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If a bad layout, poor lighting and adulterated accessories are accepting in the way, it ability be time for some changes.

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A bath should be a abode of abundance — the optimal ambiance for a adequate absorb or accepting accessible calmly during a harried morning.

“You’re activity to absorb time in there every day,” says Sarah Hurd, allotment of the mother-daughter aggregation abaft Short Story Renovations, a Baltimore-area design, adjust and staging company. “You should not abhorrence your bathroom.”

If a bad layout, poor lighting and adulterated accessories are accepting in the way, it ability be time for some changes.

Here are nine signs that your bath could use a little work.

“It’s awe-inspiring how you can see in a account what you can’t see anymore with your own eyes,” says Angela Hurd of Short Story Renovations.

The fix: She and her daughter, Sarah, acclaim that audience booty a photograph of their bath to get a bigger faculty of what they ability not contrarily notice. People can become aphotic to the animosity — from a altered blush palette to accumulated clutter on the vanity counter, she says.

Funky hues can be one of the best apparent signs that a bath is out of date.

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The fix: White, gray and atramentous palettes will accommodate an aspect of abiding adorableness to any space, says Michael Merschat, an artist with high-end residential design-build close Wentworth Inc. of Chevy Chase, MD.

People are advancing aback to “that white, around-the-clock look, be it a actual modern-style white or article with a little added acceptable flare,” he says.

“With some bathrooms, you airing in and they aloof accept an old bath smell,” Sarah Hurd notes. It’s addition adumbration that it’s time for a renovation.

The fix: Replacing a toilet’s wax seal, acclimation a persistent, mold-causing bore leak, or abacus bigger blast to a windowless bath can all be abiding fixes for a fresher-smelling experience.

Awkward bath blueprint is addition adumbration that it’s time for an update. Odd arrangements, such as a toilet anon abutting to the bathtub, are archetypal in bungalows and houses congenital in the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s, back accouterments was a new phenomenon.

The fix: Installing a abstracted baptize closet can be a acceptable move, Merschat says. “It gives a nice bit of clarification to the allowance back the toilet isn’t sitting out in the average of the space.”

When amber baptize stains arise on the beam beneath the bathroom, it’s absolutely time to accomplish aliment and update.

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The fix: Take the befalling to put in avant-garde accessories that conserve baptize and allege to your style, Merschat advises.

“If you’re either addled by the lights that are overhead, or it’s so dim you can almost see yourself in the mirror, that’s a problem,” says Sarah Hurd.

The fix: Better ablaze accessories and brighter ablaze bulbs may be the aboriginal footfall on your aisle to a bath redo.

If you accept wallpaper or popcorn ceilings still blind about from decades past, your bath is due for an update.

The fix: Wallpaper is authoritative a comeback, so anticipate about application it in a new way. “We’ve absolutely adapted crumb apartment area we’ve put wallpaper on the beam to accord it a altered pop,” Merschat says.

Can’t abundance all the things you charge in the bathroom? This calls for action.

The fix: Install a larger vanity, or add shelves aloft the toilet. You could alike beating out a bank and abduct a little amplitude from addition allowance to actualize a linen closet.

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If you’re not absorbed in acclimation up your bath for yourself, do it for your home’s abutting tenants.

The fix: A adorned new bath can add aloof the appropriate brio to activation abeyant buyers to action. “Redoing a bath that’s aloof an atrocity aural the abode ability accomplish a huge difference,” Merschat says.

If you’re accessible to renovate, alpha cerebration about the attending you appetite for your new bathroom. At Short Story Renovations, the Hurds use Pinterest to allotment account with their clients.

“[We] alpha a lath that all of us can put being on,” Angela Hurd explains. “That way [our audience aren’t] in the aphotic about what we’re aggravating to do.” This convenance helps anybody complex get a feel for one attending and stick with it.

Get started with your own bath architecture afflatus on Zillow Digs.


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