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Drawing Fur And Coloring Paint Tool Sai

Published    10/30/2017

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I’m Erica Wagner, a STEAM Nerd, Teenpreneur, Author, Instructor, YouTuber and self-taught 2D and 3D artist. I’ve been accomplishing clear architecture for two years, 3D sculpting, voxel art, and 3d clay for one year, and agenda animation for a little over six months. I’m a homeschool student. My mom uses the majority of my projects as a allotment of school.

Currently I’m a amusement artisan but acquirements altered art forms so I can accomplish my own amateur and eventually my own animations.

I assignment in mostly science, cyber, sci-fi, and nature. Best of the assignment I accomplish is STEAM accompanying due to admiring those areas which accommodate but is not bound to movies, shows, amateur and books. Movies such as Star Wars, Interstellar, and Guardians of The Galaxy. An archetype of the shows I accept watched are Gravity Falls and Doctor Who. Some of the amateur I accept played are Hack ‘n’ Slash, Portal 2, Niche, and Robocraft. Lastly, some of my admired books are the Nancy Drew Series, and Jurassic Park 1 & 2.

When it comes to 2D art it would be the afterward Twitter people: loishh, viiolaceus, Cyarine, and samsantala. I adulation their styles. Some of them accept capricious styles of cartoony, realistic, and some accept a mix of both. The admixture of astute and animation styles address to me because they are astute in the proportions, details, and colors; yet additionally cartoony that you’d see in webisodes. I’m not abiding what the actual name for this appearance is but I adulation it. I appetite to advance my own appearance that is agnate to this astute cartoony mix so I can accomplish my own concepts, illustrations, designs, and textures for 3d models.

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I’m not abiding the exact date but it was ancient in backward 2016. Alike admitting I did download Krita and two added programs in 2015, I didn’t absolutely accomplish annihilation with them until backward 2016. I played and activated the brushes to see what they did. I assuredly fabricated article for a claiming I created in October 2016 alleged Artober.

I accept amaranthine assets to use. Don’t get me wrong, I adore acceptable drawing. I did it a lot aback I was younger. I can’t brainstorm spending money to buy lots of pens, pencils, markers, and added things aback at the time I was aloof accomplishing it for fun. I’m added of a techy person, so accomplishing it digitally lets me comedy with altered brushes afterwards crumbling anything. Plus it’s easier to acrylic 3D models this way and it’s easier to accomplish things for cartoon for ads, thumbnails, merch designs, etc.

In backward 2015, I searched in Google “Free Alternatives to Acrylic Tool Sai”. At the time, I was downloading all kinds of programs and aloof arena about in them so see which ones I liked. A website alleged Alternitateto.net popped up with after-effects of altered programs to use instead of Acrylic Tool Sai. I approved three or four altered programs, one of them actuality Krita.

I was so afraid at all the things I could do in Krita. I had all kinds of brushes for altered things at the time I had no abstraction what for, I could accomplish my own animations too! I knew I had no abstraction how to use these appearance to accomplish my own belief and worlds appear to activity but that didn’t bulk to me. The actuality I had the ability to apprentice how to accomplish my own designs, concepts, and analogy and an another to Photoshop and Acrylic Tool Sai was abundant for me. It was such a abundant affairs I wondered why I had never heard of it or apparent it in tutorials on YouTube. I was absolutely aflame to accept a affairs that had all the appearance I capital and bare to alpha the acquirements process.

Paint tool sai - Fur tutorial (en español) - YouTube

I adulation how able and able it is. I can accomplish my own brushes, drawings, animations, vectors, and textures for 3D models. Aback you’re aloof starting to advise yourself agenda animation you don’t appetite to absorb hundreds of dollars on programs like Photoshop or Acrylic Tool Sai, abnormally if you don’t apperceive if you’ll absolutely accomplish a career from agenda animation or alike like it. With Krita, I feel I’m accepting the aforementioned bulk and able appearance as the big name artists with Photoshop or Acrylic Tool Sai. The possibilities are endless! I additionally adulation that I can adapt the blueprint of Krita to assignment for me or what I’m doing.

I would like to be able to accessible a project, my 3D archetypal arrangement for example, and in the history see the brushes, textures, and patterns I used. Currently Krita alone remembers what brushes you acclimated aback you aftermost opened it and not the brushes, textures, and patterns you acclimated in assertive projects.

For me it’s the agent feature. I additionally do clear architecture and aback I’m acquirements added art forms to accomplish my own backdrop for my cartoon this absolutely helps me. Aback you do clear architecture you can use raster images but it helps a lot if you accept agent images. Agent images don’t lose affection aback you admeasurement them up or down. Agent images are absolutely advantageous aback you accomplish Merch designs, ads, thumbnails, awning art, and more. The agent affection is so accessible to apprentice and use. Once I got my brother to use Krita, he acclimated it to accomplish shirt designs and adapted his brand’s logo.

My admired is the arrangement for the 3d lowpoly archetypal t-rex I fabricated for a shirt design. This is my admired because it was my aboriginal time painting a arrangement for a 3D model. Based on the affairs I was using, there were three means to acrylic the model. I knew I capital to get bigger at animation so I absitively to booty my model’s UV map, which is basically the blueprint of a 3D article in a 2D agent like form, and acrylic it in Krita. While afterward a tutorial, the archetypal took 10 hours, the arrangement took 11 hours, and the aftermost 8 hours were for aftermost minute acclimation of the model, texture, and authoritative it accessible to put on a shirt. Right now 3D is my able clothing so accepting the 2D arrangement I was blessed with assignment accurately on the archetypal afterwards alive on this accomplished activity for a absolute of 29 hours aloof fabricated my absolute day. I was so appreciative of how it all angry out and it looked amazing on the shirt. I’m still new to agenda animation and lowpoly clay so this was a abundant acquaintance for me.

Paint Tool SAI - Blood Airbrush by Sparkifyed on DeviantArt ...

I acclimated the Krita ink gpen 25 and the blemish rake 2 brushes. I chose the colors of my cast ScienceHerWay which are white, black, neon and aphotic shades of pink, purple, and azure and again acclimated some ablaze and aphotic grey. Assertive areas of the anachronistic I fabricated darker to accord some capacity such as the aphotic amethyst curve in the lips, a darker adumbration of the blush acclimated on the nails, bend and knee joints, and a ablaze adumbration of azure on the central of the aperture for area he teeth would be. For the blush streaks on the dinosaur’s aback and legs I fabricated a band of neon blush with the ink gpen 25 besom and again acclimated the blemish rake 2 besom about to accomplish it attending like a accustomed arrangement until the neon blush band was gone. I again this action with the aphotic neon pink.

http://www.ScienceHerWay.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/ScienceHerWayYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ScienceHerWaySketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/VirtualVelDeviantArt: https://virtualdesignervixen.deviantart.com/

I acclaim aggravating art challenges and contests. It’s a abundant way for you to convenance and get out of your abundance zone. Alike try art collabs. As continued as you acquisition a admiring art community, you shouldn’t accept to anguish about your accomplishment akin aback it comes to this. The point is to get to apperceive added artists, practice, and accept fun. At the time of autograph this, I’m in an art collab myself. I’m still acquirements how to digitally draw while the others accept been accomplishing this for years. It may feel intimidating, but I’m collabing and affair with bodies I’ve never accommodated afore and we’re all accepting fun. Plus I can apprentice from them.

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