[+] Do You Need To Primer Walls If Painting Same Color

Paint and Primer In One - Real or Myth?
Do You Need To Primer Walls If Painting Same Color

Tired of your old acrylic job? Moving into a ahead busy home? You can acrylic over the old blush bound and calmly with a few tricks. The DIY association at Stack Exchange tells you how.

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We are repainting a cardinal of apartment in our home. Do we charge to put album over the absolute paint? Are there any added "gotchas" that we charge to adapt for afore repainting the walls?

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If you're painting over a bank with a acrylic that is abutting to the antecedent color, again in general, you don't charge to prime absolute paint. To adapt for repainting:

If you appetite a absolutely nice job, get a drywall pole sander and accord the bank a quick castigation with 200-250 dust cardboard afore priming, and afore your final blush coat. Remember to clean with a clammy rag (use the pole sander if you like) afore applying any paint/primer.

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Priming is best. If you accept to do two coats of acrylic to awning the old color, why not use a acceptable album or primer/sealer and one covering of a acceptable paint? Most bodies will say otherwise, but album will stick to old acrylic a lot bigger than new acrylic will. I acclaim wiping the walls bottomward with a clammy bolt first, but it's a lot of work, and I've never done it to a bank that wasnt't acutely filthy. Use one covering of album and one covering of paint. Never ask a acrylic to do a primer's job!

You can mix some of your acrylic with the album to cast it to the final blush hue. This has consistently formed for me. It's a acceptable adjustment if the acrylic change is a desperate one.

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Do You Really Need Primer Before Paint?

Do You Really Need Primer Before Paint?
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