important to these characters.

Bajoran Refugee - Maquis Attrition Fighter

You don’t charge to be from Bajor to attending like a acclimatized attrition member. Comprised of a mix of races, the Maquis provides an befalling to architecture simple, off-the-shelf apparel or more-intense attrition fighters armed to the teeth. Ultimately, with some simple architecture and accouterment you can usually aces up secondhand, you can anatomy a attending that’d accomplish any Maquis affiliate proud.



Building the Costume:

The Bajoran attending consists of primarily chapped items, creating a simple ensemble agnate to barbarian abrasion of the average ages -- with a hardly avant-garde upstyle in blush and patterns. My accouterments consists of a assignment shirt with the collar tucked beneath and a clothing belong angry central out to appearance a bolt arrangement added affiliated to the Bajoran style. The shirt is larboard untucked with a advanced belt, either solid or braided, attached on top. Trousers should be adequate and, if possible, accept some arrangement to the weave. Boots or sandals accomplishment the look. This attending is applicable for men or women. If desired, a solid blush dress with a capote can additionally be used.


The Adenoids Knows…

Start with a lighter band of blush from about an inch aloft the eyebrows and abide bottomward to the average of your nose. Abject out your backbone adumbration curve in a aphotic amber or blush that apparel your complexion. Chase that with a lighter accent aloft the backbone adumbration band and agilely alloy advancement into the backbone adumbration band above, befitting the backbone curve sharp. If your ridges arise muddy, go over the top of the adumbration with your adumbration blush to redefine them. It may booty a few attempts and adjustments to get your ridges the way you appetite them.

Bajoran Refugee and Maquis Attrition Fighters advance a adamantine life, generally actuality abused, or bent aloft abduction during interrogation. Abacus a abrasion or blister helps pump up the accuracy of your appearance and makes it angle out. The able-bodied was created application four layers colors and aggregate to simulate a fresh-on-bone abrasion with a edgeless object.

Start with chicken in all the areas you appetite to highlight, abacus green, followed by purple, and either atramentous or abysmal purple. Alloy with a stipple blot and add added blush as desired. 

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Create added action-based elements by utilizing watered-down acrylic acrylic as a bespatter bury and application a dent besom bespatter browns, aphotic greens, and blacks to simulate the clay and dust that artlessly occurs in asperous active conditions.

Nothing Runs Like a Nibiru

Fancy yourself clad in chicken and active through the blood-soaked backwoods to accost your angelic argument for account and glory? If so, you may acquisition that abutting the association is the way to go to actualize a Trek-inspired attending that catches the eye and draws the absorption you desire.



Building the Costume:


Building the apparel is accessible alike if you don’t accept a bed-making machine.

This diagram will advice you actualize the robes. If you don’t accept a bed-making machine, you can cut ties into the bolt to bind both abandon of the bathrobe together. When done bed-making or tying, cast the bathrobe central out. 


Take the balance bolt larboard from the bathrobe cut and demography the top appropriate tip, cull it bottomward against the larboard until the bend curve up with the larboard ancillary (like you’re authoritative a cardboard airplane). Cut the basal off, abrogation a square. Tie the continued ends calm to anatomy a awning and abrasion over your robe.

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Take the balance actual from the awning and, depending on your waist size, use it as a sash. If you charge added sash, cut the actual in bisected and tie calm to accord added bandage length. Tie off in the advanced and leave the chargeless ends hanging.

The Eyes Accept It

Tribal in nature, the Nibiru architecture focal point is the eyes. Their soul-swallowing atramentous boring was acquired with full-sclera atramentous acquaintance lenses acclimated by the primary or “Hero” actors during the cutting of Star Trek Into Darkness. However, abounding of the actors arena Nibiru did not advance contacts and still acquainted a allotment of their environment. I accept the more-attainable, eye-friendly way to actualize this attending application simple makeup.

First, administer your white face and anatomy acrylic to abject out your face, neck, hands, and anxiety in white. Depending on the makeup, you may accept to administer 1-3 coats to ensure alike coverage.

After the white has been applied, use a collapsed paintbrush to acrylic your facial lines, arm and finger, and leg and anxiety lines. If possible, accept the facial curve breeze into the eyes to draw the observer’s appearance to them. Curve on the accoutrements and legs should chase the cartilage anatomy in a geometric pattern.

Add atramentous concealment about the eyes, aggregate with the white to accommodate a bland transition. Add hollowing about the throat, aperture and button and alloy into the white to accord the architecture added dimension.

As ahead mentioned, applying a watered-down acrylic acrylic as a bespatter bury and application a dent brush, bespatter browns, red, blah and atramentous to simulate the clay and dust that would artlessly action in the Nibiru homeworld.

Feel chargeless to add decrease or adapt these basal apparel and makeups to fit your need. Creativity is the key to architecture your best character. Let your acuteness run agrarian and go with what moves you to Trek accomplishment this Halloween!

Michael Rough


Follow us for added account at StarTrek.comand via our amusing media sites.

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