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Brandon is 31 and has consistently regretted not acquirements how to drive a chiral transmission. He wants to get a cheap, fun beater with three pedals to apprentice the accomplishment that abounding of us admire so much. What car should he buy?

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Here is the scenario:

I can’t accept that I am now 31 years old and still don’t apperceive how to drive stick. I’m about ashamed to alarm myself a car enthusiast afterwards accepting the actual basal accomplishment of canoeing my own gears. Well, the time has appear for me to learn. I appetite to get a bargain car for beneath than $5,000 that can booty the corruption of a first-time chiral chiral driver.

I’m appealing accessible to whatever is accessible but I do accept an affection for those old beef cars from the ‘90s. I additionally wouldn’t apperception article absorbing and different. The alone affair I ask is that the car is not a Hyundai Elantra

Budget: $5,000

Location: Eastern PA

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Average Afar Per-Week: 200-300 miles

Wants: A chiral transmission

Doesn’t want: A Hyundai Elantra

Brandon! Don’t anguish that it has taken you so continued to drive stick. You still accept affluence of years larboard to adore the wonders of the three-pedal life. At least, until the apprentice cars booty over. I assumption jump on this befalling now while the bazaar supports it.

Since you adulation your old beef cars, I was activity to advance that you go all out on this 1980 Firebird with a four on the attic and is authoritative about 420 horsepower, according to the owner. (Clearly it’s been acquainted or agent swapped because not abounding things were that able in 1980; appear on.) Then I accomplished that a 420 HP best beef car is apparently not the best abode to alpha back you are learning.

So conceivably a added reasonable addition would be article like this 1995 Trans Am V8 that needs a bit of work. Or maybe this V6 chiral Firebird that is in bigger condition.

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I say you amalgamate your admiration to apprentice stick and alive out your beef car fantasies as well.

I apperceive you appropriate a beef car and those are cool, I guess. But what if you charge to move article bigger than actually one (1) backpack? You’re gonna appetite article with a little added burden amplitude like a auto truck. Chiral pickups are a abundant way to apprentice stick AND move a couch at the aforementioned time.

For you, I accept this 1982 Datsun auto with an SD22 agent engine. It’s absolute for several reasons. It’s an general purple-like blush which makes it angle out. It’s a agent so you’ll accept affluence of torque. And, it’s a Datsun so it anon has a awakening agreeableness to it. Who can abhorrence a Datsun? Plus, this specific barter seems to be in abundant appearance with alone 107,000 miles.

While a beef car would be fun for a little bit, a baby and honest auto is a abiding choice.

OK, both Tom and Alex fabricated reasonable points, but I don’t accede that you accept to accept one or the other—fun chiral beef or applied chiral utility. You can accept both. And not alike aloof fun and practicality, but all that and two rear wings and a name that’s spelled funny: you charge this 1987 Merkur XR4Ti.

The XR4Ti was a absurd little German Ford that we got actuality in the U.S. actual briefly in the backward ‘80s and was a hardly re-skinned Ford Sierra. The “T” in XR4Ti stands for “turbo” which helps the 2.3-liter four accomplish a actual admirable 175 HP—spitting ambit of Tom’s V6 Firebird up there.

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The agent of this one mentions a “larger valve arch and roller camshaft conversion,” so maybe it’s authoritative alike added power? I assumption you’ll accept to try it and see.

The Merkur is additionally decidedly roomy, and has a nice big hatch, so it’s practical, too. That bear additionally has the acclaimed accompanying rear wings, so you can feel like you’re active arond a Fokker biplane, if that’s your thing.

The five-speed chiral in there is absolute to apprentice stick on, if alone because that stick is affiliated to a actual air-conditioned car. It’s quick, characteristic looking, useful, fun, and actually not a Hyundai Elantra!

It’s alone bristles grand, has new paint, and what the hell are you cat-and-mouse for?

I abstruse to drive stick on a two-wheel drive, four-cylinder Ford Ranger, and let me aloof say: it sucked. The engine’s abridgement of balance fabricated for best stall-ability if I didn’t accord abundant gas, the absence of weight over the rear arbor (which had an accessible differential) fabricated for best One Wheel Squeal-ability if I gave too abundant gas, the shifter was way out in the average of nowhere, and my god were those throws long.

But afterwards spending an hour active through cartage in Lawrence, Kansas, and accepting to alpha up some abrupt hills with cars aloof a few anxiety from my rear bonanza (incidentally, an ex-girlfriend was in one of those cars, authoritative for the best agonizing acropolis alpha ever), I eventually baffled the Ford Ranger’s five-speed. And anytime since, I’ve had no issues active annihilation from a Civic Type R to an old Willys CJ-2A to a Hellcat Challenger.

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So aloof buy a bargain Ford Ranger. Here’s one sorta abreast you for alone $1,500 or best action (which, in Craigslist terms, agency this is absolutely added like a $1,000 truck).

Even if you arrest it out a agglomeration or rip a few careless begrimed burnouts, you apparently won’t breach the little truck, and if you do, genitalia are clay bargain and accessible to find. Added importantly, though, Rangers are aloof cool.

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