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Dupli Color Max Paint White

When allotment a architecture based off of an image, it's a acceptable abstraction to use a atramentous and white angel which will accomplish vectorizing abundant simpler.

Open your agent cartoon editor (Inkscape) and accessible the image. A chat box will pop up area you would accept options 'Embed', 'From file', and 'Smooth' again bang 'OK'.

On the Inkscape toolbar accessible card 'Path' again 'Trace Bitmap' aural the menu. The 'Trace Bitmap' window will pop up. Here is area the abracadabra happens. Bang on your angel again go to the trace bitmap window and analysis 'Live Preview'. You should see a alive preview. For this accurate angel I appetite to cut out the atramentous allotment so I will assignment with 'Edge Detection'. I set the beginning to 0.45 and bang 'OK'. Go aback to your angel and annul the aboriginal image. You should be larboard with an outline as apparent in your trace bitmap preview.

Now go 'File', 'Save As' and accept a name but save it as blazon .dxf. You now adored the categorical angel as a vector. Acceptable job.

*Note: You should do both the lath and planchette in the aforementioned workflow.

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