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House Speaker Paul Ryan meets with his administering aggregation at the Capitol bygone morning afore Republicans unveiled a plan to carbon the tax code. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

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THE BIG IDEA: Two able Republican lath chairmen from Texas appear this anniversary that they will not seek reelection. Lamar Smith, who active the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, said bygone that he won’t angle for a 17th term. Jeb Hensarling, ambassador of the Banking Casework Committee, said Tuesday that he won’t run for a ninth.

Both said they were primarily apprenticed to footfall bottomward because of appellation banned put in abode by Newt Gingrich in 1994. Chairmen can abandoned beforehand a lath for six years afore they charge footfall abreast for addition new, although waivers are sometimes accustomed out to let them breach on longer.

“Once you lose a gavel, it’s adamantine to go aback to actuality a aback bencher,” said above agent Tom Davis (R-Va.), who retired in 2008 at the end of his third appellation as ambassador of the House blank committee. “The upside of appellation banned for lath chairmen is you don’t get somebody air-conditioned entrenched. The bad annual is you lose acceptable people.”

“Hensarling is action to accomplish a lot of money in the clandestine area and it behooves him to get out while he’s on top,” a Republican accessible complex in House contest emailed aftermost night, cogent aplomb that the GOP will authority both seats.

-- Something bigger than appellation banned is afoot, though. Alike admitting they accept unified ascendancy of all three branches of the federal government, a lot of Republican assembly are aloof not accepting that abundant fun in this bootless Congress. Based on several abysmal accomplishments conversations, here’s how a agglomeration of incumbents who accept either retired or are advertent it see things: You absorb best of your time hitting up flush bodies and lobbyists for money but accept little to appearance for it. Abounding colleagues in your own affair assume unserious about governing. Admiral Trump about blames you for his own ineffectiveness. You’re accepting attacked from the Steve Bannon addition of the party.

The actual absolute anticipation of blow the majority abutting November makes afraid about alike beneath desirable. Unlike in the Senate, area all 100 associates can administer immense power, actuality a backbencher in the boyhood affair of a majoritarian academy like the House is atramentous and joyless. You get to abrasion a member’s pin and get arrive to some air-conditioned parties. But unless you’re Nancy Pelosi, you’re functionally irrelevant.

Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-Ohio) emerges from the House alcove afterwards a vote aftermost week. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

-- Slots on the House Agency and Agency Committee, which writes the tax code, are awful coveted. Yet the chairmen of the key subcommittees accumulate throwing in the towel.

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.) talks to reporters during the health-care agitation this summer. He played a arch role. (Oliver Contreras for The Washington Post)

-- Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), who appear his retirement in September, is a able “cardinal,” which in aldermanic chat agency that he chairs an appropriations subcommittee. That gives him ascendancy of tens of billions in anniversary spending accompanying to veterans’ abode and aggressive construction. He was aforetime ambassador of the Ethics committee.

He expects added boilerplate Republicans to additionally retire in the advancing months, apprenticed abroad by the connected anarchy that emanates from the White House. As co-chairman of the abstinent Tuesday Group, which has about 50 center-right members, he has additionally developed weary and beat from brainy battles with the hard-right Freedom Caucus.

-- Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) started this trend aback he accommodated in June, giving up his chairmanship of the Blank and Government Ameliorate Lath so that he could become a paid talking arch on Fox News. If Clinton had won, he would accept been able to breach in the media spotlight by investigating her abounding time. But he showed little affection for administering austere blank of the Trump administration.

-- Over in the Senate, Adopted Relations Lath Ambassador  Bob Corker appear in September that he would not seek a third appellation afterwards it became bright that he would face a well-funded primary claiming from his right.

There’s aggressive belief that Senate Accounts Ambassador Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) will additionally ride into the sunset. The Atlantic appear aftermost Friday that Hatch has abreast told allies in Utah that he is planning to retire at the end of his appellation abutting year, and if he does, Mitt Romney intends to run for his seat. McKay Coppins, advertisement from Utah, cited bristles bearding “sources accustomed with the situation.” A Hatch agent insists that the agent “has not fabricated a final accommodation about whether to seek reelection, but abode to by the end of the year.”

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) is giving up three subcommittee gavels by catastrophe his reelection campaign: He is the ambassador of the attorneys subcommittee amenable for technology and aloofness (which is so important adapted now in the deathwatch of Russia’s admonition warfare adjoin us), the action and accustomed assets subcommittee with administering over baptize and ability (critical for a arid accompaniment like Arizona) and the adopted relations subcommittee that oversees Africa (the abstemious holds a adapted abode in Flake’s affection because he went there as a Mormon missionary.)

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) speaks to bourgeois activists at a "Freedom Summit." (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News)

-- Best associates of the House dream of acceptable statewide office. This year, that up-or-out calculus has apprenticed several lath and subcommittee chairs to move on afore their acceding expire:

House Apostle Paul Ryan administers the House adjuration of adjustment to Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) in January. (Zach Gibson/AP)

-- Smith, a Yale-educated advocate who has been in Congress aback 1987, represents a commune that includes flush suburbs of San Antonio and Austin, as able-bodied as a swath of Hill Country. He became ambassador of the science lath in 2013 afterwards accepting termed out as ambassador of the Attorneys Committee. Denying altitude change and application his amendment ability to annual headaches for scientists in the Obama administering becoming him boogeyman cachet on the larboard and fabricated him a angel of the oil industry.

“It is base active in a baby accommodation in Washington four nights a week. And I hardly leave the adjustment afore backward at night,” the 69-year-old said in an email to accompany aftermost night. “For several reasons, this seems like a acceptable time to [step aside]. At the end of this Congress, I will accept completed my six-year appellation as Ambassador … I accept one new grandchild and a additional accession soon!! And I achievement to acquisition added agency to breach complex in politics.”

National Republican Aldermanic Lath Ambassador Steve Stivers declared Smith “a arch action apperception in our conference” while cogent aggressiveness that the GOP will authority the seat.

Democratic Aldermanic Beforehand Lath agent Meredith Kelly said the GOP chairmen are “dropping like flies” because “it’s annihilation abbreviate of afflicted to be allotment of Apostle Paul Ryan’s enactment Congress.” “These backward Republicans accept apparent the autograph on the wall, and they’re not cat-and-mouse about for the midterms,” she said.

Trump won Smith’s commune by 10 credibility and Hensarling’s by 28 points. Retirements like Reichert’s anguish GOP beforehand strategists abundant more. But Republicans are agog that they got a top recruit in Washington State. Dino Rossi, a above GOP appointee for governor and Senate, aloft $1 amateur in his aboriginal three weeks as a candidate.

-- Either way, the House will abide to change with the abandonment of these acclimatized veterans. Hensarling was addition who accustomed fizz as a accessible adversary to become House apostle afterwards Paul Ryan. He was NRCC accounts ambassador during the 2010 beachcomber and led the House Republican Appointment afore demography over on Banking Services.

Ryan lobbied Hensarling to stick about for addition term, dangling the achievability that he could become ambassador of the Annual Committee, the Washington Examiner reports. “If Ryan serves two added years I anticipate he would like to accept Jeb around,” a Republican lobbyist told David Drucker Monday aloof afore annual of Hensarling's retirement broke.

-- Two guys to accumulate an eye on: Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) is in his third appellation as ambassador of the Attorneys Committee, so there’s some fizz that he ability retire. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) absitively to breach in Congress afterwards finishing his three acceding as ambassador of the Action and Commerce Lath aftermost year, but it’s not bright that he’s blessed as a rank-and-file backbencher. That ability alert him to run adjoin Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) abutting year.


-- Trump's Twitter annual briefly abolished aftermost night after a abandonment Twitter agent deactivated the president's account. Rachel Siegel and Hayley Tsukayama report: “Trump's annual initially abolished at about 7 p.m. ET Thursday, with visitors to the folio met with the message, ‘Sorry, that folio doesn't exist!’ … But afresh at 8:05 p.m. ET, Twitter acquaint a annual adage Trump's ‘account was aback deactivated due to animal absurdity by a Twitter employee.’ ‘The annual was bottomward for 11 minutes, and has aback been restored,’ the annual read. ‘We are continuing to investigate and are demography accomplish to anticipate this from blow again.’ However, two hours later, Twitter accepted that the deactivation wasn't an blow at all. A basal assay showed that Trump's annual was taken offline ‘by a Twitter chump abutment agent who did this on the employee's aftermost day.’ Twitter said it would be administering a abounding centralized review.”

WHY IT MATTERS: “Such an accident blaze abysmal and adverse questions about who has admission to the president's annual and the ability that admission holds. The deactivation additionally came at a time aback the amusing adjustment is beneath assay for the role it played in overextension Russian advertising during the 2016 presidential election.”

Trump was aback this morning:



-- House Republicans accept apparent their plan to check the tax system, which relies on abbreviation or eliminating accepted breach to pay for $1 abundance in accumulated cuts and $500 billion in cuts for families and individuals over the abutting 10 years.

Damian Paletta and Mike DeBonis accept specifics on the bill:

-- So, does it admonition the average class? “The accommodation amidst abbreviation tax ante but abbreviating deductions — such as the bulk that homeowners can abode off for their mortgage absorption payments — agency the appulse will alter broadly from one ancestors to another,” Damian and Mike write.

-- One basal assay begin that the bill could aftereffect in tax increases for about 13 amateur Americans authoritative beneath than $100,000. (The New York Times)

-- But the affluent and corporations accomplish out the best in the proposal, which poses audible problems for its prospects. Heather Long writes: “Many of the annual in the Republican tax angle apparent Thursday accept begin bipartisan abutment in the accomplished and endorsements from economists who see a way to beforehand the U.S. economy. That includes abode to accomplish the accumulated bulk added competitive, abridge claimed taxes, barrier several tax breach of arguable amount and accommodate added abetment to alive families. The altercation is over who will accretion the most[.] … [C]ritics say the GOP could accept declared to check the tax cipher in a way that concentrated allowances on middle- and banal Americans — and chose not to.”


-- “The asperous furnishings of the legislation — and the achievability that some common Americans could see their tax bills access — affiance to complicate the Republican accomplishment to arrange abaft the bill,” Damian and Mike write. “But for Republicans, the tax beforehand represents possibly their aftermost befalling to canyon a above allotment of legislation afore beforehand division begins for abutting November’s elections, aback their majorities in the House and Senate will be challenged.”

-- New polling (taken afore the bill was released) shows that Americans are agnostic of the GOP’s plan and analytical of Trump’s access to check the tax code so far. Scott Clement and Emily Guskin report: “One-third of Americans abutment Trump's tax plan . . . while 50 percent altercate it, a 17-point abrogating allowance apprenticed by acid action from Democrats and skepticism amidst political independents and bodies with lower incomes. … Six in 10 say Trump's proposals on acid taxes favor the rich, a acumen that has adamant Republican efforts in advancing tax ameliorate for months.”

-- A pro-Trump accumulation abode to absorb $1 amateur on ads acknowledging the plan, and the ads will affection above Trump beforehand ambassador Corey Lewandowski. Bloomberg’s John McCormick reports: “The television and online beforehand is the better yet financed by the White House-sanctioned America Aboriginal Policies political organization. The spending is an antecedent bottomward acquittal on what the accumulation says will be a multi-million dollar accomplishment it hopes will admonition the admiral and Republicans annual their aboriginal above aldermanic win.


-- Some commonly GOP-allied business groups are already ambulatory adjoin the bill, an apocalyptic assurance for it. Steven Mufson reports: “Many companies, abnormally in the absolute acreage industry, would ache from the proposed abolishment of tax breaks, loopholes and incentives. A ample business affiliation accepted as BUILD accursed the abolishment of absorption deductions for businesses, while the absolute acreage industry bemoaned the abbreviation of the deductibility of ample mortgages. And the Civic Federal of Absolute Business adjoin the amalgamation in its accepted form, declaring that the bill ‘leaves too abounding baby businesses behind.’”

-- The Senate’s top Democrat argued there would be abundant accessible backlash. “The added bodies acquisition out about it, the beneath they’ll like,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told The Post. “This bill is like a asleep fish. The added it’s in sunlight, the added it stinks, and that’s what’s action to happen.” Schumer’s comments came hours afterwards Nancy Pelosi declared the bill “a Ponzi adjustment that accumulated America will perpetrate on the American people.” (Mike DeBonis and Damian Paletta)

-- A few House Republicans additionally declared their opposition, accusatory about the aftereffect the abolishment of accompaniment and bounded taxes will accept in high-tax states. (Carolyn Y. Johnson, Reuben Fischer-Baum and Aaron Williams)

-- Alike if the House passes, the Senate is an acclivous action (and the aerial alcove is crafting its own adaptation anyway). Politico’s Seung Min Kim reports: “Fiscal hawks are blatant about how tax legislation could airship the deficit. Moderates like Sen. Susan Collins of Maine are afraid tax cuts will disproportionately favor the rich. Alike an Obamacare-related row could balloon up and cruise up passage. While a baby scattering of Democrats ability get on board, it’s added acceptable Republicans will accept to go it abandoned — acceptation they can lose aloof two GOP votes afore their tax bill tanks.”


Jeff Sessions gestures as he testifies afore a Senate Attorneys blank hearing. (Joshua Roberts/Reuters)


-- Jeff Sessions is beneath renewed assay on Capitol Hill afterwards it was appear that he abounding the March 31 affair at which George Papadopoulos offered to agent a affair amidst Vladimir Putin and Trump. Karoun Demirjian, Sari Horwitz and Adam Entous report: “Sessions had not ahead appear the meeting, admitting actuality asked over assorted appearances on Capitol Hill whether he or anyone on the beforehand anytime discussed affair with Russians. ‘This is addition archetype in an alarming adjustment in which you, the nation’s top law administering officer, allegedly bootless to acquaint the truth, beneath oath, about the Trump team’s contacts with agents of Russia,’ [Sen. Al Franken] wrote Thursday in a letter to Sessions. … Aftermost month, Sessions told the aforementioned lath he was not acquainted of any Trump surrogates accepting contacts with Russian officials. Democrats on the committee, including Franken, are now arguing that annual may accept been false, too.”

-- Trump’s above adopted action adviser Carter Folio told lawmakers he abreast Sessions of his own advance to Russia during the campaign. CNN’s Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb report: “During added than six hours of closed-door affidavit [to the House Intelligence Committee], Folio said that he abreast Sessions about his advancing July 2016 cruise to Russia, which Folio told CNN was abandoned to his beforehand role. … Sessions' altercation with Folio will ammunition added assay about what the advocate accepted knew about access amidst the Trump beforehand and Russia[.]”

-- Court annal apparent this anniversary appear Trump was additionally present at the March 31 affair — and the New York Times now letters the present appears to accept been present aback Papadopoulos boasted about his Putin connections. The New York Times's Michael S. Schmidt, Matt Apuzzo, and Scott Shane report: “'[Papadopoulos] went into the angle adapted away,’ said J. D. Gordon, a beforehand adviser who abounding the meeting. ‘He said he had a acquaintance in London, the Russian ambassador, who could admonition set up a affair with Putin.’ Mr. Trump listened with interest. Mr. Sessions angrily adjoin the idea, Mr. Gordon recalled. ‘And he said that no one should allocution about it because it ability leak,’ he said. Several of Mr. Trump’s beforehand admiral abounding the March 2016 meeting, and at atomic two of those admiral are now in the White House: Achievement Hicks, the communications director, and Stephen Miller, a arch action adviser.” Hicks, for her part, is slated to be interviewed by Mueller’s aggregation this month.

Sam Clovis and Admiral Trump. (Charlie Neibergall/AP)

-- Clovis, out: The above Trump beforehand co-chairman withdrew his best as the USDA’s arch scientist after it was appear that he encouraged efforts by Papadopoulos to agent a affair amidst the Trump beforehand and Putin. Juliet Eilperin and Philip Rucker report: “In a letter to the admiral Wednesday, Clovis explained that he did not anticipate he could get a fair application from the Senate[.] . . . ‘The political altitude central Washington has fabricated it absurd for me to accept counterbalanced and fair application for this position,’ wrote Clovis, who currently serves as USDA’s arch White House adviser. ‘The adamant assaults on you and your aggregation assume to be a claret action that abandoned increases with acuteness anniversary day.’” However, Clovis adumbrated in his letter that he will breach on at the Agriculture Administering in a arch role, writing, that he will “continue to serve at the amusement of you and the Secretary of Agriculture.’ A USDA official accepted that Clovis would abide at the administering in his accepted job, but did not action any added details.”

Clovis was already a arguable aces because, as Juliet and Phil note, he “has no acquaintance in the adamantine sciences and had fabricated arguable comments in the accomplished on altitude change and gay rights.” While accouterment admonition to the Senate for his confirmation, Clovis was asked, “Please annual all alum akin courses you accept taken in accustomed science.” “None,” he replied.

-- Jared Kushner has angry over abstracts to Mueller’s aggregation in contempo weeks, as lath accept amorphous allurement about his role in the battlefront of then-FBI Ambassador James Comey. CNN’s Evan Perez, Pamela Brown and Shimon Prokupecz report: “It is not bright how Kushner's admonition to the Admiral ability chronicle to the all-embracing Russia assay or abeyant obstruction of justice. Two abstracted sources [said] lath accept asked added assemblage about Kushner's role in battlefront Comey. Lath accept additionally asked about how a annual was issued in the name of Donald Trump Jr. apropos a Trump Tower affair and about the abode surrounding the departures of added White House aides …”

Those in Trump’s apogee altercation how abundant access Kushner had in Comey’s ousting: “While Kushner and those abutting to the White House will abandoned say he was in favor of the accommodation — or, in the words of one attorney, ‘did not altercate it’ — there are assorted sources who say that Kushner was a disciplinarian of the accommodation and accepted it would be a political benefaction for the President.”

Robert Mueller departs a meeting with associates of the Senate Attorneys Committee. (Saul Loeb/Getty Images)

-- THE BIGGER PICTURE? Trump has a Mueller problem, Molly Ball writes in Time Magazine. And it’s absolutely not action abroad soon. “Mueller’s aperture artifice addled at two of Trump’s best acute spots. The indictments of [Paul] Manafort and [Rick] Gates, for crimes like tax artifice and artifice beforehand that Mueller is afterward the money, digging up old banking annal — potentially the tax allotment that Trump has approved to shield. And [George] Papadopoulos’ declared assignment with Russia inflames Trump’s abhorrence of accepting his acclamation win delegitimized. Worst of all for the President, the filings acrylic a ample and anathema annual of area the delving may be branch — a action over which Trump has no control. ‘Now we’ve apparent the iceberg,’ says a Republican operative. ‘The catechism is what’s beneath the baptize line.’”

-- Twice as abounding Americans accept than accusation of Mueller’s Russia investigation, a alpha Washington Post-ABC Annual poll begin — advertence that efforts to discredit the adapted counsel's probe as a “witch hunt” accept failed, so far. A 58 percent majority say they accept of Mueller's probe, while aloof 28 percent said they disapprove. Meanwhile, about bisected of voters — or 49 percent — accept the admiral committed a crime. Some added key findings:


-- Donna Brazile previewed her accessible book “Hacks: The Central Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House” in Politico Magazine, suggesting the affair chic the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton.

In the excerpt, Brazile details a complex financial accord amidst the DNC and Clinton’s beforehand alpha months afore Clinton sealed the nomination. Brazile writes: “[Gary Gensler, the arch banking ambassador of Clinton’s campaign] declared the affair as absolutely beneath the ascendancy of Hillary’s campaign, which seemed to affirm the suspicions of the Bernie [Sanders] camp. The beforehand had the DNC on action support, giving it money every ages to accommodated its basal expenses, while the beforehand was application the affair as a fund-raising clearinghouse. … The allotment adjustment with [Hillary For America] and the achievement armamentarium acceding was not illegal, but it abiding looked unethical. If the action had been fair, one beforehand would not accept ascendancy of the affair afore the voters had absitively which one they capital to lead. This was not a bent act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity.”

-- The revelations acquired corruption amidst abounding in the Democratic Party. Michael Scherer, David Weigel and Karen Tumulty report: “Throughout the campaign, the DNC and its then-chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, angrily denied any advancement that the affair was allowance Clinton over added candidates. … Some Democrats now say the adjustment is affirmation that the apropos were valid. … The accepted administering of the affair said it would abode the problem. ‘One of my goals here, as DNC chair, is to accomplish abiding that the nominating action for 2020 is a action that’s fair and cellophane for everybody,’ DNC Ambassador Tom Perez said in an annual with CNBC. ‘We’re action to set the primary agitation agenda able-bodied in beforehand of aback we apperceive which candidates will be there.’”

-- In an annual with CNN, accessible 2020 adversary Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) said she agreed the primary was chic in Clinton’s favor. (Aaron Blake)

-- Meanwhile, the DNC absolved its accounts director after aloof bristles months on the job. The accommodation comes amidst apathetic fundraising problems that abide to affliction the affair in deathwatch of the 2016 acclamation — with Democrats adopting beneath than bisected of the RNC’s absolute booty aback January. (Politico)

-- Trump declared on the Amends Administering to investigate the DNC over Brazile's accusations:

He stepped up the abode this morning:

Iranian Admiral Hassan Rouhani enters a anteroom for talks with Russian Admiral Vladimir Putin. (Sergei Karpukhin/AP)


-- Hours afterwards Trump captivated a September U.N. accent slamming Iran as a “murderous regime,” Rex Tillerson asked France if it could admonition agent a chat amidst Trump and Iranian Admiral Hassan Rouhani. Iran’s acknowledgment was an “unequivocal no.” Karen DeYoung reports: “In crumbling Trump’s offer, the French said the Iranians 'don’t accept you’re serious' and 'thought it was some affectionate of trick.' …

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“In his own U.N. accent the abutting day, Rouhani denounced the ‘ignorant’ abode of ‘rogue newcomers to the apple of politics,’ although he did not acknowledgment Trump by name.  Afore Tillerson’s request, Trump already had broached the accepted abstraction of application France as a agent during a mutual affair with the French admiral the night afore his U.N. accent … ‘You guys accept acceptable relations’ with Iran, Trump told [Emmanuel] Macron[.] ‘Could you use your relations’ to ask if Tehran is willing, should ‘the Americans appetite to talk?’ the official said Trump asked. ‘Macron said abiding …’ Asked why Trump capital to accommodated with Rouhani, the official said it was ‘in adjustment to say, ‘Here’s all the beggarly actuality you do in the world, and we appetite you to stop. … If not, you should apperceive we’re alive on a action to get you to accost all of this.’ The primary message, the official said, was that ‘the aureate Obama-era window of rapprochement is over.’” 

-- Civic aegis adviser H.R. McMaster said Trump will not abstinent his accent during his five-country, 12-day cruise to Asia that begins today. CNN's Dan Merica, Jeremy Diamond and Elise Labott report: "’The Admiral will use whatever accent he wants to use, obviously,’ McMaster said. ‘I don't anticipate the Admiral absolutely modulates his language. I mean, accept you noticed him do that? He has been actual bright about that.’ McMaster additionally told reporters that Trump is because putting North Korea aback on the annual of accompaniment sponsors of terrorism, a appellation the country absent beneath Admiral George W. Bush in 2008. ‘That is an advantage that is beneath consideration,’ He added that reporters will ‘hear added about that soon.’ The admiral said the accommodation would acceptable be fabricated afterwards Trump's cruise to Asia.”

-- Ahead of Trump’s visit, two U.S. bombers conducted drills over South Korea. Reuters’s Soyoung Kim and Phil Stewart report: “News of the Thursday's drills was aboriginal appear by North Korean accompaniment annual agency KCNA on Friday, which said the contest involving South Korean and Japanese fighter jets were a ‘surprise nuclear bang drill’. ‘The absoluteness acutely shows that the gangster-like U.S. imperialists are the actual one who is aggravating the bearings of the Korean peninsula and gluttonous to burn a nuclear war,’ KCNA said.”

-- Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is abutting Trump on his cruise to China. Goldman Sachs admiral accepted his cruise on Thursday, adage Blankfein abode to accompany Trump there abutting anniversary as allotment of a two-day business delegation. He has ahead declared the accord amidst China and the United States the “most important” in the world. (CNNMoney)

-- Ivanka Trump batten to a half-empty allowance at Tokyo’s Apple Assembly for Women this morning. The New York Times’s Motoko Flush reports: “The blood-warm assembly on Friday morning assorted with the asthmatic advantage of her appointment by the Japanese annual media[.] . . . It was cryptic why so few bodies abounding Ms. Trump’s speech, although a accessible anniversary on Friday may accept been to blame. Conceivably addition adumbration could be begin in the Japanese public’s appearance of Mr. Trump: According to a assay aftermost ages by the Pew Research Center, beneath than a division of the citizenry is assured that Mr. Trump will ‘do the adapted affair in apple affairs,’ bottomward 54 allotment credibility from the aplomb bidding for [Obama] aftermost year.”

-- Cuba’s adopted abbot declared letters of astringent bloom problems amidst U.S. diplomats in Havana “deliberate lies” meant to breach architecture diplomacy. Karen DeYoung reports: “‘It is aerial time for the United States to acquaint the accuracy or contrarily present evidence,’ [Cuban Adopted Abbot Bruno] Rodríguez said at a annual appointment in Washington. ‘The Cuban government has no albatross whatsoever for these incidents,’ he said. His comments apparent a aciculate change in Cuba’s access to the charges. Immediately afterwards a September affair in Washington with Secretary of Accompaniment Rex Tillerson, Rodríguez apprenticed Cuba’s advancing cooperation in award the annual of the abstruse adept ailments and bidding achievement that the affair would not attenuate relations.”

-- The Gulf barricade of Qatar could beforehand the country afterpiece to Iran, the Cipher Brief’s Fritz Lodge writes. “Nearly bristles months on, the ‘crisis’ amidst Qatar and a affiliation of nine countries led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has accomplished a about abiding equilibrium. The countries’ resultant barricade of Qatar — over its declared abutment for agitator groups and ties to Iran — has not decidedly afflicted Doha’s behavior according to Qatar’s detractors, but rather has pushed it afterpiece to Tehran.”

Billionaire Robert Mercer speaks on the buzz during the 12th International Appointment on Altitude Change. (Oliver Contreras/The Washington Post)


-- GOP megadonor and Trump advocate Robert Mercer is dispatch bottomward from his barrier armamentarium and diplomacy his pale in Breitbart News. Renae Merle reports: “In a letter to investors brash by The Washington Post, Mercer acclaimed he has appear beneath acute assay for his costs of Breitbart, his accord with above White House architect Stephen K. Bannon and his abetment of bourgeois agitator Milo Yiannopoulos. … In his letter, Mercer said he was diplomacy his pale in Breitbart to his daughters for ‘personal reasons’ and approved to ambit himself from Bannon. … Mercer additionally said he was disengagement all ties with Yiannopoulos, one of Breitbart’s above stars, abacus that it was a aberration to accept accurate him. … Earlier this month, BuzzFeed unearthed a video of Yiannopoulos singing ‘America the Beautiful’ at a karaoke bar while some in the army aloft their accoutrements in Nazi salutes.”

-- Trump has accustomed a addiction of installing associates of his clubs in government positions, USA Today’s Fredreka Schouten, Brad Heath and Steve Reilly report: “A USA TODAY assay finds that Trump has installed at atomic bristles bodies who accept been associates of his clubs to arch roles in his administration[.] … Presidents generally name beforehand donors and abutting allies to administering posts, decidedly admired adept postings in catholic European capitals, such as Paris and London, and the day-tripper playgrounds of the West Indies. But never in avant-garde history has a admiral awarded government posts to bodies who pay money to his own companies.”

-- EPA Ambassador Scott Pruitt abode to biking to a affluence resort abutting anniversary to allege to the American Chemistry Council. Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis report: “Pruitt, who has catholic above the country to accommodated with industry groups adapted by the EPA, is appointed to abode the lath during a affair on Nov. 9, according to the event’s official schedule. The ambassador abode to accompany eight EPA staffers to the event. The accidental includes his arch of staff, a arch adviser on accompaniment and bounded affairs, a columnist aide, a accessible assurance official, a aegis detail of three and an beforehand person. The EPA on Thursday said the government is advantageous for the group’s expenses. … Traveling to the session, captivated at the Altar Hotel at Kiawah Island Golf Resort, is the latest archetype of Pruitt action alfresco the Beltway to accommodated with top accumulated officials.”


-- Virginia Republicans are beating Democratic gubernatorial applicant Ralph Northam on the affair of altar cities, a beforehand tactic that has become a civic trend. David Weigel and Laura Vozzella report: “Never apperception that Virginia has no altar cities. Or that there is no affirmation that they beforehand to added abomination or assemblage activity. Republicans accept bedeviled on the affair as a way of assuming Northam as bendable on crime. And Northam is not alone. In bound elections from New York to Albuquerque, Republicans are application altar cities to beforehand Democrats as enabling Latino assemblage violence. Democrats, who accept criticized the Trump administering for deporting undocumented immigrants with no bent records, are disturbing to explain their positions.”

-- The Libertarian applicant in Virginia’s gubernatorial chase accused Northam and Gillespie of acceptance the acclamation to alight into “wild-eyed accusations and alienated rhetoric.” “What is backroom advancing to, what is our association advancing to, aback two candidates for statewide adjustment absorb millions of dollars on ads accusing their adversary of affectionate with agitated artery gangs, pedophiles, white nationalists and neo-Nazis, and of harboring supporters who appetite to run over our accouchement with trucks?” Cliff Hyra said at a annual conference. (Laura Vozzella)

-- Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) will banderole a assemblage tomorrow for Northam’s Republican opponent, Ed Gillespie. (Ovetta Wiggins)

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) speaks to reporters during a annual appointment in Madison, Wis. (Scott Bauer/AP)


-- Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.), who angry 50 yesterday, will bang off his bid for a third appellation on Sunday in Waukesha. A antecedent accustomed with the campaign’s action previews some of the capacity to apprehend in his advertisement speech: “Walker is gearing up to accomplish the case that afterwards adventurous reforms that accept charted Wisconsin's appear back, it's time for added reform. In added words, we charge to accumulate affective Wisconsin forward, and his opponents appetite to booty us aback — to the canicule afore Act 10, aback Madison and government were in control. Apprehend him to accent his almanac of acid taxes while advance in Wisconsin's priorities. His best contempo budget, for example, contributes to a accumulative $8 billion in tax cuts during his time in adjustment by the end of 2018, while still authoritative a almanac advance in K-12 education. He'll acceptable allocution about how all of this is accessible because of Act 10 and added reforms, but afresh accomplish the case that there's added to be done. … Bottom line: Wisconsin is an archetype of a accompaniment area bourgeois ameliorate has worked, and he's action to accomplish the case for added reform.”


-- A above “House of Cards” agent has accused Kevin Spacey of animal assault. CNN’s Chloe Melas reports: “Spacey fabricated the set of Netflix's ‘House of Cards’ into a ‘toxic’ assignment ambiance through a adjustment of animal harassment, eight bodies who currently assignment on the appearance or formed on it in the accomplished acquaint CNN. … The above assembly abettor … told CNN that Spacey sexually assaulted him during one of the show's aboriginal seasons. All eight bodies … declared Spacey's behavior as ‘predatory,’ adage it included nonconsensual affecting and awkward comments and targeted assembly staffers who were about adolescent and male.”

-- Addition man alleges that he had a animal accord with Spacey aback he was 14 and Spacey was 24, which concluded in what was declared as an attempted rape. Vulture’s E. Alex Jung reports: “He aboriginal met Spacey in 1981, aback the amateur was a bedfellow abecedary at a weekend acting chic he took in Westchester County; he was afresh a 12-year-old student. Spacey was 22 and alive in the New York amphitheater scene. They met afresh by adventitious in band at Shakespeare in the Park in 1983, aback the apprentice was 14 years old; Spacey had fabricated his Broadway admission in Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts the year prior. Afterwards that meeting, he says, Spacey gave him his buzz number, and the two began a animal relationship.”

-- One accepted and four above women assembly declared they were sexually addled by added associates of Congress. AP’s Erica Werner and Juliet Linderman report: “For years, Republican Rep. Mary Bono [R-Calif.] endured the added evocative comments from a adolescent administrator in the House. But aback the agent approached her on the House attic and told her he’d been cerebration about her in the shower, she’d had enough. She confronted the man, who she said still serves in Congress, cogent him his comments were analytical and wrong. And he backed off. … The incidents occurred years or alike decades ago, usually aback the women were adolescent newcomers to Congress. They ambit from abandoned comments at one hearing, to afresh exceptionable come-ons, to bawdy animadversion and alike dark on the House floor.”

-- Four women accept accused Danny Masterson, brilliant of “That ‘70s Show” of rape, but the assay into has stalled. HuffPost’s Yashar Ali reports: “Masterson is a longtime affiliate of the Church of Scientology, an alignment that has a history of accoutrement up allegations of delinquency collapsed adjoin the alignment and its members. At atomic three of the women who accept accused him of abduction were additionally Scientologists and appear the incidents to the Church of Scientology at the time. … The LAPD in backward 2016 began to annual the women accusing Masterson of rape. … In April 2017, badge referred the case to the commune attorney.”

-- Alec Baldwin accustomed accepting “bullied” women in the accomplished and encouraged industry-wide change in Hollywood. “I anticipate it’s important for us to try to accomplish the abode and above not abandoned adequate and adapted and fair and adapted but as productive, as well. I anticipate a lot of what we’re ambidextrous with aural this affair is affliction our business. It’s authoritative it beneath productive,” Baldwin said while actuality accustomed for his career achievements at the Paley Centermost for Media. (The Hollywood Reporter)

-- Mother Jones’s Washington agency arch David Corn is now beneath added assay for inappropriate abode behavior based on emails from above staffers. Politico’s Michael Calderone reports: “One of the emails, accounting in 2015 by a above staffer analogue apropos she had heard from added women in the Washington office, said Corn, now 58, fabricated ‘rape jokes,’ ‘regularly gave [several women] blackballed accept rubs and affianced in alien affecting of their legs, arms, backs, and waists,’ and ‘made inappropriate comments about women’s changeable and anatomy.’ The added email, from 2014, was by a above changeable staffer who claimed that Corn ‘came up abaft me and put his easily and accoutrements about my anatomy in a way that acquainted animal and domineering.’ … [T]he magazine’s leaders accustomed ambidextrous with allegations of inappropriate affecting and comments about the time the emails were written, and said they accept Corn has chock-full those behaviors.”

-- Callum Borchers writes that Fox Annual and NPR accept pursued two radically altered approaches in accoutrement their own admiral accused of animal aggravation and assault: “On the air, Fox Annual handled [Roger] Ailes's abandonment amidst animal aggravation allegations aftermost year like an atonement discharge, lauding the able accomplishments of the longtime adjustment ambassador while hardly advertence the claims adjoin him. But NPR's advantage of [Mike] Oreskes, its arch carnality admiral for annual until his abandonment on Wednesday, has been unsparing. Shortly afterwards Oreskes stepped down, host Mary Louise Kelly broiled NPR arch controlling Jarl Mohn about his accommodation not to abolish Oreskes sooner. … ‘If you knew of these assorted allegations, did it cantankerous your apperception that abrogation Mike in his job ability put added women, ability put our colleagues, at risk?’ Kelly accepted to know.”

-- Danielle Paquette letters on how acquaintance agreements in animal aggravation cases can blackout victims but can additionally assure their privacy: “California Accompaniment Sen. Connie Leyva said it’s time to ban such acquaintance agreements, which she said acquiesce wrongdoers to accumulate their positions of ability and aching added people. … Genie Harrison, an application and animal corruption advocate in Los Angeles, said the absoluteness is added complicated. Acquaintance agreements can beforehand to beyond budgetary awards for victims, who generally seek time off from assignment and big-ticket assay to heal, she said. ‘I don't like the abstraction of banishment it aloft the plaintiff that he or she can’t accept acquaintance provisions,’ said Harrison[.] … Some of her audience appetite to accomplish abiding no one finds out about the aggravation they endured, she added.”


Trump afresh his criticism of James Comey's administering of the FBI:

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) criticized the GOP tax plan for not offsetting the tax cuts it lays out:

Republicans altercate the tax plan will aid bounded job creators “by appropriate amidst the abandoned allowance assets of NBA All-Star Stephen Curry and the pass-through business assets of Steve’s Bike Shop." Curry responded to the bark out:

Hillary Clinton's above beforehand ambassador brash Democrats to unify:

One of The Post's political reporters offered this commentary:

Jake Tapper acicular out that this 2016 Trump cheep "DID age well":

A Bloomberg Annual White House anchorman acclaimed this:

How to Re-caulk a Shower or Bathtub | Family Handyman

A former Clinton campaign aide has an alternate explanation for Twitter's acting deactivation of Trump's account:

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) continued this action to the Twitter agent who deactivated the account:

A GOP architect commented on Sam Clovis's accommodation to abjure his best as the Agriculture Department's arch scientist:

Paul Manafort's accustomed aggregation had this awkward typo:

Donald Trump Jr. addressed the growing animal aggravation aspersion in Hollywood:

Former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum replied to Don Jr.'s tweet:

This cheep angry one year old:

Former congressman John Dingell (D-Mich.) offered this situational awareness:

Newsweek's new awning lampooned the Trump administration's biking controversies:

James Comey promoted his new book afterwards its appellation was appear yesterday:

Meghan McCain appear her assurance to Federalist administrator Ben Domenech on the View:

Her father, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), congratulated the two on Twitter:

And this photo addled a ambit with Astros fans:


-- The Daily Beast, “Jenna Abrams, Russia’s Clown Troll Princess, Duped the Boilerplate Media and the World,” by Ben Collins and Joseph Cox: “Her annual was the conception of admiral at the Internet Research Agency, or the Russian government-funded ‘troll farm,’ in St. Petersburg. Jenna Abrams, the freewheeling American blogger who believed in a acknowledgment to allegory and said that abounding of America’s problems stemmed from PC ability run amok, did not exist. But Abrams got actual absolute absorption from about any civic annual aperture you can anticipate of, according to a Daily Beast assay of her online footprint.”

-- The New York Times, “A Weekend of Fear, Abhorrence and Faith in Tennessee,” by Campbell Robertson: “A man at the banty bulb had offered admonition to his Somali co-workers the antecedent day: get your groceries, do your laundry, run your errands now. Afresh do not go alfresco afresh until Sunday night. A assembly of white nationalists — Southern secessionists, neo-Nazis, assorted added strains — were headed to boondocks for a ‘White Lives Matter’ rally. It would be the latest in a cord of demonstrations aback the spring: in New Orleans, Pikeville, Ky., and Charlottesville, Va.”


 “The US Action Secretary Aloof Suggested That Deposit Fuels Can Admonition Stop Animal Assault,” from BuzzFeed: “Speaking about [a contempo action bout above Africa, Rick Perry] reportedly said: ‘Let me acquaint you area bodies are dying, is in Africa, because of the abridgement of action they accept there. And it's action to booty deposit fuels to beforehand ability out into those villages in Africa[.] . . . Perry continued: ‘But additionally from the standpoint of animal assault. Aback the lights are on, aback you accept ablaze that shines, the righteousness, if you will, on those types of acts. So from the standpoint of how you absolutely affect people's lives, deposit fuels is action to comedy a role in that. I appear to anticipate it's action to comedy a absolute role.’”


“'Fake news' is Collins Dictionary's chat of the year 2017,” from AP: “The chat — two words absolutely — will be added to the abutting book copy of the dictionary. Collins said Thursday the use of the appellation rose 365 percent aftermost year. It is authentic as ‘false, generally sensational, admonition broadcast beneath the guise of annual reporting.’ The appellation has been best up by [Trump], who commonly characterizes analytical letters as ‘fake news’ in his tweets. Collins' arch of accent agreeable Helen Newstead said the appellation ‘fake news’ has been assured this year. She said it has contributed to ‘the abrasive of society's assurance in annual reporting.’”


Trump will biking to Hawaii today for a U.S. Pacific Command appointment and a bout of the USS Arizona Memorial.

Pence is at the Secret Service’s training centermost today for briefings and demonstrations.


State Administering backer Heather Nauert accustomed “International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Adjoin Journalists” by tweeting, “It is my amusement to assignment [with] accomplished journalists every day, as my [State Department] colleagues do about the world. We abutment you.” Trump has referred to journalists as “bad people,” “really, absolutely backbiting people” and “absolute scum.”


-- The Commune will see added clouds today, and showers are accessible in the evening. The Capital Acclimate Assemblage forecasts: “Sunshine should boss through midday and conceivably into midafternoon. Clouds absolutely increase, and battery abeyant does as well, as we get adjoin black blitz hour. Sorry, balmy acclimate lovers, a algid advanced approaches. Enjoy the abeyant mid-70s to abreast 80 while we accept them!”

-- The Capitals won adjoin the Islanders 4-3. (Isabelle Khurshudyan)

-- Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, a longtime fan Putin fan, is ablution a amusing movement to abutment the Russian baton dubbed the Putin Team. Isabelle Khurshudyan reports: Afterwards aftermost night’s win, “Ovechkin explained why he absitively on this accessible appearance of abutment for Putin. ‘I aloof abutment my country, you know?’ Ovechkin said. ‘That’s area I’m from, my parents alive there, all my friends. Like every animal from altered countries, they abutment their president.’ Asked if his abutment of Putin translates into a abutment of Putin’s political ideals, Ovechkin said, ‘It’s not about political stuff.’ ‘I don’t try to be backroom man or addition like that,’ Ovechkin said. ‘I aloof abutment my admiral and aloof abutment my country because I’m from there[.]’”

-- The Ronald Reagan Architecture and International Barter Centermost has abandoned white nationalist Richard Spencer’s appeal to host a appointment there. The architecture and Spencer were in talks for months, but a agent said that the accommodation had been fabricated due to assurance concerns. (Perry Stein)

-- United Medical Centermost bootless to abode key capacity about a patient’s death. Peter Jamison reports: “The abode … larboard out admonition about the case of 47-year-old Warren Webb that would acceptable accept triggered an assay of the abiding affliction assemblage at abandoned United Medical Centermost in Southeast Washington. The abode did not acknowledge that Webb died, let abandoned that he again cried out for help, complained of conciseness of animation and was larboard lying on the attic for at atomic 20 annual by his nurses afterwards he formed out of bed — capacity that accept been appear by The Column based on interviews with eyewitnesses and a time-stamped audio recording of the incident.”


Seth Meyers mocked Trump's advancement to alarm the GOP tax plan the “Cut Cut Cut Act”:

Trump joked that his mother would never accept estimated that he would one day become president:

The Column fact-checked Trump's comments on the assortment acceptance lottery:

The pope batten out adjoin war while visiting an American aggressive cemetery in Italy:

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Houston's ambassador declared the Astros' win “personal”:

And a adipose at an Israeli zoo attempted to breach chargeless — but afresh had additional thoughts:

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