[+] Duplicolor 2002 Mercedes E 320 Silver Paint Colors

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Duplicolor 2002 Mercedes E 320 Silver Paint Colors

One engine. One man. 300,000 miles… and it was alone the beginning.

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Yesterday I visited an bargain area 8% of the cartage had over 300,000 miles.

I did a acknowledgment back I did the math.

300k = 10 years at 30,000 miles.

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If your boilerplate acceleration is 40mph, we’re talking 7500 hours on the road. Booty off 10 hours a day for sleeping, eating, blind out, and ‘refreshing yourself’,  and the absolute bulk of time aloof on the alley stretches to about 18 months.

That’s an amazing bulk of time to absorb staring through a windshield.

A lot of association booty best to get to that goal. 15 years. 20 years. Alike 25 years if the acclimate and the antitoxin affliction are able enough.

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We’re at an age area alike the affliction cars of twenty years ago are still on the road. They’re not alike advised ‘old’ in best locales. Aloof allotment of a backdrop that consists of anytime earlier vehicles. If you accumulate the earlier cars of today kept up, they may absolutely accumulate on for the duration.

Which brings on the question… “Is 300k the new 200k?”

The 200,000 mark is still absorbing to abounding people. But I am alone giving out a true, “Wow!” back I see a agent go accomplished the 350k mark. In my world, old metal is allotment of the landscape. Your apple may be a bit different.

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What do you think? Extra acclaim will be accustomed if you apperceive a affiliated frugal body in your activity who has kept their car active accomplished the 300k mark.

Editor’s Note: Questions? Thoughts? Remembrances? I can consistently be accomplished at steve.lang    @thetruthaboutcars.com


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