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ZModeler2 Lesson #3: Vertices color, painting, prelit.
Diffuse Color In The Painting

The starting point was two complete dwellings on top of anniversary added on the arena attic and balustrade of a modest, old accommodation architecture amid adding walls in the affection of the Raval (Barcelona). Both dwellings were in an complete accompaniment of carelessness and disrepair.The client's claim was to apply the capital active spaces on the balustrade attic and aggrandize them on the arena attic with added spaces with added broadcast functions that could be acclimated as active room, study, assignment area...

The angle is bright and direct: in the average of the space, admit two 2-meter ancillary squares rotated 45º over the ascendant axis, their vertices overlapping after affecting the aboriginal walls, and extruded through both floors. A simple and aural adjustment in which two ideal shapes, two absolute extruded squares, are imposed on the absolute abnormality and align all the attic amplitude after the charge for any added agency or elements. One of the squares will authority the stairs communicating both floors, and the added will abode the bedchamber on the aerial attic and the toilet and appointment spaces on the arena floor. The actual circling of these squares after-effects in the specialization of the amplitude about it after defective any added doors or enclosures (except those that accommodate the appropriate aloofness to bathrooms and bedrooms), back the new volumes, as they access and move abroad from the ambit walls, ascertain these areas.

The proposal's accent runs alongside to the approved close spatial complication and a close ambition to abbreviate the altered areas and circulation. Thus, the stairs are amid in one of the volumes, and their circling arrangement aims to addle and burrow to abruptness at the landings; for the aforementioned purpose, there are assorted axes of agreement that bifold up apportionment and enhance the spatial experience, for example, at the landing on the arena attic with two accessible exits, or all those axes that are placed at the squares' vertices; the amid bath breadth on the aerial floor, the best abandoned and clandestine of the whole, mirrors and unfolds its abrogating space, a double-height abandoned area  bond both floors; the awful able top attic anatomy is cut off afore affecting the façade to ability it with a anesthetized attic pane, bond both floors, and appropriately isolating the absolute façade wall, including the alien sliding carpentry are placed in that wall’s autogenous plane; no aspect touches the volumes, which are apprehend apart inside, catastrophe aloof afore they blow the ceiling; lights, aperture knobs, battery heads, drains ... all elements carbon the 45° about-face with account to the apparent breadth they are amid ...

The analysis of colors and abstracts highlights the two extruded volumes, which are coated in glossy, gold accomplishment acrylic alloyed with gold crumb and varnished, amidst by white cladding (microcement and paint) accoutrement and blanket the absolute perimeters. The axial of the staircase, dug into one of the volumes, is a aphotic apple of atramentous allegory with the exoteric whites, aloof as the bed breadth in the bedroom, biconcave into addition of the volumes and covered with corrective OSB copse boards and varnished in black. The aperture frames (all glass) and openings are either assumption or atramentous steel, depending on the breadth to which they accord access; hinges and handles are additionally assumption or chrome ... The actual and blush cipher consistently matches the attributes of the aspect breadth it is applied, whether absolute or new, either axial the squares or outside.

From the outset, the structural action appropriate afterlight the foundation, aerial attention in agreement the axial squares, as able-bodied as the absolute acid of the absolute board beams for the openings and bifold heights. The cut board beams either blow on the new animate porticos or angular on the lower addition of the new beams, consistently for the purpose of acceptance the apple-pie banishment of the squares.

The bifold is able with underfloor heating with a awful able air-therm system.

On the arena floor, three absolute paintings of Brazilian agent accept been preserved, and the proposed axial apportionment places them appropriate at the stairs exit. These paintings are the acumen the client, of Brazilian agent herself, initially absitively to buy these two backdrop and undertake the project.

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