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Miss Tee," "Golden Lady," "Passionate Apricot" and "Snatchattack," kandy-colored kustom kars and chrome-plated cyles, nested in bendable beds of platinum albino angel hair, on carpets of red clover and bobcat spots, steely, antibacterial sensual, and over-done, like Vargas girls.

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The Great American Adulation Activity with glassy cars and accelerated choppers is generally a brainy thing, but it was all up avant-garde in the Continued Bank Sports Amphitheatre at the ninth anniversary Custom Auto-Rama, Boat & Hot Rod Actualization October 18-20.

I visited Southern California ("where the Brancusis of hot-rod custom car architecture are concentrated," to adduce Dwight Macdonald apery Tom Wolfe) to actualization the hot-rod in its accustomed abode afterwards actuality angry on by an exhibition alleged "The Hot Rod Esthetic" at the San Francisco Art Institute beforehand aftermost month.

Organized by the gallery's director, Philip Linhares, himself a ancient rod builder, painter and driver, the actualization absolute a best street-rod, three motorcycles and a baddest array of corrective helmets, gastanks and fenders, presented as examples of "Contemporary Folk Art."

One ability altercation whether the rods and cycles absolutely constituted "folk art"; they are, afterwards all, articles of adult technology, big money, sometimes big names, and area accept all the "folk" gone, anyhow? The show, however, fabricated a admirable case for the hot-rod as art, with its abutting accord the added avant-garde trends in avant-garde sculpture.

Like the finest examples of new sculpture. the machines are glassy abstractions of advance and flight, in rich, glowing, Industrial-Age colors, the ultra-refined artefact of America's continued adulation activity with streamlining and anatomic form. The cycles abnormally absorb a acerb amoebic basis, actualization up on radically continued avant-garde forks with the ballsy amplitude of a bucking stallion, or added attenuated, with the airy, agile adroitness of a leaping gazelle.

Even the best apathetic altar — the helmets and gas tanks, bombastic and streamlined, below abysmal glazes of metal-flake and murano paints — booty the affection of abreast icons, alarming admiration and awe for the attributes they represent: Speed, ability and — as one changeable beholder put it, "they're the sexiest things I've credible in years."

Fifty years ago, the Italian Futurists adored the machine, its ability and speed, in paintings and carve that primitively approved to carbon the aftereffect of movement in a movie-like arrangement of alternating angle of the aforementioned object. In the Sixties, begin altar are a commonplace in art. Art, industry and activity overlap at endless points, and machines themselves now booty their applicable abode as superb works of active sculpture.

In the ambience of a Southern California car (or "kar") show, one gets not absolutely a altered impression, but a all-inclusive collage of impressions in which the hot rod as art forms alone one, generally minor, ingredient.

There is first, of course, the assured adroitness of constructed activity generated by bogus sex that seems so basal a allotment of the Southern California mural itself. Akin at a safe abolish from the Hollywood celluloid and video-tape commodity, there is consistently the industrial-scape of surreal Chirico-like barrio and massive architecture ascent aloft all-inclusive bare wastelands, of abstruse processes activity according to a activity aeon and drives of their own.

Above the Continued Bank anchorage acceleration huge derricks and cranes, their tentacles dark adjoin the bound band like those of a behemothic insect appear to accede the earth. Thousands of contempo accustomed Volkswagens ample a all-inclusive parking lot like so abounding rows of eggs in a hatchery; a abbreviate ambit away, massive mounds of junked cars angle abreast a apparatus that lifts, mauls, shreds and grinds them into tiny pellets, an automated slaughterhouse.

Everywhere, there are the oil pumps, pumping consistently up and bottomward in an abiding gang-bang on an apathetic Mother Angel who never alcove climax, the aroma of their diaphoresis bushing the air, abode the abiding tunk-thunk of an amplified affection exhausted which abnormally makes one anticipate not of life, but death. As if in acceptance of this, pumps and architecture on the bogus islands off the city's bank are amidst by ample panels cut in abstruse designs and corrective in delicate colors, abundantly concealing them from actualization of the chic bank avant-garde hotels.

In this Frankenstein monster angel of constructed birth, death, and standardization, new concepts of adorableness advance — if there is activity to be annihilation admirable at all. The Custom Auto-Rama becomes a adorableness celebration of the actualization girls, the corrective ladies, the actualization plates, the blondes who accept added fun and the girls who cartel to be different.

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Not all the rods and cycles accept anxiously feminine attributes; they are not alone responsive, acceptable objects, but additionally extensions of the builders and drivers, boilerplate added so than the low-slung racers in which the driver's bench straddles the cutting cogwheel while the car tapers to a pencil attenuate front-end of aflame tie-rods and Honda-sized wheels; "it makes you feel twenty anxiety tall," said one driver.

But whether sleekly feminine, fabricated up in the colors of arctic lipsticks, ultra-masculine, or some hermaphroditic admixture of both, the hot rod and its baby are the Abstruse Age's Super-Swingers, its playgirls and playboys: abundantly endowed, generally brief-flowering, and, whether they accept it or not, at atomic creating the angel that they are congenital for abundance or congenital for speed.

The added capital consequence is extravagance, absolutely unfettered, annihilation goes. The Hot Rod artful represents a assertive acknowledgment adjoin automated acquiescence and assembly-line standardization, but afar from a baby aspect of acceptable backyard adroitness and hobbyism, it is a acknowledgment not of revolt, breach or bottomward out, but of oneupmanship.

Like the Jet Set and Hollywood syndromes, or the Rackets, the aim is not to change the arrangement or abjure from it, but to exhausted it at its own game, or to spiral it, and affectation and absurdity are the arch weapons. If acceleration is the name of the game, the custom cars will be faster; if it's arrant acrylic jobs, they will be flashier. One sees alone a baby scattering of Atramentous builders and drivers; the Enactment cachet attribute is still the GTO. But the hot-rodding actuation is to go GTO one better.

There is absurd beauty, itself generally a by-product of beyond absurdity — "30 gallons of orange cell paint," says the sign, "40 coats of blush fair below strato bottle with fuschia cell and atramentous panels." There are bonbon angel reds, tangeries and apricots, chrome-plated everything. There is "The Golden Lady," a aeon covered with $1,000 in 24-karat gold plate, all the way bottomward to its exhausts and drive chain; the artefact of four years of part-time assignment by two ally in the aged business.

There is absurd absorption to detail in the alone displays — beds of spun glass, white dust and timberline bark, snatches of Angel Beard anxiously falling out a cycle's exhausts, akin a awning of absolute grass anxiously brought into the amphitheatre in sections and, of course, labeled "Yep, it's absolute grass." Absurd acceptable looks are accompanied by absurd affected or sub-sophomoric corn: Cars are affected by pedestals abode affected marble, pseudo-classic statuary, and bogus flowers; amidst by abridged palms. Or they angle on a attic blowzy with political posters and Coors beer cans, or they accommodate little diorama displays — the rear-window of one adapted Volkswagen clearly affected a backseat still-life of Zig Zag papers, a waterpipe and roach.

There are absurd trophies; every actor is awarded a "participation trophy," a ablaze adult with wings continuing aloft a adhesive ball; this is bifold in ascent sizes for first, additional and third awards in anniversary of some thirty-five classes of competition, additional bisected a dozen appropriate awards for upholstery, floral, lighting and over-all-display; the show's arch apostle owns a bays company. Best of the displays accommodate a accumulation of such trophies from antecedent shows, conceivably added meaningful, conceivably not.

There is a amazing aggregate of absurd acceptable aftertaste and absurd bad aftertaste — the aforementioned duke that produces a 40-coat acrylic job can advance to about-face the accomplished activity into a blatant, adaptable advance with blatant book announcement some custom acrylic shop.

There are absurd gimmicks not readily credible to the naked eye; best of the floor-huggers slung to an illegally low akin are able with hydraulic lifts that can accession them automatically aback a cop is spotted: some are active all over with burglar alarms. The posh, abysmal lined interiors abode custom stereos, TV's and, in at leaest one case, a constituent ablaze show. And there are the "funny cars," with banal bodies concealing huge, assertive antagonism engines.

The absolute actualization is abundantly eclectic, a awash assortment of customs, rods, sports, classics, dune buggies, pick-ups, boats, trailers, two and three wheeler cylces, additional bartering booths apartment upholstery displays, an "Afrodesia Boutique of boyhood fashions"; additionally for the teenagers, archetypal cars and the new "Schwinn choppers," bicycles that chase the latest trends in aerial air foil, continued front-end motorcycle design.

It combines elements of a adorableness pageant, actualization show, barter fair and garden club display, and on top of it all is an caricature of connected entertainment: "The Wick Lightworks, Valletta the Hypnotist, Hickey Thompson's latest and fastest Chevy Powered Indy Car, chase movies," says a columnist release, in a breathless, soul-station DJ actualization which catches the absurd acidity about as able-bodied as Tom Wolfe; "Featuring the arch of Roth's 1969 Radical Bonbon Wagon...Worth over three actor dollars, all below one roof...Don't absence this actualization as Standel celebrates its 15th year in music by presenting the best advocate solid accompaniment agreeable apparatus and accessible abode accessories available...All these and the Off-Road Vehicle actualization which will affection Dean Jefferies "KYOTE" dune buggy which was acclimated in the cine "Changes" starring the "Monkees." ... All these and abounding added attractions are axis this actualization into the better actualization anytime at the Continued Bank Sports Arena. Just added attractions accommodate the ModelRama Archetypal Car Show, the Adorableness Contest and the Custom Bike Actualization in which anybody can access their (sic) bicycle."

For all this, the hot rod artful is not anxiously actualization biz, nor art, nor fashion, but a abnormally airy aspect of Americana, rampantly all-embracing and diverse, and at the aforementioned time about abandoned from and absent to accepted cannons of aftertaste and fashion. Its foundation is reflected in the accent of the builders and drivers. a argot adherent with astonishing abstention of purpose to allocution of ammunition bang systems, magnetos, compression rations.

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The Hot Rod subculture has had a tengential, off-on accord with music subcultures — Elvis, Soul, Dejected Grass; the Continued Bank actualization included bedrock groups and a ablaze show; yet the music is incidental, like the car radio. A few bell-bottoms and pin-stripes wandered about the arena, and paisleys and bareback frocks, but mostly it charcoal a T-shirt and slacks subculture, six-packs and Trojans, balmy nights amid drive-in parking lots.

Over the years, Hot Rods and Community accept greatly afflicted Detroit (dig the new Corvettes) and women's cosmetics (frosted lipsticks) and there is a growing access on added celebrated forms of art. Yet the Hot Rod Artful has flourished primarily afterwards enactment attention: in the accomplished twenty-five years, it has acquired from a do-it-yourself aggregation operation into a big exploited business and has created its own forms and institutions in a angel of about abreast and self-sufficiency, as impervious to the Enactment as the Enactment has been to it.

The Brancusis accept been grease monkeys and anatomy painters with names like Jesse Lopez, Bob Gonzales, Dean Lanza, Tommy the Greek and akin Hells Angels King, Charley Barger. Its art capitals accept been the crude towns east of Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay, abstruse towns in the Sacramento Valley, Scottsdale, Arizona — abode of abandoned lots, hot acclimate and flat, beeline roads. Its history is accurate in aback issues of such magazines as Hot Rod, Popular Hot Rodding and Avant-garde Cycle; the "galleries" accept been garages and shops, annoyance strips, the capital streets of little towns on Friday nights, additional the big actualization places like the anniversary Oakland Grand National and its assorted imitators.

The Hot Rod Artful could survive and abound in about ability and ability mainly because it has consistently been a awful anatomic esthetic. It is absolutely inseparable from mechanics and engineering; no amount how far out their forms, rods, roadsters and cycles charge action as rods, roadsters and cycles, and they apart show-points if they don't. Best of the forms accept been absolute by speed, or at atomic the actualization of speed.

It is additionally absolutely inseparable from awful anatomic elements of claimed psychology. The apparatus is an addendum of the body, and of the ego; its assorted adornments, like the claimed beautification amid archaic people, breeze from a affair for both adorableness and staetus — and, therefore, additionally for fashion. Basically, of course, the Hot Rod Artful is an announcement of sex; it erupted, grew and flourished because it had to. Like Bedrock music, the Hot Rod Artful is about fucking.

Hot rod architecture has already anesthetized through at atomic two audible actual phases, and is conceivably abreast the end of a third. It was launched with the bare bottomward jalopies that sprung up afterwards Angel War II, abundantly about Los Angeles, aback GI's were advancing aback home and old archetypal cars and car bodies were still accepted and cheap.

In abounding ways, it paralleled the aggregation action of clutter sculpture; you begin an old Archetypal A or T anatomy in one clutter yard, a '32 Ford anatomy in another, installed a Cadillac grille, a '39 transmission, a '41 rear end and a new V-8 motor. You adapted to clothing your taste, blurred the rear end, abstraction the fenders, putting appropriate louvres in the hood. There were rods channeled assimilate the anatomy and aerial boys that sat aloft it. Often, the forms followed those of the big antagonism cars; they were corrective in bright amethyst or atramentous laquers.

The development of the Hot Rod Artful has been absolute abundantly by changes in technology. By the aboriginal Fifties, old jalopies were no best accessible to acquisition at a reasonable price; abounding had appear to an aboriginal annihilation in brief racting careers. Detroit, meanwhile, had alien a new attending in its models, the automated fishback and added architecture features, themselves influenced, at atomic in part, by antagonism cars.

Thus, builders began customizing the newer archetypal cars, chopping bottomward tops, afterlight interiors, stripping off chrome and abode the "lead sleds" which, below a blanket of new brownish paints and Bonbon Apple, trundled about with several hundred pounds of advance bushing up their seams. The art of striping became popular--stars were corrective on ammunition catchbasin lids, amoebic designs and bonfire streaked bottomward the abandon lapping at the Buick holes. The squared-off, angular, adult attending of the old jalopies gave way to a sleek, feminine appearance. And customizing and architecture began growing out of the backyard into a lucrative, bartering enterprise, headed by names like George and Sam Barris in Los Angeles.

The third anarchy came with the development of artificial and fiberglass. Builders were no best bound to variations on capacity out of Detroit; absolute bodies could be casting in about any anatomy from a distinct allotment of failing fiberglass; the abundant advance seams were replaced by artificial putties. There were new kinds of paints--by the backward Fifties, metal-flaking, and in the Sixties, muranos, which accomplish a abyss and affluence commensurable to enamelling.

At present, the Hot Rod Artful stands conceivably at the end of one era and the bound of another. On one hand, in the Sixties, big business elements accept become a absolute force in Hot Rod building. Bodies are pre-fabricated, and you artlessly accumulation your own frame, motor and rear-end. There are still abundant altered styles, and combinations of elements, to ensure that no two rods attending alike, and you do what you like with painting and decorating; still, there is a affection of adequation about abounding of the accepted rods, a hermaphroditic attending accumulation elements of the old auto and the customized models of the Fifties.

The car business has additionally become actualization business below the advocacy of such builders as Big Daddy Roth, accouterment custom jobs for cine stars, artery rods that rarely get alfresco of showrooms, and acquiescent a accomplished sub-crop of teen-age corruption industries — archetypal cars, sweatshirts, motorcycle movies.

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On the added hand, a new bearing of builders is advancing up, alive abundantly in the absolute attitude of the old backyard builders, but with a aerial amount of composure and all kinds of new materials. One of the above abstracts amid these is Art Himsl, whose car took aboriginal accolade amid Street-Rod Phaetons in this year's 20th anniversary Oakland Grand National Roaster Actualization and was the one car included in the San Francisco Art Institute's show.

It uses a 1916 Dodge touring anatomy which Himsl, in the old tradition, begin himself, "lying in a agglomeration of weeds abreast the Oregon border." But it sits aloft an all aluminum frame, contains a Chevrolet Corvette 327 agent and is advantageously covered with metalflake paint, a blaze burden in seven colors.

At Continued Beach, the best apparent trend was a awakening of customizing, of advance with newer archetypal stocks. The actualization had its allotment of plexi-glass replicas of T's and added classics, forth with a few blithely corrective originals. Big Daddy Roth's new actualization archetypal was in the Pop Monster tradition, a three-wheeled adjustment of a above Police cycle, with a aflame bland acrylic job of stucco-like stipling, its handlebarbase corrective with aberrant teeth and two blood-shot eyes; it pulls a two-seat trailer, abounding with pennycandies and lollipops.

The above trend, however, was a affectionate of "minimal" administration — "mild custom," as the allocation area puts it, alone hardly adapted new banal cars with the accent on acrylic jobs and costly upholstering. Bonfire and stripes were abundantly Out; so was spiderwebbing; In were audible doilie patterns spray-painted through stencils of old applique table-cloth.

There is article a little adored about this bit, and the show's absolutely best absorbing cars were the agilely customized new stocks in rich, solid colors — or about solid, as the best of them accommodate attenuate shadowing — amethyst or dejected — or are formed of layer-on-layer of pearlescent paint--"made from ground-up ablone and mollusk shells," said one owner; anyway, they reflect all of a sea shell's accomplished nuances of concealment and light.

Accompanying all this were atramentous reminders of accretion big biz specialization. One still sees the before-and-after polaroid snapshots depicting the transformation of a junked auto into the mint-condition rod in avant-garde of you; but mostly there are signs with movie-like lists of credits: "Paint by Junior's Abode of Color," "Interior by Abode of David," and on bottomward to the chrome plating on the wheels.

Ultimately, the accomplished cruise gets to be a bit much, and the anatomic artlessness of the dune buggies becomes a auspicious contrast, like walking out of a club loaded with bottomless dancers and topless waitresses to see an attractive, artlessly dressed banty walking bottomward the street. Akin added auspicious was a accumulation of adequate old Vincent motorcycles on affectation in a aback corridor, representing, no doubt, a bourgeois trend, but somehow a acceptable abstention and integrity.

Discontinued several years ago by a British close now in the business of authoritative airplanes, the Vincent is basically an ancient cycle, with the architecture of a added adroit Harley. The adequate jobs, analogously corrective in broiled atramentous enamel, accept a attending of honest ability and backyard craftsmanship. The affectation additionally included a awe-inspiring attenuate model, alien from Barbados, alleged "The Atramentous Knight." Big, looming and covered with atramentous plating like a huge armadillo, it is declared to be "the fastest and quickest of all annoyance bikes"; it would be the scariest afterimage apprehensible to accommodated on the road.

Ultimately, you additionally achieve that kustom kars and choppers appear off best in small, baddest doses, like those on affectation at the San Francisco Art Institute. The backbone of this actualization was not in acrylic jobs and headliners, but in academic innovations, decidedly amid the cycles. The trend against choppers is itself a about contempo development; like anybody else, abounding adamantine amount rodsters accept apparent that cycles are added fun to ride, and are one of the few actual forms of busline which — like the horse — still offers some absolute accord to your environment.

The aeon has undergone a appearance of development agnate to that of the car, from the heavy-duty, expolice machines of the Hell's Angels and Gypsy Jokers into super-crafted, absolute choppers. A custom congenital 1959 Harley Sportster by Bob Westbrook was one of the Institute show's best beautifully ballsy specimens, in chicken muranox pearlescent acrylic and adhesive blooming flames, actualization up on continued avant-garde forks. Mike Cooper's custom aeon approached authentic sculpture. Significantly, Cooper is a active sculptor, and his aeon is allotment of the claimed accumulating of Fletcher Benton, one of the above active sculptors in the country.

Linhares emphasized that hotrodders and artists accept been influencing one addition in subtle, sometimes boundless ways, for several years. "New paints and plastics, developed by hot-rod builders, are now acclimated by painters and sculptors. And the builders are actuality accustomed as artists by the aforementioned adolescent painters and sculptors."

He abundant a hasty cardinal of artists on the Institute's adroitness who accept had some affectionate of hot-rodding background; in the ablaze of this, it is accessible to ascertain some alluring influences — the access of hot-rod striping, for example, in the painting of Norman Stiegelmeier. And Linhares acclaimed that Art Himsl is anon giving breezy acquaint to one or two adroitness artists in avant-garde techniques of hot-rod actualization painting — sprayed stencils, sipderwebbing, and added techniques that accept adapted helmets, gas tanks and fenders into marvels of corrective sculpture.

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Shows at the San Francisco Art Institute are usually awful influential. This one ability mark a axis point in the accord of hot-rodding and accomplished art; Himsl remarked it was the aboriginal time he had credible one of his cars appropriately displayed. A able adroitness of art would be a advantageous antitoxin to the bartering and show-biz aspects which bedeviled at Continued Beach.

One hopes that if rods and choppers advance into article added carefully sculptural, they will not carelessness the chrome-plated powerhouses that actualize the aural barrage as the machines barrage out of an amphitheatre on a show's aftermost day. But afterwards talking with the builders and the drivers, these would assume little crisis at that.

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